Have you recently gained an interest in crocheting? Do you want to do it the right first time and crochet statement pieces? If your answer is yes, then you need to have the best tools right from the beginning. Among the essential tools that you need in your craft is crochet hooks. Crochet hooks come in a variety of shapes and sizes, with each giving different outcomes. When buying crochet hooks, it is essential to look for durability as well as comfort. Crochet hooks are significant assets that you will use for years. Thus, you need to buy wisely.

 For you to get the best crochet hook, you need to consider several factors that will help you select the one that will work best for you. Read this guide first before buying. It will help you to know what to look for in crochet hooks, as well as their benefits. 

Comparison Table Of Best Crochet Hooks

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Factors to Consider When Choosing the Best Crochet Hooks

For you to make the most out of your crocheting, you should never compromise on the quality, shape, and style of your crochet hook. A crochet hook is the secret behind every beautiful crocheted piece. Different hooks work differently for every person depending on whether you crochet loosely or tightly. Specific projects also require specific crochet hooks, and for this reason, choosing the best hook to buy and use can be quite a puzzle.

We researched and came up with tips to help you choose the right hooks to start with as a beginner. Here are the factors you should keep in mind when selecting the best hooks.

The structure of the crochet hook

A crochet hook has different parts; it is essential to know the different sections for you to choose the one that will suit your project best. From top to down, a crochet hook has a head and throat, a shaft, a grip, and a handle. The head is the part that catches the yarn; it is usually a hook while the throat is a shaped section just below the head that guides the thread into the hook. A tapered hook has a rounded head that is not in line with the rest of the hook, while an inline hook has a flatter throat and a more pointed hook that is in line with the rest of the hook. For you to know which one will work out best for you, you need to try both types. 

The shaft is the section below the hook that determines hook size and the size of the finished stitch. For example, J10/6.00mm means the shaft is 6mm in diameter. The grip is the part where your thumb rests when you are crocheting while the handle is the part you hold. Ergonomic hooks are designed in such a way that these two parts are extra comfortable to use. They are enhanced with either rubber, soft material, or the handle is made longer.

The Material 

The different choices of materials might overwhelm you when trying to choose the best one. You might have to experiment a bit before settling on the one that will suit your needs. The choices of material you have are metallic, plastic, and bamboo hooks. Aluminum metallic hooks are the most durable and most readily available. If you are prone to wrist pain, arthritis, or carpal tunnel syndrome, you might want to avoid metallic hooks. Alternatively, you can go for the ones that have rubber handles to prevent making the pain worse.

Plastic hooks are affordable and suitable for beginners who are not ready to invest in an expensive set of hooks yet. They are lightweight and can, therefore, be used by people who suffer wrist pain. Bamboo hooks are a bit pricey, but they provide an excellent grip to even the softest yarn. They also do not bend as they are sturdy. The material you end up choosing will depend on your personal preference and project you want to crochet.

The size

Choosing the right size of the hook is not as complicated as you might imagine. Most yarn labels often indicate which size of hook you should use with that yarn. If you are using a pattern to guide you, it will specify the type of hook that gives the best results. Most beginner patterns use worsted-weight yarn and a size H-8 (5mm) hook. Medium-sized crochet hooked paired with medium yarn work best for beginners. As your expertise grows, you can experiment with large hooks with chunky yarn and smaller hooks with thin threads. When buying hooks, always make sure the packaging indicates the letter and number size.

The brand of the hook

The quality of hooks often differs depending on the brand. Some brands are reputable for making excellent quality and long-lasting hooks. You can search the internet for reviews to know the best brands. Expert crocheters in your network are also a great source of information since they have worked with several brands before settling on the best. 

The cost of buying

The cost of the hooks is a significant determinant of how many you will end up buying, their quality, and even the material. Always have a budget in place to help you buy the best hooks without overspending. Buying crochet hooks is an addictive hobby, and you don’t want to end up broke. Look out for sales and promotions, as this will help you get excellent quality hooks at a bargain. The quality of hooks will often determine the price, and therefore you have to focus on other attributes before using price as a discriminating factor to choose the right hook.

1.BCMRUN 14 pcs Multicolor Aluminum Crochet Hooks Knitting Needles Craft Yarn 2-10mm

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This set is every beginner’s dream come true; it has 14 hooks of different sizes and is reasonably priced. It helps you enjoy and try out different yarn sizes and patterns that require assorted sizes of hooks without having to spend a fortune. The hooks are made of aluminum, making them strong, durable, and lightweight. They are suitable for people with arthritis since the weight doesn’t strain their hands. The hook is an in-line design, and the handle is long enough for any grip. I recommend this set if you are still in the experimenting phase since you will enjoy trying out different sizes without much spending.


