Best Yarn For Scarves

We all know wool is warmer than cotton, but can you really make great scarves with it? If no, what then is the best yarn for scarves? Acrylic? Natural fibers then? While you’ll find many types of yarns for knitting and crocheting, not all of them are great for scarves.

Unlike sweaters that can be occasional clothing, scarves are more or less a year around wearable. They always make the coolest accessory to complement a fashion, regardless of whatever you’re wearing that day.  The best part, a scarf is one of the items that you can learn crocheting or knitting easily and fast. Of course, some beginners tend to overdo themselves, but 30 to 40 stitches are enough to start with. All you need are the tools and the best yarn for scarves, like any other wearable, can be intimidating to make at some point.

In this article, we’re going to look at everything you need to know about the yarns for scarves so that you can avoid heartbreaks that can come between your craft. But before everything else, we’ll answer the first question of our subject.

Can Wool Make A Cool Scarf?

Going straight to the point, wool tends to have an amazing ability to hold heat both in the summer and winter weather. If you’ve ever tried, you also know it continues keeping you warm even after it gets wet as it can soak up in moisture without feeling damp.

However, 100% wool isn’t the best idea for knitting a scarf because of a couple of reasons. First, a lot of people have wool allergies or sensitivities that make it unbearable to wear any item made with the material. 

In many cases, this reaction comes in the form of irritation or itches but it can also manifest as a runny nose, dry sneezes, or watery eyes. And since the scarf will be touching your skin, it’s nearly impossible to avoid these effects.

Nonetheless, wool blends like Acrylic can be an excellent idea to keep your sensitive skin happy. It’s also more affordable than 100% wool yarn, though it’s still warm and soft.

The other three best types of yarn fibers that you can use in making scarves are:

1. Acrylic: it’s the best yarn for scarves for beginners as it’s resistant to splitting, plus doesn’t trigger sensitivity reactions. Still, the type of yarn is very cheap, which means it’s lower risk than expensive natural fibers while learning.

2. Natural fibers: If you need to make a cozy scarf, this yarn can be a better idea than acrylic. It’s the softest, albeit a bit more expensive and prone to splitting.

3. Cotton: this is an excellent choice if you don’t want to use acrylic but need an itchiness-free and budget yarn. It’s a popular natural fiber, with a softer and durable feel, but it’s more slippery and most prone to splitting. Hence, best for intermediate and advanced knitters. 

What’s The Best Yarn For Scarves?

Other than the type of fiber, yarns also come in varying weights (thickness), and also brands. But then not all yarn weights are meant for knitting scarves. So, you might spend quite some time before you can find the perfect one. 

Regardless, you don’t have to do that for now as we’ve done the research and gathered nine best options that you can get from your local store or online.

Amongst these selections, though, the No products found. is our number #1 recommendation. Not only does it have a durable texture but also it’s long enough for a couple of projects.

The following is a quick summary of the yarn and also its alternatives before we can look at their detailed highlights.

Best Overall: No products found.

Creates three large scarves, durable designs that don’t tangle, numerous choices of colors, easy to use and care for

Best Of Cotton Skein: No products found.

Natural soft fiber, make up to two scarves, moderate thickness, machine washable, numerous color choices, and durable

Best For Baby: No products found.

Super-soft fiber, durable accessories, machine washable, affordable, comfy-warm, non-reactive to the skin, easy to work, and lovely colorful styles

Best For Beginners: No products found.

So affordable, 100% acrylic fiber, single large scarf, machine wash or dry, moderately thick project, and effortless to use

Best For Budget: No products found.

So affordable, strong 4ply structure, up to two medium thickness scarves, lovely multicolor selections, and wash by machine or hands

Best Of Value: No products found.

Perfect lightweight summer scarves, bright rainbow color choices, reasonable budget, easily see the stitches and bonus knitting patterns

Best For Fashion: No products found.

Glamorous sparkling styling, medium-thick adult scarf, hand or machine knitting, doesn’t split easily, and easy care

Best For Bulky Scarf: No products found.

Durable fiber, super-warm and cozy, pretty variegated shades, make one or two thick scarves, and quick to knit with

Best Of Cotton Cone: No products found.

An economical option, machine or hand washing, won’t bleed color, numerous shades to choose, durable, and wears well

Best Yarn Storage: No products found.

