KnittingX Blog is a blog dedicated to everything related to knitting and craft, including patterns, kits, tips, tutorials, gear& resources. Our blog covers all of the latest trends and news for knitters and crafters.

Knitting and crochet are becoming increasingly popular hobbies for people of all ages. Because of this, there has been a rapid increase in demand for tools, techniques, and resources to help people keep up with the trend. The KnittingX Blog is one of the most popular online destinations for knitters and crocheters. With over 12,000 monthly visitors from over 100 countries, its unique content includes how-to articles, instructional videos, tutorials, shops for needles, patterns and much more.

Why You Should Be Reading KnittingX?

  • Comprehensive and in-depth articles covering everything that you could want to know about knitting, including yarns, patterns, tools& the latest trends in knitting.
  • KnittingX helps you to find and read the best resources for your needs on our comprehensive list of topics.
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  • Previously known as “TextileClass”, KnittingX has been around for over a decade with over 5,000 reviews.
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How KnittingX Was Built? (The Story)

Natalie and her friends were on a mission when they found that the hassles of shopping made them fall out of love with knitting.

After settling on the idea to start a blog, they set to work. They blogged about their every day lives where they shared pictures of what they were working on, learned how to use software, social media platforms, and how to go viral. They worked through the night as their mother’s voice would ring throughout the house as she sang a song to them every morning.

They scheduled meetings with their mentors, submitted their work for review and then begged for feedback from friends who read it online. The blog was close to becoming a success when internet trolls began challenging their ideas and mission statement. The bloggers continued what they were doing and refused to back down or make any concessions.