  • 14 different sizes of hooks
  • In-line hook design
  • Lightweight but sturdy
  • Multicolored
  • Long and comfortable to crochet with


  • Material: aluminum
  • Height: 15cm
  • Color: assorted

2. Simplicity Aluminum Crochet Hook Crochet Hook Set, 8pc, Sizes D-K

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This elegantly packed set comes with eight hooks of different sizes that are color-coded to make it easy to identify. They have smooth tips that do not split the yarn and are very enjoyable to work with. They are inexpensive, and this enables you to upgrade your toolkit, spending only what is reasonable. This set is an excellent addition to every crafter’s kit since it is durable. These hooks can also be carried along as you travel since their packaging is reusable.


  • Eight different sized aluminum hooks
  • Smooth tips that do not split the yarn while crocheting
  • Inexpensive
  • Strong and durable
  • Elegantly packaged


  • Material: aluminum
  • Hook sizes: 3.125-6.5mm, US:D-K

3. Susan Bates Silvalume Crochet Hook Set in Pouch Sizes F, G, H, I, J, K

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This beautiful set of six hooks is excellent for beginners. Its comfort and inline design help you reduce wrist movement, in turn, reducing fatigue, and this leads to a more consistent gauge. They are made of lightweight aluminum, making them ideal for anyone who suffers from numbness or arthritis. The hooks are strong and durable, making them a great asset in your crocheting kit. They have been polished for an excellent velvety and smooth finish. The hooks are color-coded according to size, making it easy to find the hook size you want among your stash.


  • Strong and durable
  • Smooth finish that makes yarn glide through easily
  • Six different hook sizes
  • Color-coded for easy identification
  • Has a vinyl case that’s a safe store for your hooks


  • Material: aluminum
  • Hook sizes: 3.75 mm, 4 mm, 5 mm, 5.5 mm, 6 mm, and 6.5 mm.

4. Athena’s elements Crochet Kit for Serious Crocheters

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These ergonomic crochet hooks make crocheting fun and enjoyable while providing the comfort you deserve. They have smooth and longer handles that work well with any yarn or pattern. They have sturdy and non-slip handles that make them efficient for any project, including amigurumi. The set has ten different sized hooks, yarn scissors, big eye blunt needles, measuring tape, stitch markers, and a row counter. The hooks come with a compact crochet case that helps you keep your hooks and accessories safe, tidy, and neat. The hooks have a 100% accurate standard sizing with a letter, number, and metric. This set is a worthy investment if you plan to continue with your crocheting for years.


  • Long and smooth ergonomic handles
  • Ten popular sized hooks and accessories
  • Compact hook case with a removable pocket
  • Easy to carry while traveling


  • Hook sizes: D 3.25, E 3.5, F 3.75, G 4.0, 7 4.5, H 5.0, I 5.5, J 6.0, K 6.5, L 8.0 mm.
  • Material: aluminum with rubber handle

5.Bamboo Crochet Hooks Knitting Needles Set Kit Wooden Crochet Hooks+ Knitting Bag for Beginners/Professionals(12-Pack)

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These bamboo hooks are lightweight and durable. They have inline hooks, which helps you make neater stitches. It has a great variety of sizes that are great for beginners. The hooks are smooth and easy to work with; the yarn slides nicely on the hook and doesn’t snag. The hooks are ergonomically designed with elegant and straightforward woodcraft for your pleasure. The hooks are incredibly high quality giving you the confidence you need to create spectacular crocheted pieces.


  • Carbonized wooden bamboo material that’s elegant
  • Great variety of sizes for crocheting array of projects
  • Has a crochet bag for more accessible storage
  • Comfortable, smooth and lightweight making you enjoy your art


  • Hook sizes: 3mm, 3.5mm, 4mm, 4.5mm, 5.0mm, 5.5mm, 6.0mm, 6.5mm, 7mm, 8mm, 9mm, 10mm, 12mm.
  • Length: 6 inches
  • Material: bamboo

6.Susan Bates Luxite Plastic Crochet Hook Set

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Susan bates is a reputable brand in making the best hooks. This plastic set is affordable and lightweight. It has an in-line head that helps reduce wrist motion giving you fatigue-free crocheting and a consistent gauge. The plastic material is luxite, which is durable and robust. The hook is more profound, and it catches the yarn well, ensuring it doesn’t split. I recommend these hooks for any beginner who is still trying out hooks to find the best. They are very affordable and valuable when you get used to them.


  • Lightweight and easy to work with
  • Smooth and yarn glides through easily
  • Relatively cheap
  • Inline head
  • Durable and strong plastic
  • An inline head that reduces wrist motion


  • Material: plastic
  • Hook sizes: US F5; G6; H8; I9; J10 and K10.5 (3.75mm; 4mm; 5mm; 5.5mm; 6mm and 6.5mm)
  • Height: 5-1/2 inches

Frequently Asked Questions on the Best Crochet Hooks for Beginners

You probably have some questions concerning crochet hooks; we answered some of the most commonly asked to help you with any queries you might be having. Read on; 

Q. what is the most popular crochet hook size?

The most common hook to start with as a beginner is a medium-sized hook. the hook is size H-8(5mm). A medium-sized hook helps you get used to the rhythm of your crochet stitches. The medium-sized hook goes well with a worsted weight yarn, which is also of medium thickness. As you progress in your skill, you can try out larger hooks with thicker yarn and smaller hooks with thinner yarn.

