Best Fabric Pill Remover For Clothing And Furniture

Are you a second-hand clothing seller? Would you like to save some dollars from your old clothing? What about give your furniture a fresh and brand new look? A fabric pill remover then is an essential tool to have with you.

Just as the name, the device will help you get rid of those annoying knots of thread on the surface of the fabric items. That’s the sweaters, scarves, pants, sofas, blankets, Afghans, furniture, amongst others. Hence, making them look brand new and nice-looking for the next person to be wearing.

At home, a fabric shaver could also help you save some bucks. Instead of disposing of those seemingly odd fabrics, you could run the remover on the affected areas and make them wearable again. 

But then, you need to have the best fabric pill remover if your knitted or linen items are to be perfect. Besides, different fabrics don’t take the same making process, and neither is the pilling. 

Does The Fabric Shaver Remove The Pill For Good?

Pill, also called fuzzballs are small broken fibers that have tangled together. They usually occur after the fabric undergoes a repeated rubbing during normal wear. Hence, the reason you’ll mostly find them around the cuffs and collars of a shirt, center of bed sheets, elbow part of sweaters, or the rear on trousers. 

Regardless, the personal habits of the wearer are not the only causes for a fabric to wear. Poor manufacturing processes like loose knitting, as well as the wrong choice of yarns (especially that frays), can fasten pilling. 

A fabric knitted much tightly or with a yarn that has a high number of twists per inch can help prevent pilling. But, eventually, the fabric will give up at some point and the weaker fiber will break and start collecting into a pill.

The good thing, though, is that the pilling of wool fibers diminishes over time after the weak separates from the fabric. So, if it’s an heirloom blanket, a fabric shaver may not remove all the fuzzes in one day but will come in handy over time.

What’s The Best Fabric Pill Remover?

While there are 100+ Fabric pill removers out there, not all of them deliver what’s needed. Some shave the fabric while cutting, others can’t handle large fuzz balls, and many are not for furniture fabric.

For the eight selections in our article, however, we’ve brought together all the alternatives you might want to have. But the No products found. aced with the highest convenience and reliability we were looking. So, it’s our first recommendation even when some of the others have the most reviews.

Here’s a quick summary of the model and that of the others before we can look at the detailed reviews. 

Best Overall: No products found.

Durable design, detachable lint collector, ergonomic 180° rotary handle, large shaving head, switch-off safety protection, and a lint cleaning brush

Best under $10: No products found.

Reasonable price, USB wired power, 2.1-inch shaving head, detachable fuzz collector, portable, and free 3-leaf backup shaver blade

Best Gift: No products found.

A lovely storage/ carry case, easy to hold, can change blades, lightweight, shaves items fast, smart, and durable design

Best Rechargeable: No products found.

Removes lint fast, easy to transport, comfortable to work with, added fur removal brush, budget-friendly, sturdy and durable

Best Fabric Brush: No products found.

Heavy-duty plastic, doesn’t need electricity, effortless to operate, easy to transport, budget-friendly, and a bonus travel lint removal brush

Best For Furniture: No products found.

Compact, durable material, broad working area, makes no noise, work without electricity, simple to move around, and doesn’t cut fabrics 

Bestseller: No products found.

Reasonable pricing, adjustable blade depth controller, awesome fluff storage compartment, easy to move around, Non-rechargeable AA batteries, and easy-to-grip handle

Best Design: No products found.

Magnetic honeycomb blade cover, affordable price, replaceable blade assembly, straightforward to operate, and quick to dissemble/ assemble

Alternative Budget: No products found.

Rechargeable battery power, replaceable 3-leaf blade system, highly portable, adjustable blade depth/ height spacer, and 3-sized holes honeycomb foil

The Best Fabric Pill Remover Shaving Head Diameter And Dimensions Comparison Chart

Like many machines, fabric pill removers come in varying sizes. In this section, we’re going to compare the diameter of the shaving head between our selections so that you can determine the perfect one for your needs. On the other hand, knowing the overall product size will help you know if the item is perfect for travel.

