You probably have been knitting for friends and family members, and you have impressed them with your skills. They now want you to knit more items, and you are overwhelmed and would wish to weave faster. You could also be engaging in a home business but can’t satisfy your clients’ demands on time. You will need to look for those tools that will increase your knitting rate. 

One of the equipment that you need is a yarn winder. This object helps to wind your yarn into cakes or balls quickly and easily, making your work fun, enjoyable, and fast. When you fold your threads into balls, you will work smoothly without tangling the yarn, and it is also easy to carry your projects wherever you go. There are several yarn winders out there, but you need the best that will help improve your working speed. So, how do you pick the most suitable? Do you have all the time and resources to do a trial and error until you get what you want? I bet not! You do not need to worry anymore! This guide will help you know the factors to look at, the top yarn winders, and their benefits. Read on:

Comparison Table Of Best Yarn Winder

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Factors to consider when selecting a yarn winder

Personal preferences

Though a yarn winder is not a must-have item for your knitting or crocheting projects, it makes your work easier and faster. You can wind your yarn into balls faster than when you use your hands, and you will also spot any knots and weak points and fix them. If you choose to purchase one, your personal preferences are crucial. You may choose between an electric winder and a manual one. With a manually operated yarn winder, you can place it on any surface, table, or bench, or you can even use it outdoor on a tree branch. An electric winder, on the other hand, requires you to place it near a power source for smooth operation. It is, therefore, necessary to choose wisely.

Whether you are using hanks or skeins of yarn

The need for a ball winder depends on whether you are winding from hanks or skeins of yarns. Hanks is fancy yarns that you purchase from a shop specializing in them or the hand-dyed ones, and they require winding before use. With skeins, you can either wind or use them as they are. 

Your budget

The functionality and quality of the yarn winder you purchase depend so much on the cost. Though the inexpensive tool functions right, it will wind smaller cakes than the more costly one. Depending on your budget, you can pick what is suitable for you. Remember also that the smaller balls may take a lot of your time since you have to keep changing them.

The material

The material making the yarn winder determines its sturdiness and durability. Every knitter requires that tool that will give him/her better service, and it is, therefore, necessary to look at the material making these devices. It is advisable to ensure that the gears of the winder do not eat your yarn if it slips below it. Check for the tools whose gears have better protection to ensure the thread does not move and hence get damaged. Your personal preference plays a significant part in choosing between wooden or plastic material, but it is advisable to pay attention to the functionality of the object.

Whether to use a yarn swift or not

Winding your cakes/balls from hanks may require you to purchase a yarn swift as well as a winder. It is necessary to know whether the winder will need you to have this other tool, as well. It will again require you to look at your budget as well as personal taste.

The size of yarn cakes

The size of cakes or balls you wind depends on the amount of yarn that the winder can hold. The least expensive yarn winder can hold 3.5 – 4 oz of yarn while the largest can hold up to 16 oz. If you are an average knitter, you can look for one that can hold up to 10 oz, which may not be too costly. Your budget again will play a crucial role here, and it is, therefore, advisable to choose wisely. Small balls may require you to break the skeins into two or to wind partially, which may not be very convenient. 

i). Knit Picks Yarn Ball Winder

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Knit picks yarn ball winder helps you change hanks or skeins into dense center-pull cakes that sit well as you knit. It has a clamp for securing it to the table while you wind the yarn. You can wind up to 100 grams or 3.5 ounces of skeins, making it fun and easy. The winder works best when used together with a yarn swift to make the creation of the balls smooth and quick. This tool comes with a yarn guide arm and a removable spindle, which helps in compact storage as well as fast and straightforward assembly. You can attach the winder to any table edge or surface that has a thickness of up to 1 – ½ inches. 


  • Easy and fast to use
  • Works smoothly and noiselessly
  • Large hole in the middle for easier center-pull of the yarn
  • Suitable for any table edge or surface up to 1 ½ inch thick
  • Removable spindle and folding yarn guide for easy storage
  • Comes with a clamp for securing it on to the table edge


  • Brand: Knit Picks
  • Quantity of yarn: 100g or 3.5 ounces
  • Table edge thickness: up to 1 ½ inches 
  • Dimensions: 5.8 by five by 6 inches

Ideal for hanks and skeins of yarns!

ii). Stanwood Needlecraft Large Metal Yarn/Fiber/Wool/String Ball Winder

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Stanwood ball winder is a unique tool since it can wind balls from yarn, fiber, wool, and string. It creates cakes with the line that can pull from the middle making the knitting projects convenient and clean. The winder is sturdy and durable since it is constructed from 3mm thick steel. It is capable of resisting the powder coating from rust, hence enabling you to organize your yarn securely and quickly since it sits well in place. The winder also has reinforced nylon gears, which are designed for flexibility and durability, and they are also sturdy enough for handling high-speed winding. The speeds are too soft to minimize the noise hence making it convenient to use even around others. You can quickly and conveniently wind many yarns within a short period since this tool has a larger capacity than most standard winders. 


