Best Yarn Storage Bags For Home Knitters

Do you buy your yarns in bulk? Use a variety of yarn colors for your knitting projects? Or how do you ensure your yarn’s in good shape for the next project? Storing your yarn stash properly is very crucial for a perfect knitting project.

If not properly stored, yarns could become moldy and smelly. The fiber in the threads could also dry or attract bugs, which will make it weak and unsuitable for your knitwear. They are more like a loaf of toast that needs a climate-controlled environment to remain fresh and “healthy”.

So, when we speak of the best yarn storage bags, don’t only think of it as a preservation methodology. Think of the tool as also an investment to decorate and ensure permanence of the sweater, baby blanket, or any other project you’re working on.

Many knitters often keep their balls of yarns in plastic bags, which of course is slightly better than having them scattered all over. However, a good storage bag should be more like a fridge for your yarns, whereby it will help keep moisture out.

In this article, we’re going to look at the #10 best yarn storage bags that can help improve the protection and organization of your stash. But before then, let’s look at some of the Dos and Don’ts of yarn storage.

What To Do And Not Do When Storing Yarns

Here are 6 quick tips that can help make sure your yarn is in good shape and ready for your tomorrow knitting project.

1. Store all the yarns in a cool environment, not in the hot attic or damp basement

2. Don’t store your balls of yarns in plastic bags or airtight containers. The fiber in the yarn also needs to breathe to avoid getting damp and moldy.

3. Keep yarns away from direct sunlight

4. Storing yarns in spaces with chemicals could cause discoloration if stored for many years. So, avoid cardboard boxes as much as possible.

5. Moths, critters, and other bugs can cause yarns to dry-rot. So make sure your yarns are free of them and get rid of any affected lot before it/ they affect the fresh stash. 

6. Also, do keep your knitted wearable folded. Hanging tends to stretch the garments out of shape.

What’s The Best Yarn Storage Bag

Surely, it’ll be mean to lie to you but there are numerous types, designs, and brands of yarn storage bags. So, it’s not easy to choose a perfect piece if you don’t know what to look for and how to do it.

Luckily, we’ve shortlisted the best selections that you’ll come to find in the market. So, our list is not just to inform but also to help save time by guiding you to exactly what you need. 

Even so, the LOOEN Knitting Yarn Storage Bag  is our top pick and first recommendation for its efficiency, reliability, and convenience. Not only is the drum bag budget-friendly but also spacious enough for your yarns and even the knitting tools.

Here’s an overview of the other yarn storage bags before we can look at the comprehensive review.

Editor’s Choice: LOOEN Knitting Organizer Yarn Storage Bag 

Plenty of storage, five external pockets, slits to pass yarn through, durable construction, and reasonable pricing.

Best Design: CRAFTISS Knitting Crochet Tote Yarn Bag 

Cylindrical and spacious, convertible interior, excellent closure, removable shoulder strap, as well as sturdy, durable build.

Best Value: Hoshin B0771DHJC5 Large Crochet Yarn Storage Bag 

Large capacity, deep side pockets, interior yarn organizers, two carrying handles, and durable denim material.

Best of Style: HOMEST XL Black Quilted Yarn Storage bag 

Lovely classic elegance, large space for yarns, free mini yarn pouch, quick drawstring closure, and easy to move place to place.

Best Budget: No products found. Portable Yarn Storage Bag” /]

Superior, durable design, plenty enough storage, easy to move around, multiple side pockets, and very affordable.

Best Material: HOMEST Sleek Ripple Knitting Yarn Organizer Bag 

durable denim-like material, detachable divider, see-through top panel, grommets to feed through yarn, and elastic bands for crochet hooks.


Best for Intarsia: ProCase PC-08361688 Knitting Yarn Storage Bag 

Padded handles comfortable carrying, sturdy fabric material, six eyelet holes, and adhesive tapes to prevent yarn tangling.