Fabric Pill Remover BrandBest FeatureShaving Head Diameter Product Size(In Inches)
No products found.Best of All2.7 inches(8.49 inches width)5.3 by 3.6 by 6.6
No products found.Best under $102.1 inches(6.60 inches width)5.5 by 3.3 by 2.72
No products found.Best Gift2.5 inches(7.86 inches width)7.3 by 6.8 by 3.2
No products found.Best Rechargeable2.1 inches(6.60 inches width)5.1 by 2.7 by 1.9
No products found.Best Fabric Brush 10.2 by 2.8 by 1.5
No products found.Best for Furniture3 inches(3.0 inches length)7.5 by 4.7 by 1.7 
No products found.Bestseller2.0 inches(6.29 inches width)2.5 by 3.0 by 6.0
No products found.Best Design2.0 inches(6.29 inches width)6.9 by 4.7 by 3.1
No products found.Alternative Budget2.2 inches(6.91 inches width)5.6 by 3.3 by 2.8


The suggested width is the circumference of the shaving head after calculating using the diameter. It’s what determines the surface area the machine will cover while using your garment.

Also, note that the Brellavi Blue Travel and the Gleener GL-PB-01-OR are handheld pill removal brushes. So, the cleaning head is in length rather not spherical.

The 8 Best Fabric Pill Removal Comprehensive Reviews

Here now is a detailed discussion on the various features, pros, and cons of the fuzz removal devices that we selected. We’ll start with the POPCHOSE model so that you can see whether we were wrong for the first choice.

Best Overall: POPCHOSE SN2268 Rechargeable Battery Fabric Pill Remover

No products found.

Main Features:

1. A powerful 5-watt motor

2. Two-in-one smoothing brush

3. Detachable pill/ lint collector

4. Ergonomic 180° rotary handle

5. Two bonus Phillips 6-leaf blades 

6. 2.7-inch diameter stainless steel net

First, the SN2268 has a lovely sleek design that you can leave on your TV stand and not feel embarrassed. The top part is a translucent cover for the built-in bin where the cut pill collects so that you can dispose of it later. But the cover only covers three-quarters of the area while the rest is taken up by the handle.

This handle has an ergonomic style that’s easy and comfortable to grab as you work. You can even rotate it up to 180 degrees so that you can smoothen your fabric with the brush attachment much better.

As one of its kind, the fabric shaver has a three-in-one setup, including a shaver, electrostatic stick brush, and a cleaning brush. Hence, leaves your clothes and furniture not just free of the annoying balls but also smooth and neat. But the brush assembly is only intended for the furniture, thus you have to take it off when working on wool knits. 

More to love, the shaver has a superb honeycomb mesh foil (over the spinning blades) that has varying hole sizes. Thus, allowing you to remove any lint sizes and without cutting your clothing or furniture covers.


1. It cleans your items perfectly and fasts

2. East to hold and control

3. Lightweight and very portable

4. Comes with a friendly budget

5. Quick and straightforward to assemble/ dissemble

6. It has an integrated safety feature to avoid accidents


1. The brush attachment is sometimes hard to remove

Best Under $10: AW Union Electric Wired Fabric clothing & Furniture Shaver

No products found.

Main Features:

1. USB-powered fabric shaver

2. 5-watts motor

3. 2.1-inch shaving head

4. Detachable fuzz collector

5. Bonus replacement blade

6. Removable 3-leaf shaver blades 

If tight on budget but need a handy pill removal tool, this little gem could do the trick. Of course, it’s a little basic than the POPCHOSE but it does the job pretty better than even some expensive ones.

The fabric pill remover has a sharp three-leaf blade that helps you shave with the best efficiency. You could also remove the blade when you need to clean or replace it with sharper edges (comes with an extra blade). 

At the core, the shaver has a tiny but powerful motor that helps remove even the most stubborn fuzzes. But the motor relies on wired power to spin, though you could connect with a power-bank or laptop using its USB cable.

Furthermore, the fabric shaver has honeycomb mesh foil with three different hole sizes. So, you won’t need to worry about damaging your fabrics or how to get rid of all the ugly bubbles.


1. It’s very affordable

2. Lightweight and easy to carry

3. Quick and effortless to clean

4. Straightforward to work with

5. It’s not very loud.


1. It takes a long time to complete large fabrics.

2. The cord may limit your movement while using

Best Gift: EasyLint Professional Grade Clothes Fabric Fuzz Remover

No products found.

