Needle Knitting Machine For DIY Knitters

How do you usually spend your free time? Are you one of the many who invest in virtual games that only benefit the developers? Or how much would you like to save this year from your own scarves, gloves, headbands, and even sweaters! 

Well, while not many are into it, knitting is by far one of the finest crafts to spend your idle moments. It’s still fun, entertaining, and best of all, you can earn extra money from your unique fashionable designs. That’s right. 

If you’re able to get your hands on the best 48 needle knitting machine that can complete rounds without slipping stitches, you can make a lovely beanie in under 40 minutes. This means, one weekend you can make up to seven of these basic hats from about 10 of your 48 hours. That’s four for each member of your family and three for BFFs.

The good thing with a knitting machine is that you can save a lot of time, plus make the art more interesting than hand crocheting. Still, the tool has more consistent results, especially if it does have a tension bar to keep the yarn in place.

In any case, whatsoever, this review has brought together eight different selections that you can use to choose the best 48 needle knitting machine. I won’t lie I’ve used every knitting machine out there. However, the various models here comprise some of the bestsellers in the market at the moment, with some feature over 500 recommendations from previous users. 

Furthermore, I’ve done intensive research on each product and read the various customer reviews online to provide you with only accurate information. Neither of us wants your investment to lie on the table to no avail. So, the article includes everything you need to know, both the good and bad features.

Which Is The Best 48 Needle Knitting Machine?

Truthfully, this is not a simple question that I can answer with A or Z. There are so many products and brands in the market nowadays. So, you must have a perfect grasp of your prospective item if you’re to make the most from your craft and time. Otherwise, your little efforts will become more repairing works if the picked tool keeps having dropped stitches. 

Anyways, here’s a quick summary of the various top knitting machines that I’ve managed to gather.

Best Overall: No products found.

Tubular/ panel knitting modes, inbuilt row counter, and easy-to-use handle

Best For Beginners: No products found.

Kids to adult-sized knitting, tube/panel knitting modes, and inbuilt tension lever 

Best Value: No products found.

Multiple knitting modes, multiple tension adjustments, removable legs and suction cups

Best Design: No products found. Knitting Machine Starter Kit” /]

Well-made, long-lasting body, highly accurate mechanical row counter, and a total of 46 needles, with an 18-inch maximum

Best Budget: No products found.

Total 44 stitches for tubular knitting, 40 stitches for flat plain knitting, and a tension controller for multiple yarn weight

Premium Choice: No products found.

Compact and light, high impact construction, inbuilt electronic row counter, and tubular/ flat panels conversion switch

Alternative For Beginners: No products found.

Kids to preteen-sized knitting, removable multi-tension guide, tube/ panels modes, and removable legs

Alternative Best Budget: No products found.

Total 40 stitches all around, removable tension bar, easy-to-grip crank handle, and removable legs with suction cups

Extra Accessory: No products found.

Light to carry, tough ABS plastic, Four pompom makers, and multiple knitting hoops

The Best 48 Needle Knitting Machine Yarn Comparison Chart

Knitting Machine BrandTubular StitchesSpecial BadgeSuitable Yarn

No products found.
48Best Overall1.5-4.5mm
No products found.48Best for Beginners2.0-5.0mm
No products found.48Best for Value1.5-4.5mm
No products found.46Best for Design1.5-4.0mm
No products found.44Best for Budget2.0-5.0mm
No products found.22Best for Quality1.0-3.0mm
No products found.40Alternative for Beginners1.5-3.0mm
No products found.40Alternative for Budget1.5-3.0mm
No products found.42Best for Pompom1.5-4.0mm

The 10 Best Needle Knitting Machine Comprehensive Reviews

The following is the full review of the various products listed above. It has the main, detailed information that will help you choose the best 48 Needle knitting machine that will suit your needs.

Best Overall: SENTRO/ SENTRO 48 Needles Knitting Machine

No products found.

