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Are you a passionate knitter who has recently been diagnosed with arthritis? Or do you know someone who is almost giving up on knitting because of stiffness and pain in the joints? We have good news for you. Your knitting doesn’t have to end; all you need is a set of crotchet hooks that are designed for comfort and efficiency. There are a lot of great brands in the market today that have focused on making ergonomic crotchet hooks. These hooks are meant for people with arthritis and carpal tunnel syndrome.

Crotchet hooks are a long term asset in your knitting. You therefore need to make sure that what you are buying will serve you for a long time. This guide will help you know how to choose the best hooks, some factors that you need to consider and benefits of using ergonomic crotchet hooks.

Top 10 Ergonomic Crochet Hooks In 2020

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Factors to consider when choosing the best ergonomic crotchet hooks

You need that type of crotchet hook that makes your knitting enjoyable and free of cramps. For you to choose that type of hook you need to know what factors to look for. This knowledge will help you save your precious time and money because you will not have to try out every hook labeled ergonomic. We listed some factors that will make it easy for you to choose the best ergonomic crotchet hooks: 

Ensure the hooks come in a variety of sizes

When buying crochet hooks, especially the ones that come as a set, always ensure that they come in a variety of sizes. This will help you undertake just any knitting project efficiently. You won’t have to settle for uncomfortable hooks just because a pattern requires you to switch hooks to a size that you don’t have in ergonomic.

According to your type of grip, you also need to consider the length of the crotchet hook. Some hooks are too short and this makes them uncomfortable for certain patterns. The best crochet hooks are the ones with a longer shaft as they do not strain your joint.

Look out for hooks that have a soft and non-slip grip

The best crotchet hooks should have a soft grip that is soothing to hold on to. The material of the handle should be soft and well designed to provide maximum comfort without straining. When choosing a crotchet hook, always go for the one that has non grip capabilities. You could consider one with lines, ridges or dots on the handle as these are more comfortable and will have you crocheting for longer.

Consider getting hooks with aluminum tips

Crotchet hooks that are made of aluminum tend to be stronger and more durable compared to those made of plastic or glass. Aluminum needles also come in a wide range of sizes and this makes it possible for you to undertake just any knitting project.

When buying aluminum hooks always make sure that they are 100% free from nickel as it is a common allergen.

Go for color coded crotchet hooks

Most hooks nowadays come in different colors for different sizes. This makes it easier for you to select which needle you want to use without having to look at the label to know its size. Color coded crotchet hooks are also fun to work with since they appeal to the eye.

If you love taking photos of your work, a uniquely colored crotched hook is a great addition because it makes your pictures livelier and attracts the attention of your audience and this might just win you new clients.

Choose crotchet hooks that come with an organizer case

An organizer case is not neccesarily a need but it comes in handy when you have a set of hooks. The case will make it easier for you to sort and store your hooks when you’re not using them. You can also carry the case around incase you are working on a project that needs you to interchange hooks without fear of misplacing your precious hooks.

Consider the cost of the ergonomic hooks

When buying crotchet hooks, it is important to consider the price and compare it to your budget. Some hooks are extravagantly priced because most buyers translate the price of ergonomic hooks to mean quality. There are a lot of comfortably designed crotchet hooks that are quite affordable. You therefore don’t have to break your bank in order to own one. Always make sure you shop around and compare prices of different hooks before you buy them. Shopping around helps you to have an idea on how much it will cost you to get a good quality crotchet hook.

Continue reading to understand each of this products well:

1.Yoker 14 Pcs Crochet Hook Set Ergonomic Soft Grip Handles for Extreme Comfort 

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These crotchet hooks have a soft rubber handle which provides an extremely comfortable grip that eliminates wrist and finger pain when in use. The comfortable rubber handle, provides you with a nice firm grip that enables you to crotchet for a long time. This set is popular because it has longer needles than any other in the market. The long needles allow you to fix more loops, keeping them in place and this result in nice even stitches.

This set has 14pieces of crotchet hooks and each comes in different sizes and color. The different colors make it easier to identify a size without checking. The hook sizes are also marked with both numbers and letters to make it easy for you to identify them.


  • Extra long shaft
  • Easily identifiable crotchet hook sizes
  • Well organized crochet hook case ideal for travel
  • Comes with extra accessories


  • 14 pieces different sized crochet hooks
  • Package dimension: 7.7 x 3.1 x 1.8 inches

2. WooCrafts Large-Eye Blunt Needles Yarn Knitting Plus Crochet Hooks Set with Case, Ergonomic Handle Crochet Hooks Needles for Arthritic Hands.

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This set is a must-have for any passionate knitter. It comes with ergonomic crotchet hooks, yarn needles, stitch markers and a storage case. The crotchet hooks are 9 pieces that are in three sizes perfect for using with weighted yarn. The handles are made of soft rubber that is super comfortable to use even for a long period of time. This set is ideal for any knitter regardless of your expertise or level of skill.


