Hats are a versatile piece in our wardrobes, and different people wear hats for various reasons. For you to get the most out of a knitted hat, you have to choose the best yarn for hats. The type of yarn you choose will be determined by your personal preference, the reason why you need the hat, and also your geographic location. If you need to wear hats for warmth in chilly temperatures, you should consider animal fiber yarn material such as merino wool and alpaca. If you need yarns for chemo and radiation patients, the thread made out of soft cotton or luxuriously soft microfiber acrylic is a necessity. If you want to make hats for just fashion, any material of yarn will work.

Knitting hats is a great hobby and also a business venture. People buy and wear hats most of the time, and kids are always losing their hats. The demand for hats never ends, and if you choose this as a business, you will be knitting all the time. For this reason, you need to have the best tools as well as yarn. The process of buying yarn need not to be stressful for you, this guide highlights the best yarn for knitting hats, what to look for in wool and the benefits of choosing the best yarn for hats.

Comparison Table Of Best Yarn For Hats

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Factors to Consider When Choosing the Best Yarn

Personal preference of the wearer

When choosing yarn for making hats, always have in mind the choice of whoever ends up wearing the hat. This is especially important if you are making hats for a customer. Make sure you know their favorite colors and the reason why they want hats. This helps you to choose the right color and material of yarn. For example, knitting hats for babies will need brightly colored and soft wool. Some customers will always tell you precisely what they need, while others may not be specific. Make sure you inquire from everyone who will require you to knit a hat for them of their preferences.

Consider the color of the yarn

Yarn comes in different and beautiful colors. The color of yarn you choose for your knitting can help you come up with a unique pattern or decoration for your hats. Always choose a color that will blend in with the requirement of the wearer of the hat. Types of yarn, according to colors, are solid, ombre, heathered, and self-patterning.

Solid yarn is the simplest and is just yarn that is of one simple color. It is excellent if you need to make a hat with extra decorations. Ombre yarn has different shades of color that blend into one another. Hats knitted of such yarn don’t need ornaments. Heathered yarn is made from fibers of several colors that intertwine and create random patterns. Self-patterning yarns have randomly colored strands that help you create designs without changing threads.

Look at the material of the yarn

The material of the yarn you use for making hats will determine how warm, comfortable, and breathable the hat will be. There are two types of yarn material: natural and synthetic. Natural yarns include cotton, wool, angora, alpaca, and silk. Alpaca and woolen yarn is used for making hats for the cold season since they are warm. Cotton is breathable and lightweight and can be used for making hats to wear during the summer. Yarn made out of angora makes hats that are extremely warm and fuzzy looking.

Synthetic fibers include rayon, nylon, polyester, and acrylic. Acrylic is the most popular material for synthetic yarn. It can be used to substitute wool and is lightweight and robust. Acrylic yarns are inexpensive and therefore make hats that are not expensive.

Consider the weight of the yarn

When choosing the best yarn for your hats’ project, the weight of the thread is essential. the material of the yarn is similarly essential. The weight of the yarn refers to the fineness or bulkiness of the strand of the yarn. Superfine or fingering weight yarn is often used for babies’ and kids’ hats. Medium, worsted, or ten ply yarns are the most popular yarn for adult hats since it gives warmth though it’s not as soft. 

Study the washing instructions of the yarn

When choosing the right type of yarn for your project, always look at the label for washing instructions. If you are not a fan of hand washing garments, like most people, choose a yarn that can withstand high temperatures of around 40degrees. The yarn label will often indicate if it can be machine washed and tumble dried.  

Look at the cost of the yarn

Buying yarn can be quite addictive, and that’s why you need to have a set budget before going to buy yarn. It is advisable to buy good quality yarn that won’t fade or stretch too much while staying within your budget. An excellent way to get good yarn cheaply is to buy in bulk and to take advantage of offers and promotions.

1. Lion Brand Yarn 640-618 Wool-Ease Thick & Quick Yarn, One Size, Bedrock

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This yarn is perfect for making winter hats and any other hat type that needs to be warm, soft, and snuggly at the same time. It’s a blend of wool and acrylic, thus giving you the benefits of both. The wool in this yarn reduces its tendency to shed as compared to 100% acrylic. The best part about it is that it can be machine washed and dried, thus saving you the type and energy of having to hand wash all your knitted pieces. This yarn has a variety of beautiful and unique colors, and this helps you create statement pieces. 


  • Super bulky to give you those warm statement pieces
  • Can be machine washed and dried
  • Soft snugly and warm giving you hats that are great for the frigid climate 
  • Available in a variety of beautiful and unique colors


Material: 80% acrylic, 20% wool

Weight: 0.8 ounces

Made in Turkey 

2. DMC TTY15TB Top This! Teddy Bear Yarn Kit

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This kit is quite fun to work with. It has the yarn, a topper, and a foam piece. The color transitions smoothly, and it has enough yarn to make small adult hats. It is made of polyester material that is multi-textured.  This kit also comes with knitting instructions that you can follow to come up with beautiful and unique hats for babies, kids, and even teens. 


