You have already gone through different designs on social media, and you have ideas of what you want to crotchet. Different patterns that you want to learn as a beginner, you are excited to try out this exciting and relaxing craft that has fantastic benefits to your body and mind. You might even have a few essentials like knitting needles and tutorials, but you still haven’t figured how to select the best yarn, you want to get it right the first time and buy yarn that will serve you best and be useful for most of your project; this guide is for you!

Trying to figure out which yarn to choose for crocheting can be quite a task for a beginner. There are many yarn options and factors that you need to consider. This article will assist you in choosing the best yarn that is easy to work with and is also not so expensive to suit your specific crotchet needs and to help you avoid buying yarn that you may never get to use. 

Top 6 Yarn For Crotchet In 2021 (Best Picks)

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Factors to consider when buying the best yarn for crotchet

  • Have a look at the yarn Material.

When buying yarn, you have a variety of options, and sometimes you want to buy them all and try them out, but sometimes the resources are limited, and therefore you have to select only that yarn that you will use and will be easy to work with for the first projects. It is, therefore, vital to look at the label before buying and see what material its.

Yarn is made out of different materials such as wool, linen, alpaca, cotton, acrylic, and mohair. Some of these materials are not beginner-friendly, and therefore one would want to stay away from those until you master the art of crochet knitting.

The best yarns to start with are those made of acrylic, cotton, or wool as they do not split into multiple strands when knitting.

  • Consider the weight of the yarn.

Yarn weight is always indicated on the label or ball band by terms such as lace or 2ply, light fingering or sock, fingering or four plies, sport, DK, worsted or Aran, bulky or chunky. These terms define yarn according to weight and thickness.

For a beginner, it is more advisable to choose a yarn that is neither too thick nor too thin, the thread should be of medium thickness, and this type of yarn is commonly referred to as worsted weight yarn and is numbered with a four on the label and named medium. The thread comes in different materials and is very easy to use because it does not tangle, and it can be used alongside any crotchet hook.

  • Have a look at the Yarn texture

Yarn comes in a variety of texture and feel. There’s smooth and textured yarn, and each of them requires a different level of prowess and also gives a different outcome. For your first projects, choose thread that is smooth rather than textured yarn. The latter can be frustrating to work with when you want to achieve a smooth finish. A soft plied yarn also gives your stitches a crisp look, thus showcasing your effort and skill.

  • The color of the yarn 

Yarn comes in hundreds of incredible colors, and as a beginner, you might want to try out all the available colors, but it is impossible to use all colors at once. However, you can start with any light color of your choice and transition to dark colors as you grow your skill.

It is easier to work with light-colored yarn rather than dark as it enables you to see your stitches and patterns as you knit. The choice of color will also be influenced by what you are knitting. For example, you might want to use lighter colors when knitting baby stuff. You should also consider your preference or that of whoever will end up with the final knitted work when deciding which color to use.

  • The Washing details of the yarn 

Before you buy yarn for a knitting project, it is crucial to consider your washing preference, if most of the times you machine wash your laundry, it is essential to consider buying yarn that is machine washable to avoid shrinking. You should also look at whether the thread you’re about to buy can be ironed to prevent burning your garment after all the hard work of selecting yarn and knitting a beautiful piece. 

 It is advisable to look at the label for washing instructions; this is to help you to know which types of yarn material can be used together. Different fiber often requires different washing instructions. You can use a kind of wool that will shrink in the dryer and must be hand-washed, or you can opt for superwash yarn, which is safe to put in the washer.

  • The price of yarn 

The cost of yarn often varies depending on the brand of fiber. Cotton, wool, and acrylic are the most affordable fiber choices. As a beginner, always choose affordable yarn so that you can perfect your craft before investing a lot of money. It is essential to also look at other quality indicators as the most expensive yarn is not always the best quality; this tip helps you to buy excellent quality yarn without costing you an arm and a leg.

Read on to understand each of these products well:

1. Inscraft 52 acrylic yarn skeins

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This yarn is referred to as every beginner’s favorite. That is why it is on top of our list of best yarn for crotchet. Almost everyone who loves knitting and crochet has used this yarn; it is relatively cheap and meets all the qualities of the best thread.

inscraft is the perfect yarn for crocheting DIY mini crafts, toys, and all yarn projects because it is soft, strong, and not so thick. It comes in a variety of 52 bright colors with no duplicates. It is also nicely packaged in a reusable storage bag. This yarn comes with extra gifts, which include six e-books, two crotchet hooks, two weaving needles, ten locking stitch markers for crochet and knitting. This set is every beginner’s favorite as the gift pack provides the necessary essentials without an extra cost, and it has almost all colors you might need when starting off your craft.


