Knitting is a relaxing, comfortable, and fulfilling way to spend your leisure time. It is also a stress-free form of earning income as you exercise your muscles and brain. However, this artwork may not be as enjoyable as it ought to be unless you have the best tools. One of the tools that you cannot do without is knitting needles. There are several types of knitting needles, but most knitters prefer circular ones. 

You need those tools that are affordable and those that produce the most beautiful end products, which will make your artwork the best selling. The best circular knitting needles should also be readily available and of quality material that does not wear out quickly. They should also be comfortable for you to use hence not prick your hands while working with them. You may be wondering, ‘how do I pick the best quality circular knitting needles from the many available?’ Relax! This guide highlights the six best circular knitting needles, their benefits, and what to consider while purchasing them

Comparison Table Of Top Circular Knitting Needles

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Factors to Consider When Buying the Best Circular knitting Needles 

Most knitters, whether beginners or otherwise, prefer circular knitting needles to straight ones because they do not fall off when using. The yarn does not also slip from them, which is the case with straight needles. You require the tools that make your work easier and faster, and this will only happen when you take the time to select the best circular knitting needles. The following factors are useful to consider:

a) The material making the needles

There are various materials used in making knitting needles such as metal, bamboo, or wood. The material you choose depends on the end product that you want as well as whether you want a smooth or rough item. Metal needles have a smooth, silky surface, and they knit faster than both wood and bamboo ones. But they are also slippery on some yarns and can be inconveniencing. Wooden or bamboo needles are suitable if you do not need a very tight product, and they do not prick your hands. 

The type of yarn you are using is also vital when it comes to picking these tools. Choose the needles which will not make the yarn to slip or one that will give you a beautiful product at the end.

b) Size of the Needle

The size of the needle depends on the type of item that you are knitting; for example, a baby blanket will require larger needles than a hat or a sweater. The size may also depend on whether you are a beginner or not. So before purchasing these tools, it is necessary to know what you are working on.

c) The Brand of the knitting needle

Different brands have different quality and size of the tools. Before purchasing this product, it is advisable to find out the best Brand to get the most superior quality. You can inquire from other knitters, or you can check online to know the best.

d) The cost of the needle

Knitting needles are valuable items to invest in since they will give you the best service. You need to consider the price of these vital tools before purchasing them. Some of them may be too cheap, which may mean poor quality. Though the expensive tools do not necessarily have to be the best, it is vital to purchase the best quality that will not see you replacing them every other time. You should look at your budget to be able to select what you can afford and what serves you best.

f) Whether Interchangeable or Single

Interchangeable needles come in different sizes and give you the privilege of using what you need at a particular step in your process. Although they may be expensive than single ones, you can use them with different projects, which will eventually make them cost-effective. You can select separate or interchangeable sets depending on whether you are a beginner or not and also depending on whether you have a large or small project. 

g) Sharp or blunt tips

If you require a pointed tip for your artwork, metallic tools are an ideal option, but if you need blunt tips, then wooden or bamboo needles are the most suitable. The choice of tips relies mostly on your preferences as well as what you are making.

 h) Type of cable and needle connection

Interchangeable knitting needle cables are joined with a screw-like link, and the needles are secured to the cables with cord keys. Each needle tip has a mechanism of connecting to the tips, and its necessary to find out how it is done. The needles must be smooth to prevent snags, and the links must be secure enough to prevent the work from slipping out. 

i) Availability of end caps, compact case, and stitch markers

End caps protect your stitches from falling off when you stop knitting. The stitch markers are joined at the start of round or specific points in your pattern. You can use them when increasing or decreasing the number of stitches. A compact case is also necessary to help you organize your piece of work. You need a case that is handy and structured to handle your work efficiently.

1. Knit picks Options Wood Interchangeable Knitting Needles Set

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These circular knitting needles have a standard golden finish, which makes them very attractive. They have smooth and strong layers of plastic-coated birch that makes them comfortable to use. The needles are perfect for any knitter, whether you are a beginner or experienced since they have sharp, gradually tapered points with enough grip for the management of smooth yarns. 

The knitting tools are also versatile to enable you to knit everything you want, such as hats, sweaters, blankets, and so on. The tip sizes are easily matched to the cable length to produce the circular needle that you require for your next project. It is easy to attach the needle tip that you want to the right cable by turning and screwing it to get the ideal needle.

The knit pick needles also come with metal tightening keys to let you tighten the tips to the cable securely; hence, they will not slide when in use. You will, therefore, not have to worry about damaging your piece when stitching. If you are working on several projects that require the same size as the needle, you can use the end caps that are included to store your project securely as you begin the next one. 


  • Include four purple cables, eight purple end caps and two metal tightening keys
  • Natural golden finish 
  • Adjustable memory-free cables 
  • Nine pairs of wood tips


  • Length: 4-3/4 inches 
  • Sizes: 4-11 inches 
  • Quantity: 9 pairs of wood tips
  • 9 x 5.5 inches vinyl case

A perfect set!