Store over 16 skeins, five skein organizer compartments, grommets to feed the yarn through, multiple extra pockets, and a durable design

The Best Yarn For Scarves Weight And Total Length Comparison Chart

As you look for a good yarn for knitting or crocheting scarves, you have to pay attention to the weight of the yarn and total length. The two factors can give you an estimate of how your finished project will be in terms of thickness and the skeins you should get. 

The following table compares these two factors across the various selections of yarns. We’ve also listed the average yardage of yarn the various thicknesses need, and the estimated number of scarves each product can produce. 

Yarn For Scarves BrandBest FeatureYarn Weight/ Thickness Yarn Skein Length
No products found.Best of All#4 Medium Worsted(av. 150-550 yards)744 Yards(3-4 scarves)
No products found.Best of Cotton Skein#4 Medium Worsted(av. 150-550 yards)573 Yards(2-3 scarves)
No products found.Best for Baby#6 Super Bulky(av.100-500 yards))220 Yards(Single scarf)
No products found.Best for Beginners#4 Medium Worsted(av. 150-550 yards)315 Yards(1-2 scarves)
No products found.Best for Budget#4 Medium Worsted(av. 150-550 yards)482 Yards(2-3 scarves)
No products found.Best of Value#3 Light DK(av. 200-600 yards)1312 Yards(4-6 scarves)
No products found.Best for Fashion#4 Medium Worsted(av. 150-550 yards)200 Yards(Single scarf)
No products found.Best for Bulky Scarf#6 Super Bulky(av.100-500 yards)220 Yards(1-2 scarves)
No products found.Best of Cotton Cone#4 Medium Worsted(av. 150-550 yards)706 Yards(3-4 scarves)
No products found.Best of Accessory(Yarn Storage Bag)-(11.5” x 9.8” x 15.5”) (Store 16-24 skeins)

The 9 Best Yarn For Scarves Reviews

Here’s the comprehensive review of the nine selections of yarns. It outlines the features, pros, and cons that stand out either from the rest

Best Overall: Red Heart E302B.0356 Super Saver Jumbo Scarf Yarn

No products found.

Key Features:

1. 100% Acrylic material

2. 744 yards long

3. #4 medium worsted weight

4. Machine washable and dry

5. 36x different colors available

It’s no secret we knitters love to try what our fellow crafters have succeeded with. And this Red Heart design is one of those designs with everything you need to produce a beautiful and soft scarf for yourself or a friend. It’s available in various colorful styles, which allows you to personalize your scarf much easier.

The yarn consists of 100% acrylic, with a medium worsted weight. So, you can have soft and slightly thick scarves that snug your neck without itchiness. But like many Red Heart yarns, your scarf will soften best after washing. The yarn is pretty stiff so that you can wash your items over and over for a long time. It’s machine washable, thus you don’t have to keep your item dirt because you don’t have the time for handwashing.

Another thing worth mentioning, this yarn is pretty lengthy as you can make more than two basic scarfs and a beanie to match. But then, the amount you can produce depends on the width and length of your scarf.


1. It’s stiff and durable 

2. Very easy to work with

3. Doesn’t tangle while using

4. Can make more than a scarf

5. Effortless and quick to clean

6. It has reasonable pricing.


1. Some skeins are hard to find the pulling end

Best Of Cotton Skein: Bernat Handicrafter Cotton Worsted Yarn for Scarves

No products found.

Key Features:

1. 100% cotton fiber

2. Total 573 yards per skein

3. #4 medium worsted weight

4. Machine washable and dry

5. 36x different shades 

6. 20 stitches knitting gauge

If you would want to go all cotton, this piece might be a great place to start. It comes with pretty selections of multi-color yarn that you can use for a scarf with some amazing effects without having to use different yarns. 

Thanks to its cotton capabilities, this yarn starts with a soft scarf that even gets softer after washing. It consists of natural fiber that creates a breathable craft that you can wrap around your neck without discomfort.

At a worsted weight, this yarn gives you a medium thickness that you can comfortably work with a 20 stitches knitting gauge. It comes with a total length of about 573 yards, which is enough for an adult scarf and maybe a hat.

Furthermore, the cotton yarn is machine washable and tumble dry. So, you can always have your knitted scarf clean and cozy throughout the year, regardless of the weather condition.


