Start A Sewing Business In The USA

Summary: If sewing is your go-to thing and you have mastered the technical nuances of it, then you might also foster dreams of starting a successful sewing business one day.

Yes, the straight answer is that we can make profits from a sewing business in the USA, like many other businesses. And similar to all other businesses, it isn’t a smooth ride ahead. In fact, there are many challenging factors one has to consider before venturing on this fascinating quest of starting a sewing business in the USA, let alone make profits from it. Many USA citizens have resorted to starting a sewing business from their own homes, and in most cases, they have worked out fine.

The trick here is to plan very minutely and make arrangements carefully. The financial aspects associated with starting a sewing business in the USA are quite different from other run of the mill businesses. The most significant aspect in this regard is buying the right sewing machines in the USA. There are a certain number of facets that come along with buying the right set of machines for your sewing business in the USA. 

Let us have a look at them one by one.

Why Start A Sewing Business In The First Place?

There’s an old saying that if you can align your passion with your profession and put all your efforts into it, then you are bound to achieve success at it. While we do not support totalitarian views in many cases, especially in business, we do agree that the chances of success are highest when you attain the aforesaid alignment. We have been taught since our childhood to follow our hearts and pursue whatever drives us forward.

You might face a lot of confusion about the various decision making you are required to do for starting a sewing business. But then we feel that confusion is the root of all the clarity in this world. With proper time investment and apt knowhow, one can learn about the various aspects of setting up a sewing business and then running it successfully. We have tried to provide all such necessary information through this article.

Vital Things To Consider Before Starting A Sewing Business

As mentioned before, there are many aspects that need to be ascertained beforehand before jumping the bandwagon and starting a sewing business. One of the significant ones is determining which of the many sewing machines made in the USA would be perfect for your business. Moreover, there are other financial and technical aspects that need to be taken care of. Below we have encompassed each of those points briefly to help you understand the prospect of running a sewing business and implement it appropriately.

Hone Your Sewing Skills And Achieve Your Finest

Before going ahead and setting up a sewing business in your home or at any other place, it is advisable to assess your sewing abilities beforehand. An honest self-assessment would tell you whether your sewing skills are capable enough for becoming a professional seamstress. One must look at it objectively and analyze his or her skills as a seamstress before going ahead with the plan.

One great way to perform a self-assessment is by setting a standard of work of other seamstresses. Compare your work with someone who is widely considered as an adept seamstress and assess how behind or ahead your skills are. This will provide some clarity on how much work needs to be put in on your part to be on a professional level.

Other than self-assessment, feedback can also be a good way of assessing your sewing skills. Take notice if people ask you frequently about who stitched your clothes or compliment you on them. This would come across as a good indication that your skills are in demand, and it would be a good idea to proceed with the business plan. We would also advise you to keep working on those sewing skills on a regular basis because we believe that there is no dearth to improvement.

Determine Your Largest Market?

Every business needs a steady market to cater to; otherwise, it would slowly fade away to extinction. After you assess your sewing skills and give yourself the go-ahead, you need to determine the market your business will be catering to. In most cases of sewing businesses, the majority of the customers require garment alterations. While in some cases, customers require services for preparing dresses for formal events such as Suits and gowns for weddings or prom nights. Apart from these, there could be periodic customers such as the local sports team who require your services to stitch them a team flag or uniforms. And then there would be the one-off customers who require sewing services for emergency purposes once in a while.

You need to ascertain which one of these customer bases your business is going to majorly target. Most of it is going to be ascertained by your geographical location and what all potential markets are available in your vicinity. It’s important to do market research beforehand so that proper initial budget allotment can be made for starting your business.

Like most businesses in our times, a sewing business call is set up and run from home as well as an on-premise shop. However, your home has to have provisions for allocating the sewing machines and adequate storage space. If you plan to start your business on a small scale based on the comfort of your home, then the initial costs would be quite moderate. However, setting up an on-premise shop with multiple sewing machines and service staff would shoot that cost higher up. Hence it is mandatory to make that decision upfront based on the market your business would be catering to and, of course, the amount of capital you are willing to invest in the business upfront.

Choosing The Right Set Of Sewing Machines Made In The USA

Now let us come to arguably the most fundamental aspect of your business that will literally determine the quality and quantity of your sewing business, the sewing machine. Ever since sewing machines incepted our lives and showed us that there’s an easier alternative to stitch our clothes, they have invaded the global markets and have been in great demand. In fact, we could find sewing machines being domestically as well in the household for daily domestic stitching purposes as well. Most people even nurture a hobby of sewing and hence decide on owning a sewing machine.

When it comes to buying sewing machines for business usage, the considerations become different entirely. Business owners have an added responsibility of knowing about the different brands and models of sewing machines made in the USA and choose the best among them. Let us have a quick look at the best sewing machines available made in the USA.

1. Janome Sewing Machines

One of the better brands in the USA manufacturing and selling sewing machines, Janome is based out of Hachioji, Japan. Its American market subsidiary is in Mahwah, New Jersey, and sells its products as Janome, America. When it comes to innovation, very few companies can match the standards set up by Janome. Many recent companies just emulate their models to stay relevant in the market. They sell a wide range of sewing machines from basic to embroidery and even heavy-duty machines. Getting a Janome model for your sewing business would provide a solid foundation for your work.

2. Brother Sewing Machine

Giving Janome stiff competition in America, Brother is another super company that produces quality sewing machines made in the USA. Their machines are known to be very sturdy and long-lasting and hence appropriate for commercial usage where the machines are required to operate for longer hours. They have even come up with many innovative models and have started manufacturing embroidery and computerized sewing machine models apart from their general mechanical ones.

3. Singer sewing machines

A household name from its very first inception in the global markets, Singer has been many people’s go-to brand for sewing machines made in the USA. It is one of the few American brands that have reigned globally in the sewing machine market.

Being one of the oldest manufacturers, they have garnered a healthy reputation and have been remarkably maintaining it to date. It manufactures one of the best ranges of industrial quality sewing machines that could suit your business requirements perfectly.

Top Models Of The Brands Mentioned Above Are Provided Below Through The Table

Brand NameTop Model
Janome sewing machines8077 computerized sewing machine
Singer sewing machine9960 Quantum Stylist computerized sewing machine 
Brother sewing machineXR9500 Project runway sewing machine 

How Much Revenue Should We Expect?

This is a fairly subjective question. Your annual revenues from your sewing business would depend largely on your geographical location, the market you cater to, and how large your business expanse is. Do not hope for large numbers initially but try to put in all your efforts and resources strategically to build your business thoroughly.


There’s no better business prospect than starting one that concerns your passion. If sewing happens to be yours, or even if you have garnered a talent for it then it makes good business sense to start a sewing business from home and from on-premise shops with the help of the best sewing machines made in the USA.

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