Main Features:

1. 5-watt motor

2. 2.5-inch shaving head

3. Battery or corded power

4. See-through lint collector

5. Replacement Stainless steel blades

6. Decent carrying case with handles

Are you looking for a great gift idea to present to your best friend? Well, the EasyLint can make an incredible piece under fifty. Yes, you’ll pay few extra dollars than most fabric shavers but it has a premium look that everyone will love.

The housing is a tough plastic material, with a stylish matte black finish and some silvered touches. It has a large shaving head, with stainless steel blades that eat through the ugly fuzz balls fast and efficiently without damaging your clothing. The lint collector tray is right next to the shaving head and has a see-through design. So, you can easily track the amount collected and know when it’s time to change.

Furthermore, the fabric pill remover has an ergonomic handle with a soft grip so that you can use it for a long without hurting your hand. It also has a convenient swipe on/ off button, which means you’ll work with consistent speed throughout.

Speaking of speed, this shaver packs a 5-watt motor that runs on plugged-in power. However, you could also use it in areas without electricity by adding four C batteries in the compartment behind the lint collector. That’s not all.

The manufacturer includes this fabric shaver with a sleek, double zipped storage case with an inside pocket, machine compartment, and handles. Hence, allowing easier moving and without the content rattling.


1. It has a durable and smart style

2. Shaves items neatly and fast

3. Easy to grasp and control

4. Effortless to change the blades 

5. Can work indoor or outside projects


1. It’s slightly expensive than most

2. Pretty low on power at the price.

Best Rechargeable: Magictec MQXJQ001 Rechargeable Fabric Pill Remover

No products found.

Main Features:

1. Rechargeable battery power

2. 3-tooth stainless steel blade

3. Compact and lightweight

4. 2 inches shaving blade area

5. Garment pet hair brush

6. Automatic shut-off safety lock

At over 22,000 ratings and recommendations on Amazon, this is certainly the best fabric pill remover that you can recharge. Funny bit, it doesn’t have any fancy look or features that we can say. It has a simple design but that you’ll come to love while at home or during your travel. 

The shaver has a well-made design, featuring heavy-duty ABS plastic, plus stainless steel razor-sharp blades and a mesh cover. Thus, can handle your pilling problem for a long time if you maintain it well. 

As for the blade assembly, the device has three cutting edges to ensure each spin catches as many fuzz balls as possible. The outer honeycomb mesh foil has approximately 2.5-inch diameter, which covers a considerable surface for faster working. It even has different hole sizes to make sure you get rid of all the pill on your garment.

The tool has a superior built-in battery that you can easily recharge with a smart IC charger, laptop, desktop, car charger, or even power-bank. So, you can use it almost anywhere, anytime.


1. It cleans fabrics fast and neatly

2. Lightweight and portable

3. Comfortable to grasp and control

4. Has an integrated brush to clean pet hair

5. It’s budget-friendly and durable.


1. It’s hard to know when the battery’s fully charged

2. Has a rather small collecting bin.

Best Fabric Brush: Brellavi Sky Blue Travel Pet Hair & Lint Removal Brush

No products found.

Main Features:

1. Doubled-side fur removal brush

2. Heavy-duty plastic

3. Removable self-cleaning base

4. Dense fluffy strong adhesive

5. Bonus travel fur removal brush

If you have a dog that goes with you everywhere, this piece might be great for you to have. It’s specifically for removing pet fur from the clothing and fabric but can also work on the loosely held fuzz balls.

It consists of a double-sided design, whereby there are dense fluffy strong adhesive bristles on the two faces of the brush. So, you can work pretty faster since you won’t need to remove the swept fluff now and then.

By the way, you necessarily don’t need to manually remove the swept fluff like most fur removal brushes. This wand has a self-cleaning base that cleans the sweeping faces in seconds by just dipping. Then, you can later open up the base and throw away the waste into a trash can.

Furthermore, this fur remover comes with its little twin that you can use during travels. The baby brush work in the same way as the larger one, only that it’s smaller enough to fit in your purse or glove compartment.


1. It doesn’t require electricity to work

2. Super-easy to use

3. Lightweight but sturdy design

4. Has a smooth, easy-to-grab handle

5. Has a broad stroke for speed work

6. It’s budget-friendly.


1. It’s not ideal for heavy fabric fuzzy removals

2. The self-cleaning mechanism doesn’t clean the brush as fast 

Best For Furniture: Gleener GL-PB-01-OR Ultimate Furniture Fuzz Pill Remover

No products found.