Main Features:

1. Integrated tension lever, with three different settings

2. Multiple knitting modes- Panel and tubular

3. Built-in row counter

4. Suction cups for the legs

5. Smooth crank handle

That’s right. The machine model has everything you need for your knitting and nothing you don’t. If it’s the general profile, it has a total of 48 needles that are primarily for making large diameter/ width for adult items. You can also improvise and use it to knit kids’ stuff, thus there’s no need to buy another smaller (22 needles) knitting machine.

The second great feature on this device is the Tube/ Panel setting, which allows you to weave tubular and plain designs. So, you can make a single-layered panel that you can use as such or else turn to a tube of any size.

More on that, the knitting machine has an integrated tension bar that you can use to control the tightness of the yarn and avoid dropping stitches. The lever has three different settings for use with varying wool thicknesses. 

Still, this Sentro knitting machine has a built-in analog row counter to help you better track the length of your knitting pattern. So, you necessarily don’t need to purchase or use an eternal counter.

Last but not least, this device has a compact, lightweight design. Thus, it doesn’t take much space on the table, plus you can easily move around the house or to a friend’s house.


1. It achieves smooth and consistent knitting

2. So easy to use and crank

3. Can work with yarns below 5mm

4. Has suction cups for a firm grip on the table

5. It’s budget-friendly


1. The counter is not always accurate

2. It’s tricky to use with left-handed people

Best For Beginners: JAMIT B07Z258VJ7 Knitting Loom Machine

No products found.

Main Features:

1. Total 48 needles all round

2. Tube and panel knitting modes

3. Integrated row counter 

4. Inbuilt tension lever 

5. Removable legs with suction cups

If you have finally decided and want to begin knitting, this piece could be a great starter kit for you. It comprises a circular loom machine, crochet, hand needles, yarns, and a screwdriver to set it up. So, you can start your new hobby right from your dorm and without needing any toolbox.

As a 48-needle model, this knitting machine can weave items for adults, as well as kids. It’s quick and straightforward to learn using, regardless you are a techie or not. The handle is also easy to wind, albeit it’s on the right side of the machine. Yes, you can still operate as a leftie but it won’t be as fun as for the righties, considering the main guide is also on the right.

Speaking of the guiding, by the way, this device does have a built-in tension lever to hold the yarn in position and avoid relying on your fingers. The system has three different settings, which allows you to use varying yarn weights.

Still, the knitting machine has an added analog row counter to help you track the progress of your knit pattern. Hence, avoiding silly mistakes like sizing or when weaving complex lace patterns. 


1. It doesn’t take up much space to use

2. Supports both panel and tubular knitting

3. Doesn’t take time to assemble and disassemble

4. Has suction cups to keep it stable on the surface

5. It’s effortless to move or transport


1. It’s relatively hard to clean

2. All parts are plastic. So, durability is questionable

Best Value: MIAOKE King Size DIY Weaving Knitting Machine

No products found.

Main Features:

1. Multiple, tube and panel, knitting modes

2. Integrated tension lever

3. Inbuilt row counter

4. Removable legs and suction cups

This is another great option that you can consider in your DIY knitting projects. It’s perfect for both beginners and Pros, in which case you can make a variety of ring/ tubular crafts and flat sheet weave.

The knitting machine has a lovely design in a theme of white and dark pink. It’s an industrial-strength plastic construction, which is not as solid as metal, for sure durable but strong enough to serve you for a long time.

Similar to the previous two, this knitting machine is a 48 needle model, which means you can use 1.5mm-4.5mm yarn. Also, this type of design is pretty much the best as you can knit for adults as well as kids. And if it’s a piece like a table cloth that you only need single-layered, there’s a flat plain.

Furthermore, the knitting tool has an integrated analog row counter and a tension bar. So, you can knit your scarves, hats, pillowcases, or socks with the best proficiency and precision. Even better, the device is compact and light, enabling you to take your craft with you if you wanted.

That said, however, the suction cups on the legs may not hold on some surfaces firmly. So, you might need to improvise with a tape or use it on the kitchen countertop. 


1. It’s so easy to set up and operate

2. Delivers wider flat panel 

3. Easy to track your knitting pattern

4. Minimal/ no chances of slipping stitches

5. It’s affordable.


1. The row counter is unreliable (sticks and breaks easily) 

2. It’s quite finicky

Best Design: Addi Express Kingsize [Improved] Knitting Machine Starter Kit

No products found.