  • 9 pieces crochet hooks in three different sizes
  • All in one kit with extra accessories
  • Soft rubber handles that are comfortable to use


  • Package dimensions: 6.9 x 2.8 x 1 inches
  • 9 hooks, sizes (2.0mm, 2.5mm and 3.0mm)

3.Becraftee Best Crochet Hook Set with Ergonomic Handles for Extreme Comfort

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This set is designed with your comfort in mind. The hooks have soft rubber handles that are comfortable to work with. The needles are also lightweight meaning they exert very little pressure on your joints and this enables you to crotchet for longer without getting fatigued. This set has 31 tools that are essential for beginners and learners. The hooks are packaged in a convenient compact case that enables one to carry them along while you travel, the package also has a removable pouch which you can use incase you want to crotchet while on the go. The tips of these crotchet hooks are made of aluminum which is smooth and have a deep throat to ensure that your yarn doesn’t slip or even snag resulting in even stitches that are appealing to the eye.


  • Soft rubber handles
  • 31 essential tools in the kit including a stitch marker, knitting markers and sewing needles
  • Smooth aluminum tips
  • Compact case and removable pouch


  • 9 versatile hook sizes.
  • Product Dimensions 5.3 x 1 x 6.7 inches
  • Color: blue

4. Anthena’s elements Crochet Hooks Set 12 Ergonomic Sizes & Yarn Needles

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This set is perfect for anyone with arthritis or carpal tunnel syndrome since the handles are luxuriously soft and comfortable. These hooks make crocheting a breeze since they have non slip and lightweight handles. This pack consists of 12 different sized hooks and 3 free yarn needles to make all your projects flawless and easy. The hooks have a long shaft that holds more loops and its so smooth making yarn glide easily as you crochet. The handles have different and unique colors that make it easier for you to find the right hook all the time.


  • 12 different hook sizes
  • Soft non-slip handles
  • Longer shaft for smoother stitches
  • Uniquely colored handles


  • Package Dimensions 10.8 x 8 x 0.6 inches
  • Length of shaft : 2.0 inch for large size needles and 1.75 inch for smaller sizes

5.CLOVER 3672 Amour Crochet Hook Set, 10 Sizes

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This set comes with 10 crotchet hooks of different sizes that are brightly colored. The hooks are extravagantly soft thus allowing the yarn to slide through without much effort. The handle is made up of elastomer rubber allowing you experience comfortable and stress free crocheting


  • Comfortable and easy grip
  • Optimal hook shape that allow smooth crocheting


  • 10 sizes crochet hooks
  • Product Dimensions: 5.5 x 4.2 x 1 inches

6. Mood shop 41Pack Crochet Hooks Set Ergonomic Soft Handles Needles for Arthritic Hands

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This set is a great starter kit since it contains everything that you need to get crocheting .The package had 41parts that are elegantly packed in a  in a lovely and portable storage bag. The package includes Crochet hooks, steel blunt needles, mark pins, soft tape measure, row counter and a ring cutter. The set has 12 pieces of crochet hooks in different colors and sizes, the different colors make it easy for you to distinguish between the sizes. The handles of the crochet hooks are made of rubber and have an enlarged grip making them comfortable to use.


  • 12 Pcs colorful rubber handle Hooks
  • 16Pcs Mark pin
  • 9 Pcs Steel blunt Needles
  • 1 Pcs Soft Tape Measure
  • 1 Pcs Row Counter
  • 1 Pcs Ring Cutter
  • 1 Pcs Lovely Storage Bag


  • Size of crochet hooks :2mm, 2.5mm, 3mm, 3.5mm, 4mm, 4.5mm, 5mm, 5.5mm, 6mm, 6.5mm, 7mm, 8mm
  • Material of crochet hook : TPR + Aluminum
  • Color: Multi color

Frequently asked questions on the best ergonomic crochet hooks for arthritis

You may have questions regarding the best ergonomic crotchet hooks for arthritis. We looked at the most frequently asked questions and answered them. It is our hope that your question too will be answered.

Q. what is an ergonomic crochet hook?

  A.   An ergonomic crotchet hook is a hook that is specifically designed to provide comfort to people who suffer hand pain when crocheting. Ergonomic hooks give a soft and non-slip grip that in turn reduces the pain associated with crocheting.

Q. Is crocheting recommended for someone who has arthritic hands?

A. arthritic pain should not stop you from enjoying what you love. However, it is important to consult with your doctor and know whether you can continue with your craft. Incase the answer is yes, and then all you need is a good set of ergonomic crotchet hooks and the right type of yarn. You could also consider gently massaging your hands with a pain relief ointment and soaking your hands in warm water after crocheting to soothe the inflammation. When you know that you normally suffer from joint pain after crocheting, it is recommended to take relaxation breaks in between crocheting to relax your muscles and avoid straining.

Q. Can I improvise an ergonomic crotchet hook if I don’t have chronic hand pain?

Ergonomic crotchet hooks can be quite pricey compared to the normal hooks, if you cannot afford them yet you want a comfortable grip, you can improvise by adding a pencil grip or a handle made of polymer clay to your regular hook.

