Sometimes we look for those activities that can help us enjoy our leisure time while making an extra coin. You may also be wondering how you can make what you do, bring the fun that you keep longing to do it again and again. Did you know that knitting is one of those activities that can keep you busy while at the same time help you forget the pressures of everyday life?

The best knitting needles whisper sweet melodies to your ears as you knit, relaxing every system in your body. You also get to exercise your muscles while doing what you love most. The repeated click-clack sound as you knit makes you eager to see the outcome of your artwork, hence you do it faster than you would imagine. 

There are several knitting needles in the market, and you, therefore, need to choose the most ideal that won’t bend, blister your hands, and the ones which will give the best outcome of your work. Whether you are a beginner or not, and if you are knitting for leisure or commercial purposes, you will need the best tools that make the exercise fun, quick and comfortable. It will be costly and time consuming for you to try different types of needles to choose the best. 

This guide highlights the best knitting needles, factors to consider, as well as their benefits. Read on for more information:

Comparison Table Of Best Knitting Needles

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Factors to consider when choosing knitting needles

When selecting these valuable tools, you need to look at what will make your work easy, fun, and quick. It is quite annoying when your piece keeps slipping from the needles or when you have to untangle the yarn all the time as a result of using the wrong tools.

For this reason, here are some factors to consider:

The knitting needles styles 

These tools come in different forms, such as circular, straight, cable, double-pointed, and interchangeable ones. The style you chose depends on whether you are a beginner or not and also the type of your project. For a starter, the straight needles are the best, while for the big projects, the circular ones are ideal. The double-pointed are perfect for small projects such as socks and baby hats, while the interchangeable ones are for various projects, whether big or small. For beautiful knitting patterns, the cable needles are the most ideal.

Materials for the needles

Needles are made of different materials such as metal, wood, bamboo, plastic, and casein. Before settling on a particular element, it is necessary to understand the pros and cons of each and pick the one that best suits your project. Different materials come with specific prices and designs, and so you also need to look at your budget to come up with the right ones. Besides the cost and design, you should also consider the durability of the material used to save you the headache of replacing the tools every other time. 

Cost of the needles

Whether you are a beginner or not, and whether you are knitting for fun or commercial purposes, the value of the tools you use is very crucial. Although the high cost of the needles does not necessarily mean quality, you should look to ensure that the price matches the worth of your needles. You should not purchase so cheap a material that you keep replacing all the time while at the same time you should not go for something that strains your budget.

The type of yarn you are using

Different needles will be compatible with specific fiber, so when selecting these tools, ensure that they will match the thread that you are using. You should read on the specifications label to be sure what to pick and make knitting enjoyable rather than strenuous. 

Size and shape of the needles

Knitting needles come in different sizes, length, shape, and diameter. The type of project plays a crucial role in selecting the size and shape of the tools. Whether you want something tight or loose, large or small will help you pick the most suitable needles.

Read on for more highlights of each of the Knitting Needles items!

1. Knit Picks Options Interchangeable Knitting Needles

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This set of needles combine radiant’s brilliant, warm, bold, and lively colors. The collection allows you to pick the right color and size of needles that are suitable for the project. The needles are smooth and robust, meaning they will give you the perfect service without blistering or straining your muscles. The distinct colors make it easy for you to pick the suitable size of the needle for a particular project.

You do not need to worry about your knitting slipping over since the needles have metal tightening keys that help to secure the cables and hence ensure a tight fit. The stretchable memory-free cords move with every stitch and join quickly to tips for hitch-free knitting.  They also come with a vinyl bag that helps to store all the included needles, accessories, and cables, making it easy to carry your set.  

Key features

  • Includes nine pairs of long interchangeable wood needle tips
  • Four black cables, eight black end caps and two metal tightening keys
  • Vinyl case with snap-shut closure
  • Flexible memory-free cables
  • Nickel-plated tips for easy functioning


  • Size 4-11 (3.5mm-8mm)
  • Cable length two pieces of 24-inch and two pieces of 32-inches each
  • 9-inch by 5.5-inch vinyl case

2. ChiaoGoo 7500-C 2.75-10.0 mm Twist Red Lace interchangeable Set

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ChiaoGoo knitting needles are single-pointed and made of Moso bamboo. The needles are of superior quality and very attractive when you compare them to others in the market. They come in warm brown natural colors with no dyes or stains; hence, they do not fade. The color gives a contrast with most of the yarn shades; therefore, you can monitor your stitching. The twist red cables are free of memory with multiple strands of red nylon-coated wires.

The set also comes with easy-to-read cable connectors that are coded and which contain end stoppers. You, therefore, have the assurance that your knitting will be held in place without slipping out of the needles. All the accessories such as twist, spin tips, and cables are switchable for easy and quick stitching. 