Main Features:

1. Built-in lint brush

2. 100% Battery-free

3. Compact and lightweight

4. 3x interchangeable shaving edges

5. Ergonomic handle with soft grip

Similarly, this piece doesn’t require batteries or electricity so that you can use it. It’s another hand brush, but with a two-in-one design that you can use either as a fabric pill remover or a smoothening brush.

The fabric shaver end has a convertible style that allows you to attach various edges. It comes with all the three edges that you’ll need, including for bulky fabrics, finer wools, and silk blends like those of t-shirts. 

Meanwhile, the added lint brush helps collect lint that remains after passing the shaver, as well as smoothen the surface. You can also use it to sweep pet fur and dusts away dandruff that might be settling on the surface of your fabrics. 

Even so, both the shaver and the brush have a broad edge that works on blankets, sofas, and other wide items fast and effectively. Moreover, the tool has a lovely, ergonomic handle with a soft over-molded grip for a more comfortable hold.


1. It has a decent and durable design

2. No motor to make noise

3. Doesn’t require electricity to work

4. Lightweight and easy to move 

5. It has no sharp blades to damage your fabrics


1. It may take a long to complete big projects

2. It can easily chew on your fabric item from the exposed teeth.

Bestseller: Conair White CLS1 Fabric Pill Shaver

No products found.

Main Features:

1. 3-setting blade depth controller

2. Removable collecting storage

3. Compact and lightweight

4. Ergonomic grip handle

5. AA disposable batteries

Overall, this is the bestselling fabric pill remover on our list, with over 44,000 positive ratings on Amazon. Not that the device has any fancy feature that we can say, but it does have an awesome design and delivers the expected.

If it’s performance, the fabric pill remover has a 2-inch shaving head, with three blades behind the honeycomb foil. Unlike most, it has a removable controller to adjust how far the blades are when shaving and avoid damaging your clothing.

The shaver has a compact and lightweight design that you’ll find handy for travels. It runs on two AA batteries (disposable), thus you could take them with you anywhere, including locations with no electricity.

Furthermore, the fabric shaver has an ergonomic handle that’s easy and comfortable to work with. It also has a slide on/ off switch on top of the handle. So, you get to work at constant speeds and without having to stress your thumb.


1. It cleans perfectly and fast

2. Super-easy to start and use

3. Lightweight and portable

4. Has a reasonable pricing

5. It Can work on various fabrics


1. The fuzz collector is relatively small.

2. It may take longer to de-pill large fabric items

Best Design: PRITECH ES-1168 USB Rechargeable Fabric Lint Pill Shaver

No products found.

Main Features:

1. Rechargeable lithium battery

2. Elastic stainless steel blades

3. Double power-off protection

4. Cyclone convection collector

5. Magnetic honeycomb shaver foil

If you love unique innovations, this PRITECH piece brings the best of it for a successful refreshing of your fabrics. It features an exclusive sledgehammer-like design, with tough 3-leaf stainless steel blades that spin up to 9000r/ minute.

To prevent cutting your garments, the fabric trimmer has a honeycomb foil with three different hole sizing. This front cover secures the body magnetically, thus very easy to assemble and disassemble when you want to clean the blades. 

Thanks to the built-in lithium battery, this fabric pill remover can be used anywhere and without restricting your movements. It also has a double switch-off safety lock feature that activates whenever the blade cover or collection bin is open.

As for the bin, this device uses an advanced cyclone convention design, whereby it has a built-in vane fan to enhance the suction. It also has an ergonomic handle that you can easily clasp with large or tiny hands.


1. It’s affordable

2. Has a replaceable blade

3. Straightforward to operate

4. Quick to disassemble when cleaning

5. It can work on different types of fabric


1. It has a short charging cording

2. Drains charge pretty fast

3. The shaving head tend to clog 

Buying Guide: The 7 Considerations When Looking For A Good Fabric Pill Remover

If you want a successful and fun de-pilling process, choosing the right fabric shaver should be a priority. But different models often come with varying features and capabilities, thus you have to be watchful so that you can avoid later disappointments.

Some of the key features that can help you make the right choice include:

1. Power: Battery Or Wired

While both designs are great, a corded fabric shaver lets you work continuously without having to worry about the power draining. It’s an excellent idea when you’re working on big projects, but also you may have limited movements.