Main Features:

1. Premium, long-lasting design

2. Accurate mechanical row counter

3. Support tube and flat panel knitting

4. 46 needles, with an 18-inch maximum 

Addi is no secret the best maker of knitting machines. For more than 170 years, this company has been producing knitting needles and crochet hooks using the rich German quality.

If it’s this particular Kingsize model, it has a superior build from high impact plastic, bringing you the best performance and durability. It has a total of 46 needles (highest from the company), with which you can create larger items in just a few turns of the hand.

The knitting machine is pretty much easier to work with than the SENTRO machines. Its gears have a smoother running that gives a premium feel while cranking to make the rounds. However, the handle itself has an odd design that some people find uncomfortable to grip.

Regardless, you can use the device to create a variety of items, both from tubular designs and flat panels. It even has a mechanical row counter that’s studier and located right below the yarn guide. So, it’s pretty much easier to see the level of your knitting and the system won’t malfunction as others. 

Moreover, you can even hear a clicking noise when the knitting passes the counter. So, you necessarily don’t need to keep looking down as you can just listen and count the clicks.


1. It has a well-made, durable design

2. So easy to move around

3. Effortless to assemble and disassemble

4. Includes free knitting books and yarn

5. It doesn’t take much space (storage/ workspace)


1. It’s a bit expensive compared to other brands

2. Slightly less in making a good adult-sized hat.

Best Budget: Prym MAXI 624170 Tubes Flat Panels Knitting machine

No products found.

Main Features:

1. 44 stitches for round/ tubular knitting

2. 40 stitches for flat plain knitting

3. Removable legs

4. Tube/ panel conversion key

5. Tension control for multiple yarn weight

This is one of the best knitting machines that you can consider if you don’t have enough budget at hand. It has tough plastic construction, with a sleek styling that looks beautiful on your table or countertop. There’s even an added carrying handle that makes it easier to move around.

The machine has a total of 44 hooks that can achieve tubular creations of up to 12-inch diameter and 17-inch wide flat panels. This is plenty enough weave for most adults, though not big as the 48 needle machine. But considering its price, the size is just perfect and enough to hold on before you buy a larger model.

In any case, the knitting machine does have several other amazing features to relish. For instance, it does have a tension lever with multiple guides to ensure you can achieve perfect tightness from different types of yarns.

Also, the tool has an ergonomic handle that you can easily crank without losing the grip or tiring the hand muscles. But like the others, the handle is right-handed and may be uncomfortable for lefties.


1. It’s very affordable

2. Can work on a small space

3. Can be used by beginners and pros

4. Quick and straightforward to setup


1. It doesn’t have a row counter

2. Pretty finicky. So, you have to keep a keen eye to avoid dropping stitches.

Premium Choice: Addi Express 990-2 Black Row Counter Knitting Machine 

No products found.

Main Features:

1. A total of 22 needles 

2. Compact and light

3. Works a variety of yarn

4. Integrated electronic row counter

Tubular/ flat panels conversion switch

This is the first generation Addi Express knitting machine before the improved Addi Express Kingsize. It’s one of the most sought-after models, courtesy of its well-made design, user-friendliness, and high efficiency.

The machine is the smallest on my reviews list. It has a total of 22 needles that creates circular knitting of diameters ranging 10-15cm. This is to say you can only weave smaller items like leg warmers, socks, gloves, and kid-sized beanies.

But the device does support flat plain knitting mode, whereby you can achieve single-layered sheets as wide as 20 centimeters. The Tube/ Panel conversion trigger is easy to use and so is the winding handle.

Similar to its brother, the device has a built-in row counter that should help ensure you make the best and uniform patterns. The little gem is the same rich quality the German manufacturer has its reputation on. So, it’s less likely to disappoint, plus it falls right below the eyes where you can read without any struggles.

Best of all, the knitting machine has a smoother run, which enables you to complete knitting fast and with no hassle. You can make a basic but fashionable hat in under 20 minutes.


