Baby Blanket Knitting Kits

Were you able to find good circular knitting for your new hobby? How many hats have you made so far? Three? Two? If you have managed to make at least one beanie, we’re so glad. Hopefully, you’ll find our next topic on making baby blankets helpful as well. 

Unlike hats, a blanket is a little bit tricky to make on a machine but it’s still doable. Many knitters usually go with hand knitting (crocheting) but either way can deliver some really nice patterns from your yarn. You can make some really nice afghan patterns to decorate your couches or chairs, or else use them as bedspreads.

If you have babies, yours or from nieces and nephews, it can be an excellent excuse to try knitting or crocheting a blanket. It’s such a joy to seeing them all warm and snug as they sleep or listen to their sweet melodies.

Anyways, this article highlights some of the best baby blanket knitting kits that can help you produce all the beautiful patterns you need. The selections we’ve included are suitable for beginners, intermediate, and pro knitters. So, you don’t have to worry even if you’ve just known how to hold the needles right.

Still, the knitting kits include everything you need to get started on your project, including instructions on the right crochet, needle size, and the best yarn to use. 

How We Tested And Selected The Best Baby Blanket Knitting Kit

Our goal on this page is to help you make a perfect knitted blanket that your little angels will love and enjoy. So, the 14 selections here are the best there’s and with the solution you seek.

As always, we spent over 40 hours searching, researching, and reading on the finest designs that might interest you. We have even included the Daisy Farm Crafts crocheting guide that has some of the most popular and easy to make baby blanket patterns. So, we believe you’ll have much fun as you craft.

Which Are The Best Baby Blanket Knitting Kits

Here is a quick summary of the various baby blanket knitting kits included in this review. It includes a highlight of the features from each item just in case you don’t have time to read through the detailed reviews.

Editor’s Choice: Daisy Farm Crafts’ 25 Crochet Baby Blanket Patterns 

25 unique crocheting patterns, easy to read and follow for beginners and pro knitters

Best Toolset: BeCraftee BC Bluehooks Baby Blanket Knitting Accessories 

9 crochet hooks with rubber handle, durable construction, and tapered tips to hold the yarn in place

Best Design: Fantasy-themed Children Fairytale Blankets to crochet 

10 mythical baby blanket patterns, colored picture examples for clarity clear and concise instructions

Best Yarn: Bernat 16110303116 Super Bulky Baby Blanket Knitting Yarn 

High-quality, easy to work with, different color shades, and #6 Super Bulky thickness

Best Budget: Sweet & Simple Baby Blankets Knitting Patterns 

6 cute and simple baby projects, easy and precise instructions, and good quality photographs

Best For Beginners: Easy Beginner Baby Blankets Crocheting Tutorials 

11 baby blanket patterns, complete videos tutorials, clear and colored images for clarity

Best value: One-Skein Wonders for babies Crocheting Knitting Projects 

101 baby knitwear & blanket projects, clear and enough details, and use relatively small yarn

Best For Afghan: Unexpected Afghans Innovative Crochet Designs 

25 stunning afghans in 5 different crochet styles, lovely graphic instructions, make decorative pillows and throws 

Best For Tootsies: Precious Baby Booties Crochet Cover Pattern 

12 cozy baby booties patterns, grayscale pictures, selection for both boys and girls

Best For Comfort: Fantasy Amigurumi Unicorns, Dragons Crochet Pattern 

A great variety of super-cute creature patterns, clear instructions and diagrams, and a reference page for difficult sections

Best Machine: Addi Express 990-2 Circular, Panel Knitting Loom Machine 

Produces 7-inch blanket blocks, straightforward to operate, built-in row counter, and Sturdy, high-quality body 

Best Storage: BeCraftee 3369103 Crochet Portable Knitting Bag 

Store up to 10 stein yarns, Superior quality design, very affordable, and lightweight for high portability

Alternative 1: Lion Brand 532-204 Blankie Baby Blanket Yarn 

#6 super bulky, soft, quick to work with, and enough for a whole baby blanket project

Alternative 2: WooCrafts LE343 Crochet Needles Knitting Set 

well-made metallic construction, comfortable to hold, has adorable storage pulse, and very affordable

