Faux locs have become such a trend in protective styling and fashion; some of our favorite celebrities have embraced them, leaving us hair envious. If you have ever admired someone with dreadlocks, but the fear of commitment is holding you back, then crotchet faux locs are for you. Crochet faux locs give you the versatility and outstanding protective styling without the long-term commitment. Faux locs crochet hair is quite affordable, and this means your hair can look good even when you are on a budget.

Faux locs are a great way to preview your hairdo if you are considering natural locs in the future. They last longer compared to other protective styles, and this contributes to hair growth and length retention. Installation of faux locs by crocheting method also saves you a lot of time.  Compared to techniques such as braiding and this is such great news if you hate long hours at the salon. 

Now that you have already decided to go the faux locs crochet way, you are probably wondering how you will decide on the best faux locs crochet hair and what to consider when choosing among the many brands. You need not worry; this guide will take you through best faux locs crochet hair, the benefits of crochet hair as well as what to look for

Top 10 Faux Locs Crochet Hair

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Factors to consider when choosing the best faux locs

You need that hair extension that not only looks good on you but also makes you feel like the queen that you are. Here are some factors you should consider when buying the best faux locs crochet hair

  • Consider the length and size of the crochet hair.

When choosing faux locs crochet hair, always make sure that you have confirmed the length of the hair and thickness of the individual locs. The size and height are essential because it will determine how you will style your hair. Long and medium-sized locs are best if you prefer to style your hair in buns and updos.

The size of the faux locs will also determine how many packs of hair you need to purchase. When picking the size of the faux locs, always consider the width and density of your hair. If you have less dense hair that is not rough, always go for big size faux locs that will make your hair appear “full.” 

  • Have a look at the material of the extension 

Faux locs crochet hair is either made of synthetic or human hair material. Each of them looks and feels different and is also differently priced. When choosing the material of the faux locs, always consider the texture of your natural hair to make sure that it blends well with the crochet hair.

Faux locs that are made out of human hair have a shiny and silky feel and look more natural on hair types that look similar. They are also pricier than those made out of synthetic material. Synthetic hair such is the most common material used for faux locs because it mimics natural hair and is quite affordable. Always compare the available options before you can settle on one.

  • Style of the crotchet hair

Faux locs crochet hair often comes in two options: the regular faux locs that look like classic locs and goddess locs that have curly and dangling tips. Your sense of style and the look you are going for are the major determinants of which style you will settle for. the style you choose is a way to express your personality. Goddess locs are fantastic if you have a bubbly and outgoing personality. They are also great if you love ombre colors since the curly part gives you excellent color contrast. If you fancy a simple hairdo, go for the regular faux locs as they are simple and elegant. 

  • Method of installation

Faux locs crochet hair can either be installed using the cornrow method or individual method.

The cornrow method involves the locs being crocheted onto a cornrow base. It is the fastest method of installing crochet hair, but it limits your styling options to only those that won’t expose the cornrows underneath. The individual method involves the locs being crocheted to individual braided sections. The individual method is more versatile while styling since the braided sections is hidden into the extensions.     

  • Find the right stylist

Your stylist will determine how good the hair will look on you. Always find a professional stylist who knows how to handle your hair type. Choosing the best stylist will prevent hair loss and damage. Always ask for referrals from friends and family who already had faux locs installed as they will give genuine reviews about the stylist. 

When choosing your hairstylist, ensure that their charges are reasonable and within your budget. Make sure your hairstylist also meets your hygiene standards. If you plan to get the hair extensions from them, confirm the quality and texture and make sure it is reasonably priced.

1. Mobok 6Pcs/Lot Goddess Locs with Curly Ends Crochet Twist Soft Synthetic Braiding Hair Extension 24 Roots (14inch(6-PACKS), 1B)

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This crochet hair is stylish and offers a head-turning fashion-forward style in medium length that makes you look prettier. The texture, appearance, and hair color mimics natural hair, making it blend well with your natural hair. A single pack has 24 roots while the package has six-packs; this will give you a full head look without having to spend much. The braids are lightweight and easy to install. The kit comes with a free crochet hook, and if you are hands-on, you can take advantage and do your hair. The length of the hair is 14 inches, which is long enough to tie into a bun and short enough to leave it flowing gracefully on your shoulders.


  • Natural look and feel since the texture and color mimics natural hair
  • Easy to install since they are pre-looped
  • Free crochet hook included for DIY
  • Smooth and lightweight making it comfortable on your head


  • Material: Synthetic and 100% kanekalon
  • Length: 14 inch
  • Weight: 50g per pack

2. FASHION IDOL 6 Bundles Wavy Faux Locs Crochet Hair 18 Inch Nu Locs Crochet Hair 

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This is the perfect crochet hair for buns and updos since it is 18 inches in length. It has a unique popping color that is attractive and brings out your bubbly personality.  It is made of synthetic fiber that doesn’t fade or tangle and is easy to maintain.


