Nothing fulfills like a parent providing the best care for their babies. Among the necessary items that keep your baby warm is a baby blanket. But it sometimes gets costly to purchase the baby’s blankets all the time. Besides saving on cost, you can make it a leisure time project knitting the covers by yourself. However, you cannot achieve this objective unless you have the best yarn for a baby blanket. 

A baby’s skin is very delicate. Besides looking for warmth, you also need to look for that fiber that is soft and one which will not irritate the toddler’s skin. You may be wondering,” How do I select the best yarn for baby blankets, among the many available in the market?“ You need not worry, in this guide, we will highlight the best wool for the little one’s bedspread, their benefits as well as what to look for.

Comparison Table Of Best Yarn For Baby Blanket

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Factors to Consider When Choosing the Best thread

You need that fiber that makes you look at the end product of your knitting or crocheting and feel ‘wow I made it. I can now keep my infant warm without worrying about irritation on their skin’. Here are the factors to consider when purchasing the best yarn for the baby blanket:

The parents’ preference

Whether you are crocheting or knitting the toddler’s coverage, the parent’s taste plays a primary role in picking the right yarn. You need to look at the wool that is a hit for many parents. If ‘itchy’ is what is mostly preferred, cotton or acrylic will work well.  Some parents may choose the colors that help them commemorate their memorable occasions, such as weddings or even go for their flashy colors. 

Look at The Washing Instructions

When choosing the wool for a toddler’s bedspread, you should look at the washing instructions. Most new parents are not fun of hand washing the baby blanket. Select that yarn, which will withstand high temperatures of around 40C. The wool should also be machine washed and tumble dried. Cotton yarns, commercial sock fiber, assorted linens, and a few superwash brands will be ideal.

Perform a destruct testing

Parents buy knitted products depending mostly on your confessions. If they get the assurance that the yarn can withstand high temperatures as well as be washed together with another laundry, then they will undoubtedly purchase these items. It is advisable not to trust the label. But you can knit a sample and put it together with other clothes and see if it can tolerate the heat.

Avoid novelty fibers or the ones who shed

Babies love sucking and licking anything that gets on their way, including the blankets. A parent would not imagine their kids choking on a woolen-related hairball. You should, therefore, avoid fluffy single-ply yarns and select a smooth and that tightly spun fiber.

Pick the Yarn that is Suitable for Newborn

Infants and babies will not be able to raise alarms or throw away the covers when the temperatures become intolerable. It is, therefore, vital that the blanket knitted suits the baby’s first season. You need to pick that wool that regulates the temperature regardless of the season, such as merino yarns. 

Look at the Cost

Before purchasing the yarn, it is advisable to look at your budget. You should invest in a durable thread that will last longer may be up to the end of the babyhood. It is advisable not to go for cheap wool that may fade and lose their color and durability.

Read on to understand each of these products well:

1. TYH Acrylic Yard

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TYH Acrylic Yard tops our list of best yarn for baby blankets. When searching for the most suitable wool, you should look at one that offers a variety of colors with no duplicates. Different colors blend well for your infant’s cover giving you a sweet looking end product. Your item will also look beautiful, bright, and catchy.

Besides the color range, your yarn should be machine washable. You don’t need that yarn that requires you to hand wash all the time. Most parents may not have the time for hand cleaning their toddler’s items, and this requires that yarn that can be machine-washed and tumble-dried without destroying it. A woolen piece that does not require you to do ironing will also save on your time since it will remain neat all the time. TYH acrylic meets all these characteristics.

Key features

  • A pack of 20, assorted colors
  • Machine-washable
  • Tumble-dried
  • 100 percent acrylic


Brand: TYH acrylic

Weight: 22g each skein

Length: 22 yards

2. BeCraftee Best Yarn

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Besides knitting and crocheting to keep the infants warm, you can as well making it a leisure time project. You need that yard, which is lightweight and convenient to carry with you. No other brands can give you this comfort than BeCraftee yarn. It has a knitting bag that is easy to carry and store, and it contains pockets for crotchets hooks and knitting needles. The bag is easy to carry with a handle and detachable shoulder strap. You can take it with you wherever you go.

You need that yarn that won’t make your room untidy by keeping it in one place. BeCraftee comes with a yarn caddy for crochet supplies of superior quality linen with cotton lining. It is double-stitched to last long and maintain the shape without slumping. It doesn’t have chemicals; hence doesn’t smell. You can also carry a variety of yarns for massive projects courtesy of the enormous yarn bowl that can hold up to 10 skeins of knitting yarn. 

Nothing irritates like tangled yarn or pets destroying your wool. It doesn’t only spoil your project but also wastes your precious time trying to untangle. BeCraftee yarn comes with a crotchet organizer tote with four slots on top that protects the wool from tangling and lets your thread to be pulled at ideal tension. The slits are firm enough to prevent the yarn from pulling out, and no pet can get in. 

