Fix Jeans That Are Too Long Without Sewing

Unfortunately, you might not find fitting jeans that are right for you due to your height. This is because most companies offer standard-sized clothes.  It will either be too long or short, not unless it’s custom-made for you but which can costs you more than your budget. 

But, you might prefer wearing jeans because of their ease and low maintenance, plus their durability. The only way left now is to get jeans in the right fit and adjust to your suitable length later.  Here you will learn the numerous ways to change jeans that are too long without sewing.

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How Do You Fix Jeans That Are Too Long Without Sewing?

If your jean is too long, roll up, cut the extra length off, shrink it or wear it higher on your waist. Alternatively, you can use hem gems, textile tape, or textile glue to trim without sewing. 

Different Ways Of Fixing Too Long Jeans Without Sewing

Gone are the days of begging your grandmother to sew and adjust your long jeans according to your length. Learn different and simple ways to DIY under thirty minutes without disturbing other people. Some of these ways might be temporary, but it will surely save you the trouble of walking in your too-long pants. Here are different ways you can use to fix your long jeans without touching a needle and thread or if you don’t have a sewing machine;

By Folding/ Rolling Up

The simplest way to fix your jeans without cutting or sewing is by folding them to your suitable length. Folds it inside out by grabbing small but enough size repeatedly until you achieve the correct length. Do the same to the other leg pair uniformly, and you are good to go. If you are dealing with skinny jeans that need to be shortened, follow these easy steps;

Step 1: Fold But Don’t Roll – First, you need to put on your skinny jeans (you need to have them on to do this). Grab the bottom part of your skinny jeans and pull it up; you’re not supposed to roll them up to pull up to the specific position of your choice.

Step 2: Now Make It Look Like Sewed – This part is a little tricky, but you can do it; here, you need to fold down to cover the looking part, i.e., inside out. To do that, grab the rim of your skinny jean folded up position and then bring it down, overlapping the inside out part slowly. We know it doesn’t sound obvious, but it’s the way out; follow the instruction.

Step 3: Line The Seams UpSomeone can notice that you have folded up your skinny jeans due to seams screwy all way through. Please shift the folded pants’ rim to line up its seam line with the other unfolded part of your cloth seam line. The finishing will look great and beautiful, and no one can tell the exact length of your jeans. The fitting will be perfect, and you can continue with what you were doing without the inconvenience of too-long pants.

Hem Gems

These are decorative studs found in textile shops designed for pants and other wear for temporary hemming. They are beautiful, reusable, and removable and cost less than $20. The exciting part of these hem gems is that they allow you to show the originally stitched hems of your jeans. However, it would be best to be careful with its storage since they are tiny and easily lost. But, they are easy to use. They will help you wear your jeans with flat shoes while maintaining a fashionable appearance.

Hollywood Tape

Hollywood tape has helped many people beat wardrobe malfunctions in the last minutes when there is no other option left. Though it’s temporary, you can use Hollywood tape quickly to fix too-long pants regularly. First, you need to adjust the length of the jeans to fit your shoe’s height, stick on the tape, and that’s all, your jeans will be ready.  To get back your original length, peel the tape off easily. You can also use it to adjust maxis and pants.  The Hollywood tape costs about $7; they are instrumental; keeping one in your wardrobe can save your day.

Using Textile Glue

All you require is a ruler or measuring tape, scissors, glue, and a long pair of your jeans. First, measure the required length, cut off the extra fabric, fold and glue and that’s it. For better understanding, follow these steps;

Step 1: Mark Your Hem – As easier as it sounds, it might be the most challenging part of all. It will be best if you were sure about your new hem or simply your actual length. You can put it on and ask your friend for help to mark the new hem length, or you can do it yourself. Mark the spot and put some pins to hold it in place.

Step 2: Draw Your New Hem Length – Flip the pants inside out and draw a complete line using the pin guidance where you need your new hem length.  Be specific because this will be your pant’s actual length.

Step 3: Draw Seam Allowance– Even though you will not be using a sewing machine, it’s still great to have a seam allowance to enable you to fold the pants and make a new hem length that looks polished.

Step 4: Cut And FoldCut some of the extra fabric off at the end and fold your pants to half an inch up to the seam allowance line.

Step 5:  IronIf you don’t have much time, you can skip this part. Ironing the first line first before folding the second one will allow you to achieve a sharp and more polished hemline.

Step 6: Glue- Fold the new hemline keenly and start gluing. When it dries, your jeans are good to use. Do the same to the other leg pair and rock your brand new jeans length.

Cut Them Off

If you don’t mind, you can just cut the extra length just like that, especially for skinny jeans. Be sure of what you want to do because once it’s done, you can’t undo it. Yes, it does fix the long jeans problem, but it’s a personal choice considering other options. If you are OK with it, go ahead.

Shrink Them

Commonly heat causes organic material to contract, including denim. So, you can wash your jeans with hot water severally using your washing machines like three to four times to shrink them. You can also use the dryer to shrink them using hot air settings.

Can I Cut My Jeans To Make Them Shorter?

Yes, it’s one of the ways to fix long pants. Get sharp scissors and cut the hem off. Following your mark chalk, cut a straight edge slowly. It does have to be perfect but don’t make uneven lines. 

How Do You Shorten Jeans And Keep The Original Hem?

To shorten jeans and keep your original hem without sewing, you can wear them higher on their waist, shrink them, or cuff them. You can quickly have cuffed oversize jeans by rolling them up in hard two to three folds. We have seen celebrities, editors, stylists, trendsetters rocking cuffed jeans. The results will be smart casual that appears super relaxed and a bit messy. Apart from exposing your ankle, the style ensures your original hem is still intact. Folding, rolling jeans are a must-try thing.

Is It OK To Roll Up Jeans?

Yes, it’s OK. Rolling your jeans is another way to make them stylish and more versatile. If you like wearing your pants longer without hemming them, then rolling is the way to go. People have been making their bottoms more comfortable by rolling and cuffing their pants since they were invented. It’s part of the original fashion functionality.

There are three ways to roll up your jeans, namely;

Ways To Roll Your Jeans

The double roll– This is a very suitable way to roll up skinny jeans. To achieve this sharp-look double rollway, follow these instructions;

1. Grab the bottom part of your jeans and flip them up, making an overlap of an inch or less

2. Roll the hem for the second time, but make it slightly wider than the first roll.

3. Smooth your roll out to make sure it has even front-to-back as well as the height on each leg.

The Thick Roll (Cuff) This way is suitable for selvage jeans, a fabulous look for working-class people to cuff their jeans out of necessity. It’s an excellent way to show off your apparel quality with a colorful selvedge seam. To cuff it, follow these three steps;

1. Wear a well-sized pair of jeans and fold the bottom up over your jeans.

2. Adjust the overlap for about 2 inches for women, whereas men can adjust to 3 inches.

3. Ensure both legs are even and you are going to go.

The Pin Roll (Tapered Roll) – This roll is perfect for lightweight and lose jeans. To roll jeans with a sharp pin roll, follow these instructions;

1. Pinch the fabric on one side inside of your ankle to the snug leg.

2. Fold your pants over, close to your heel.

3. While holding the fold against the leg using your thumb, use both hands and roll pant up over themselves. The first roll should be half an inch wide.

4. Lastly, roll your pants over one to two times so that the fold doesn’t undo easily.


Your main problem should be getting the right fitting jeans of good quality at an affordable price. Length is a non-issue since they are several ways to fix it, even if you don’t have a sewing machine. It takes a short time of a maximum of 30 minutes. Try different methods discussed here and shorten your pants to a perfect length without incurring any cost while achieving your fashionable look.

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