The Best Baby Blanket Knitting Kits Size Comparison Chart

Baby Blanket Knitting ToolSpecial BadgeDimensions In Inches
Daisy Farm Crafts’ 25 Crochet Baby Blanket Patterns Best Overall8.25 by 0.32 by 8.25 
BeCraftee BC bluehooks Baby Blanket Knitting Accessories Best of Tool Set5.3 by 1.0 by 6.7 
Fantasy-themed Children Fairytale Blankets to crochet Best of Design8.13 by 0.37 by 10.25
Bernat 16110303116 Super Bulky Baby Blanket Knitting Yarn Best of Yarn4.0 by 4.0 by 8.0
Sweet & Simple Baby Blankets Knitting Patterns Best of Budget8.0 by 0.2 by 10.5
Easy Beginner Baby Blankets Crocheting Tutorials Best of Beginners8.5 by 0.12 by 11.0
One-Skein Wonders for babies Crocheting Knitting Projects Best of Value8.0 by 0.7 by 8.4
Unexpected Afghans Innovative Crochet Designs Best of Afghan8.5 by 0.4 by 9.0
Precious Baby Booties Crochet Cover Pattern Best of Tootsies8.5 by 0.1 by 11.0
Fantasy Amigurumi Unicorns, Dragons Crochet Pattern Best of Comfort7.5 by 0.4 by 9.0
Addi Express 990-2 Circular, Panel Knitting Loom Machine Best of Machine9.06 by 9.84 by 5.91
BeCraftee 3369103 Crochet Portable Knitting Bag Best of Storage10.3 by 10.3 by 11.8
Lion Brand 532-204 Blankie Baby Blanket Yarn Alternative Baby Blanket Yarn10.0 by 10.0 by 7.0
WooCrafts LE343 Crochet Needles Knitting Set Alternative Knitting Kit Set6.89 by 2.8 by 0.98

The 14 Best Baby Blanket Knitting kits Comprehensive Reviews

The following the detailed reviews on the features, pros, and cons of the baby blanket knitting kits shown in the table above.

Editor’s Choice: Daisy Farm Crafts’ 25 Crochet Baby Blanket Patterns

Main Features

1. 25 baby blanket patterns

2. Digital and a printed copy

3. Colored images

4. American terminology

This is our favorite pick and our first recommendation if you need a guide with the best but simple patterns of a baby blanket. It features 25 of the most popular patterns from the famed Daisy Farm Crafts, who have been helping aspiring knitters through their website and social media pages.

In the book, you’ll find various sweet designs, with clear explanations on the yarn and hooks you’re to use. Each of the patterns has every step you have to follow to complete the project, including how to go about the stitches and the rows. 

Furthermore, the knitting book has colored images for clarity and show you how the final baby blanket will be. You can even learn how to customize your knitwear with different interesting color combinations.


1. It has many unique and original patterns

2. Easy to read and follow (American)

3. You can get a kindle or printed book

4. Suitable for beginners and pro knitters


1. Doesn’t include needles and wool

Best Toolset: BeCraftee BC bluehooks Baby Blanket Knitting Accessories

Main Features

1. 9 Crochet hooks 

2. Row counter

3. Gauge Measure Rule

4. Rubber handles

5. Compact storage case

That’s right. The kit is certainly the best you can get to knit a cool baby blanket for your grandchildren or donations. It consists of nine different crocheting hooks that have smooth aluminum tips and ergonomic soft handles. Thus, you can continue using it without hurting your hands.

Still, the crochet hooks have a deep throat (grooves) that allows you to make your masterpiece without slipping. 

Furthermore, the knitting kit has multiple yarn needles of different sizes that you can use to weave the ends of your blankets. Or else add the flowery embellishments you’d want the piece to have. Unlike the hooks, however, the yarn needles are all plastic.

Still, the crochet kit comes with a small case to hold all the knitting accessories in one place. Thus, making it easier to carry and access when you need them.


1. It’s a well-made, durable construction

2. So comfortable to use

3. Allows you to weave varying gauges

4. Has tapered tips to hold the yarn in place

5. It’s very affordable


1. The rubber handles get a little sticky 

2. The imprint labeling rubs off in time.

Best Design: Fantasy-themed Children Fairytale Blankets to crochet

Main Features:

1. 10 different fairytale blanket patterns

2. Kindle and printed paperback

3. Sharp and colorful images

4. Rounded or pointed hood

Do you still share fantasy stories with your little angles? If yes, then this knitting pattern is something you need. It helps you take your crocheting to the next level by creating special storytime characters that your kids adore. 

The knitting book has ten lovely and exciting fairytale projects that you can use for different blanket themes. If your kids love listening or playing jungle characters, you can weave them a blanket depicting a deer, lion, or a wolf. 

The book even has patterns for mythical characters, including unicorns and dragons. It also includes suggestions on how you can vary the yarn color to create a different character from the one shown.


