A purl stitch is the opposite of knitting, and it is worked from back to front and not vice versa. The working yarn is usually at the front instead of at the back when you make the stitch. With the purl stitch, you will produce bumps in the knitted garment. If you combine the purl stitch with alternating rows of the knit stitch, the resulting pattern is usually a stockinet stitch. 

Steps To Making A Purl Stitch

Making a purl stitch is a step by step process that requires concentration and accuracy. The following simple steps are necessary:

1. Casting The Stitches

As a beginner, it is advisable to knit with larger needles and bulky yarn to make it simpler and faster. You should then cast as many stitches as possible to monitor the progress of your knitting. When you feel confident with your skill, you can then use needles and yarns of any size. 

2. Bringing The Working Thread To The Front

You should bring the yarn in front of the left needle rather than behind it. Holding the thread in the front brings it close to you and prevents the stitch from looking like they are two. At this stage, you may make some mistakes which are reasonable and which help you to be perfect.

purl stitching steps

3. Putting The Working Needle Into The Front Of The First Stitch On The Left Needle

You should slip the tip of the working needle into the front loop of the stitch into the number one stitch. Cross the needles to appear like a considerable X, and the working needle should be in front. The needle should always be inserted into the back of the stitch.

4. Wrapping The Yarn Around The Needle

Using your index finger and the thumb to hold the needles in place, wrap the thread anticlockwise. You should keep the working yarn firmly with the hand and wrap it around the needle that is closer to you. The yarn should be wrapped around the working needle and not on both.

5. Removing The Loop From The Needle To Complete The Purl Stitch

You should place the left index finger on the first stitch to prevent the yarn from sliding off the needle. Bring the working needle down slowly so that its tip is at the base of the stitch. You should then move the point of the needle to the back of the stitch and continue running up, so the stitch slips onto the working needle.

The working yarn should remain at the front of the needle. The purl stitch should look like a knit stitch with a small bump at its base.

6. Tugging The Thread Before Starting The Next Purl Stitch

You should pull on the working thread to secure the purl stitch and to keep it tight. You should then follow the working yarn in front and put in the right needle into the front of the next stitch on the left needle. Always wrap the fiber anticlockwise around the needle before pulling of the purl stitch. 

Repeat the procedure until you become comfortable then make your patterns.

Video Of Purl Stitching

If you are facing trouble following the steps above; then simply watch this video from HowCast. It’s even easier to follow –


The purl stitch is among the most comfortable patterns to learn as a beginner. You should get the right yarn and needles. Follow the simple procedure above and practice it regularly until you become a pro.

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