  • 100% acrylic yarn pack containing 52 wide ranges of colors.
  • 20 gifts for each package (6 e-books, two crotchet hooks, two weaving needles, and ten locking stitch markers.)
  • Machine washable and dry, do not bleach and do not iron.
  • Lightweight and spacious storage bag.


  • Quantity: 52 yarn skeins
  • Weight: 1.85 pounds
  • Material: Acrylic 

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2. Mira handcrafts 40 yarns

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Imagine having a set of yarn that comes in 40 skeins of different colors that are not duplicated? How about one that can be used for a variety of projects? This pack provides all these at an affordable price.

This set is a great beginner’s starter kit and is also ideal for advanced users. It consists of bright, vibrant colors that are great for multi-colored projects such as pompoms, crotchet works, and yarn also has almost all the accessories that you need making it such a bargain. These include four crotchet stitch markers, two crotchet hooks, two plastic needles, and 7 PDF e-books with projects, step by step guides, and photo tutorials. The yarns in this pack are all 100% acrylic, making them easy to handle for beginners and making excellently visible patterns.


  • Total 875 yards that come in 40 skeins of 22 yards each
  • Have extra accessories that every knitter needs
  • Bright, vibrant colors 


  • Quantity: 40 yarns.
  • Weight: 1.12 pounds

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3. Knit picks Brava mini pack worsted premium acrylic yarn 24 pack

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Knit picks Brava is a soft yarn that gives the cozy and luxurious feel to garments and crafts made out of it. It’s a hardy yarn that will keep up with all your crocheting adventures. The thread comes with machine-washable convenience and is also suitable for all projects since its medium gauge and #4 worsted weight. This yarn is best for baby wear since its gentle enough for sensitive skin. Knit picks Brava comes in a full rainbow of colors and is quite affordable, making it an excellent buy for any knitter.


  • 24 mini yarns of 54 yards each
  • Medium gauge and 100% premium acrylic
  • Machine washable and tumble dry low
  • All-purpose thread


  • Quantity: 24 yarns of 25 grams each
  • Weight: 1.45 pounds
  • Gauge: knit, 4.5-5 sts=1” on us size 7-8 needles; crotchet,11-14 sc=4” on us size I-K hooks

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4. Mira handcrafts 60 yarn bonbon

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This yarn pack consists of 60 fantastic, multi-colored yarns that are 100% acrylic and perfect for beginners since it is robust, soft, and not so thick. Meaning that it slides through the knitting needles without much hustle. It gives your crocheted merchandise an excellent stitch definition, thus showing off your skills and patterns and also makes warm garments that are not bulky. It has a wide variety of colors, and this makes it convenient for any beginner since you can sample different colors without spending extra coins. The pack also comes with a beautiful, durable, and multi-functional storage bag that can be used to arrange all your knitting tools, and it also has seven free e-books that give you pattern inspirations and how to achieve these patterns.


  • 60 pieces yarn of 22 yards each
  • An eco-friendly storage bag that’s stylish and lightweight
  • Leaflet with a link to even e-books with yarn patterns and crotchet techniques


  • Length:1200m in total
  • Material: 100% acrylic

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5. TYH Supplies 20-pack 22 yard acrylic yarn assorted colors skein

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This pack comes in a small package just as any good thing; it contains 20 miniature skeins of yarn that come in different colors. It is perfect for knitting projects that require a wide range of colors; the thread is also light worsted meaning that you will not struggle with knitting needles as a beginner since this type of yarn goes through just any needle giving you a high stitch definition. This yarn is 100% acrylic, and therefore it does not split into multiple strands when knitting, it is luxuriously soft and best for knitting babywear. This yarn is machine washable and dry.


  • 20 miniature skeins
  • Assorted colors
  • 100 percent acrylic
  • Light worsted yarn


  • Weight: 10g per skein
  • Length: 22 yards
  • Machine washable and dry tumble dry normal
  • Do not bleach, do not iron

For more information about this product and photos click this link:

6. LIHAO 12 skeins mini yarn for knitting crochet craft

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This yarn comes in twelve skeins of different colors that are perfect for crocheting baby garments, socks, clothing, headdress, toys, and other yarn craft project. It is most suitable for when you don’t have enough money to buy an entire skein of yarn or when you need a little thread of different colors for a specific project. This yarn is inexpensive, and the fact that it comes in a small pack makes it convenient since you will not have too much yarn lying around that you are not is also machine washable, and it doesn’t fade when washed. This yarn is sturdy and can, therefore, make a variety of yarn merchandise, not forgetting its softness and high texture.