1. It has clear and precise instructions

2. Includes colored picture examples for clarity

3. Available in digital and printed form

4. You could modify the pattern to make other animals blanket.


1. It uses UK crochet terminology. 

2. Difficult to master for beginners.

Best Yarn: Bernat 16110303116 Super Bulky Baby Blanket Knitting Yarn

Main Features;

1. Acrylic material

2. Very soft and thick

3. Machine wash and dry

4. Various variegate shades

Similar to the immune system, the skin of the babies is so delicate. The choice of the wool you use could easily cause skin irritation and rashes if it has chemicals or a rough texture. 

Luckily, the Bernat baby blanket yarn is super-soft to guarantee your babies a nice, snuggly sleep. It’s 100% polyester and super bulky to keep your boys and girls warm even in the cold seasons.

The yarn is available in a wide range of shades that you can use not only on baby blankets. But also for some beautiful patterns to complement your home décor, such as couch cushions. That’s not all.

The yarn can be used with a knitting machine or traditional hand crocheting. It also has excellent twists and doesn’t fray the way some chenille-type yarns do. 


1. It’s high-quality and durable

2. Pretty easy to work with and fast

3. Support machine wash and drier

4. It comes in different shades 


1. It’s a little pricey for its size.

2. Some rolls have multiple knots

Best Budget: Sweet & Simple Baby Blankets Knitting Patterns

Main Features:

1. Total 6 cuddly projects

2. Digital and a printed copy

3. Colorful images

4. Sport and medium worsted-weight yarn

Just as the name, this book provides simple but lovely patterns that you can follow to crochet baby blankets. It has a total of six projects, which, no doubt, are few but considering its pricing, we can say it’s worthwhile.

The knitting book is part of the Annie’s Crochet series that consists of various titles around different adorable knitted projects. But the ideas are from different authors, which means what Sweet & Simple has is different from the rest.

More to love, the patterns book includes instructions for neutral designs, as well as those for baby boy or girl. So, you can produce a perfect baby shower gift that you had in mind without disappointment.


1. It offers fantastic and wonderful designs

2. Easy and precise instructions

3. Includes good quality photographs 

4. It’s available in kindle and printed paperback form


1. It’s few projects to work on

2. Not the best for beginning crochet crafters

Best for Beginners: Easy Beginner Baby Blankets Crocheting Tutorials

Main Features:

1. Total 11 baby blanket patterns

2. Easy-to-understand instructions

3. Complete video tutorials

4. Clear, colored pictures

5. Printed and digital (Kindle) copy

This is one of the best baby blanket pattern collections that you can consider if you’re new to crocheting and knitting. It brings together the various designs from Bonnie Bay Crochet Youtube channel in one place. Hence allowing you to read the patterns and at the same time follow along with the video tutorials.

The book has a total of eleven baby blanket projects, which include the famous traditional granny square pattern. Each project lists everything you need to use, including the yarn type, hooks size, and accessories. It also has the dimensions and gauge of the finished, plus the definition of the abbreviations used.

Still, the pattern book includes colored images of how your pattern should look at the end. So, you don’t have to depend on guesswork at any point in your project.


1. It’s easy and straightforward to follow through

2. Has clear, colored image s for clarity

3. Perfect for beginners and experienced crochet crafters

4. It includes the patterns with full video tutorials 


1. None we can say

Best value: One-Skein Wonders for babies Crocheting Knitting Projects

Main Features:

1. A total of 101 knitting projects

2. Lovely, colored pictures

3. Abbreviations and meaning

4. Kindle and printed paperback version

This is yet another stunning knitting title that you could add to your bucket list if you plan on making baby blankets. Unlike the others above, however, it has up to 101 projects, not limited to making toys, tops, ensembles, dresses, hats, and now little blankets.

The pattern book is part of the One-Skein Wonders series that targets knitters of all levels with amazing and different weaving projects. It has clear and easy-to-follow instructions, which makes it perfect for newbies and pro knitters.

Still, the book is available as a printed copy with 288 pages and a digital copy of about 785 pages. So, you can learn the designs in whichever means you feel best for you.


1. It includes a wide range of baby projects

2. Offers clear and enough details

3. Uses relatively small yarn, which is easy to get

4. It includes plenty of pictures of the finished project


1. Some patterns use chart directions instead of written steps

2. It doesn’t outline the yarn weights in case you needed to change

Best For Afghan: Unexpected Afghans Innovative Crochet Designs

Main Features:

1. 29 innovative afghans and baby blankets

2. 5 different crochet styles

3. Colorful pictures and charts

4. Kindle and print book

5. Clear and understandable directions

If you want to decorate your baby’s cot, this piece can be a great choice. It consists of 29 different and creative patterns to help you produce afghans with your favorite color theme. Most of these patterns are excellent for any skill level but some are for experienced crochet crafter, though there are step-by-step directions.