A yarn drum that helps you to stay organized with everything you need ready is also part of the bag. The drum has five exterior pockets and two interior ones. It holds crochet needles, crochet hooks, glasses, scissors, patterns, phones, etc. It is, therefore, easy to find and store your tools, and it helps you carry everything you need wherever you go. 

Key Features

  • Knitting bag with pockets
  • Slits on top to prevent tangling and protect wool
  • Yarn caddy for crochet supplies
  • A large yarn bowl to hold several skeins
  • A crochet organizer tote
  • A yarn drum with 5exterior pockets and two interior ones for holding accessories


Brand: BeCraftee yarn

Bag diameter: 10.3 inches

Height: 11.8 inches

3. Mira Handcrafts 40 Assorted Colors Acrylic Yarn 

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When choosing yarns, you need a brand that one that is suitable for any crochet or knitting project. Mira handcraft yarn is perfect for all mini crochet and knitting project. They come in assorted colors that enable you to have the most beautiful blankets. The package has 24 different colors and 16 duplicates of the most available. You may need to knit or crochet patterns that are unique for your coverages. Mira handcrafts yarns include seven eBooks to help you design the best models. The books also give you a step by step photos and guides that are free with every yarn pack. 

You need yarn with a starter kit for easy knitting or crochet, and Mira handcraft has a perfect starter kit for beginners. You do not need to worry about where to start since everything you need is inclusive. The package is easy to work with while learning crocheting and knitting small yarn projects. 


  • Assorted yarn skeins
  • Soft 100% acrylic
  • Hand folded balls for extra tidiness and protection
  • Seven free ebooks 


Item:100% Acrylic yarn 8s/4

Color: 40 yarns with 24 assorted colors and 16 duplicates

Weight category: 40 x 10g acrylic skeins

Warranty: 100% satisfaction

4.  Bernat Baby Blanket Big Ball Pretty Girl

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Bernat baby blanket yarn has a variety of ordinary baby colors, which include ombres and twist, and they come in two different balls weighing 100g and 300g. The thread is made of 100% polyester, which makes it soft and durable. When making your baby’s blanket, you need that yarn that is safe for their health and skin. There is no perfect yarn than Bernat baby blanket yarn since it has been tested and certified as free from harmful substances. 

The yarn is machine-washable in cold water and dryable. You, therefore, do not need to worry about the garment getting damaged during washing. A baby’s skin needs special care, and you should, therefore, go for that yarn that is soft, thus not irritate the baby. Bernat pretty girl is perfect as it is incredibly soft and tender on the infant’s skin.


  • 100% polyester
  • Luxuriously soft, chenille-style yarn ideal for baby blankets
  • Machine-washable and dryable
  • Safety-certified
  • Comes in a variety of colors


Item: 100% polyester

Ball size: 300g/10.5 oz, 201 meters/ 220 yards

Knitting gauge: 8 sts and 13 rows with an 8 mm knitting needles

Crochet gauge: 8 sc and eight rows with a 6.5 mm

5. Bernat Blanket yarn, Ocean Shades

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Bernat blanket yarn is a comfy, spongy, and cozy yarn with a chenille-style that is ideal for your toddler’s bedspread.  You will be able to stitch your blanket quickly since the yarn has extra bulky weight making it possible to stitch up fast. It is a perfect choice, especially if you have many products to make.

If you love beautiful items, this yarn is available in a variety of concrete and variegates shades to compliment your colors. The balls are huge, which makes the wool excellent for larger projects. For those who don’t love hand washing the baby blankets, Bernat blanket yarn is the last option since it is machine- washable and dryable. 

Key features

  • 100% polyester
  • Big size balls that are economical
  • Variety of shades
  • Cozy, chenille-style 
  • Classically warm


Item: 100% polyester

Ball size: 300g/10.5 oz, 201 meters/220 yards

Knitting gauge: 8 sts and 13 rows with an 8 mm knitting needle

Crochet gauge: u7 sc and eight rows with an 8 mm crochet hook

It is a perfect yarn!

6. Bernat Baby Blanket Big Ball White

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A baby’s blanket needs to be soft and durable, and Bernat big ball white is perfect for this. It is entirely made of polyester and is certified to be safe for your young one’s cover. It is easy to care for this yarn, and it is also long-lasting. If you love to machine wash your garments, this fiber is entirely washable and dryable using a machine. 

When choosing yarn for your toddler, you should look for one that does not shed hence causing risk to your baby. Babies love putting things in their mouths, including their clothes. Bernat big ball white will not drop even if the kid puts it in the mouth. The fiber doe not also stretch out, unravel or tear, which makes it durable. You can choose to use either single or double crochet depending on whether you want the blanket light or heavy. 

Your baby needs to be protected from the danger of strangulation. A yarn that is thick enough assures you that it cannot get around his neck even when the infant is in the crib. With this yarn, you will not use so many balls due to its large size hence making it economical.

