Did you know that knitting is one of the skills that are both relaxing and fulfilling at the same time? When you master this art, you get health and physical benefits that include mental relaxation. It can help to avert depression, anxiety, or even onset of dementia and is, therefore, one of the skills that are worth learning for anyone, regardless of age and race. If you have the right tools and requirements, you will enjoy every aspect of knitting. One of the items that are a must-have for beginners is the yarn.

You need to know how to choose the ideal yarn for whatever projects to produce those state of the art garments that leave everyone admiring your skills. There are various types of threads in the market, and before picking the right one, you have to try several of them. This trial and error method is not only hectic but consumes both time and resources. You may even give up before achieving your objective. There is no need to worry! READ this guide and pick the right one that suits your needs.

Top 6 Best Knitting Yarn For A Beginner (Best Picks)

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Factors to consider when choosing the best knitting yarn

Choosing knitting yarns can be overwhelming, especially if you are a beginner. Unless you have the right advice or clue, you may even give up altogether. Threads come in varying colors and textures, and unless you know what is suitable for your project, then you will be stuck. The following factors are crucial for you to choose these items: 

  • Your Safety

In every project, the safety of the user is essential; for example, if you are knitting a potholder, you may have to pick the yarn that does not catch fire. If you are dealing with baby blankest, you should get the thread that does not snug to avoid suffocation. You may also prevent a rough yarn or the one that causes itchiness on the baby’s skin. You should ensure that whatever your project, there is no health hazard resulting from the wool. It is always wise to read the label and consult the sellers to have more understanding of the thread. You may also have to talk to other knitters who already understand the requirements of the projects you are making. 

  • The item you are making

Before purchasing a yarn, it is essential to know the season for which the garment will be used. If the garment is for use during the winter season, such as scarf, blankets, or mittens, then a bulky weight yarn will be ideal. If, on the other hand, it is for use during summer, then a lightweight yarn will serve the purpose. You also need to check whether the yarn absorbs moisture like silk, or it wicks it away like wool. Acrylic may be warm for winter wear, but it absorbs moisture and gets wet hence not suitable. 

  • How to wash the fabric

It is necessary to read the label on the yarn to know its cleaning requirements. Some fabrics shrink while others stretch or loose shape on washing.  Both wool and cotton may shrink, and wool also felts. Cotton stretches out over time, while acrylic could withstand washing. Check whether the yarn is machine-washable or if you should hand-wash. 

  • The color of the yarn

When picking your thread, it is essential to know that the color affects the display of the patterns or stitches. A yarn that has multiple colors may make your design invisible so that you may need a single-colored one. A solid lighter color is suitable for cables, while fancy colors may be challenging when making elegant patterns. Until you become a pro, you may need to stick to yarns that have fewer colors that are bright to perfect your art. It will also help you see the stitches and patterns you create in each step hence make the project fun to make. 

  • The type of project

If you are knitting bulky items such as blankets and rugs which require large stitches, then chunky yarn will work well. The yarn knits faster and will allow you to use larger needles or hooks. A thick yarn will also help you to see the progress of your project with every few stitches. As a beginner, you may not have the patience to knit projects for long, and the stitches do not have to be so tight. Knitting loosely encourages you to continue with the items as a beginner, which is useful when creating blankets and other huge garments.

  • Durability and ease of care

If you are knitting socks or other items that require regular washing, then a yarn that is durable, sturdy, and easy-to-care-for like a blend of nylon and acrylic is suitable. The thread has to have breathability and be able to absorb moisture, thus keeping the feet dry, for example, wool and cotton. It is always advisable to seek the advice of the yarn seller since they know what is best for the different items that you want to knit. A yarn that is extended-lasting means that you will not have to keep replacing the elements. For example, if you are knitting a potholder, you need a material that will not wear out fast and one that does not stretch on washing. You have to put in mind the purpose of the garment before getting the right thread. 

  • Your budget

Besides the above factors, your budget will play a crucial role in choosing a suitable thread. It is, therefore, necessary to compare different brands of yarns and pick the one that suits your budget. The most inexpensive brand may not be the worst quality, and it is wise to seek the opinion of other knitters who may have better knowledge than you. It is also vital for you to compare different yarns and get the one which gives you the value for your money. Different threads have different prices, so before buying, make sure to look around but better still click the links provided in the guides to pick what suits you. 

1. Mira Handcrafts 8 acrylic yarn bonbons

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Mira Handcraft yarns are ideal for all knitters, whether beginners or experienced for all types of projects. You can use the thread to knit baby blankets, crochet purses, yarn toys, amigurumi, socks, and so on. The package consists of eight high-quality yarn bonbon skeins of yarn, which are one hundred percent acrylic and in rainbow colors. The colors are brilliant, and they complement every pattern that you have and also inspire you to make new ones. 

