how to stitch dropped stitches

If you are looking for an art that is not only enjoyable to engage in, but which has health benefits as well, think about knitting. Did you know that besides keeping you busy, it also helps to reduce blood pressure as well as harmful levels of the stress hormone cortisol in your blood?

Knitting should, therefore, be taken seriously whether you are doing it for economic gain or fun. It can be so disappointing when you mistakenly drop a stitch without your knowledge, as this can spoil your pattern or even the fabric. 

 A dropped Stitch

dropped stitch sample

 When a stitch falls off your needle and sometimes unravels for several rows beneath the one you are working on, it is crucial to try and recover it a soon as possible to prevent damaging the whole garment. The following are some of the steps in fixing the dropped stitch.

A Dropped Stitch In The Stockinet Stitch 

dropped stitch in the Stockinet stitch

To fix a dropped stitch, you need to have a crochet hook. You should first turn around the purl if it is facing away from you. Using the crochet hook, reach for the dropped stitch and pick up the bottom-most strand in the ladder. Pull the strand through the knit towards you and form a new stitch. You need to repeat the process and pull each continuous strand in the line through the loop until you work the last thread.

A Dropped Stitch In Garter Stitch.

Dropped Stitch in Garter Stitch

For a dropped stitch in garter stitch, you need to pick up several rows of dropped stitches. You should alternate the direction from which you pull the strands through the dropped stitch. You will also need to pull through the front side of the suture to produce a knit stitch. You should then pull through the back of the stitch for a purl. 

You must determine whether the first stitch to fix is a purl or knit, then adjust them accordingly. Alternating the fixing and pulling from each direction up to the last strand. You should then put the final loop onto the left needle in the working position and continue with your knitting.

A Dropped Stitch In A Purl.

A dropped stitch in purl and knit stitches are fixed in a similar but opposite direction. After spotting the stitch to fix, pick it with a crotchet hook with the purl side facing you. You should insert the hook through the loop from back to the left. 

You should catch the first cross-strand horizontally and cross it. Pull the strand through the loop of the dropped stitch. Continue pulling until you get the stitch to the top. Place the stitch on the needle and continue your knitting. 


A dropped stitch when knitting can be quite frustrating, especially if you don’t notice it on time. It may spoil the whole fabric unless you don’t fix it. However, you should not worry since it is not only possible but also easy to correct it even if it has gone several rows below the current one. You just need to follow the simple steps above and get your knitting to a higher notch. 

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