  • Easy to read cable connectors
  • Switchable accessories
  • T-shaped tightening keys, stitch markers and needle gauge
  • Compact zipper-enclosed fabric case
  • Memory-free twist red cables


  • Cable length: 24-inch, 32-inch, and 40-inch in circulars
  • Needles size: 2 to 15(US size), 2.75-10.00 mm size

A perfect needle set! For more features, price, and photos;

3. LIHAO 36 PCS Bamboo Knitting Needles Set

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If you are a beginner in knitting and are wondering which set of needles that you need, look no further. LIHAO knitting needles are the perfect choice for both small and large projects. The collection consists of 18 pairs of needles of different sizes. You can use them for delicate lace weight or excessively chunky projects. They are comfortable to use besides looking great on display. 

The needles are made of bleached bamboo, which gives them an excellent finish, thus avoiding any rough edges. They are stronger than ordinary wooden hooks and mildew proof, which makes them durable and of superior quality. The needles are smooth and light, unlike the standard metal hooks. The lightweight makes the tools ideal for those people who may have pain in the joint since they need less straining, and they also have thumb rest. The set comes with a satisfaction warranty whereby, in case after trying them, you don’t love them; you get a full refund of your money. 


  • Smooth and lightweight
  • Large size range
  • They have a smooth finish to avoid rough edges
  • They are painless
  • Better grip
  • Sizes marked on the side of each needle for reference


  • Length: 9-inches
  • Material: bamboo
  • Size: 2.00 – 10.00

Sounds perfect!

4. 16-Inch Circular Knitting Needles Set Knitting Kit Size 3-15 by cute DIY

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Knitting should be fun, and you do not have to feel pain in your palms as you do it. To achieve this, you should use needles that are smooth and easy to use as well as those that do not break or snag the yarn. 16-inch knitting needles by cute DIY are ideal since they are soft, durable, and give you an exact end product. The needles come in different sizes, which make them perfect for a beginner and also for various project sizes since you can select what you want. 

You require needles that are light for smooth stitching and those which will not keep slipping from your hands. These knitting needles give you that comfort since they are light and not slippery in like plastic or metal tools. You are, therefore, sure to do your project hitch-free and quickly.

It is quite annoying to feel pain when you do what you like most as a result of pricking your fingers. The bamboo circular knitting needles are semi-pointed at the tips ensuring that you don’t feel pain even if you prick your hands. 

Sometimes you may get very tight stitches, which make your knitting difficult as well as hard to remove from the needles. With these circular knitting needles, your stitching is smooth and does not stick on the tube since the tube is slightly thinner than the. It is also hollow to make it right for knitting round with two circular needles. The tube is too limp and hence does not get in the way of your hands interfering with the stitching. It gives you a natural smooth feeling as you knit. 


  • Smooth and sturdy joints and cables
  • Semi-pointy tips
  • Hollow tubing cord that is slightly thinner than a needle
  • Lightweight and not slippery


  • Material: bamboo
  • Items: 11 pairs 
  • Sizes: 3-15
  • Needle tip length: 3.25 inches 
  • Total length 16-inch

The ideal choice for all projects! For more features and prices: 

5. Clover 3683 Interchangeable Circular knitting Needles Takumi Combo Set

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Clover interchangeable circular knitting needles are made of quality Takumi bamboo. The set includes 12 needs with tip sizes that range from 3-15 inches, making it a fantastic combination. The tools come in a lavish leather-like case that is zippered for the safety of the needles. The needles have a meticulous finish from the tip to the cord joint, which ensures a smooth ride for every stitch. 

You may be doing a project that requires you to interchange different sizes of the needles. With the combo set, you do not need to go looking for the right proportions in between the project since you have them at your fingertips, which help you to save on time hence complete the piece quickly. The customized case also makes it easy for storage and selection of the needles.

There nothing that pleases you when knitting than having a smooth slide with every stitch. The combo set has a flawless finish at the joint connection between needle and cord. They also have a perfect shaped tip with a silky finish allowing you to enjoy every step of the project.


  • The modified case for easy selection and storage
  • Perfectly shaped tip and silky finish
  • The accurate finish of the joint connection


  • Material: quality Takumi bamboo
  • Sizes: 3-15 inches
  • Cord size: 16, 24, 29, 36 and 48-inches

Ideal for every enthusiastic knitter! For prices and more information;

6. 18 Pairs Bamboo Knitting Needles Set, Vancens Premium Circular Wooden Knitting Needles 

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The Vancens Premium circular wooden knitting needles are made from bamboo wood. The needles give you the comfort required for knitting since they are lightweight, smooth, and they are long-lasting. The needles are an ideal choice even for those with joint pains since they don’t strain your muscles when using. They also come with thumb rest, thus requiring less tension. 