Best Tote: No products found. Portable Knitting Yarn Drum Storage Bag” /]

Sleek sweet design, rugged water-resistant body, three different carrying means, and a wide mesh outside pocket

Best Of Travelling: No products found. Black Crochet Knitting Yarn Bag” /]

Cool stylish look, scratch-resistant body, keep yarns without tangling, double zippered front pocket, and removable shoulder straps

Bestseller: Teamoy Large Crochet Knitting Yarn Storage Bag 

superior and durable style, multiple accessories pockets, removable shoulder straps, easy to pack or unpack, and eight reinforced grommets

The Best Yarn Storage Bags Size Comparison Chart

The following table summarizes the dimensions and extra outside pockets of each bag we selected. This will help you better determine the right size that you need for your yarns, tools, and maybe knitting accessories

Yarn Storage Bag BrandUnique QualityExternal PocketsDimensions(In Inches)
LOOEN Knitting Organizer Yarn Storage Bag Best Of AllYES(2+3 grooves)12.7 by 12.7 by 10.8
CRAFTISS Knitting Crochet Tote Yarn Bag Best DesignYES(3+4 grooves)11.0 x 11.0 x 13.5
Hoshin B0771DHJC5 Large Crochet Yarn Storage Bag Best Of ValueYES(6)11.0 by 12.2 by 16.0
HOMEST XL Black Quilted Yarn Storage bag Best Of StyleYES(16)10.5 by 10.5 by 14.0
No products found. Portable Yarn Storage Bag” /]Best Of BudgetYES(2+4 grooves)10.3 x 10.3 x 11.8
HOMEST Sleek Ripple Knitting Yarn Organizer Bag Best Of Material:YES(9+6 grooves)9.5 by 10.0 by 14.5
ProCase PC-08361688 Knitting Yarn Storage Bag  Best For IntarsiaYES(6)11.0 by 11.8 by 15.7
No products found. Portable Knitting Yarn Drum Storage Bag” /]Best Tote: YES(1)12.0 by 12.0 by 12.75
No products found. Black Crochet Knitting Yarn Bag” /]Best Of Travelling:YES(4)6.5 by 13.0 by 14.5
Teamoy Large Crochet Knitting Yarn Storage Bag BestsellerYES(6)9.8 by 11.5 by 15.5


The number of the external pockets includes the hidden compartments. Hence, the reason a product likeHOMEST Ripple Yarn Bag shows nine pockets. Also, the said grooves are those added for the knitting needles.

The 10 Best Yarn Storage Bags

In this section, you’ll now find detailed highlights of the products, including the features, advantages, and disadvantages. We wanted to be as accurate as possible, thus, combined the manufacturers info and what we learned from the customer reviews section.

Editor’s Choice: LOOEN Knitting Organizer Yarn Storage Bag

Main Features:

1. A durable, drum-like design

2. Detachable shoulder strap

3. Zippered lid

4. Yarn slits for work in progress

5. Outer side pockets

As was mentioned, this is our overall best yarn storage bag on our list. It has everything that you need to keep your yarns free of humidity, moths, or playful pets and for a long time. You won’t need to worry about your basic knitting tools and accessories either.

The bag has a large capacity that you can use to bring all your knitting kit in one place for safety and easier access. If it’s the main compartment, you can use it with over ten skeins of yarn. Then, the outside has multiple external pockets that will harbor scissors, measuring tape, project patterns book, and knitting needles.

Perfect for indoor and outside use, the storage bag has a carrying handle sewn on the top lid. It also has a removable shoulder strap that you’ll find useful when you want to take your craft with you to the park or group session.

Still, the lid has a double zipper, which means you don’t have to worry about your content even if one of them fails. However, this doesn’t mean you should be concerned about quality control. No. The yarn storage bag has a tough fabric construction, with some lovely patterns to enhance the elegance.


1. It’s roomy and with a closable lid

2. Light and easy to move around

3. Great for the On-the-go” projects

4. Has slits on top to pass yarn through

5. It’s affordable and durable


1. It has trouble standing on its own

Best Design: CRAFTISS Knitting Crochet Tote Yarn Bag

Main Features:

1. Round, spacious design

2. Removable/ adjustable divider

3. Double-zippered lid

4. Multiple outer side pockets

5. Carrying handle and shoulder strap

6. Sturdy, durable fabric 

If you fancy creativity and trendy colors, this piece has a perfect balance of both. It has a lovely build, featuring a natural and tough fabric body that you can get in either purple or tiffany Blue. 

The bag takes a form of a drum and has a spacious interior that you can add up to twenty-four 7oz yarn skeins It also has outer side pockets that you can use for the knitting needles, scissors, crochet hooks, amongst other tools. The bag even does come with a bonus baby pouch to keep small accessories that find no place on the main bag. 