Q. What are some tips that will help me continue crocheting without worsening the pain?

Always work with larger crotchet hooks as this does not strain your hands. Consider using bulky weight or worsted yarn because it is easier and less strenuous to work with. Take care of your hands by resting them on a pillow as you crochet and also doing hand exercises that ease the tension on your hands. Use fibers that are smooth and easy to manipulate.

Q. Which is the best ergonomic crochet hook?

The best ergonomic crochet hook depends on your personal preference. You should make sure that you choose a hook that meets most if not all qualities of a good ergonomic hook. It should feel comfortable to hold and work with. A good crochet hook should also meet your crochet needs in that you can use if for a variety of projects without it limiting you, you can choose to buy a set that comes in variety of sizes.

Q. How do I care for my ergonomic crotchet hooks?

Ergonomic hooks are pricier compared to ordinary hooks. You should therefore take good care of them to avoid damaging them and incurring extra costs. You should always store the hooks well when they are not in use. This could be in a storage bag or get a case that enables you to store each hook individually to avoid banging against each other to cause pits.

Clean the hooks from time to time to keep them gliding smoothly in the yarn. You could use an alcohol wipe for quick disinfection or wash those that are not made of wood or steel in warm water and detergent. This is because wooden hooks will splitter when washed in water and steel ones would rust.

Summary of the best ergonomic crotchet hooks for arthritis

Now that you know what to look for in the best ergonomic crochet hooks, it might get confusing when selecting one among many that meets all the above qualities. We did a research to make it easy for you to choose.

Product name  Key features
Yoker 14 Pcs Crochet Hook Set Ergonomic Soft Grip Handles for Extreme Comfort 

Soft comfortable rubber handle
Extra-long and smooth needles with tapered tips
14 different sized hooks
Color-coded needles for easy size identification
WooCrafts Large-Eye Blunt Needles Yarn Knitting Plus Crochet Hooks Set with Case, Ergonomic Handle Crochet Hooks Needles for Arthritic Hands. 9 pieces large eye needles  
9 pieces ergonomic grip crotchet hooks with non slip handles
Knitting stitch markers Crochet hook case
Becraftee Best Crochet Hook Set with Ergonomic Handles for Extreme Comfort.  Lightweight crochet needles with a comfortable grip
9 versatile hook sizes
Smooth aluminum tips
Compact case and a removable pouch
31 tools including stitch makers and sewing needles

Anthena’s elements Crochet Hooks Set 12 Ergonomic Sizes & Yarn Needles  12 different hook sizes and
3 yarn needles
Long shaft and smooth hooks Comfortable, non-slip and lightweight handle
CLOVER 3672 Amour Crochet Hook Set, 10 Sizes 10 different size hooks
Easy-grip handles
Optimal hook shape for smooth crocheting
Mood shop 41Pack Crochet Hooks Set Ergonomic Soft Handles Needles for Arthritic Hands  Come with crochet hooks, steel blunt needles, mark pins, soft tape measure, row counter, ring cutter and Storage Bag
12 pieces different sized crochet hooks


Arthritis can be painful and frustrating and sometimes it demands you change your lifestyle. If you have been crocheting for quite sometime, having to give up your craft because of joint pain is so discouraging and heartbreaking. Some specialists say that crocheting is good for your hand if you suffer from arthritis. This is because it keeps your hands active to avoid stiffness. However, doctors and medical professionals are yet to confirm this. Most crafters who suffer from arthritis say that it provides relief when they crochet because; their attention is diverted from the pain to the beautiful end product of their craft.

For you to continue crocheting despite having arthritis, you need to invest in a good set of ergonomic crochet hooks. These are designed to offer comfort and reduce strain. You need to consider some factors when choosing these hooks for you to end up with the best. You need to make sure that the handle of the crochet hook is soft with a non slip grip. This will make it comfortable to hold and work with.

When choosing which hooks to buy always ensure they are labeled in sizes and it’s a plus for you if they are color coded. Consider buying hooks that come as a set because they are inexpensive and are also easier to identify because of their different colors.  Hooks that have aluminum tips tend to last longer and give fine stitches since they are smooth. Go for aluminium tips anytime. Some hooks come with a nice case that helps you organize your hooks and also make it easier for you to carry your hooks around as you travel. 

The cost of crochet hooks should be a determining factor when choosing which hook to buy. Ergonomic hooks are pricier than ordinary hooks but this doesn’t mean that the most expensive hooks are the best. Always make sure you shop around and compare prices before buying. Taking advantage of offers and sales is a great way of getting good quality crochet hooks without spending a fortune. These tips will help you get the best ergonomic crochet hook that will make your crocheting a walk in the park.

Do not let pain hold you back from doing what you love most. Just make sure you use the right tools and take care of your hands by exercising them regularly, taking breaks in between crocheting, getting regular massages and seeking medical attention when the pain persists. We hope you will continue enjoying your crocheting without pain or fatigue. Good luck!

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