The rechargeable battery-powered fabric pill removers, on the other hand, allow you to use them anywhere. They don’t have cords that dictate where to be used or how you should use them, thus an excellent travel accessory.

But again, the batteries of the unit will eventually run out of juice, which, sadly, can be in between de-pilling. Hence, forcing you to first stop so that you can recharge or replace the batteries.

2. Shaving Head: How Big Is It?

Even before you come to power, the shaving head should be the first thing you confirm before buying a fabric pill remover. It’s what will determine if the device you’re eying is fit for only small items or even the bigger ones. 

Nonetheless, the average size is about two inches in diameter, which gives roughly 6.3 inches working width. But there are others larger, like the POPCHOSE SN2268 that offers about 8.5 working width. Some are even many times larger than this, but they’re mostly used for commercial purposes.

3. Portability: Is It Light?

This one is straightforward as it answers the question of whether the machine is travel-friendly. If that’s your interest, you may want to consider a compact and lightweight fabric trimmer that you can move around without a hassle.

But again, a very small machine may lack enough power to handle heavy fabric items or complete big projects in time. So, you have to make sure your needs are in check as you look for a portable weight.

4. Collector Bin? Is It enough?

Usually, fabric pill removers have a built-in compartment, in form of a tray or bin, that collects the cut lint and pill. In many cases, the capacity of this bin relies on the size of the machine, in which case the larger models have more of it. Regardless, few models do come with a slightly larger collector even when they have a small shaving head. Hence, allowing you to work on your fabrics without having to stop now and then empty them. 

Also, a see-through collector tray might come in handy as you can easily know when you need to empty.

5. Blades? Can You Replace?

This isn’t crucial but can be a bonus for when the original blade dulls. Also, if the blade assembly can be detached from the body, a fabric shaver may be much easier to clean.

6. Honeycomb Mesh Foil: Can Large Balls Pass Through?

Pill and lint tend to form on fabrics in different size balls. For a successful and neat work, a good shaver should be able to remove all of them, including the small, medium, and large. Therefore, you shouldn’t just focus on a removable honeycomb foil but also one with different hole sizing. 

7. Handle: What About It?

If you’re to be working on large fabrics, you’ll need a fabric shaver with a comfortable handle that doesn’t hurt your hand. Not too thick and or hard plastic that needs you use more pleasure. But if socks, hats, and other quick jobs, the kind of handle don’t matter much.

Frequently Asked Questions 

How Can I Remove Pilling From My Fabric Clothing?

A good fabric shaver is the best and easiest way to remove fuzz, lint, or pill from your garments and furniture without causing damage. To remove, you just need to lie your piece of item on a flat surface, then run the shaver over the affected areas. Alternatively, you could also use a razor blade or a small pair of scissors, albeit they may not be as efficient as fabric pill removers. 

What’s The Best Fabric Shaver For Sweaters?

Most regular fabric shavers are fit for all clothing materials. However, the seven most reliable fabric pill removers for sweaters are:

Best Overall: No products found.

Best Under $10: No products found.

Best Rechargeable: No products found.

Best For Furniture: No products found.

Bestseller: No products found.

Best Design: No products found.

Alternative Budget: No products found.

What Sweater Material Doesn’t Pill?

In general, all knitted fabrics tend to pill because of the large distance between yarn crossings. However, fabrics with longer fibers or tightly knitted tend to pill less than the shorter fibers or loosely knitted ones. So, a sweater knitted tightly with merino wool will take long to pill because of the long fibers.

Final Verdict: Our Top Pick

De-pilling is one of the easiest hacks to bring your clothing and furniture back to life. It’s straightforward to do by yourself even though some dry cleaners may offer the service at a particular fee. Nonetheless, it’s a really fun activity when you have a good fabric pill remover, and we see no reason why you should have someone do it for you.

In the article, we have discussed eight of the best fabric shavers in the market right now. Each of them has unique features that make it perfect for particular situations that we also covered in the main reviews. 

However, the No products found. and No products found. are our two favorite selections. They both have a well-made design and versatile functionality that allows you to work on fuzzballs, as well as pet hair. Moreover, the two also run on a rechargeable battery, which means no cords to limit your movements. 

Last update on 2023-12-09 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

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