Have you ever interacted with a smartly-dressed person who has smelly feet? Or have you worn your socks, and they slide inside your shoes, making the movement uncomfortable? If you haven’t, then this is not the best encounter to yearn. The comfort of your socks so much depends on the yarn, making them, and it is, therefore, crucial to take time looking for the best yarn for socks. You should not just knit socks for warmth, but ensure they are comfortable, they absorb all sweat leaving the feet dry, and that they will complement the dressing code of the wearer. You may not know how to select the yarns as it may require trying different ones, which may be costly as well as time-consuming. 

This guide will help you to know the factors to consider, the yarns to use as well as frequently asked questions. We believe by reading it, you will knit those state of the art socks that will leave many admiring your artwork. 

Top 6 Yarn For Socks In 2021 (Best Picks)

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Factors to consider when choosing the best yarn for socks

Selecting the best yarn for socks depends mostly on your preferences as a knitter, you may wish to get the yarn that does not slide on the needles. You may also pick the thread according to the size of needles that you have your preferable colors. You need not do a trial and error when choosing the yarn, and the following factors are worth looking at, check them:

The material of the yarn

When picking the thread to use for socks, you require that fiber that will absorb all the sweat leaving your feet dry and one that may regulate your body temperature. Your feet should feel warm when it is cold and cold when it is hot for comfort. Wool may be ideal since it is breathable and adjusts the body temperature. It is also elastic, which makes it fit for socks as it will not stretch or shrink when wearing and removing. To avoid the socks wearing out quickly, it is vital to look for a thread that has a small percentage of synthetic fiber such as nylon or acrylic.

The degree of softness of the yarn

The material making socks should not be too soft as this will not be able to withstand abrasion. Soft socks will also pill and wear out quickly hence the need to replace them regularly. Since the feet are not sensitive like the hands, you should not worry about the softness of the sock yarn, but go for that fiber that holds the socks in place. 


There are different gauges for socks yarn, and you should pick carefully not to end up with items that take up a lot of space in your shoes. The most common weights for socks yarn are fingering, DK, and sport weight, and they range from 6-8 stitches per inch. A more exceptional gauge is of wool is ideal for socks, and they can be knit in worsted-weight of up to four stitches per inch.

Your socks audience

You need to have someone in mind when knitting socks, for example, are they for friends, young ones, teenagers or partners. You should know their favorite colors and whether they like plain or a mixture of shades. You should also find out about the preferred length, whether long or short and so on.

The knitting tools that you have

Double-pointed or circular needles are the most excellent tools for knitting socks. If you have double pointed ones, then it should be 6-inch. You can also two circular needles or one circular-knitting needle to knit two socks at a time. 9-inch circular tools are the most suitable for socks. 

Caring for the socks

Socks require frequent washing since they absorb a lot of sweat. You should, therefore, look for the yarn that does not pill, felt, or get discolored from washing frequently. You should read the label to see if the thread requires machine or hand washing and pick according to your taste. 


The amount you are willing to spend making the socks also plays a significant role when it comes to choosing the yarn. You should, however, ensure that the price does not compromise the quality and durability of these items. Look for a durable thread and of high quality and compare it against your budget.

1. 100% Baby Alpaca-yarn Weight Category #1 Super Fine, Sock, Fingering

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 Baby Alpaca yarn is naturally warm and soft and thus ideal for crocheting and knitting, socks, baby blankets, and other items. The thread is hand-washable, or you can dry clean it. It can be washed in cold water with mild soap and rinsed in cold water; hence, it easy to care for the garments. The alpaca skeins are tangle-free and straightforward to use when making socks. 

