Men’s Striped Scarf Knitting Patterns

There various natural striped scarf knitting patterns that are suitable for making men’s scarves. You can try them either as a beginner or a pro, as they are simple and easy to master. The styles will enable you to try out new techniques such as cables and lace that gives you a good break from more complicated projects.

Zigzaggy Scarf

To create the diagonal texture of the scarf, you should slip the stitches and make knit and purl stitches. You then need to alternate the sections of the left and right diagonals, creating a curved and a natural ruffle edge, as shown in the image below.

Zigzaggy Scarf

Noro Striped Scarf

This pattern is excellent for beginners, as it is fast and straightforward to create. You manually stripe the scarf, and it results in unexpected color variations. It is a relaxed style that you can make while traveling or even watching the television.

One Row Hand Spun Scarf

The pattern is quick and easy to make since it has only none row to learn. You can make it wider or narrower, depending on your desire. It is suitable for your handspun or any delicate stash yarn. You can comfortably knit the scarf while watching the TV or even traveling.

Instant Gratification scarf

This scarf is also easy to make, and it does not require a lot of yarn. You can either use thick or thin wool, and it is excellent for showing off yarns with unique colorways. The scarf is also great with super bulky threads, and it is soft and toasty. The garment does not have any wrong side, and you can wear it your way.

Sky Scarf

This scarf pattern combines the color of the sky during different seasons, and it is quite fabulous. It is also easy to make as it adapts to all kinds of stitches. The pattern makes you slow down and admire the sky creating a record of the whole year in your mind

Brick-Less Shawl

The brick-less is a gorgeous pattern that displays well with variegated yarn. It is warm and a great companion for winter use. It has a refined look that keeps feeling nice and toasty as well. It is a fun shawl to knit and also asymmetrical that gives it the feeling of a scarf.

One Row Lace Scarf Two

This scarf has an adaptable pattern that can be made in any length or width. You can also use any yarn ranging from sock wool or any weight yarn. The design creates a gorgeous reversible lace scarf that you can knit quickly. You can also use any needles as long as they are more significant than the yarn. The patterns also knit up fast. 


Different fabulous striped scarf patterns for men are simple to create, whether you are a beginner or otherwise. You can choose to practice with a simple one and upgrade to more complicated styles once you gain confidence. It is also necessary to use the needle size and yarn that you are comfortable with.

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