Q. What is the right way to hold a crochet hook?

There are two popular ways to hold a crochet hook. There’s the pencil grip and the knife grip, but there’s no right way to hold a hook. As a beginner, you need to try out both methods and see which one works best for you. The pencil grip involves placing your thumb on the grip on the side that is closest to you and pinching the hook so that your index finger comes to the other side and your third finger curls next to the index finger. The shaft of the hook rests between your thumb and index finger. The other two fingers aren’t used for the grip.

 The knife grip involves turning the hook to face you and pinching the hook with your middle finger instead of the index finger. The index finger lies flat along the top of the crochet hook. The shaft rests against your palm in this grip. You can check out videos on YouTube to help you understand the different types of grip.

Q. how are crochet hook sizes measured?

The diameter of its shaft usually measures the size of the crochet hook.

Q. can you crochet without a hook?

Yes, you can crochet without a hook, there are a few tutorials on how to do this, but a crochet hook makes work easier for you and make neat pieces.

Summary of the six best crochet hooks.

Now that you know the features to look for when buying crochet hooks, we’ve researched and come up with a list that will guide you on the quest to find the perfect catch. Here’s a summary of the best crochet hooks for beginners to help you select one that will serve you best:

Product name Features to look at
BCMRUN 14 pcs Multicolor Aluminum Crochet Hooks Knitting Needles Craft Yarn 2-10mm
14 different sized crochet hooks
In-line crochet hook design 
Aluminum material 15cm height
Light feel and sturdy
Excellent set for beginners 
Simplicity Aluminum Crochet Hook Crochet Hook Set, 8pc, Sizes D-K
Eight assorted crochet hooks
Hook sizes D-K, 3.125-6.5mm
Hooks are color-coded according to their size
Easy to use
Smooth tips that don’t split the yarn
Susan Bates Silvalume Crochet Hook Set in Pouch 
Set of six different sizes
Assorted colors 
Lightweight aluminum material
Strong and durable
Smooth velvety finish In-line tip design
Athena’s elements crochet Kit for Serious Crocheters
Ergonomic and easy to work with Easy to carry
Accurate sizing with letters, numbers and metric
Has extra accessories that every beginner needs
Athena YY Bamboo Crochet Hooks Knitting Needles Set Kit Wooden Crochet Hooks+ Knitting Bag for Beginners/Professionals(12-Pack)
Carbonized wooden bamboo material Great variety of sizes
Has a crochet bag for more accessible storage
Comfortable, smooth and lightweight
Susan Bates Luxite Plastic Crochet Hook Set
Durable plastic An inline head that reduces wrist motion

Final word

 It is every crocheter’s dream, whether a beginner or a professional, to create pieces that will wow others and impress you as well. For you to create these magnificent pieces, you need to have the right tools and attitude, as well. A crochet hook is essential in your crocheting, and it will stay with you as long as you keep crocheting. It is crucial to have the right hook to produce unique and fabulous pieces. You don’t want a hook that splits your yarn all the time or one that you have to keep replacing. It is for this reason that buying crochet hooks is a severe venture if you need to get the best.

 When buying crochet hooks, there are a few key factors that you need to consider to guide you in the selection and elimination process. The material of the crochet hook is one such factor. You have to make sure that the hook you end up buying will be durable, reliable, and lightweight at the same time. Crochet hooks made of aluminum are the most popular, they are light and easy to work with, and they are affordable and durable. Most aluminum hooks have now been enhanced with rubber handles or soft padding to make the grip more comfortable. Other materials such as plastic are cheaper hence enable you to buy a lot of different sizes to try out. There are also hooks made of bamboo, which are excellent in projects that require very smooth yarn as it will not slide off the hook.

 It is essential to look at the size of the hook that you will need for your project. The size of the hook is often determined by the size of the yarn or the pattern you will be using. Thin threads require you to use small hooks, medium yarn will require medium-sized hook and is the best for any beginner while thick yarns need large hooks.

There are brands of crochet hooks that have won crocheters hearts, while others are famed for their disappointments. Always find out which brands are good from other crocheters in your network or even from the internet. This will help you with an idea of what to purchase and what to stay away from. In the end, this saves you a lot of time and money.

The cost of the crochet hooks is another factor that will affect the decision to buy. You want the right hook that is durable but also affordable. A crotchet hook is an asset to your craft, which you need to invest wisely. Right hooks are not cheap, but you can put in place a budget to help you get quality hooks. Hooks that come as a set are excellent because you get both values for money and a variety of sizes.

Always have these factors at the back of your mind so that you will choose wisely.

 We hope that after reading this guide, buying crochet hooks will be smooth and enjoyable for you. Happy crocheting!!


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