The yarns are sustainable and eco-friendly since they come from alpacas once a year as a way of maintaining animal health. The fiber is naturally warm and of excellent quality, since it is 100% baby alpaca fiber. This luxury fiber provides the best natural heat protection and has the properties of all lavish fibers. The yarn is also easy to care for because it is hand-washable and suitable for dry cleaning. You can wash it in cold water using mild detergent don’t wring or twist, then rinse in cold water. The garment should be pressed to remove excess water then dried flat to avoid stretching it. The yarn comes with a one hundred percent satisfaction guarantee, and you should, therefore, have no fears using it. 


  • Tangle-free
  • Environmental-friendly and sustainable
  • Naturally warm and superior quality
  • Soft
  • Hand-washable and dry cleanable
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee


  • Weight: category # 1
  • Length: 654 yards/598 meters
  • Quantity: 218 yards/199 m per skein
  • Item: 100% baby alpaca fiber

Ideal for socks!

2. Lion Brand Yarn 240-100k Sock-Ease Yarn Marshmallow

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Lion brand yarn is a standard fingering-weight yarn for making socks that has a design for creating flowing color patterns in a stylish palette. It consists of 75% wool and 25% nylon, which makes it great for scarves, socks, and other accessories. The yarn has an aloe Vera finish for softening the hands when knitting or crocheting. You should, therefore, not worry about your hands getting rough or injured during the knitting process. 

The yarn is easy to care for because it is machine-washable while maintaining the initial water below 40C or 105F. Bleaching agents should not be used, but it could be machine-dried frequently using the highest temperature settings. For maximum durability and quality maintenance, the yarn should not be ironed or smoothened. 


  • Fingering-weight
  • 75% wool and 25% nylon
  • Machine-washable
  • Superfine
  • Suitable for socks and scarves
  • Aloe Vera finishing for soft hands


  • Material: 75% wool and 25% nylon
  • Temperature for machine wash: not more than 40C
  • Weight: 3-1/20-ounce ( 100g)
  • Length: 438 yds (400m)
  • Dimension: 7 x 3 x3 –inch per skein

Perfect for socks yarn!

3. Paton Kroy Socks Yarn – (1) Super Fine Gauge – 1.75 oz Dad’s jacquard 

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Paton Kroy socks yarn is a blend of wool and nylon that is suitable for creating delicate garments, gloves, mittens, and socks. They are durable, soft, and warm, thus ideal for use by all ages. The wool helps to keep away moisture, thus ensuring that your feet are dry all the time. The yarn is perfect and gives the foot the comfort they need and can be used at any time and for any occasion. The thread is hand-washable and long-lasting, and you are sure to enjoy the service of these precious items. 

The yarn comes in multiple colors to choose from, giving you that perfect appearance that complements every wardrobe. The beautiful wool blend is suitably machine-washable and dryable for ease caring — the bright colors of the yarn mix with the self-patterning stripes to create a fabulous item. 


  • A blend of wool and nylon
  • Machine-washable and dryable
  • 4-ply superfine
  • Durable
  • Soft and warm
  • Versatile Yarn


  • Item: 75% wool and 25% nylon
  • Weight category: 1 superfine
  • Ball size: 50g, 1.75oz
  • Length: 152 meters/yards
  • Crochet gauge: 22sc and 24 rows with 3.25mm(US D/3) crochet hook

Suitable yarn for socks!

4. Superfine weight Soft and Slim Yarn Color 2622 Tuxed Black – BambooMN – 2 skeins

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Superfine weight yarn is a blend of rayon from bamboo and wool that has a touch of nylon for the addition of stretch and strength. The yarn is beautiful and soft, with perfect rainbow colors that are attractive to everyone. You can either crochet your socks or knit them and still come up with decorative items.  The fiber is very soft and ideal for use with the smallest needles, thus producing clean socks. The yarn is the warm and perfect gift as they make beautiful items that absorb sweat and keep the feet dry. 


  • Fingering weight
  • Excellent  quality mixture of rayon from bamboo and wool
  • Perfect choice for socks and baby items
  • Great value
  • Nice colors


  • Length: 205 m/224 yards per skein
  • Weight: 50g per skein
  • Care: hand wash only in a mild soap
  • Thickness: 0.75 – 1mm

Perfect yarns for your socks!