  • Unique  black and wine red color
  • Long enough for buns and updos
  • Tangle-free and easy to maintain
  • Easy to install even for first-timers


  • Length: 18 inches long
  • Material: synthetic
  • Color: black and wine red

3. Lihui 6Pcs/Lot Goddess Locs Crochet Hair Wavy Faux Locs with Curly Ends Faux Locs Crochet Hair Synthetic Braiding Hair (14inch, 1B/27

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This beautiful wavy hair comes in a beautiful ombre color that leaves you turning heads with envy. It is medium length and easy to style. The hair is smooth and lightweight, which means that it doesn’t feel different even when wet. You can comfortably go swimming when wearing this hairstyle and it will not frizz. Everybody loves gifts, and this package has free beads and a crochet hook. The locs are tight and neat and can last up to two months when they are well taken care of.


  • Goddess style faux locs that are extra wavy and stylish
  • Lightweight and smooth making them feel natural on your head
  • Package has free beads and  a crochet needle
  • Tight and neat making them last long


  • Material:100% synthetic kanekalon hair
  • Color: ombre
  • Weight: 55g per pack
  • Items per package: 24 roots per pack, six packs per lot

4.LEEONS 6Packs/Lot 12” Boho Locs Nu Locs Wavy Faux Locs Crochet Synthetic Braiding Hair Pre-loop Crochet Braids

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This crochet hair is the ultimate proof that simplicity is elegant. It is beautiful and wavy, making it look neat and natural. Each strand is individually pre-looped, making it easy to install using either a latch hook or a crochet hook. It is 12 inches long, making it ideal for low and free-flowing styles. The package contains six packs, each having 20 strands, making it enough for a full head looks. This crochet hair is also inexpensive compared to other faux locs of its quality. Its quality and affordability make it easy for you to achieve a beautiful and trending hairstyle without having to break the bank.


  • Individually pre-looped strands for easier installation
  • Available in a variety of colors
  • Has a very natural texture and color


  • Length: 12 inches long
  • Material: 100% synthetic 
  • Items per package: 6 packs of 20 strands each
  • Color: available in different colors

5.Mirra’s mirror six-packs 22 inches curly faux locs soft hair twist braids crochet braiding hair

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This trendy and versatile hair is all a girl needs to feel fabulous. It comes in a six-pack package that has 24 individuals pre-looped locs that are 22 inches long. The ends are pointed and tight to prevent them from unraveling and fraying since their height exposes the hair to frequent friction and manipulation. This faux locs crochet hair has a silky look and feel that makes the hair look extra neat. The hair is pretty lightweight; thus, it doesn’t strain your natural hair when installed. It is also relatively cheap and comes with a gift for every purchase.


  • Pre-looped individual locs for easy installation
  • Silky and neat hair
  • Pointed and tight ends that do not unravel quickly or fray
  • Comes with a gift package


  • Material: synthetic fiber
  • Hair length: 22 inches
  • Hair color: black
  • Package: 6packs with 24 locs each

6.Authentic multipack deals synthetic hair crochet braid u loc dreadlock straight 12.”

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If you ever dreamt of shoulder-length faux locs, this hair is for you. This synthetic hair is 12 inches long, which is not too long or too short. It contains 15 strands in a pack that has been pre-looped for easy installation. They are straight and lightweight, and this makes it easy to style them in different styles. The hair has a kinky texture and natural look, and this makes it last long since fraying s minimal or negligible. It has a natural color that blends well with natural hair.


  • Kinky texture and firm texture giving the hair a natural look
  • natural color that blends well with your natural hair
  • smooth and tangle-free for a neat look
  • pre-looped for easy installation
  • gift with purchase


  • hair length: 12 inches
  • style: straight faux locs
  • strands: 15 strands per pack

Frequently asked questions

Q. Can I expose my hair to water when I have faux locs?

Yes, you can go swimming, workout, and even shampoo your hair just as usual. However, keep in mind that faux locs do get wet. When fax locs get wet, they become more cumbersome because of the additional volume of hair used, this makes them feel heavier and also take longer to dry. You should take extra care of your edges by applying light oil on your scalp before you expose your hair to water. You can also wash your hair once a month to keep your head feeling fresh and keep odors at bay

Q. is it painful to get faux locs crochet hair installed?

Ideally, faux locs crochet hair should not be painful to install since they are either crocheted on cornrows or individual braids. However, if the cornrows or braids are installed too tightly, they will be painful. Always ensure your stylist doesn’t make them too tight, this could be done by leaving some room at the root of your hair and also y doing chunkier braids.