  • Multicolored and multi-textured yarn to give your hats the contrast you need
  • Has knitting instructions which are easy to follow
  • Comes with a teddy bear topper to spice up your hats


  • Material: polyester
  • Weight: 80g

3. RED HEART Soft Baby Steps Yarn, White

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This yarn has a luxuriously soft feel and is super easy and enjoyable to work with. You can use it to make baby hats since its smooth and doesn’t irritate the skin; it also has beautiful colors that can be worn by both boys and girls. The yarn has excellent washability, and its fabric care instructions are: machine washable and tumble dry, do not iron, do not bleach, and dry cleanable. 


  • Medium worsted material
  • Super soft and snuggly
  • Machine washable and dry


  • Material: 100% acrylic
  • Length: 256 yards
  • Weight: 5.3 ounces
  • Color: white

4. Bernat Softee Baby Yarn 3 Pack Bundle Includes 3 Patterns DK Light Worsted (Pink)

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This yarn is of great quality, soft, and beautiful, with a variety of great colors. It comes in a three-pack bundle that has patterns for inspiration. The pack is dye lot assured for the three yarns, and this makes the yarn great if you need to make many matching hats or a project requiring a lot of yarn. The yarn is 100% acrylic, and this makes it soft enough even for baby hats. It is machine washable and dry for your convenience.


  • Three skeins of the same color per pack
  • Includes three patterns for knitting and crochet for inspirations
  • Has a knitting gauge of 22 sts plus 30 rows equals 4″ x 4″. 
  • Has a crochet gauge is 16 sts plus 19 rows equal 4″ x 4.” 
  • Machine wash and dry


  • Material: 100% acrylic
  • Weight: 5 ounces per skein of yarn
  • Length: 362 yards
  • Color: pink

5. Lion Brand Yarn 525-209 Mandala Yarn, Gnome

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Lion Brand is popular with most of us for our hats project, and this specific yarn is no exception. It has an extensive range of enchanting colors that transition effortlessly, leaving you to be spellbound. The yarn’s weight is ideal for crocheting, and its size enables you to knit a whole project such as a sorcerer’s cap with just one ball of yarn. It has great quality and texture giving your projects that elegant finish.


  • 100% acrylic
  • Wide range of enchanting colors
  • Ideal weight for crocheting
  • Machine wash and dry


  • Origin: made in turkey
  • Material: 100% acrylic
  • Weight: 5.3 ounces
  • Color: gnome 

6. Caron Burgundy Yarn

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This yarn is super soft with a popping color. It gives warm and snuggly hats that are perfect for cold weather. It is made of 100% acrylic, making it super soft and long-lasting. It is easy to work with because of its texture. If you are not a fan of hand washing, this might be the right yarn for you since it is machine washable and tumble dry.


  • Super soft and easy to work with
  • Machine washable and tumble dry
  • Great for both knitting and crochet


  • Material: 100% acrylic
  • Item weight: 5.6 ounces
  • ball size: 315 yards
  • Knitting Gauge: 18 sts and 24 rows with a 5 mm (U.S. 8) knitting needle
  • Crochet Gauge: 13 sc and 14 rows with a 5 mm (U.S. H/8) crochet hook

Frequently Asked Questions on the Best Yarn for Hats

We look at the frequently asked questions on the best yarn for hats to help you answer some of the questions that you might be having.

Q. Which is the best yarn for a winter hat?

A winter hat is meant to keep you warm, and the best bet would be wool yarn. Wool is absorbent, durable, breathable, and warm. However, woolen yarn is often pricey, and acrylic can be used as a cheaper alternative. You can also find a thread that is a blend of wool and acrylic that helps you save some money while getting the benefits of wool. Yarn made of alpaca is equally warm and incredibly soft, but you’ll have to dig deeper into your pocket. The weight for a winter hat yarn should either be worsted or bulky weight yarn.

If you are making warm hats for babies, I recommend against wool since you don’t know if the baby is allergic to wool. Go for materials that are easily washable and soft; I recommend cotton and acrylic because they are affordable and washable.

Q. Can I knit a hat with just one skein of yarn?

Yes, you can, depending on the type of yarn you plan to use; it is possible to make a hat with a single skein. You can always look for single skeins knit kits to help you with ideas and inspirations.