  • Easy to set up 
  • Large capacity to handle more yarns
  • Durable and flexible gears
  • Made from rust-resistant steel for smooth operation
  • Convenient and easy to use


  • Brand: Stanwood needlecraft 
  • Capacity: 10-ounce
  • Material: stainless steel 
  • Dimension: 12 by seven by 7.7 inches

Ideal for all types of yarns!

iii). Vktech Swift Yarn Fiber String Ball Wool Winder holder Hand Operate New

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A vktech yarn winder is a high-quality tool that is one hundred percent brand new. It is an ideal size for one ball of yarn that allows you to keep the tension on the string as you wind at your pace. It is a straightforward machine that is easy to fix and use by everyone, including children. The winder is easy to lock on the table while tightening the button to fix it. You will conveniently use the tool since it is lightweight and easy to install on a table or bench. 


  • High quality and 100% brand new
  • Lightweight and easy to install
  • Minimal noise when working
  • Convenient and portable
  • Easily fixes on a table edge or bench


  • Material: plastic and alloy
  • Color: Beige and red
  • Dimensions: 8.6 x 3.3 x 8.6 ( 22cm x 8.5cm x 22cm 

A convenient machine to use!

iv). Stanwood Needlecraft YBW – A Hand – Operated Yarn Ball Winder, 4-Ounce

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Stanwood YBW-A winder creates a center-pull yarn cake with a capacity of 4-ounces. It has a clamp-on base that permits it to be firmly fixed at the edges of the tables, benches, chairs, or any other convenient location. The surface must have a thickness of about one ¾ inch. The tool works best when used with a yarn swift that is either umbrella or Amish. However, you can still use it with other devices or use your arms. The winder produces minimum noise as it is smoother in comparison to other models.


  • Can be fixed on any convenient locations
  • Best for use with a yarn swift
  • Superior craftsmanship
  • Noiseless and smooth
  • Cost-effective


  • Brand: Stanwood YBW – A
  • Material: unbreakable Metal crank
  • Capacity: 4 oz
  • Warranty: one year

A superior quality yarn winder!

v). Yarn Winder by Craft Destiny

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This yarn winder by Craft destiny is easy and quick to assemble and use to create yarn balls. It is a robust tool with a metal handle and a clamp for fixing it on the tabletop, and it has no comparison with other plastic winders. The metal clamp is sturdy, has a good grip, and it is also flexible such that it can attach the tool to tables of up to 1 ¾ inches. You will enjoy using this device to transform hanks or skeins of yarns into balls/cakes that are ready-to-use. The balls can either be used from the center or the outside. You are sure to get the value for your money since it comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.


  • Adjustable to different surfaces
  • Sturdy and long-lasting
  • A metal clamp for mounting it on tables
  • Comes with a rubber at the base for surface protection
  • Comes with a knitting kit as a bonus
  • 100% satisfaction warranty


  • Capacity: 4 oz
  • Warranty: 100% satisfaction guarantee
  • Table thickness: up to 1 ¾ inch
  • Dimension: 7 x 4.8 x 7.5

Perfect for most yarns!

vi). Marrywindix Bobbin Winder Yarn Winder Yarn Winder Table Clasp

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Bobbin yarn winder by Marrywindix is a hand-operated machine that helps to wind yarn into neat balls with ease. The gadget can transform loose fiber into perfect, well-kept cakes with little effort. It does not require any assembling, and it attaches quickly to any table or bench without damaging the surface. The gadget also has a heavy-duty design for elegant performance and functionality. 

This winder is fun and easy to use and carry since it is lightweight, noiseless, portable, and convenient.  The device can easily be clamped on to a table using an integral clamp that fits a surface of up to 1.5 inches in thickness. With this device, you will quickly and neatly organize knitting and crocheting supplies. The gadget also helps you to create a neat center pull cakes from skeins of yarns. 


  • Small and lightweight
  • Portable and ideal for family use
  • Easy to assemble and can be attached on all table edges
  • Manually operated winder
  • Elegant design and easy functionality
  • Noiseless and convenient 


  • Material: plastic
  • Dimensions: 8.6 x 3.3 x 8.6  ( L by W x H )
  • Table thickness: up to 1.5 inches
  • Weight: 12 oz

Frequently Asked Questions about Best Yarn Winders

As knitters, several questions cross our minds when we want to make the art of knitting quick, easy, and enjoyable. We want to get the tools that help us advertise our expertise hustle-free as we impress those we knit or crochet for. There are many FAQs about yarn winders. We have sampled some of them that we feel are relevant and go a long way to make things easier. We also give well-researched answers to you. Look at them here:

Q. Is it a must for every knitter to have a yarn winder? 

It is not a must for every knitter to have a yarn winder, especially if you don’t have many and large projects. However, using this tool makes your knitting easier, quick, and fun than winding your skeins of yarn using your arms. When you use this device, you can make neat balls that can sit properly on the surface, thus preventing them from rolling and slipping when using them. On the other hand, winding the yarn with your arms requires you to place the balls on a bowl, which may take time to sort them out.