Moreover, it has a closable top that has double zippers and also strong, double-stitched seams to prevent blowouts and heighten durability. Still, the top has multiple slits to feed yarn through, as well as improve air circulation. So, it can control the climate environment of your yarns much better than a similar bag without the slits.


1. It’s high-quality and durable 

2. Features adjustable yarn dividers

3. Can help keep your yarns without tangling

4. Has a wide opening for fast unpacking/ packing

5. It’s reasonable pricing.


1. It doesn’t stand on its own

2. The removable divider doesn’t stay in place when not filed

Best Value: Hoshin B0771DHJC5 Large Crochet Yarn Storage Bag

Main Features:

1. Large capacity and deep side pockets

2. Transparent top cover

3. Strong, durable denim material

4. 6 internal dividers and yarn grommets

5. Hand carrying handles and shoulder strap

While it’s not the most affordable, this yarn bag is surely worth it all. First, it has plenty of space that you can keep at least eleven balls of yarns and still have space for your unfinished project and long knitting needles.

Perfect for WIP (work in progress) knitting, the bag has compartments for individual yarns and large grommets to feed yarn through. Thus, allowing you to proceed on your scarves or whatever you’re crocheting while the bag is still closed.

More to love, the top cover of the storage bag is a clear panel that makes it possible to see inside without having to open it. The top also has a half-open design that you use to keep your unfinished project without needing to cut away the yarn.

 Furthermore, the yarn bag has four extra pockets that you can use for knitting tools and accessories. The front pocket even has elastic bands to trap the crocheting hooks and two smaller compartments for smaller items like stitch markers. 

Still, the yarn bag has a tough denim body, with extra cotton lining for additional protection. It also has a padded handle and a removable shoulder strap, which you can carry for long periods without hurting.


1. You can store plenty of yarns and accessories

2. Effortless to move or transport

3. Keeps your threads without tangling

4. Quick to pack or unpack (wide top)

5. It’s strong and long-lasting.


1. The clear lid feels flimsy

2. It doesn’t stay up well on its own 

Best of Style: HOMEST XL Black Quilted Yarn Storage bag

Main Features:

1. Quilted, classic fabric 

2. 6 inner yarn pockets

3. Drawstring closure 

4. 16 outer side pockets

5. Free bonus mini pouch

This one now is for the lovers of classic styles or unique fashion that stands out from the rest. Just as the name, the yarn bag has a quilted texture that features a strong fabric to handle significant weight and enhance permanence.

The storage yarn bag has space enough for more than twenty skeins of yarn when you want to just store it. But if you want to knit on-the-go, it has six individual pockets for yarns and a central compartment for your unfinished project.

Furthermore, the bag has up to sixteen side pockets that can you use for needles, crochet hooks, scissors, and other accessories. However, neither of the extra pockets has closing zippers or magnetic buttons. So, you’ll have to be watchful not to lose your tools in case you decide to go for a nature knitting walk.

Even so, the main compartment has a drawstring closure to make sure your supplies don’t spill if it drops. Also, the bag doesn’t have grommets to feed the yarn through, thus will have to improvise on the closure by leaving a small opening.


1. It has a unique, lovely look

2. Roomy for yarns and accessories

3. Quick and easy to pack/ unpack

4. Effortless to move or transport

5. It comes with an extra mini yarn pouch.


1. The outer pockets tend to drop tall needles

2. Tricky to locate items in the may items

Best Budget: BeCraftee [3369103] Portable Yarn Storage Bag

Main Features:

1. Round and roomy

2. 4 slits on top

3. 7 accessories pockets

4. Carrying handle and shoulder straps 

5. Strong and sturdy canvas material

If you need perfect yarn storage but don’t have enough cash at hand, this particular piece could make it up for you. Not only is it affordable but also has plenty enough storage for the yarns and supplies.

The bag has a round body, featuring a strong and sturdy canvas for the best performance and durability. It has extra linen and cotton lining to protect your content from the sharp needle tips or scissors.

Speaking of needles, the storage device has multiple pockets on the outside and inside that you could use for tools. One of the pockets is large enough for a knitting pattern book and the other small slots could be for crochet hooks.

The yarn storage bag has a wide mouth that will enable you to pack or unpack fast when in rush. The lid has a heavy-duty zipper, with double-stitched seams to provide reinforcement and prevent instances of blowouts.

Furthermore, the lid has slits to feed through yarn and allow working while the bag is still closed. It also has a sewn-on handle to carry by hands and hooks for the shoulder strap. So, you can easily move your content around the house or outdoors.