  • 12 skeins of different colors
  • Perfect for baby garments
  • Soft and sturdy


  • Weight:15g per skein
  • Length:28 yards each
  • Warranty: one year warranty
  • Machine washable and dry

Frequently asked questions on the best yarn for crotchet

In this section, we answer exhaustively some of the questions that you might have concerning the best yarn for crochet. We focused on the most frequently asked questions by beginners, which we will help answer.

Q. How much yarn will I need as a beginner?
              A. You need to read the label for you to know how much yarn you will need. Every pattern tells you the number of yards that are required to make the pattern. You should read the label to find out how many yards in total you are buying then divide that by the number of yards needed to make the pattern to find out how many skeins you need. It is advisable to buy extra skeins in case you need to make changes to your design.
Q. How can I tell if the yarn will pill before I buy it?
               A. Pilling refers to tiny balls of fiber that appear on sweaters because of friction. When fibers rub against each other, they cause static and static causes the fibers to attach, and this leads to the formation of little bundles. Increased friction causes more little bundles to be created. When yarn is spun tightly, it is less likely to pill.  The best yarn for any project that gets lots of heavy wear or socks is the one with a tight twist. Before buying any thread, it is essential to look carefully, and in case you see a lot of fiber sticking out of the main strand, the yarn will likely pill.  Light pilling can be removed by using a piece of porous stone cut into a rectangular shape that eliminates the pills by a process similar to sanding with sandpaper called a sweater stone or by using a razor that specifically shaves off the pills known as a defuzzer.
Q. A. What knitting needles go well with a particular type of yarn?
The size of the yarn that you are using determines the size of knitting needles to use. Most yarns usually indicate the best needle to apply. Still, generally, small size needles are used with lightweight yarns, medium size needles with medium weight yarns, and larger size needles with bulky weight yarns. However, some threads, such as the medium worsted yarn, can be used with both small and medium needles.
                  Q. Is the price of yarn a determinant of quality?
Sometimes, price is a measure of quality, but it does not mean that the higher the cost, the better the quality of the yarn. When selecting yarn, consider your budget and also make sure it will serve the intended purpose and last is essential to consider all other factors before deciding to use price as a measure of quality.
Q. How do I keep yarn from tangling?
Every knitter knows how stressful it is to try and untangle yarn. To avoid this, always roll the skein into a ball after you’re done crocheting. You can also put the thread into a container if you’re yet to finish your project. You could also consider getting a sectioned bag that will help you to organize your tools and yarn, and A bag is an effective option since you can carry it around and continue with your knitting even when you are on the move.

Here’s a Features of the six best yarns for crochet for beginners

Now that you know what qualities to look for when selecting the best thread, it may not be easy when you walk into a store or shopping site to choose one that has all these qualities. We listed some of the tried and tested products that meet all these qualities to make it easier for you.

Product name  Features 
Inscraft 52 Acrylic yarn skeins Fifty-two colors Acrylic yarn in craft suit. Twenty gifts for each package. One storage bag.
Mira handcrafts 40 yarns Forty yarns in non- woven yarn bag. Accessories included in the package. Beginners’ starter kit.
Mira handcrafts 60 yarn bonbons 60 acrylic yarns. Seven e-books with patterns.
Great yarn starter kit.
Knit picks Brava mini packs worsted acrylic yarn 24 pack.
Includes 24-25g minis; #4 worsted weight acrylic yarn. Machine washable and durable.
TYH Supplies 20-pack 22 yard acrylic yarn assorted colors skein 20 assorted colors Light worsted yarn 100 percent acrylic
LIHAO 12 skeins mini yarn for knitting crochet craft
12,100% acrylic yarns Sturdy for knitting, crocheting and hand sewing Perfect for baby garments


Buying yarn doesn’t have to be stressful or tedious; instead, it should be a time to get new inspirations of what to make for your next project and sometimes interact with other people with the same interests in knitting as you and get to hear from the experts such as the staff at the crafts store. That is why you need to know precisely what you are buying and how it will impact your knitting project. As a beginner, it is also essential to have the right essentials alongside the best yarn for crotchet to ensure that your knitted merchandise comes out beautifully and as expected. You can always find those packs that come with gifts such as knitting needles so that you can spend less while getting more.

When buying yarn, it is always important to keep in mind some factors that will help you in choosing the best thread. The material of the yarn is one such factor; you need to choose a yarn that is smooth and easy for you to work with, you also need to consider the washing details of the thread to make sure you get the best out of it.for example, you don’t want to make a blanket out of yarn that requires you to hand-wash all the time.

When buying yarn, it is also essential to look at the cost and make sure that it is within your budget, shopping around for options before buying makes it possible for you to get great quality yarn that is not extravagantly priced. It is our hope and desire that buying yarn will be a fun experience for you moving forward. 


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