Key Features

  • Lavishly soft, chenille-style
  • Comes in bundles, fat quarters, precuts, etc
  • Does not shed 
  • Can be used for knitting or crocheting
  • 100% polyester


Item: polyester

Ball size: 100g and 300g

Knitting gauge: 8sts, and 13 rows with 8 mm knitting needles

Crotchet gauge: 8sc and eight rows with a 6.5 mm crochet hook

Frequently Asked Questions on Best Yarn for Baby Blanket

You may have several questions on the best yarn for baby blankets. We look at the frequently asked, which will help answer some of them. 

Q. What type of yarn is best for baby blankets?

The best yarn for baby blanket depends on several factors. Your taste as an individual plays a crucial role. You may want the fiber that is not too heavy or too light, and the color shades are also vital since you may have a specific tone. However, the best yarn should not shed and must also be soft not to irritate the baby’s skin. It is vital to read the product description label to know whether the wool is certified as safe for the young one.

Q. How many skeins of yarn do I need for my baby blanket?

The number of skeins depends on the size of the baby blanket you are making and the type of yarn. Some yarns come in large ball sizes while others are small. Your decision will be based on what product you will pick among the ones we highlighted above. It may also depend on whether you are crocheting or knitting and the size of knitting needs or crochets that you use. 

Q. how many stitches do I need to make for baby blankets

The number of stitches depends on the size of the coverage that you want. And the size of the needle or crochet. Whether the yarn is double or single will also play a role in determining the number of stitches to make.

Q. How will I wash my baby blanket to ensure it doesn’t run?

Every product comes with a label that has washing instructions. Before washing your cover, it is advisable that you carefully read the directions thoroughly. Better safe than sorry!

Q. Is the cost of the yarn directly proportional to quality?

No. it does not mean that the higher the price, the better the quality of the yarn. However, when selecting the product, you mustn’t pick one that is too cheap. A cheap thread may not last long or one that is too costly that it will strain your pocket. Consider your budget, but make sure you get the highest quality wool.

Q. If I am a beginner and want to start knitting or crocheting, what is the one factor that may give me the best yarn?

Consider the season when the baby was newly born. An infant does not know how to raise the alarm when it is too hot or too cold. The yarn that works well when they are newly born can also be suitable even later.

Summary of the 6 Best Yarns for Baby Blanket 2020

It may not be effortless for you to pick the yarn that meets all the above qualities. You need to do thorough research on each of them. But we made it easier for you by compiling a list of the best six that have passed the test of time. Look at them here:

Product name Features to look at
TYH Acrylic 20 pack 22 yard
Assorted color
Skeins Ideal for mini-knitting and crotchet project
BeCraftee Best Yarn Has a knitting bag Portable, light and easy to carry
Yarn storage bags with pocket
Yarn caddy for crochet supplies

Bernat Blanket Yarn, Ocean Shades 100% polyester
Economical big ball size
Ball size 300g/10.5 oz, 201 meters /220 yards
Bernat Baby Blanket Big Ball Pretty Girl Extravagantly soft
Chenille-style ideal for a baby blanket
Machine-washable and dryable yarn
Tested for more than 300 harmful substances and proven safe

Bernat Blanket Yarn, Big Ball White
Lavishly soft, chenille-style comes in bundles, fat quarters, and precuts for knit and crochet baby blankets
Mira Handcrafts Assorted Colors Acrylic Yarn Skeins Assorted yarn skeins
Soft 100% acrylic
Hand folded balls for more tidiness and protection
Seven free eBooks 

Final Word

It is no doubt that the safety and health of your baby are very vital.  You must, therefore, be careful when picking the best yarn for baby blankets. Make sure to take your time and look at all the factors that will help you end up with the most suitable product. Despite other factors, the softness of the fiber is not something to ignore since the baby’s skin is delicate and should not get irritation. 

The method of washing is another factor which plays an important part when choosing these products. It is advisable to read the label and see which way is proper washing the blankets and ensure you have the right one that you can handle. Ensure you understand the washing instructions carefully lest you find your garment running and fading when it is still new.

You don’t want to imagine your baby choking with sheds from the blankets yarn. The answer is obviously yes, and you should, therefore, choose the wool that does not shed. It may not be possible to guard your baby on what to put in the mouth or not, including their clothes and covers. For this reason, prevention is better than cure and so make sure you don’t expose them to this risk.

Your budget is another major factor. Though the high cost of the yarn guarantee quality, it is crucial not to buy so cheap a material that it will not last long enough. If you don’t have enough money to purchase what suits your baby best, you can wait a little longer and save to buy the superior quality yarn. Your baby is a precious gift whose safety you cannot compromise!

I believe this guide is helpful to you as you take that journey of finding the best yarn for baby blanket!

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