The books show everything you need to complete your project, including the type and thickness of the yarn. Furthermore, each project included colored images and charts to give you detailed info so that nothing can go wrong.

Furthermore, the designers used various crochet techniques, including cables, lace, and Tunisian. So, you can make baby blanket gifts that not only vary in color but also style. 


1. It has traditional and decent blankets

2. Perfect to learn different crochet designs

3. Has lovely pictures and graphic instructions

4. You can make more than baby blankets. That’s decorative pillows and throws


1. It’s not the best for beginners

2. The placing of abbreviations isn’t consistent throughout the book

Best For Tootsies: Precious Baby Booties Crochet Cover Pattern

Main Features:

1. 12 soft baby booties patterns

2. American crochet terminology

3. Kindle and print book

4. Grayscale pictures

As you make your baby blanket and tops, don’t forget the tootsies need to be warm as well. You can make him or her little woolen booties to use when around the house or during outings.

Thankfully, the “Precious Baby Booties” has twelve different patterns that you can use to keep the tiny feet cozy. The book is relatively small but includes all the details you need to start and complete your project. There are even pictures of how the finished project should look, albeit not colored as we’d expect them.

Still, the pattern book is very affordable, plus you can get it in the form of a kindle or printed paperback copy.


1. It has various lovely baby booties patterns

2. Has selection for both boys and girls

3. Read via the phone or printed copy

4. It’s easy to get


1. It doesn’t have much size range (newborns to 6 months)

2. Added pictures are black and white

Best For Comfort: Fantasy Amigurumi Unicorns, Dragons Crochet Pattern

Main Features:

1. 14 fantasy amigurumi creature projects

2. Printed paperback version

3. American crochet terminology

4. Colored pictures and diagram illustrations

5. Clear and concise directions 

Which baby doesn’t like lovely toys? A quick answer, None.

Then, this pattern book can be a great recipe to making mythical knitted toys to hang in your baby’s crib or else decorate his nursery. It comprises 14 lovely amigurumi patterns, ranging from oceanic mermaids and nymphs to the forest fairies and unicorns.

Each of the fantasy creatures comes with clear and easy-to-follow instructions on how to make them. The yarn size, hooks, stitches, and tapestry needles, all are neatly laid out on the page of each project. So, you don’t have to be an expert to create that magical character your grandchild adores.

More on that, all the patterns include multiple vivid colored pictures to illustrate how to do the tricky parts and also the finished model to expect. The creators even went a step further and added a skill rating of how hard a project is to complete. If it’s the goblin, for example, it has a one-star skill level, which means it’s much easier than the Nessie little mermaid with four stars. 


1. It offers a great variety of super-cute creature patterns

2. Features clear instructions and diagrams

3. Has colored pictures for clarity

4. Includes reference page for difficult sections

5. It’s budget-friendly


1. It’s only available in printed copy for now

2. The book misses info on the number of yarns needed.

Best Machine: Addi Express 990-2 Circular, Panel Knitting Loom Machine

Main Features:

1. Up to 22 stitches round knitting

2. Integrated electronic row counter

3. Double knit to super chunky yarn

4. Tube/ flat panel conversion key

5. High impact plastic body

If you are making several baby blankets to donate, a machine like the Addi Express might come in handy. It will help knit faster, thereby allowing you to produce many pieces in a short time.

The circular knitting machine has 22 needles all around its bed but can only utilize 18 stitches when making blankets. It can produce up to 8-inch width flat panels, which means you can only create small blankets that you can stitch up together later on.

Furthermore, the device has a built-in electronic row to track the progress of your knit. It also has an up-down trigger to switch between tubular and flat panel knitting modes. So, you are not limited to baby blankets but you can also make soaks, scarfs, decorative pillows, and also afghans.


1. It works with a variety of yarns

2. Delivers uniform and precise patterns

3. Easy and straightforward to operate

4. Doesn’t need much space to use or store

5. It has a well-made and durable design


1. It’s pretty expensive

2. The winding handle has an odd style that’s (somehow) uncomfortable.

Best Storage: BeCraftee 3369103 Crochet Portable Knitting Bag

Main Features:

1. Sturdy, high-quality designs

2. Large cylindrical design

3. 5 external side pockets 

4. Lightweight 

5. Carry handle and shoulder strap 

Instead of leaving your knitting kits scattered everywhere, you can take advantage of the huge storage of this bag. It has an internal volume of approximately 980 cubic inches, which is more than enough for up to 10 skeins of knitting yarn. Hence, a great accessory if you’re making several baby blankets that require many balls of yarns.

