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The hurdle knit stitch is a combination of purl and knit stitches that is sweet to create. It looks like the hurdles jumped by horses, in track class, or by the Olympics. The pattern knits up with a thick texture, and it lies perfectly flat, and it is also reversible.

Hurdle Stitch with Studio Knit

The pattern can be knit flat on straight needles and in the round on circular needles. The knits and purls are knitted together, making a simple pattern that can be reversed. Both the right and wrong sides are identical, and it is ideal for a cozy reversible scarf.

Knitting A Pillow Using The Hurdle Stitch

If you are a beginner in knitting, a pillow would be ideal for creating with the hurdle stitch. The stitch works perfectly with jumbo yarn and large needles. To knit a pillow using the hurdle stitch, you need size 15 single point and two skeins of Bernat maker big turquoise.

You need to cast 30 stitches, then knit row 1and 2, for row 3&4,  make K1, P1, and repeat the four rows for pattern. You should then continue working in design until you have the pieces measuring approximately 28-inches. The next step is to bind off on row 4 and fold the piece over and sew the top with one side closed. Put in the pillow insert and seal the other side.

How To Cast Off After Knitting

Casting off implies removing the stitches from the needles once the project is complete. It is also referred to as binding off, and it shows how you finish off work. The steps involved in casting off are:

1. Deciding When To Cast-Off

The pattern you are using tells you when to bind off. You should end design from the wrong side or backside. If you cast off from the right side, it will spoil the design.

2. Knitting The First Two Stitches

You should start binding off the row by knitting two stitches. Remember to cast off in pattern i.e., purl and bind off, and also knit and bind-off. You can too knit and bind-off if there is no pattern.

3. Casting-Off One Stitch

You need to take the point of your left knitting needle and lift the first stitch up and over the second stitch. Lift it off the end of the right needle that makes casting off one stitch. You should then pull the knitted piece on the right side to help out.

4. Casting-Off Stitch By Stitch

You need to continue casting off until the end of the row. You should knit and bind each stitch until you have only one left. Ensure that the edge is not too tight by casting off loosely.

5. Binding-Off The Last Stitch

After casting-off all stitches except one, you should cut the yarn to a tail of at least 3-inches long or enough length to go through the tapestry needle. Remove the knitting needle carefully from the last stitch. Pull the yarn tail through the last stitch with the tapestry needle, and you will have finished-off the project.


The hurdle knitting stitch is easy and fun to make, even for beginners. You can use it for making pillows and blanket as long as you know how to knit and purl. It is also necessary to understand how to bind off to get a precise project.

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