Q. which is better between electric and manual yarn winders?

Both electric and manual yarn winders work perfectly to make yarn winding fun and easy. However, for an electric yarn winder, you need to attach it on a surface that is near the electricity source, which can be limiting. A manual yarn winder, on the other hand, can be attached to any table edge or bench, and you can still connect it outside. It does not limit you on where to place it or work. 

Q. is it always necessary to wind yarns into balls before knitting or crocheting? 

You don’t need to wind your yarn into balls or cakes before knitting, especially if you are using hanks of yarns. But, winding makes work more comfortable, and you prevent your thread from tangling. You are also able to spot any defects or knots and fix them to avoid getting inconveniences while knitting or crocheting. On the other hand, if you are using hanks of yarns, then winding is unavoidable.  

Q. What is a ball winder?

A ball winder is a handy gadget that helps you to create beautiful center-pull cakes or balls from your hanks or skeins of yarns. They help make winding easier than when using your arms and can be used by any knitter or crochet enthusiast who values excellent outcomes of their art.

Q. Can I use a yarn winder without a swift?

Yes. You can use a winder without a swift if you are creating a ball of cake from a center-pull skein. However, if you are winding from a hank, then using both tools together will make work easier. You will have to decide on what yarn to choose and if it is necessary to use both devices. 

Do all yarn winders function the same way?

All yarn winders allow you to create center-pull cakes from hanks and skeins of yarn easily. However, the functionality of each depends on its sturdiness and stability. The material making this tool also plays a role in how it works. It is, therefore, necessary to look at the features of the winder before purchasing to ensure it serves the purpose for which you buy it. 

Summary of the best yarn winders

The purpose of purchasing a yarn winder is to do your knitting or crocheting more comfortable and fun. It will also help you to see any knots or weak parts on the yarn and fix them. With this tool also your thread will not tangle, which can be hectic. For this reason, you need to pick the best winder from among the many in the market. You may have to do a lot of trial and error before coming up with the most suitable, and this may be such a hustle. Do you feel like giving up? Relax! We made it easier for you by researching on the six best yarn winders. Check this list:

Product name


Knit Picks yarn ball winder.

Easy to use
Attaches to any table edge or surface Suitable for any yarn weights from fingering, to worsted and bulky
Removable spindle 
Folding yarn guide arm
Quick and easy to assemble

Stanwood Needlecraft Large Metal Yarn/Fiber/wool/string Ball Winder, 10-ounce

Sturdy and durable
Noiseless and smooth to muse
Reinforced nylon gears that handle high-speed winding
Durable and flexible

Vktech Swift Yarn Fiber String Ball Wool Winder holder hand Operated New.

Quick and easy to use
Superior quality
Lightweight and easy to install
Minimum noise when working
Convenient and portable

Stanwood needlecraft YBW – A Hand – Operated Yarn Ball Winder, 4-Ounce 

Smooth and noiseless
Sturdy and durable
Unbreakable metal crank
One year warranty

Yarn Winder by Craft Destiny

Easy to assemble and use
Hand operated 4 oz capacity
Sturdy and long-lasting
Includes tabletop clamp

Marrywindix Bobbin Winder yarn Table Clasp

Hand operated winder
Easy to attach to a tabletop 
Heavy-duty construction
Minimal noise, convenient and portable

Final words 

There is nothing as pleasing as a knitter or crochet enthusiast who enjoys what he or she does. It does not only raise your morale, but it gives you the best outcome of your artwork. To achieve your goals, you need to have the devices that make the work fun, more comfortable, and quicker. One of the tools that help you make knitting or crocheting fun is a yarn winder. When you wind your yarn into balls or cakes, you can fix any weak parts or knots as well as avoid tangling the yarn. 

With a yarn winder, you will be able to wind your yarn into neat cakes that remain clean as you knit or crochet because they can sit still. You can either pull them from the center or outside without them rolling over. You need to do your crocheting or knitting faster to save time to attend to other matters of life, and so a yarn winder helps to make things easier and faster. When you use a yarn winder, you can maintain consistent tension of the threads that allows you to achieve the gauge quickly. With the right gauge, you will make garments that fit well, thus producing nice looking projects. Using cakes from a yarn winder makes the thread to pull easily without you having to pause to tug yarn from the ball. It reduces fatigue on your tension hand, thus making it fun.

The merits of using this device are more than demits, and there is every reason to use it though not compulsory. Let your knitting and crocheting be something you look forward to doing all the time! 


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