knitting Styles to Take for a Spin

It is incredible to think of the many ways there are to knit. You can knit in any way as long as you can hold your yarn, whether with your left or right hand. You can even tension the thread around your finger or wrap it around the neck. In most cases, we are tempted to stick to our styles, but it is always fun and to learn new patterns.

The following are the different knitting styles that one can take for a spin:

1. The English Style

The English pattern is also known as ‘throwing’ or right-hand knitting. When knitting the style, you need to hold the yarn in hand and wrap it around the needle. You can make deliberate or subtle movements as well as make endless variations in holding the yarn in your right hand.

knitting Styles to Take for a Spin

2. The Portuguese Style

The Portuguese style requires excellent attention to create, and you can, therefore, not do it without patience. You need to wrap the thread around your neck to tension and then tap the working yarn with the thumb to make stitches. The style is ideal for working stockinet in the round on the wrong side. The purl stitch is also faster with this pattern.

knitting Styles to Take for a Spin

3. The Continental Style

The continental style is also known as ‘picking,’ and it is one of the patterns that knit fast. You should hold the yarn in your left hand as you knit. With this style, you don’t have to move the thread but just scooping it with the needle and continue working. The method is fast to knit, and it is suitable for people who have recurring stress problems, and because of the little arm and hand movements.

knitting Styles to Take for a Spin

4. The Left-Handed Knitting

The left-handed style is suitable for the lefties who cannot create basic techniques as right-handed individuals. The method involves reversing the primary principles of knitting and working with your left hand. You can use the method to make all patterns such as the purl, knit, among others.

knitting Styles to Take for a Spin

5. The Combination Knitting Style

The combination style merges the elements of western-style knitting with the Eastern techniques. It is a suitable method to work in flat knitting and helps to make your continental knitting faster. With this style, you wrap the purl stitches in the opposite directions. You will need to work the knit stitches through the back loop to be more efficient.

knitting Styles to Take for a Spin


There are various knitting styles that you can try to make this art more fulfilling and become a professional as well. Since knitting has multiple benefits that include mental health, you should learn as many styles as you can.

If you are knitting for business or supplementing your income, it is essential to remember that you have competitors and endeavor to remain at the top. With the many magnificent designs and styles, you will always be sure to take your skill to a higher notch and produce those fabulous items that are attractive to your clients. You could also be knitting to give gifts to your family and friends, and you must, therefore, produce what makes them feel appreciated and loved.


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