2. Clover Takumi Bamboo Circular 16-inch Knitting Needles, Size 6(3016/16-06

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Takumi bamboo circular knitting needles are made from the best natural bamboo. They are excellent in quality and have long nurtured clover manufacturing formula. They have an ergonomic design for ease and comfort, which helps to minimize the effects of tendonitis, hand fatigue, arthritis, and carpal tunnel syndrome.

Takumi needles are suitable for all types of wool and any size of the project. Their cords do not break even with tight stitches, and they, therefore, give you a long-lasting service. The smaller size is sharp-pointed, which makes it easy for tight stitches. You will consequently knit comfortably without the stress of making a very loose piece. The needles enable you also to knit as fast as with metal needles because the bamboo holds even the slippery yarn in place. 

The needles are sharp and smooth, and they do not have a snag in the joints. They are perfect for all types of projects, whether small or big. They are also durable if properly stored, and you, therefore, do not need to keep replacing them. The tools are also relatively cheap compared to other types.


  • Smooth and sturdy
  • Made from the finest natural bamboo
  • Durable and lightweight
  • Affordable
  • Non-sticky


  • Item: fine bamboo wood
  • Size: 16-inch
  • Quantity: 1 per pack

Sounds perfect!

3. Clover 3683 Interchangeable Circular Knitting Needles Takumi Combo Set

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This interchangeable pack of circular needles is made from quality Takumi bamboo wood. It is a set of twelve needle tips whose sizes range from 3 to 15, together with five cords of length 16, 24, 29, 36, and 48 inches. The pack includes a combination of sixty different sizes, which allow you to knit various projects. 

This set of needles comes in a lavish leather-like case that is zippered for safe storage, and they also have a meticulous finish from the tip to cord joint. They allow you to stitch smoothly without sticking. The case also enables you to locate the right size of the needle when you are doing different projects since they are well displayed.


  • 12-needle tip sizes
  • 5-cord lengths
  • Luxury leather-like case
  • Smooth finish from tip to cord length 
  • Different sizes together for various project


  • Item: Takumi bamboo
  • Quantity: 12-needle tips and 5-cord measures
  • Size: 3-15 inches, a set of 60

A must-have for knitters!

4. 16-inch Circular knitting Needles Set by cuteDIY

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The bamboo knitting needles by cuteDIY come in a set of 11 pairs with sizes printed on each of them for faster tracing. They are lightweight, excellent, and easy to use. They have flat cables which make them easy to bend the way you desire for different projects and patterns. They also have a beautiful design that makes the needles attractive to the eyes when using them, hence you enjoy the process.

The tools have sturdy and smooth joints and cables to avoid breakage or snagging the yarn, as is the case with some products.

The needles do not slip like the metal or plastic ones that make the knitting very fast. They have semi pointed tips and hollow tubing to enable you titch in the round with a pair of circular needles. The tube is slightly larger than the needle to prevent extra tight stitches near the end of the needles.


  • Floppy tubes that don’t interfere with your knitting
  • A natural feeling of the plastic tubing
  • Excellent design for projects of different sizes
  • Both mm and US sizes are printed on the needles
  • Lightweight and easy to use
  • Very flexible and can bend for all patterns


  • Item: bamboo needles
  • Quantity: 11 pairs
  • Size: 3-15 inches, with tip 3.35 each
  • Total length 16-inches

Ideal for all types of knits!

5. ChiaoGoo Red Lace Circular 16-inch Stainless Steel Knitting Needle

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ChiaoGoo red lace circulars are made of superior grade stainless steel. They come with a brilliant red, highly adjustable, multi-strand, steel cable that is nylon-coated and which allows your yarn to slide easily from end-to-end. The items are lightweight and long-lasting with a satin finish and excellently tapered tips. You will be able to conveniently choose the right size since it is permanently printed on each item. The manufacturing process of the needles is environmental-friendly, and the materials are one hundred percent recyclable; hence, no wastage or environmental pollution. 


  • Flexible cable for style knitting
  • Lightweight allowing you to knit fast
  • Memory-free cable, therefore, no crimp or bend
  • They are less expensive
  • Soft and smooth


  • Item: circular knitting needles stainless steel
  • Size: US size 6 (4mm)
  • Length: 16-inch ( 40cm)

It’s perfect for all knits!

6. Addi Knitting Needle Circular Turbo Rocket Lace Skacel Exclusive Blue Cord 32-inch 

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The addi rocket knitting needles have sharp tips that make them perfect for intricate stitching. They also have extra-pointed tips which are plated with a shiny nickel that gives the items an incomparable zip. They have a 40-inch cable that is ideal for a magic loop style. They also have a 24 and 32-inch cable that works excellently in pairs. 

The addi knitting tools are perfect for making lace, sock, and all-round knitting since they have perfectly tapered tips, which are all brass.  The cords also ensure no-snag on the joints. You will, therefore, knit your pieces quickly and without any stress. The products come with a lifetime manufacturer’s warranty, and you should thus not fear to risk loss for your money.