5. Premier Yarns Wool – Free Socks yarns, Grand Canyon (Pack of 3 )

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Premier threads are wool-free sock yarns that are self-patterning. They are acrylic-based with a string of strengthening PBT, which helps to make the socks durable. The yarn has a deep saturation of color and a striping pattern that is enjoyable to knit. It is also soft to touch, thus adding spring to the step in the socks. It is easy to care for the premier yarns since they are both machine-washable and tumble-dryable. You should, however, not bleach or iron since doing this may discolor and affect the strength of the material. Ironing may also stretch the garment and make it loose hence damaging the shape. 


  • Self-patterning Yarn
  • Wool-free
  • Acrylic-based
  • Strengthened with PBT
  • Striping pattern that is enjoyable to knit


  • Content: 93% acrylic, 7% PBT
  • Weight: 1.7oz/50g
  • Length: 235yd/215m
  • Knitting Gauge: 32st x 42r = 4in/10cm on US-2/2.75mm needles
  • Care: machine-wash, tumble dry

The perfect yarn for all the socks!

Fingering alpaca yarn is a blend consisting of 35% alpaca, 15% wool and 50% acrylic fibers. The thread is tangle-free from the beginning to the end. It is also soft, versatile, and fun to use and, therefore, suitable for knitting and crocheting projects, including socks, baby garments, stuffed animals, and so on. The blend of fibers is sturdy, durable, and affordable, which makes it economical to use and maintenance. It does not split therefore offering excellent stitch definition. 

The skeins are made from fine alpaca fiber, which comes from shearing alpacas once every year for maintenance of good animal health. They are, therefore, sustainable and environmentally friendly. The texture is also naturally warm and soft since it provides thermal protection and the properties of all luxury textiles.


  • Soft, flexible and enjoyable to use
  • Tangle-free from start to finish
  • Warm and smooth
  • Eco-friendly and sustainable
  • Sturdy, durable and affordable
  • Does not split hence easy to care


  • Weight category:#2.5.25
  • Fiber Content: 35% alpaca, 15% wool and 50% acrylic
  • Length: approx 657 yards/600 meters
  • Weight: 1.75ounces/ 50grams per skein

The ideal yarn for socks!

Frequently asked questions on the best yarn for socks

Several problems arise when choosing the best yarn for socks, among the many available out there in the market. Below is a list of the FAQs that may be helpful to all knitters:

Q. what is the best yarn for knitting socks? 

You need to consider various factors when selecting yarn for socks among them, the material. A good sock yarn must e able to absorb seat and keep the feet dry while at the same time providing the warm to the body. The thread should be able to withstand washing so as not to stretch or shrink and therefore retain the shape of the socks. The cotton must also be durable and of quality material. Most knitters prefer a blend of wool and nylon in the ratio of 80% to 20%, respectively. It is the best thread that meets most of the requirements for socks.

Q. How much yarn do I need for a pair of socks?

The amount of yarn needed for a pair of socks depends mostly on the weight of wool, thickness, and type. It will also depend on the size of the feet of the wearer. However, on average, an adult with a standard format of feet will require two balls of 50 grams or one shot of 100 grams yarn. Someone with smaller feet or one who prefers ankle socks will have leftover yarn. When purchasing the thread, it is, therefore, essential to look at the feet and decide on whether to knit longer socks or ankle-size pairs.

Q. What kind of yarn is used for socks?

A suitable yarn for socks should be machine washable since it is easy to handle. Most people prefer superwash wool because it can withstand machine wash without losing shape. Wool blends with a little nylon are also ideal since they are durable, and they absorb sweat from the feet hence keeping them dry and hygienic.