1. It’s high-performing and durable

2. Delivers perfect and neat patterns

3. Effortless to assemble and disassemble

4. East to learn for beginners

I5. t works stably without unnecessary movements.


1. It’s relatively expensive 

2. Can make adult-sized hats

3. The handle is uncomfortable to grip for some.

Alternative Best Budget: SEAAN Smart Weaving Round Knitting Kit

No products found.

Main Features:

1. 40 stitches knitting machine

2. Removable multi-tension bar

3. Tube/ panels adjusting switch

4. Removable legs

If you love flashing designs and you have a tight budget in hand, this knitting kit may be perfect for you. It has a bright, colorful theme of white and pink, plus a flowery touch to add glamor.

The weaving machine is made of rugged plastic, which no lie is not the best, but will serve the purpose and even for a long time. It has a convertible design that allows you to assemble and dismantle the legs after use. Thus, doesn’t require much space to store or even use as it has a base footprint of around 13 x 14 inches. 

As a 40 needle design, this knitting machine allows you to create hats for kids and preteens. You can also weave for adults but only for those will smaller heads or else small-width items like socks, scarfs, and gloves.

Another thing, the tool supports both flat plain and tube knitting modes. So, you can create matching items, including table pads, cushions, and decorating furnishings to keep your house in a harmonious splendor.

However, the loom machine lacks a built-in row counter. So, you’ll have to find an alternative solution to keep track of your knitting progress.


1. It’s very affordable

2. easy to set up and use

3. Creates consistent knits in less time

4. It can knit for kids and young adults


1. It requires a keen eye to track dropping stitches

2. No suction cups for a firmer grip on the surface

Alternative For Beginners:  SENTRO 40 Needles Double Knitting Loom Machine

No products found.

Main Features:

1. 40 stitches all around

2. Removable tension controller

3. Easy-grip, right-handed winder

4. Removable legs and suction cups

5. Push-up tube/ panel adjustment button

If you haven’t found a perfect choice to start your new hobby, this piece might make up for it. It has a simple but decent design that’s both appealing and very easy to use. 

Just as the name, the knitting machine has forty stitches all around that you can knit hats for kids and preteens. It’s a slightly less diameter for adult-sized heads but scarves and socks you can make since they don’t need large width. 

Furthermore, the system support tube and flat plain knitting modes. Thus, you can create blankets or tabletop patterns without stress. The two features rely on an easy-use push-up button on the right, next to the crank handle.

Still, the knitting machine has a removable tension guide to assist in controlling the tightness of the yarn while working. So, you necessarily don’t need to use your fingers, and also can help a lot in detecting a knot in the thread.

As a beginner starter kit, this package includes a full set of crochet, yarns, printed manual, screwdriver, and screws for the legs. So, you don’t have to worry about not having a toolbox or assembling.


1. It consists of high-quality, durable plastic 

2. Simple to assemble and disassemble

3. Doesn’t take much storage space

4. Includes suction cups for stability

5. It’s budget-friendly.


1. It has no working row counter

2. The winding gears are not very smooth.

Best Accessory: READAEER Round Knitting Looms Pompom Maker Kit

No products found.

Main Features

1. Four pompom makers 

2. Lightweight but durable

3. Easy to use

4. 5-11 inches diameter knitting hoop

Last but not least is a knitting kit to assist in your adventure and ensure you make the most from your art. It’s not a machine like the other eight, rather an accessory if you would want to exercise your fingers in traditional knitting.

Regardless, my main reason for including it here is the four pompom maker tools that it comes with. So, you can make your unique, personalized hats and scarves without having to go back to the store for pompom balls. 

Furthermore, the knitting kit has four different loom hoops, ranging from small, medium, large, and extra-large. The latter has up to 42 “needle” pegs that can make up to 11-ich diameter tube items.

More on that, the pegs are rigid ABS plastic for better and lasting crafting. It’s also so easy to use and a perfect choice for beginners, as well as pros. But if by chance you’re stranded in using either of the accessories, the package includes printed instructions.