When doing your knitting, you require those needles that are easy to interchange and select the perfect sizes with ease. The Vancens knitting needles come in 18 pairs of different sizes with their diameter carefully indicated on the surface for quick selection. The need setting is perfect for beginners or weaving by DIY fans. They have different sizes which enable you to start on simple projects. They are easy to use and carry anywhere since they are lightweight, and the stitches do not fall off the needles. 


  • Lightweight, smooth and durable
  • No chemical smell
  • Diameter size permanently marked for easy selection
  • Suitable for any weave DIY lover
  • Worry-free warranty of 100% satisfaction


  • Material: bamboo wood
  • Size range: 2-10mm 
  • Items: 18 pairs of different sizes and length

Perfect for beginners, DIY weave lovers, and all knitters!

Frequently Asked Questions on Best Knitting Needles

You may be asking several questions about the best knitting needles. We have sampled some of the FAQs for your review:

Q. which is the best knitting needles?

The knitting needles depends on the material making them, the size of your project as well as the yarn to use. However, bamboo needles are famous since they are light, smooth, and healthy, and they offer a tight grip when using. They are also cheaper than other materials, and they are ideal for all types of yarn.

Q. How can you know the size of the knitting needles?

You cannot know the needle size by inspection or by just looking at the needle. However, most brands have the size marked on the surface, and you should check carefully before purchasing

Q.Can I use any needle style for all projects?

Different styles of needles have their specific uses. The straight needles are ideal for beginners and small projects, while the circular needles may be ideal for massive projects and for those who already have enough experience with knitting. It is advisable that you also check the tools that are compatible with the yarn you are using.

Q. is the cost of the knitting needles directly proportional to the quality?

The price of the knitting needles may not necessarily be directly proportional to their quality. However, very cheap needles may not be the best since they may be weak and of inferior material, meaning you will keep replacing them all the time. You should ensure that besides looking at the price, check on other factors as well. Look at the material making the needles, the warranty, sizes, and so on.

Q. Are all needles compatible with any yarn?

No. specific yarns may require a particular type of needles. However, the bamboo knitting needles may be used with any thread without spoiling them. The size of the needle is vital when it comes to the project i.e., whether you need it tight or loose, and if it is a large or small project. Before purchasing the knitting needles, it is advisable to look at the yarn you are using and see which tool is perfect.

Summary of the six best knitting needles for 2019

 Picking the best knitting needles that pass the test on all the factors mentioned above may be an uphill task. You will require a lot of time sampling several of them before identifying the best, which will not only be hectic but costly as well. Do you have all the time and resources for this? I guess not! Relax! We have researched for you and identified the six best that stands out among them all. 

See them here:

Item name Features to look at
Knit picks  interchangeable knitting needles Nine pairs of wood needles
Includes cables, caps, and metal tightening keys Variety of colors
Flexible memory
ChiaoGoo 7500-C twist red lace interchangeable set Memory free cables Include 5-inch surgical stainless steel, lace tips
Easy-to-read, coded cable connectors, end stoppers, tightening keys
Switchable accessories  
LIHAO 36 pieces bamboo knitting set Smooth and light
Large size range  seamless finish to avoid rough edges painless
Better grip
Sizes marked on the side of each needle for reference
16-inch Circular Knitting Needles Set  Smooth and sturdy joints and cables
Super light and non-slippery
Semi-pointed tips 
Hollow tubing code

Clover 3683 Interchangeable Circular Knitting Needles Takumi Combo Set A set of 12 pairs
Sizes range 3-15
The customized case for natural selection
The silky finish on the surface

 18 Pairs Bamboo Knitting Needles Set, Vancens Premium Circular Wooden Knitting Needles 
Do not smell of chemical 
Lightweight, smooth and long-lasting
Suitable for any weave
DIY lover 
100% satisfaction warranty

Final word

Knitting is doubtlessly one of the best ways to spend your leisure time as it is quite enjoyable and not complicated. You may want to do it as a hobby or as an income-generating project. Whichever reason you have, you cannot enjoy the process unless you have the best knitting needles. You need those tools that will not strain your muscles and those that will make the process so sweet that you will dread going to bed. 

It can get so enjoyable that anytime you sleep, you dream of knitting the moist superior items for your babies, friends, or even for sale. You should, therefore, take your time to choose the perfect knitting needles. By reading this guide, you can comfortably pick the ideal knitting needle and start your journey of crafting the most beautiful patterns ever. Let the needles not limit your passion and go to whatever extent that you deem fit for you.

If you want the tools that will not hurt your hands, ‘I believe you do,’ then needles made from bamboo wood would be the most ideal. They have a smooth finish and surface, and they are also painless when you prick your skin. The needles are also compatible with whichever yarn since they do not snag. Make sure to check the labels on the needles for sizes and other product specifications.

I believe you found this guide helpful as you take your knitting to higher levels. Let not even the sky to be your limit! Go!

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