Nothing disappoints like burning your hands with hot pots and pans when cooking. It can make you hate it with all your heart. You can, however, turn cooking into a hobby and enjoy every bit of it by using the right tools to avoid getting burnt. Among the must-have items is a potholder. It helps you to remove hot utensils from your cooker or fire without any risk of scalding. With the best yarn for potholders, it is possible to make this essential item and make your cooking as fun as it ought to be. 

Different yarns are available in the market, and it is, therefore, necessary to pick the most suitable that will give you that fabulous thing to add glamour to the kitchen. Choosing the best yarn for potholders can be quite a task since you will have to try different brands to come up with the best. It will not only be time-consuming but costly as well. However, we made it easier for you by researching on what to look for, the six best yarns, and their benefits and features. Read this guide for more highlights:

Top 6 Yarn For Potholders In 2021 (Best Picks)

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Factors to consider when choosing the best yarn for potholders

Potholders can be fun, quick, and easy to knit if you have the right thread. You, therefore, need to take time and pick the best fiber that will enable you to enjoy making these essential items. Study the factors below to know what you require:

  • Non-melting yarn 

A potholder is used for handling hot utensils when cooking or removing from fire. The thread making them should, therefore, be non-melting to avoid burning your hands. It should also be a material that does not melt and hence stick on to the pots or pans. 

  • Heat resistant 

The yarn you use to make a potholder should be heat resistant to avoid transferring the hotness on to your hands. Holding something hot can cause a lot of damages since you may drop the utensils and or injure yourself. You should be careful when choosing the fiber for use so that the item does not expose the user to the risk of burning.

  • Easy to clean

A potholder is useful in the kitchen, where there is a lot of dirt and grease. The things use in the kitchen should be clean always to avoid contamination of foods as well as maintain hygiene. A potholder is one of the items that must remain clean forever and should, therefore, be easy to clean. Before buying the yarn, it is necessary to read the label and see the washing instructions to ensure it is doable. 

  • Machine washable

A machine-washable material is easier to maintain and handle. When picking the best yarn for a potholder, check to see that it can be washed using a machine and that you can also use cleaning chemicals. A potholder that has stains is not presentable in the kitchen, and you may not remove some grease stains thorough hand-washing.

  • Does not shrink or stretch after washing

A potholder is one item that has to you should wash severally, and so the yarn making it must not lose its shape after cleaning. A disfigured cloth looks so horrible in your kitchen that you will be quite uncomfortable to use. Make sure to use the yarn that holds its form all the time, even after washing.

  • The yarn should knit or crochets up thickly

A potholder should be thick enough to handle hot utensils, and the yarn making it must meet this requirement. You should look for that fiber that is extra chunky to be sure to get the thickness of the item that you need. The yarn should also be easy to knit or crochet so that it doesn’t take a lot of time doing one project.

  • An absorbent material

A lot of liquids spill on your kitchen surface and utensils when you are cooking or handling hot pans and pots. You will, therefore, require a potholder that absorbs the fluids quickly without getting damaged or wearing out. The material should also not catch fire as a result of the liquids. It should also not become slippery since this may cause injury if the pot or pan slips from your hands.

1. Lily Sugar’n Cream Cotton Cone Yarn, 14 oz Freshly Pressed Ombre

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Lily Sugar’n cream yarn is made of 100% cotton that grows in the USA. It is a soft worsted weight yarn that is perfect for small projects such as potholders and dishcloths. The thread comes in different color shades that include brights, neutrals, and pastels. The yarn is easy to care for since it is machine-washable and dryable. The neutral color makes the items to match with every décor in the kitchen and thus to make it perfect for everyone. 

The yarn is durable and, therefore, will save on money used to keep replacing these essential things. The thread is enormous, and one ball can produce several holders, which also makes it cost-effective. The yarn is non-stretching and does not even split, which makes it perfect for both knitting and crocheting. 


  • Durable and sturdy
  • 100% cotton
  • Machine-washable and dryable hence easy to maintain
  • Different colors to choose
  • Non-splitting and does not stretch
  • Soft, natural and absorbent


  • Ball size solids: 400g/14 oz
  • Length: 645 meters /706 yards
  • Item: 100% cotton
  • Knitting gauge:  20 sts and 26 rows
  • Gauge: 4 medium worsted
  • Crochet gauge: 13 sc and 14 rows

Sounds perfect for your potholders!

2. Lily sugar’n cream super size solid yarn 

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Lily sugar’n cream solid yarn is made from soft, absorbent cotton that is grown in the USA. The yarn comes in a vast range of colors, which enables you to choose what suits you most. The colors are vibrant and beautiful and thus a perfect match for any kitchen décor. The yarn is simple to wash and, therefore, does not quickly get stained. 