Q. What is the best fabric for socks?

The best fabric for socks should be one that will regulate the body temperature, that is, keep the feet warm when it is cold and provide a cooling effect when it is hot. Cotton is the best fabric for socks since it does not only control the body temperature,  but it also keeps the feet dry by absorbing sweat. Your feet remain comfortable without producing bad odors that are caused by moisture inside the socks.

Q. What is superwash wool?

A ball of wool that is machine-washable hence does not felt is referred to as superwash. Felting refers to the binding up of scales in the yarn during washing. The super washing process protects the scales from binding by the use of acid baths that remove the scales. The wool can be covered with a polymer or resin during washing, which also prevents felting.

Q. which is the most robust yarn?

Worsted and Aran is the most common yarn for beginners and also suitable for any project, including socks. The yarn is bulky and chunky at the same time, and you can use it if you want to knit or crochet quickly. You must read the label on the yarn before purchasing to confirm the weight hence chose the most suitable.

Features of the Best Yarn for sock

You will agree with me that trying different yarns to come up with the best for socks is expensive, time-consuming as well as tedious. You may not have all the time and resources to sample the various fibers available, which may be quite frustrating. Do you then give up knitting for failure to choose? No. We have done research and composed a list of the six best yarns for socks. Read on for more information:


Features/ Benefits

100% Baby Alpaca-yarn Weight Category # 1Super Fine, sock, fingering 

Does not tangle Environmental-friendly Excellent quality Naturally warm and soft Hand-washable
  Lion Brand Yarn 240-100k Sock – Ease Yarn, Marshmallow

Ordinary fingering weight Produces flowing color styles Machine-washable Superfine fiber

Paton Kroy Socks Yarn – (1) Super Fine Gauge – 1.75 0z- Dad’s Jacquard  

75%-washable wool and 25% nylon 4-ply superfine wool blend Durable Soft and warm Machine-washable and dryable

Super-Fine Weight Soft and Slim yarn Color 2622 Tuxedo Black BambooMN – 2 Skeins

Superfine weight
Excellent quality blend Nice colors to choose Soft Sturdy and durable

Premier Yarns Wool – Free Sock Yarn, Grand Canyon (Pack of 3)

Self-patterning  Acrylic-based sock yarn Blend  of 93% acrylic, 7% Wool-free Soft-to-touch Yarn
Machine-washable and tumble-dryable

Fingering Alpaca-yarn Blend (weight #2) Fine, Sport, Baby Skeins

Tangle free Soft, flexible and fun to use 35% alpaca, 15% wool and 50% acrylic fiber Soft, sturdy and durable Affordable and easy to care Warm and soft Eco-friendly

Final words

Socks are essential garments that you cannot avoid. They provide warmth to the body, and they also give comfort when worn with shoes as they prevent friction between your feet and the shoes. They also complement your dressing code hence making you look confident and smart. The yarn making socks must, therefore, be able to meet the requirements for your socks and provide you with the comfort that you desire. 

When choosing the best yarn for socks, you need to look at the factors listed above and make sure that you select wisely. The thread should be able to withstand regular washing without stretching, fading, or getting discolored. Socks require frequent washing since you wear them on the feet, which are prone to attract dirt and dust particles because they are close to the ground. The sock yarn should also be able to absorb sweat and keep your feet free from moisture to avoid infections. The feet are fond of sweating since they are enclosed inside the shoes, and it can become uncomfortable to walk unless the sweat is removed. A blend of wool and some bit of nylon does the magic or removing moisture and remaining dry all day.

It is equally necessary to consider the size of knitting needles that you use to make your socks. Sharp-pointed needles will give you tighter stitches, and the yarn you use need not to be so chunky. Your budget will also play a significant role when picking the thread, and it is, therefore, advisable to plan what you want to spend on the socks making project before you start looking for the yarn. When you pick carefully, you will be sure to produce those gorgeous items that will leave every one aghast in admiration of your skills. It will also go a long way to promote your things, especially if you are doing it for income generation.

Let the yarns you use not to compromise your art! Go for the best!

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