The yarns have a detailed step by step guide that is easily accessible from the internet and also easy to follow. The package comes with gifts including ultimate crochet knitting kit that has two crochet hooks ( size H and J ), seven ebooks, and two weaving needles. Mira handcraft yarns have a one hundred percent satisfaction guarantee, and you are therefore assured of getting value for your money. 


  • Suitable for all projects
  • High quality
  • 100% acrylic
  • Sturdy and long-lasting
  • Free ebooks with patterns and step by step guides
  • Wide range of bright colors


  • Item: 100% acrylic yarns 8s/4
  • Color: Rainbow colors 
  • Weight category: 8 x 30 g, 
  • Quantity: 525 yards (480m) 
  • Length of skeins: 65 yards

2. Lion Brand Yarn 135 -308 hometown Yarn, Key Largo Tweed

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Lion brand hometown yarn is made in the USA, and it comes in a wide range of brilliant primary colors. It is an easy-to-care yarn that is both machine-washable and dryable. The versatile multiple colors make the yarn suitable for schools and sports team projects. You can easily and quickly knit and crochet your items with this thread. The fiber is also soft and thick, therefore perfect for baby blankets and other garments. 

The yarn is super thick and therefore knits fast hence bring your project to completion within a short period. It is also durable, reliable, and cozy and thus can make all items starting from hats to sweaters and other large garments. 


  • Superior quality
  • Soft, cozy and durable
  • Wide range of bright colors
  • Easy and fast to use
  • Machine-washable and dryable


  • Item: 94% acrylic and 6% Rayon
  • Care: machine-washable and dryable
  • Color: Key Largo tweed
  • Weight: 4 oz

3. Red Heart Super Saver Jumbo E302C, Icelandic

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Read heart jumbo comes as a big ball of yarn, which is usually enough to complete a project, and you, therefore, do not need to keep connecting skeins while creating a project. Each ball has approximately double the amount contained in an ordinary super saver skein. The yarn works best with a size eight knitting needle. You will take care of the garments easily since it is machine-washable on warm and tumble-dryable on low. 


  • 100% acrylic fibers
  • Does not have dye lot solids
  • Machine-washable
  • Tumble-dryable


  • Color: Icelandic
  • Length of the ball: Approximately 744 yards
  • Yarn length: 482 yards

4. TYH Supplies 20-Pack Yard Acrylic Assorted colors

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TYH is a pack of yarn with 20 different assorted colors with no doubles. It is ideal for mini knitting and crochet project such as socks, hats, and scarves. You can comfortably knit your items with any color. It is also easy to care for the garments since the yarn is machine-washable and tumble-dryable. However, you should not bleach or iron the garments to avoid damaging them. 

TYH yarn is soft and lightweight, therefore enabling you to knit easily and fast. Being 100% acrylic, this item is easy to wash and more durable. You should choose the needle size ranging from 5 – 7 for better and perfect results. The yarn withstands washing and does not shrink or fade like other ordinary threads as long as you do not use bleaching agents. 


  • Soft and lightweight
  • 100% acrylic
  • Suitable for mini knitting and crocheting projects
  • Assorted colors with no duplicate
  • Compact


  • Item: 100% acrylic
  • Care: machine-washable and dryable
  • Length: 22 yards
  • Product weight: 10g 
  • Color: 20 different assorted colors

Perfect for all knitters!

5. Bernat Blanket Yarn, Sailors Delight 

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Bernat blanket is a chenille-style yarn that is suitable for all home décor projects.  You can use it to make blankets, afghans and crochet baskets, and other types of projects. It stitches up quickly due to its super bulky weight, and this enables you to complete your items in good time conveniently. The thread is available in a variety of reliable shades that complement all other home décors. You will not need to keep changing skeins when you are doing large projects because Bernat comes in economically huge balls. It is easy to care for the garments since you can machine-wash and dry them. 


  • Machine-washable and dryable
  • Super bulky
  • Classically warm
  • Soft, cozy and luxurious
  • Perfect for home decors
  • A wide range of shades for all projects
  • Super-bulky weight


  • Item: 100% polyester
  • Economical big ball size
  • Item weight: 300g/10.5 oz 
  • Length: 201 meters/ 220 yard
  • Knitting gauge: 8 sts and 13 rows with 8 mm ( US 11) knitting needle
  • Crochet Gauge: 7sc and eight rows with an 8mm (US L/11) crochet hook

6. Caron One Pound Yarn

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Caron one pound is a superior quality yarn whose value is unbeatable. The yarn is a worsted weight that is perfect for several projects due to its wide range of shades. You can use the yarn for home décor, garments, children’s projects, accessories, among others. The skein has excellent length making it economical since you don’t use a lot of it to complete a project, and it is convenient to wash as well. The yarn is durable because it is made of acrylic fiber; hence, you get the value for your money. 