It is easy to care for items made from this yarn since it is both machine-washable and dryable. The thread does not also lose shape after washing, and it does not also pill off, which makes it durable hence, you can use it for a more extended period. The yarn is significant in length, such that you can make several potholders from the same skein. It is thick enough, therefore quick to knit or crochet. 


  • Superior quality cotton yarn
  • Easy to wash and doesn’t fade
  • Machine-washable and dryable
  • Retains shape after washing
  • Easy to knit and crochet


  • Material: 100% cotton
  • Gauge: 4-med worsted
  • Weight: 4oz/113g
  • Length: 200yds/184m
  • Care: machine- washable and dryable

An ideal choice for potholders!

3. Harrisville Designs Traditional 7-inch Cotton Loops, Peacock

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Harrisville 7-inch wool is made from soft, high-quality cotton. It is suitable for weaving by both adults and children. The yarn comes in multiple color loops packed in a bag containing enough loops to make two potholders. It is ideal for teams that value their colors and can neat items to use during events or games hence promoting them. Different groups can use things while preparing their snacks or meals while holding their utensils.

Children from the age of six and above can also enjoy using the loops as they are soft, fun, and easy to use. They can be used at home, in the field, or while traveling. The different colors of the loops can enable you to support your team, be it football, baseball, or soccer, as you cook your favorite snacks during the game day while using the potholders that exhibit the team’s colors.


  • Different colors for team support
  • Can be used by children and adults 
  • Comes in a bag with enough loops for two potholders
  • Designed for fun and educational weaving
  • Assorted color to choose from


  • Item: 100% cotton
  • Color: multiple colors
  • Length: 7-inch per loop
  • Quantity: Each bag contains enough loops for two  potholders

4. Wool Novelty Cotton Weaving loops

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Wool novelty cotton-weaving loops are made from 100% cotton fiber, and they are non-melting. They are suitable for potholders as they are more cost-effective than other loops. They come in multiple colors that enable you to crochet or knit wonderful items. The cotton material does not melt, and it is heat resistant. You will, therefore, make items that will not burn the user’s hands when handling hot utensils. 

The loops are perfect for use by children from six years and above as they are fun, easy, and quick to crochet or hook. The loops come in a bag that holds 16 oz of these weaving items that will make any length of the potholder that you desire. 


  • 100% cotton
  • Different colors to choose
  • Suitable for crocheting and hooking
  • Conforms to requirements of GCC
  • Perfect for both children and adults


  • Item: 100% cotton
  • Weight: 16-ounce
  • Quantity: 500 loops per bag

5. Harrisville Designs F557ML – AZ 7-inch Bright Lotta Loops 

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Harrisville bright lotta loops are made from the knowledge that hand-weaving is both fun and educational activity. The loops are perfect for both adults and children since they are quick, easy, and fun to use. The loops are used with Harrisville designs metal potholder loom, which comes separately. A package of the items includes one bag of 100% cotton loops in multiple colors to produce beautiful items. One bag contains enough loops to make eight potholders of dimension six by six inches each. 

With Harrisville design loops, you can weave anywhere and anytime since they are easy to carry in a bag. They are perfect for weaving, felting, or knitting, which means that you can choose how to make your beautiful items as you get fun.


  • One hundred percent cotton
  • Available in assorted beautiful colors
  • Fun, quick and easy to use
  • Superior quality loops


  • Material: 100% cotton
  • Item weight: 3.52 ounces
  • Dimensions: 14x4x8 inches
  • Color: 12 bright colors

Sounds perfect!

6. Cotton Select Sport Weight Yarn – 100% Fine Cotton by BambooMN

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These sport weight yarns are made of extra soft 100% cotton that does not snag or fray.  The thread is easy to work with, thus giving an excellent stitch definition. The fiber is soft and comfortable even before washing, and it does not loose shape. It is, therefore, perfect for making potholders that require sturdy yarn.

The sport weight yarn comes in various colors that range from dull to super shiny, and you, therefore, have the freedom to choose what suits and matches your taste. You will, therefore, be able to produce beautiful and trouble-free projects which are not only attractive but long-lasting as well. The yarn is easy to care for since it is machine washable, which means that even the most stubborn dirt will quickly come out. 


  • Superior quality
  • 100% ultra-soft cotton
  • Multiple colors to choose
  • Does not snag or fray
  • Easy to work with


  • Material: 100% soft cotton
  • Weight: 4×1.8 oz (50g)
  • Length: 4×180 yd (165m)
  • Quantity: 4 skeins per pack
  • Care: machine-washable and dryable, non-bleaching and no softener

A perfect yarn for every kitchen!