Q. How long do faux locs last?

How long faux loc will last on your head after installation will purely depend on the type of hair and how you take care of your hair.moisturising regularly and oiling your scalp will ensure that your locs last long enough. Most people say that the older faux locs get, the better they look. Good quality faux locs can last anywhere between 3 weeks and two months.

Q. Do faux locs grow your short hair?

Faux locs are great since they can be installed even on short hair, but they do not grow your hair. Installing faux locs gives your hair a break from the constant manipulation. When you moisturize your hair regularly, it helps to retain more of your growing hair.

Q.  How do I style faux locs for them to look good on me?

The best style that you can wear is confidence. Make sure you follow the tips for getting the best faux locs crochet hair, and this will give you the confidence to have gorgeous hair. You can style your faux locs in a bun or updo if they are long. You can also enjoy the braid out without having to tie them up. When you have faux locs on, always make sure you moisturize all the time so that when you undo the hair, you get the benefits of protective styling. 

Q. Which is the best faux locs crochet hair?

The best faux locs will depend on your personal preference and budget. Make sure you choose the right size and color of crochet hair. Take good care of your scalp when wearing faux locs to reap maximum benefit from the crochet hair.

Summary of the best faux locs crochet hair

We helped you to know how to choose the best faux locs crochet hair, and we did not stop there. We did a research and compiled a list of the best six faux locs crochet hair that has beaten the test of time. Have a look at them here:

Product name Features to look at
Mobok 6Pcs/Lot Goddess Locs with Curly Ends Crochet Twist Soft Synthetic Braiding Hair Extension 24 Roots (14inch(6-PACKS), 1B) Synthetic 100% kanekalon hair extension Natural look and feel 14-inch goddess locs style
Smooth and lightweight Easy to install
FASHION IDOL 6 Bundles Wavy Faux Locs Crochet Hair 18 Inch Nu Locs Crochet Hair  black and wine red
18 inches long A synthetic fiber that doesn’t fade or tangle
Lihui 6Pcs/Lot Goddess Locs Crochet Hair Wavy Faux Locs with Curly Ends Faux Locs Crochet Hair Synthetic Braiding Hair (14inch, 1B/27) Synthetic hair Goddess style faux locs Lightweight and smooth
Free beads and crochet needle Tight and neat
LEEONS 6Packs/Lot 12” Boho Locs Nu Locs Wavy Faux Locs Crochet Synthetic Braiding Hair Pre-loop Crochet Braids 100% synthetic Natural texture and lightweight Pre-looped and easy to install 12-inch length
Available in a variety of colors
Mirra’s mirror six-packs 22 inches curly faux locs soft hair twist braids crochet braiding hair 22 inches long Pre-looped and easy to install Pointed and tight ends Pretty and lightweight Natural-looking hair
Authentic multipack deals synthetic hair crochet braid u loc dreadlock straight 12.”
12 inches long Kinky and firm texture Natural color Tangle free

Final word

Faux locs crochet hair is a versatile and elegant way to wear your hair. It is the style that will leave others marveling at your beauty without much effort. Faux locs blend in well with casual outfits as well as conventional ones. You can wear this style to work, meetings, weddings, and even vacations. The part I love most about faux locs crochet hair is that they take a short time to install, and if well taken care of, they can last for months. Always make sure you take your time to choose the best hair and stylist too.

Have in mind the great tips you have read about buying crochet hair, styling, and maintaining it. Taking good care of your hair is a healthy practice that leaves you feeling confident all the time. It is crucial to moisturize your hair and scalp while wearing faux locs so that your hair remains healthy and retains its length. It is essential to talk to your stylist about your hair type and preferred style before they install it. Talking to your stylist will help you know how capable they are of handling your hair.

When buying crochet hair online, always read the reviews of other customers for you to have the right information from the users of the product. When buying faux locs crochet hair at a store, you should take your time and have a feel of the texture and have a look at the color to ensure that it is functional for you.

Some brands of crochet hair have a foul smell that is as a result of the chemicals used to treat the hair. If you end up with such hair, An (ACV) apple cider vinegar rinse always does the magic to get rid of the smell. You can also use a braid sheen to mask the smell. Keeping your hair clean all the time will make sure your hair doesn’t smell.

When buying crochet hair, it is essential to shop around for different options. Shopping around helps you take advantage of low prices while getting quality hair. Some materials such as human hair faux locs are a bit pricey but give you long wear. Synthetic material human hair is equally good and is relatively cheaper than human hair. Always have a budget before you go buying hair. You can also take advantage of offers and sales that will help you save big while getting awesome quality hair.

i believe that this guide will be helpful to you as you embark on the journey to find the best faux locs crochet hair.


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