1. It has a superior and durable design

2. Allows knitting while still closed

3. Can hold plenty of supplies

4. Light and perfect for traveling

5. It’s very affordable.


1. It comes with a funky chemical smell (inside).

2. Available in only one color option

Best Material: HOMEST Sleek Ripple Knitting Yarn Organizer Bag

Main Features:

1. Detachable divider

2. Visual panel with grommets

3. Tough, durable denim-like material

4. Spacious compartment and pockets

5. Elastic bands and needle grooves

That’s right. The knitting yarn bag has the best construction, featuring sturdy denim-like fabric for storage efficiency and durability. It has a generous inner space that you can use for yarn balls enough for multiple projects. The bag uses detachable yarn dividers, which means you can customize your space for storage or WIP knitting. 

Perfect for tools and accessories as well, there are multiple side pockets, with some even having extra compartments. If it’s the front pocket, it has six pouches for small things like measuring tape, six needle grooves, and elastic bands to clip crochet hooks. This pocket has a zipper closure to keep your items secure.

More on that, the top cover of the bag has double zippers to ensure fast opening and provide backup if one breaks. Also, the top has a transparent panel that makes it possible to see the inside without having to open the main closure.

Furthermore, the visual panel has multiple grommets to feed yarns through and prevent them from tangling. 


1. It has a superior and durable construction

2. Holds plenty of yarns and accessories

3. Easy and comfortable to carry 

4. features removable shoulder straps

5. It can work for storage or on-the-go knitting


1. The half-open top flap doesn’t close fully

2. The dividers are short and feel flimsy

Best For Intarsia: ProCase PC-08361688 Knitting Yarn Storage Bag 

Main Features:

1. Sturdy fabric and double zippers

2. Has clear panel on top

3. 6 internal compartments

4. 6 eyelet holes and 3 adhesive tapes

5. Padded handle and removable shoulder strap

If you love working with intarsia, or otherwise different colors, this bag can be great storage and work in progress unit. It has a see-through panel flap on the top that harbors 6 grommets to help you work with different yarns at one time. 

The bag has pretty much room that can hold more than fifteen skeins/ balls of yarns. It has yarn dividers for individual yarn balls and an extra slot that you can use to store either more yarns or your unfinished project.

Furthermore, the storage system has four large outer pockets to keep knitting patterns, needles, and or an iPad. The front pocket even has elastic bands to keep the crochet hooks in place.

The knitting bag has a heavy-duty fabric construction, with well-padded sides to protect your items from the sharp needle tips. Its main cover also has extra padding and robust double zippers to lock out the pets, critters, and other harsh elements. So, your content will always be as you left them.


1. It has high-quality and durable materials

2. Spacious room and deep pockets

3. You can knit while the bag is still closed

4. Light and effortless to move around

5. It has padded handles for extra carrying comfort


1. It’s relatively pricey

2. Tricky to hold its shape on its own.

Best Tote: ArtBin [6807SA] Portable Knitting Yarn Drum Storage Bag

Main features:

1. Sturdy PVC base and canvas body

2. Double zippered closure

3. 3 different carrying ways

4. A wide mesh outside pocket

5. Compact but roomy

If Yes, you need a nice tote that you can use for your yarns or gift a knitter friend, this piece might be a choice. It has a lovely drum-like design, with a sturdy canvas construction and double-stitched seams. So, durability should be the least of your concerns.

The yarn storage bag is not as spacious as the other bags above but can hold at least eight skeins of 7-oz yarns. It also has a mesh outside pocket that you can use for project patterns, smartphone, or other accessories.

Furthermore, the tote has a slit to feed the yarn through in case you want to knit without opening the top. The lid is pretty wide to ensure quick packing or unpacking, plus has double strong zippers for secure closure. It also has fitted handles, which include a single for carrying by hand and another the shoulder.


1. It has a water-resistant, durable design

2. Quick and effortless to move around 

3. Available in various color options

4. Allows using the yarns while storing them

5. It’s very affordable


1. It arrives with a slight odor smell (inside)

2. Has trouble standing on its own

3. The outer pocket doesn’t have a closure means.

Best Of Travelling: LUXJA [CALX12401] Black Crochet Knitting Yarn Bag

Main Features:

1. Premium, durable nylon fabric

2. Zippered outside pocket

3. Elastic hooks bands

4. 4 eyelets holes

5. Padded carrying handle and shoulder straps

Well, if none of the bags above have qualified for your traveling needs, this LUXJA model may do the trick. It has a cool and decent style that can fit into any fashion without being intrusive.