The yarn is versatile and, therefore, ideal for larger knit and crochet projects, and you can choose from over 39 available shades. You will conveniently machine-wash the garment in warm water, tumble dry on low heat without any fear of damage. 


  • Versatile
  • Long-lasting and sturdy
  • Superior quality and high value
  • Machine-washable and dryable
  • 100% acrylic
  • Worsted weight


  • Item: 100% acrylic
  • Ball size: 454g/16 oz
  • Length: 742 meters/812 yards
  • Gauge: 4-worsted
  • Care: machine-washable and dryable

Frequently asked questions about the best knitting yarn for beginners

Every beginner in knitting and who is enthusiastic about learning and becoming a pro in this art has several questions. You want to know how to do things right, what tools to use, where to get what you need, and so on. We have taken the time to sample some of the questions that are helpful to all beginners, and you are not an exception. Continue reading!

Q. Which is the best weight of yarn for a beginner?

Worsted weight yarn is an excellent choice for any beginner who is eager to perfect his/her skills. It is easy to see and control the stitches than other weights, and you also get a variety to choose from that suit your budget. This yarn weight knits best with needles of US size from six to eight, but for a beginner, a size 8 is recommendable since you may knit tightly. 

Q. which is the best item to knit for a beginner?

As a beginner knitter, your principal objective is to make your hands used to knitting. You also need to learn the art of concentration and patience in creating projects to avoid many errors. It is, therefore, advisable to start with simple items such as scarf and dishcloth, which are quick and straightforward to knit. Though a scarf may take longer to make, it helps to build your muscle and memory. 

Q. which are the best knitting needles for a beginner? 

Medium size needles are suitable for beginners since they feel comfortable in the hands. The needle sizes range between 4.5mm (7 ) and 5mm (8 ), and they are perfect for use with medium yarns. Always check the labels on these items since most of them have the dimensions printed permanently to avoid confusion. 

Q.  Is it easier to knit or crochet as a beginner?

Knitting is easier than crocheting for most beginners as it uses less yarn and moves faster. As a beginner, you will need to complete a project quickly and start on another one, then take long before finishing, which could be annoying. Since most beginners knit small items like socks, it would be wise to knit than crochet. Crocheted socks may not be comfortable inside your shoes and will use more thread than is necessary.

Q. what is the best yarn for beginner knitters?

A thicker-knit yarn is preferable to other fibers for a beginner. The threads may range from medium size to substantial chunky yarn. These yarns are easy and fast to stitch and pattern, and they also enable you to monitor your progress in creating your project. 

Q. How are yarns grouped?

Yarns are put in groups according to their thickness and knitting tension starting from A to F. The groups start from the thinnest to the thickest, and this helps you to choose what is suitable for any patterns, especially if you are switching threads. Yarns in a particular group have the same knitting tension and can easily replace each other. Still, if they have different qualities, the properties and structures will also be modified and hence affect the feel and look of the finished product. 

Features of the best knitting yarn for beginners

As a beginner in knitting, you may not have the know-how or time required to pick the thread for various projects. You may, therefore, have to do a trial and error, which is quite hectic and tedious. It may cost you a lot of money which could be used for the projects. It is for this reason that we have taken the time to research the best yarn, hence saving you the hustle. Read this guide and get to know about the best thread, their features, and benefits:

Product name


Red Heart Super Saver Jumbo E302C, Icelandic

100% acrylic fiber
No dye lot solids

Mira Handcrafts 8 Acrylic yarn Bonbons 

Superior quality
100% acrylic
Easy to follow steps included

Lion Brand yarn 135 – 308 Hometown Yarn, Key Largo Tweed

Blend of 94% acrylic and 6% Rayon
Perfect for schools and sports
Machine-washable and dryable
Wide range of brilliant colors
Easy to knit

TYH Supplies 20-Pack 22 Yard acrylic yarn assorted colors skeins 
Perfect for mini knitting and crochet project
Assorted colors

Bernat Blanket yarn, Sailors Delight

100% polyester
Economical ball size
Machine-washable and dryable Perfect for all home décor

Caron one pound solids yarn

100% acrylic
Medium gauge
Perfect for crochet, crafting, and knitting
Machine-washable and dryable

Final Words

If you are a beginner in knitting, rest assured that you have taken the right path, and this is the best skill to work on. There are many benefits that you get from knitting, which any enthusiast cannot afford to miss. With the best yarn and other tools, you can start knitting and take your skills a notch higher. However, not all threads are suitable for you as a beginner, and that’s why we recommend you to use the above-listed items by clicking the links provided in our guide. 

The durability, quality, weight, and texture of the yarns are crucial when choosing. You will need the one that helps you to knit fast and efficiently without any stress. You may also require that thread that enables you to see the stitches you are making as well as monitor the progress. Your budget is also vital when picking the threads since you do not have to strain so much. Always work within your means and start with the simplest. With time you will improve your knitting skills and can even make it a home business.


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