1. It has smooth edges to avoid hurting your palm

2. Solid and durable construction 

3. You can make your own pompom balls

4. Lightweight and highly portable

5. It’s very affordable


1. Slower than the knitting machines

2. Pretty unclear on making pompom (for beginners)

Buying Guide: 6 Key Things To Consider When Choosing A 48 Needle Knitting Machine

Here are some of the crucial factors to consider if you want to make the most from your loom device.

1. What You Want To Make

This is the number one factor you need to ask even before you begin to shop around. Different knitting machines use different hook sizes and yarn weight (thickness). If it’s a fine lacey work, for example, you need a machine that can take thin yarn. And if it’s a chunky scarf or sweater, a machine that takes thick yarn will suffice.

Furthermore, the overall size of the machine matters much. But since you’re after a 48 needle design, this doesn’t matter much as you can weave for small kids to adults. 

2. Plain/ Tube Weave Support

This is a very crucial feature, in particular if you’re hoping to make more than hats and scarfs with your machine. In most cases, this function comprises an adjustable key/ button that you can use to switch from tubular knitting to plain knitting or vice versa.

While both are great additions, the plain/ panel setting is pretty tricky to learn using without dropping stitches. Once you know how to work with it, however, you can make lots of cool stuff. This includes single-layered sheet patterns for blankets, tabletops, and even pillowcases.

3. Ease Of Use

Simply, the easier a machine is to learn, the better the results and also the more fun it will be to use. 

If it’s your first time knitting, you don’t need a sophisticated and fancy machine that’s complicated to operate. A simple design that you can even set up all alone should be your starter kit. Otherwise, the advanced model will get you frustrated and force you to give up even before you know how to cast on the yarn.

4. Use Of Space

This is not exactly essential but can help ensure you have enough room to work on or hold your device when not in use. Luckily, all the systems above comprise a compact design that’s also easy to transport.

Also, nearly all models have a convertible form that allows you to remove the legs so that it can fit in tight areas.

5. Yarn Tension Lever

For experts, a tension guide isn’t very crucial but could be very helpful. It’s one of the easiest solutions to preventing dropped stitches as it helps tighten the yarn, lessening the chances of the vertical line falling from the hook.

On top of that, the tension lever is a great way to track a knot that might be on your yarn. So, at least you can know in advance if there’s any and apply the knitting technique that’s appropriate for your pattern.

6. Availability Of Parts

The worst thing is to buy a machine, one of the components breaks, and find no spare of it. Not only is it frustrating but also makes your knitting machine worthless since some part is hard to do without. If it’s the handle, for instance, you can’t be able to wind if the gear system is worn out. The same goes with the knitting needles as you can’t achieve a perfect pattern if your machine has a broken tooth.

Frequently Asked Question

1. What Is The Best 48 knitting Machine?

We all have different ideas when we are looking to buy an item. Similarly, the perfect knitting machine for you depends on individual preferences and if it has a solution to your situation or not.

Nonetheless, all nine above are some of the popular selections in the market, which I picked based on customer rating and outstanding performance. 

2. What Size Yarn Do Use With SENTRO 48 Needle Loom Machine?

The SENTRO 48 is one of the most searched knitting machines due to its convertibility, reliability, and affordability. It’s a favorable model as you can use it with a variety of yarns, ranging from 1.5-4.5mm in thickness. Furthermore, you can use the model to knit cool stuff for small kids and adults as well.

3. Can You Make Decorative Pillow Covers With A JAMIT Knitting Device?

A simple answer, YES. The JAMIT 48 Loom machine is the closest to the SENTRO 48, including design and the tube/ flat panel conversion feature. You could make a lovely, personalized pillow with either of the modes. So, all needed is to decide the size that you want.

Final Thoughts

As was mentioned in the very beginning, knitting is an interesting and fun art that not only make sure you’re productive. But also can help you save some cash and even make some profit by creating fashionable afghan, scarfs, beanies, and headbands for friends and co-workers. 

Anyway, I have discussed several options that might interest you if you would want to weave more items in a short time. Among the eight products, however, the No products found. wins my best choice badge. The machine has a much better balance of quality, features, and pricing than the rest. Plus it’s easy to use for both beginners and pros. 

In any case, hopefully, you found the article helpful and you’re ready to test unsung art skills. Happy knitting!

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