Frequently asked questions about the best yarn for potholders

Many people ask different questions about the best thread for potholders since they do not want to change or make mistakes. We have sampled some of the frequently asked which we believe are helpful to you, among them:

Q. which is the best yarn for potholder? 

A potholder needs a material that does not melt, one which is easy and quick to clean as well as absorbent. Among the different yarn out there, cotton tops the list since it meets all these qualifications. A potholder gets dirty real quick, and cotton is easy and fast to wash without leaving any stains, and it also never melts. Wool can also be used for potholders though it is not easy to clean. 

Polyester and acrylic are not suitable for potholders since they melt when in contact with heat. Silk may be too expensive to use also. But, the choice depends entirely on your tastes and preferences. 

Q. What amount of yarn do I need for a potholder?

The amount of yarn depends on the length of the potholder you want as well as the size of the thread. However, most potholders will use less than one ball of the yarn. The thickness of the yarn is also essential as it determines the stitches you make, whether loose or tight. You should read the label on the thread to know how many pieces you can get.

Q. Can I use acrylic to make potholders?

Acrylic and polyester may not be safe to use for potholders since they may melt and drip on your hands if they accidentally catch fire. The materials are plastic, which, when molten, may cause you a lot of injuries. You should, therefore, not choose them for these items to ensure safety in the kitchen.

Q. How durable are potholders?

The durability of potholders will depend mainly on the material used to make them and the care that you accord them. Wool and cotton potholders are long-lasting and can withstand several washes. You can use them until they start to fall apart, although there is no harm replacing them early to match the décor in the kitchen.

Q. which is the best pattern for potholders? 

Potholders should withstand heat and not transfer the same to your hands. The stitches should, therefore, be close together and thick. You may need to use small size needles or crochets if you knit loosely. You may also decide to make two pieces and join them to achieve the sturdiness that you desire. 

Q. which yarn should I not use for potholders?

The wool comes second after cotton among the yarns that you can use for potholders. However, you should ensure that the thread you pick is 100% wool and not the superwash one. Though this wool is easy to wash, the chemicals making it cause it to be flammable and may hence easily catch fire. Yarns that are made from plastic such as polyester, acrylic, rayon, and others may also not be ideal since they are not resistant to heat and may be flammable. 

Q. What is the ideal weight for potholders?

A potholder has to be thick to protect your hands from burning. When selecting thread, read the label to ensure it has the right weight. It should be a DK, heavier yarn, or worsted. The yarn that is labeled worsted thread or number 4 is an ideal choice since the weights produce a protective item with the thickness that you require. 

Features of the six best yarns for potholders

It will not be easy for you to try different threads to pick the most suitable for potholders. It will not only be costly but take up a great deal of the time that you need for other issues. It is for this reason that we have done the research for you and compiled a list of the best six yarns for potholders. Check them here:


Features/ Benefits

Lily Sugar’n Cream Cotton Cone yarn, 14 oz Freshly Pressed Ombre

Soft Absorbent cotton Machine-washable and dryable Versatile Different shades to choose

Lily 10201818040 sugar’n cream super size solid yarn

100% cotton Machine-washable Variety of shades Soft and absorbent cloth
Light and easy to use Excellent quality

Harrisville designs traditional 7-inch cotton loops peacock

Different colors to choose Suitable for children and adults Comes in pack bag  Can weave it anywhere  Excellent quality  Soft cotton

Wool novelty cotton-weaving loops 

16-ounce Perfect for hooking and crocheting Conforms to GCC requirements For weaving potholders in a loom

Harrisville designs F557 ML – AZ 7-inch bright lotta loops.

Bright lotta loops Fun, easy and quick to use 100% cotton loops Assorted brilliant colors

Cotton Select Sport Weight yarn

100% fine cotton Four skeins per pack
Does not snag or fray Soft and comfortable before and after washing Machine-washable and dryable Many colors to choose 

Final words

Potholders are essential items that you cannot afford to miss in your kitchen if you need a peaceful cooking process. These vital tools will shield your hands from burning when holding and removing hot utensils from the source of heat. They will also protect your kitchen surface from damage that the hot pots and pans may cause. It is, therefore, necessary to select the yarn that will give you a sturdy and durable thing to withstand the heat.

There are various yarns out there, but not all of them are perfect for these essential kitchen tools. Wool and cotton are the most suitable materials for potholders since they are heat resistant and washable. The materials are also long-lasting, thus giving you a long service. They do not melt or drip; therefore, you will not burn, unlike other yarns, which make cause you injuries. 

 You should not consider using polyester, acrylic, and other similar materials for potholders since they quickly catch fire and melt, thus dripping. They will not only hurt your hands but also damage your kitchen surface and utensils. It is, therefore, crucial to be careful when selecting the best yarn for potholders, to pick the most suitable. You must also look at the color that matches your kitchen décor so as not to compromise the standards that you have set. 

Let your cooking be fun and enjoyable as you maintain safety and hygiene in your kitchen! 


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