The knitting bag even has extra pockets that can hold the crochet hooks, needles, and accessories like scissors. Also, it has multiple slits on the lid that will help ensure the yarn glide smoothly (while crocheting) without tangling. This means you can carry on while the yarns are still inside the bag, away from dust.

In addition to that, the knitting bag has a holding handle and a detachable strap that makes it possible to carry by the shoulder. So, you can easily move with your craft to almost anywhere.


1. It’s a superior and durable quality

2. Relatively affordable

3. Lightweight for high portability

4. Perfect to protect the ball of wool from dust and playful item cats

5. It keeps your knitting kit more organized and accessible.


1. It doesn’t stand up with few items (after some time)

2. It comes with an unpleasant chemical smell (goes away with time)

Alternative 1: Lion Brand 532-204 Blankie Baby Blanket Yarn

Main Features:

1. Dimensions 400 grams and 437 yards

2. #6 super bulky thickness

3. 100% polyester

4. Luxuriously soft

5. Machine wash and Dry

This is an alternative yarn that you can get to knit a blanket for your kiddies. It’s of the class Chenille and packs up to 437 yards, which is enough to complete a luxuriously soft 42 by 42 inches project.

The yarn has a super bulky #6 weight that produces thick knitwear. Thus, ensuring your little angel remains warm throughout. It also is 100% polyester and contains no harsh chemicals to irritate or scratch the skin.

 Still, the yarn is fit to wash and dry in the machine. So, you have multiple choices to ensuring your kid is breathing clean air all the time, regardless of the weather condition.


1. It delivers super soft and cozy blankets

2. Effortless and quick to work with

3. Enough for a whole baby blanket project

4. Include various color choices


1. It’s pretty pricey

2. Some rolls contain multiple knots

Alternative 2: WooCrafts LE343 Crochet Needles Knitting Set

Main Features:

1. metallic-tip crochet hooks

2. metallic yarn needles

3. Colorful stitch markers 

4. Small flowery hook case

5. Ergonomic rubber handle

While last on our list, the knitting kit is one of the bestsellers in the market. It has everything you need to complete making your baby blanket, including multiple crochet hooks, yarn sewing needles, and colorful stitch markers.

The crochet hooks have a soft rubber handle that makes sure you can continue using without discomfort. Also, the handle has an embossed size number, allowing you to tell the hooks apart even after the writing rubs off.

The tips of the hooks and tapestry needles are solid aluminum and with a smooth surface. So, you can continue using it for crocheting in many years to come. The length is also short and easy to work with (although some prefer long tips).


1. It features a well-made, long-lasting construction

2. So comfortable to hold and use

3. Effortless to distinguish the sizes by color

4. Comes with an adorable bag for the hooks

5. It’s very affordable


1. Some hooks have a shallow groove

2. The rubber handle slips in hands after long use.

Key Takeaway

In addition to being adorable, baby blankets are truly functional. Not only can use them to cover up the baby while sleeping but also for swaddling and during tummy time. Furthermore, their usefulness doesn’t even end after the baby grows up as you can repurpose them as throw blankets.

Therefore, as you knit any baby blanket design, you have to do it more like a lasting project. Also, you have to keep in mind babies have a pretty sensitive body and immune system. so, your knitted baby blanket has to serve their well-being right.

Three key things you have to keep in mind include:

1. Breathability

This will allow your baby to sleep comfortably and at an ample temperature without overheating. It’s one of the top ways to prevent SIDS (sudden infant death syndrome) since he can get fresh air.

Luckily, you’re making the baby blanket yourself from the scratch. So, you just have to make sure you use the right materials and stitches.

2. Materials

The baby blanket should be gentle to the skin and doesn’t irritate the skin. So, make sure the wool you use is very soft and doesn’t contain harsh chemicals. Organic cotton, acrylic is a great place to start.

3. Safety 

This one is very crucial, especially if you’re knitting or crocheting the blanket for infants. It involves avoiding using ribbons, fringes, or lose tassels as it can tangle the baby or choke him.

Final Thoughts

At this point, we believe the article has been helpful and you’re ready to start on your baby blanket project. From the fourteen selections of items, however, the Daisy Farm Crafts’s  and Fantasy-Themed Children Fairytale Baby Blanket Patterns wins our favorite spot. They have everything you need to complete your projects, plus a solid market rating.

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