Mitered Square Knitting Patterns

Mitered square knitting is also known as modular knitting. It involves squares created with simple decreases at the center. The squares, also known as modules, are pieced together by picking up stitches along the edges. You can create any knitting pattern for any project, whether big or small.

How To Create a Mitered Square

To knit a mitered square, you need to follow the necessary simple steps below:


You should start with casting on the number of stitches that you need for one side of your square. Place a stitch marker and cast on an equal amount of stitches and ensure the tag is precisely at the center of the cast-on row.

2. Wrong And Right Side Rows

You need to slip the first stitch then knit all stitches while slipping the marker in the center. To create the right side row, slip the first stitch and knit until you have two stitches left before the stitch marker. Knit the two stitches together, then move the marker. You should then knit the next two stitches together.

Repeat the procedures until you only have two stitches left on the needles. You should bind off the two stitches normally

Easy Sock Knitting Patterns

Socks are easy and fun to knit due to their small sizes. There are several natural knitting patterns for socks that you can use to knit for friends, family, and even yourself. Here are some of these trendy patterns:

1. Berries And Cream Slipper Socks

This pattern is lovely, and it is made with a beautiful mix of white and pink. They make a perfect gift for anyone, be it yourself or as a gift for friends or family. They are also ideal for winter wear. The ideal needles for making the socks are size eight or 5mm, DPNs, and a medium weight/worsted.

2. Lovely Lace Socks

This pattern is also excellent for yourself and friends. To knit the socks, you need size 2 or 2.75 mm knitting needles and a yarn weight of 1 super fine. You should then knit normally.

4. Lazy Day Knit Socks

The socks are perfect for wearing around the house. They are comfortable to wear regardless of the weather and have bright colors. You have the freedom to make the design you want since they are simple to knit. You require knitting needles of size eight or 5mm, and you can also use nine or 5.5mm. The ideal yarn weight is four medium weight/worsted weight.

5. Basic Sock Knitting Pattern

This pattern is easy and quick to knit for any knitter, including a beginner. The design requires you to have knitting needle size two or 2.75mm, three or 3.25mm DPNS. The yarn weight should be one superfine (27-32 stitches to 4-inches.


There are several comfortable socks knitting patterns that you can knit and produce lovely items for yourself. You can also knit them as gifts for your friends and family. To make the socks, you should get the right needle sizes as well as the right weight yarns.

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