Hem Pants Without Sewing

When you have a lovely pair of pants that may be too long or too short at length, hemming it to your appropriate size is the suitable choice. The easiest solution is taking them to your tailor for hemming using a sewing machine. But, sometimes you don’t have the money or time. Meaning you need to come up with ways to DIY. Don’t worry; we will discuss various ways to hem your pants without a sewing machine.

They are pretty easy ways to learn and understand. We bet you will be asking yourself, why did I think of that before? All the same, we are glad you thought of it in the long run. Besides, taking your pants to be hemmed can take a long time month just because you forgot to pick them up! What about the emergency cases where you don’t have time? These are some of the reasons you need to learn how to hem your pants on your own.

How Can I Hem My Pants Without Sewing?

You can hem your pants without sewing by removing the initial hem, determine the desired length. Fold the excess length in your pants and iron carefully with a hot iron, or use hemming tape.

Is There A Way To Hem Pants Without Sewing?

Absolutely yes! You don’t need to have a sewing machine or take your pants to the tailor because they are other ways. You can easily hem your pant by ironing or use hem tape. Although before you start, prewash your pants, if made from rayon or cotton, to enable shrinking. Let’s take you through both ways step by step;

How To Hem Pant By Ironing?

If you don’t have the prerequsite skills for sewing and stitching, you can hem your pants by ironing. Follow these steps;

Step 1: Gather The Materials

Before embarking on your work, you need to have the necessary tools required for the task at hand. In our case, you will need a pair of pants, an iron and ironing board, and a measuring tape or ruler. You will also need straight pins, a seam ripper, scissors, and chalks. You can get the accessories quickly in the house or nearby hardware at an affordable price.

Step 2: Remove The Original Hem

For you to increase or reduce the length of your pants, remove the original hem first. Note that using a hand or knife to remove the original hem might tear off your pants. Use a seam ripper, which is made specifically for this purpose, to remove the hem. With this tool, you can easily pick them neatly out by putting them under the stitches and pulling the threads that hold the hem gently. Remove all the threads using this particular process. Then unfold the pants and iron them flat.

Step 3: Determine The Length Required For The Pants

It’s advisable to put your pants on to determine the perfect size you need. If it’s a pair of jeans, then wear your sneakers and other pants type, try them on wearing your shoes that will fit that particular trouser. You can seek help from someone to assist you in folding it to the exact size while having them on to get the suitable length. Make necessary adjustments if needed at this specific point to get a perfect fit. Mark the ideal point of fold, remove the pants, and go to step 4. 

Step 4:   Fold The Desired Length Of Your Pants.

Fold your pants to your desired length, or ask someone to fold them for you. Moreover, everyone has the style they want, others will prefer to have it resting on the top of their shoes or gazing at it, while some prefer sitting on the boots, so it all depends on your taste.

After cuffing the pants, place several pins to secure the fold. Walk around with the pants to check if it fits perfectly. Look at them carefully and make some necessary adjustments that you need before the final step.

Step 5: Iron Your New Folds

Turn your pants inside out, place them on an ironing board, and then remove the pin carefully; since you’re not using tape or sewing, it’s significant to iron and hold them in place. It’s paramount to use a steaming iron to keep it in place though it depends on the fabric.

This method is not perfect for stiff fabrics because it may not hold pants and other hard materials. It’s suitable for soft pants that can be ironed quickly and still have in place.  You can iron stiff fabrics, although you may need to use tape or sew to keep them properly together.

How To Hem Pants With Tape?

You can choose to hem your pants temporarily using some iron-on adhesive tape. Follow these simple steps to hem your pant easily with the tape;

Step 1:  Mark the hem of your pants according to the desired length, and make sure you leave a hem allowance of one to two inches.

Step 2: Set your iron box to a suitable heat level. Press it on top of the hem’s inside to preheat the fabric, ready for bonding.

Step 3:  Keenly apply the adhesive tape horizontally across the edge of the newly marked hem. Remember to press it down firmly as you go. Apply the tape on one side of your pants at a time before turning to the other side.

Step 4: Fold the bottom side of your pants across the marked line while pressing it down along the tape with one hand. Using your other hand, press the iron top of the fabric. To ensure your tape melt easily, hold the iron in one place for five seconds.

Step 5: Put another piece of adhesive in the hem when you are shortening the fabric by more than an inch or when the bonding agent doesn’t cover the hem’s width fully. At the same time, you are bonding the material more securely.

Does Hem Tape Last?

Not really; hem tape is a temporary solution on your garments. To prolong its lifespan, consider washing your garments gently at a mild temperature and lower temperature. Keep in mind tumble dry may affect longevity as well as frequent wear. We recommend stitching or sewing the hems for durable hemming, especially if you wear the garment frequently. Hemming tape works well on the garment you wear occasionally. Use it as a last resort.

How Much Will It Cost To Hem Pants?

The cost of alterations differs quite a lot depending on your locality. Some tasks involve too much and more complex sewing than others, and so the higher the price. However, even the same job can cost differently depending on the kind of tailor shop you use. The standard alteration cost ranges between $10 to $25 for pants, skirts, or dresses. If that’s more than the limited budget, you spend to fix your pants, learning how to hem pants yourself will be a perfect choice.

How Long Does It Take To Hem Pants?

Time to hem you pant depends on the fabric’s type and the style you want to adopt in hemming them. The task should run for few minutes, not a couple of hours, especially if you are dealing with a pair. Professional sewers take less time than around ten minutes to finish hemming your jeans. 

Unfortunately, for a beginner, trying to learn the hemming techniques can take even a couple of days before getting the tricks. However, it is best to get it right the first time. It’s better to spend more time to achieve good results than doing it quickly and making a mistake in the process, which is more disappointing.

How Do You Hem Yoga Pants By Hand?

Yoga pants are generally comfortable as they are, so hemming to customize its length is a personal choice. The perfect yoga pants material is usually stretchy, and so the hemming process is generally done by a stretch machine stitch. If you don’t have such a machine, try hand sewing by following these steps;

Step 1: Put on your pants, then fold the hem until you achieve the desired length.

Step 2: Make sure the folding stays intact while removing your pants.

Step 3: Lay your pants flat and measure the length from where the hem was initially, and note the measurement down.

Step4: Turn your yoga pants inside out and open the edge you had folded.

Step5: Measure your desired length from the original hem and mark using a fabric marker.

Step 6:  From your mark, measure one inch and mark that spot. The excess inch will help if you cut it by mistake.

Step 7:  Carefully fold the edge you had cut to your new hemline. Fold it again, this time folding the new hemline, too, making sure the border is inside the fold.

Step 8:  Keep the fold intact by driving in the pin parallel. While folding all-around, place a pin in each new hem.

Step 9:  Start stitching around the new hem while ensuring your stitches are neat and even.

Step 10:  When you finish, tie the sides of the string and cut off the extra thread over the knot.do the same to the next yoga pant leg.


No more changing your pants due to length-size issues since you can easily hem using adhesive tape or simply ironing. It takes less than ten minutes to fix your pants without many difficulties. So, you don’t need to spend a lot of money to hem your clothes; learn these simple tricks and get it done. You can use it to either reduce or increase the length of your pants and wear it with a perfect fit.

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