  • Yarn slides easily
  • Smooth, quick and comfortable
  • They are lightweight and durable
  • Suitable for people with arthritis and can be used for long without fatigue


  • Cord color: blue
  • Cord size: 32-inch (80 )
  • Size: US 05 ( 3.75 mm )

Ideal for all knitting!

Best Circular Knitting Needles

Circular Needles Knitting in 5 Easy Steps

Frequently Asked Questions on Best Circular Knitting Needles

Before picking on the best circular knitting needles, it is essential to look at the FAQs, which will guide you on the most suitable on top of the list above:


Q. how do I choose the best circular knitting needles?

The best circular knitting needles depend on several factors such as material, durability, weight, among others. The size of the needles is also vital when it comes to different projects. Most needles have the dimensions printed on them, and this guides you depending on what you are making.

Q. How can I use circular knitting needles?

Circular knitting needles are easy to use even by a beginner. You need to stitch rounds on the needles and keep knitting in one direction as you go around the circle without turning the work. For rows, you need to knit back and forth across the rows while turning your work after every row. You should ensure that the stitch marker is in place when doing rounds.

Q. When should one use circular knitting needles?

Circular knitting needles are perfect for knitting not just in a round, but they can also quickly knit flat as well. The cable is long enough to handle several stitches on the needles since they can slide freely along the wire.

Q. What size circular knitting needles does one need for a blanket?

The circular knitting needle depends on the size of your blanket; for example, if the blanket is four stitches per inch and 80 stitches in the round, then the 16-inch circular needle is the most ideal. For 96 stitches, the 24-inch will be suitable. It is therefore advisable to know the number of stitches you are making before purchasing the needles

Q. Is there a difference between circular and straight knitting needles?

A circular knitting needle holds the stitches more perfectly that the straight ones. It can accommodate more weight of the project that the straight needle. One can knit flat on a circular item, same as on straight ones. You only have to cast on and knit without joining in the round. 

What is the ideal length for circular knitting needles?

Circular knitting needles come in lengths of 40 and 47 inches. The length can also go higher, depending on the Brand. You should ensure that you check the length before purchasing to be sure you get the most suitable. 

Q. Why should I invest in interchangeable knitting needles?

Interchangeable knitting needles set have multiple combinations of tips and cables. When your work requires specific needle size and length, you will conveniently get them without any stress, especially when knitting in the round. A set is more practical than buying different sizes of several tools. 

Summary of the 6 Best Circular Knitting Needles


Knit Picks options Wood Interchangeable Knitting Needles.

Natural golden finish 
Durable and smooth layers of laminated birch
Includes vinyl case with snap-shut closure
Includes four purple cables, eight purple end caps, two metal tightening keys
Flexible memory-free cables

Clover Takumi Bamboo Circular 16-inch knitting needles

Fine natural bamboo
Long nurtured clover manufacturing technology
Non-breaking cords
Smooth and sturdy

Clover 3683 interchangeable Circular Knitting needles Takumi Combo set 

12- needle sizes
5-cord sizes
A customized case for fast selection and storage
Smooth and silky surface
A nicely shaped tapered tip

16-inch Circular knitting Needles Set by cute DIY

11 pairs of sizes
3-15 inches
Needle tips 3.25-inches 16-inch long needles 
Suitable even for small projects like sleeves and beanies
Lightweight and non-slippery
Semi-pointed tips and hollow tubing
ChiaoGoo Red Lace Circular 16-inch Stainless Steel Knitting needle
Superior grade stainless steel
Highly flexible nylon-coated steel cable Long-lasting and lightweight
Permanently printed size for easy storage and selection

Addi Knitting needle circular turbo rocket lace

Perfect for lace, sock, and all-round knitting
Perfectly tapered all-brass tips
Lifetime manufacturer warranty

Final Word  

Circular knitting needles are the perfect choice for most knitters, whether a beginner or experienced. They can be used on various projects regardless of whether the project is large or small since they are convenient and do not slip off. However, before purchasing the circular needles, it is advisable to look at the quality, price, and comfort when using. An excellent knitting tool should be light and easy to use without straining the hands. 

There are different materials used to make knitting needles, and the choice depends on what you are making. But bamboo wood needles are a perfect choice for someone with arthritis. They are not cold; hence, do not affect your hands. They are also suitable for a smooth knit when using a slippery yarn. 

Metallic circular knitting needles are ideal when you want to stitch quickly and smoothly. They have sharp points that make stitching fast and neat. Although they are suitable for most projects, they may not be perfect for those with arthritis due to their temperatures. But they are perfect for both small and large items such as socks, hats, blankets and so on. A set of interchangeable needles is very convenient if you have large projects that require different sizes and lengths of the tools. You will be able to pick what you need at a particular time, depending on your preferences and what you are doing.

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