Q. which yarn material should I use for chemo caps?

The type of yarn to use for a chemo cap will depend on factors like; the time of the year and the climate the wearer lives in. Cotton yarn with elastic is perfect for chemo caps. Wool can be too warm and uncomfortable because hospitals are kept quite warm. Try and stay away from acrylic since it makes the heat worse, not unless it’s mixed with natural fiber. Always make sure the yarn is washable because of the vomiting caused by chemo and ensure it provides a good grip that can hold onto a bald head.

Q. Is the price of yarn an indicator of quality?

Different yarn materials have different prices. Angora and wool are the most expensive materials, and they have excellent quality, warmth, and softness. If you compare the cost of wool to other materials such as acrylic, it is okay to say that price is an indicator of quality. However, while comparing two types of yarn made from the same material, price is not directly proportional to quality.

Q. What is a gauge, and how is it determined?

Gauge refers to the number of stitches and rows in every inch of knitting or crochet. The required gauge usually is specified in knitting and crocheting patterns; they determine the size of the finished project. It is essential to make a gauge swatch and compare it to the gauge specified in the project pattern; this is important because everyone knits and crochets differently. If you knit or crochet tightly, you may need to use a larger hook or needle than what the pattern specifies. If your kit or crochet loosely, you need to use a smaller hook. It doesn’t matter which size of needle you use as long as your gauge swatch has the same number of stitches and rows per inch as specified in the pattern.  

Summary of the Best Six Yarns for Hats 2020

Selecting yarn that meets all the mentioned qualities need good research, and this can be such a task. We let you focus on knitting beautiful, warm, and trendy hats and researched for you. We have compiled a list of the best six that have stood the test of time and will exceed your expectations. Have a look:

Product name Features to look at
Lion Brand Yarn 640-618 Wool-Ease Thick & Quick Yarn, One Size, Bedrock Super bulky 80% acrylic, 20% wool
Machine wash and dry
Soft snugly and warm
Available in different beautiful colors
DMC TTY15TB Top This! Teddy Bear Yarn Kit
Polyester material
Multicolored, multi-textured yarn
Has knitting instructions for hats
Comes with a teddy bear topper
RED HEART Soft Baby Steps Yarn, White
100% acrylic
Medium worsted yarn
Measures 256 yards
Available in white
Machine wash and tumble dry
4. Bernat Softee Baby Yarn 3 Pack Bundle Includes 3 Patterns DK Light Worsted (Pink) Three skeins of yarn
Three patterns to knit and crochet 100% acrylic
Great for large projects requiring color matching
DK worsted lightweight
Machine wash and dry
Lion Brand Yarn 525-209 Mandala Yarn, Gnome
100% acrylic
Wide range of enchanting colors
Ideal weight for crocheters
Machine wash and dry
Made in turkey
Caron Burgundy Yarn
100% acrylic
Four worsted weight
Machine wash and dry
Great for both knitting and crochet
Soft and easy to work with

Final Word

For you to knit hats that will make a fashion statement, provide the warmth you need, and even make excellent gifts for your loved ones, it is essential to choose the best yarn. The type of yarn that you want has a significant impact on the final appearance and feel of your hats. You need to have in mind all the factors that make up excellent quality yarn to avoid the disappointment of buying the wrong thread. You also need your creativity to be a notch higher when selecting yarns. Your imagination helps you to picture the final product just by looking at the yarn.

When choosing yarn, it is essential to have the preference of the wearer in mind. This is to ensure that the hat suits their taste and needs. Nothing is disappointing as knitting for someone who might never wear what you made. You can avoid this disappointment by enquiring from the person how they want their hats to look like or even feel. If you are knitting for someone as a surprise gift, make sure you know their preferences in terms of color and texture. You need to choose yarn whose color is acceptable by the wearer and can easily fit in with their wardrobe.

The material and weight of the yarn that you choose will determine the fineness or roughness of the hat that you end up with. When selecting material, always make sure that you know of any allergies the wearer has. Some people are allergic to natural fiber such as wool, and you’d want to find out before you start buying yarn for your project. Some materials are also not baby-friendly, and they can’t be used for baby hats. The weight of the thread will determine which pattern you can use. Most patterns usually specify which weight of yarn you need, and this makes it easy for you to choose.

It is essential to read the label for washing instructions of the yarn before buying. Washing instructions help you to know whether your knitted hats will require being hand washed all the time, or they can be machine washed. The guidelines also help you to know if the colors bleed or if you can wash them together with other garments.

Lastly, always look at the price of the yarn to make sure it suits your budget. The cost of the thread will affect the final price of your hats; therefore, it is essential to keep it in check. It is necessary to shop around for options and compare prices of the different types of yarn made from the same material. Comparing prices will give you an idea of how much you should spend on a single skein. It will enable you to get good bargains and take advantage of offers when available. Never compromise on the quality of yarn if you need to get the best and warm hats that will last long. We hope that buying yarn will be a walk in the park for you going forward. 


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