The yarn bag has a heavy-duty nylon construction, with well-padded lining to keep all your items in perfect condition. It’s pretty spacious in the interior and even has pockets to hold yarns in place when you want to knit on-the-go.

Furthermore, the bag has an inner side pocket for small accessories and several on the outside to keep larger tools. Even better, the front pocket has an extra zippered clear pocket and about elastic bands for crochet hooks. So, you can travel with nearly all your knitting kit without needing an extra carriage.

In addition to that, the bag has a strong padded handle and a detachable should strap. Thus, allowing you to carry your content with no hassle or hurting your arms. 


1. It has a simple but stylish design

2. Has a reasonable budget

3. Durable and scratch-resistant build

4. Help keep your yarns without tangling

5. Nearly impossible to lose needles and hooks

6. It can hold up to sixteen yarn skeins and accessories


1. None so far

Bestseller: Teamoy Large Crochet Knitting Yarn Storage Bag

Main Features:

1. Durable, nylon fabric

2. 8 reinforced grommets

3. 4 large outside pockets

4. 6 storage compartments

5. Two carrying handles and shoulder strap

Last but not least is our winner for the bestselling badge, thanks to the over 3,700 positive customer reviews on Amazon. The bag, surprisingly, is more expensive than the rest on the list but has everything to appreciate.

If it’s the available space, the interior has six compartments, including one large that you could use for yarns or an unfinished project. Then, the six are for individual balls of yarns when you want to knit while there are in storage.

The knitting bag also has four large pockets that you can use for large accessories like project patterns or an iPad. And for the small items, the front pocket has an additional zippered compartment, tiny elastic bands, and another clear panel pouch. Hence, it can carry all your crochet hooks, medium needles, measuring tape, stitch markers, and row counter.

Another thing, the yarn storage bag has double closing covers, one being a clear PVC flap that allows you to see the content inside. The other is the main solid cover that you can use in times like when traveling.


1. has a superior and durable style

2. Quick and easy to pack or unpack

3. Light and convenient for travel

4. Help keep the yarns without tangling

5. It’s easy to track the remaining or available yarns 


1. It’s relatively expensive

2. It’s too big to fit properly under the arm

Buying Guide: The 4 Key Things To Consider When Choosing The Best Yarn Storage Bags

While they are the best, each of the yarn storage bags above has unique qualities that make them better for particular cases. However, here are four factors to make sure you pick the right choice.

1. Durability

The toughness of the bag material and the kind of seams (single, double, or triple-stitched) used is very crucial. It’s what defines the amount of yarns and accessories to carry, as well as the permanence since you would want your item to last longer.

2. Size

When shopping online, you have to be very watchful of the key details, size being one of them. It’ll be so heartbreaking to order a storage bag but the internal space fails to fit all the yarns you wanted to store. Also, you can check for a bag with several extra pockets that you can use for knitting needles, hooks, patterns, amongst other accessories.

3. Portability

The last thing you want is a very heavy bag that will be harder to move upstairs or around the house. It will call for you to drag on the floor, which will compromise functionality and also durability. Furthermore, a heavy bag will limit traveling, in case you would want to knit on-the-go while the yarns are in storage.

4. Grommets

These are the holes that manufacturers add to the bag to facilitate knitting without having to open the cover. In our subject, they also allow in fresh air, which reduces the chances of the yarns rotting, and makes them last longer. 

It’ll be worth you note the kind of yarn weight you’ll be working with so that you can confirm the size of the grommets to consider. Otherwise, your super bulky yarn will be unable to pass through smoothly if the grommets are small.


Having the best yarn storage bags can be very helpful in your knitting or crocheting endeavors. They can help lock out moisture, sunlight rays, and pests from contacting the yarns. Thus, ensuring the fiber in the threads remain robust for longer use.

Among the ten products in the article, our top picks are LOOEN Knitting Organizer Yarn Storage Bag  and Teamoy Large Crochet Knitting Yarn Storage Bag . The two have superior construction and plenty of space. Thus, enabling you to store more yarns of your project and for a long time.

Also, both yarn bags has a carrying handle and shoulder strap. So, you can move around and transport without struggles. 

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