1. It makes strong and durable items

2. Pretty soft and colorful

3. Quick to get clean

4. Can use for many other projects

5. It’s easy to personalize your color design


1. It may be a little difficult to unwind

2. The center-pull end is difficult to find in some skeins.

Best For Baby: Bernat chenille-style Big Ball Baby Blanket Scarf Yarn

No products found.

Key Features:

1. Chenille-type yarn

2. 100% polyester material

3. 220 yards total length

4. Multicolor yarn style

5. #6 super-bulky weight

6. 30x different color shades

Bernat primarily made this yarn for baby blankets, but it can also make some really fine scarves. It’s a super-soft feel that you’ll find not only comfortable to work with but also won’t affect your kid’s skin.

The yarn has a variegated style that allows you to create a multi-colored scarf without having to use different yarns. It contains no harsh chemicals to irritate your baby’s sensitive skin or cause other health issues.

Furthermore, the yarn has a super bulky thickness, which requires an 8 stitches knitting gauge with an 8mm needle. The extra thickness is also easy and fast to work with, plus gives the additional warmth your kid needs.

Still, the yarn comes with a skein about 220 yards long, which is enough for two thick baby scarves or a single larger one for an adult. 


1. It’s super soft and warm

2. Delivers beautiful knits

3. Gentle and non-reactive to the skin

4. Effortless and fast to complete project

5. It’s a generous pricing


1. Some skeins have little knots

I. 2t may be tricky to find the center pull end.

Best For Beginners: Caron H97COL0014 Simply Soft Medium Worsted Hat Scarves Yarn

No products found.

Key Features:

1. 100% acrylic yarn

2. 3x bright color shades

3. 315 yards total length

4. Machine wash & dry

5. #4 medium worsted weight

As a novice, this yarn could make a great learning tool and without having to pay much. It’s wholly acrylic, which means you can use it for a wide range of knitting projects other than scarves and hats. Also, acrylic is more resistant to splitting, so you can work on your project with no much hassle or frustration.

The yarn has a medium worsted gauge that gives you a slightly thick scarf with no big holes. Just as the name, it’s pretty soft so that you can wear it without scratching your skin, or else irritating.

Furthermore, the yarn is approximately 315 yards long, in which case you can make a standard adult scarf without having to make joints. It’s also machine washable and dryable, thus you won’t need to worry about your busy lifestyle or cold seasons.


1. It’s affordable

2. Strong and durable

3. Easy to get clean

4. Delivers soft and cozy knits

5. It’s quick and effortless to work with


1. Has pretty but limited color options

Best For Budget: Red Heart E305.3970 Super Saver Ombre Worsted Yarn

No products found.

Main Features:

1. 100% acrylic fiber

2. 482 yards long

3. Machine or hand wash

4. Variegated, 4ply structure

5. #4 medium worsted weight

Overall, this is the best yarn for scarves of a medium thickness that you can get at the lowest budget on our list. Of course, there are others cheaper but the Red Heart has the highest score of the combination of features we were looking. 

If it’s dependability, the yarn is a wholly acrylic fiber that produces non-scratchy wearable that you can wear without discomfort. It even has a 4ply structure to give your knitted items a strong base that you can wash over and over for a long time.

Even better, the yarn has an excellent wash performance that you can rely on either machine or traditional handwashing. It’s available in over a dozen colorful alternatives, with some having a variegated scheme for more appealing effects.

Still, the yarn is pretty long, 482 yards, which you could make a couple of basic accessories or a single large scarf (shawl).


1. It’s very affordable

2. Easy to work with

3. Effortless to care for

4. Delivers soft and gorgeous scarfs

5. It’s stiff and durable


1. The variation in-between the shades is pretty long.

2. It’s a bit rough while working (softens after washing)

Best Of Value: Mira Handcrafts Acrylic Multicolor Knitting Crochet Yarn

No products found.

Key Features:

1. 12x skeins of yarns

2. 100% acrylic fiber

3. #3-Light DK Weight

4. Total of 1312 yards

5. Bright rainbow colors

6. Bonus knitting & crocheting patterns

If you’re planning to make a summer kit for yourself and your friends, this option might make up for it. It consists of twelve skeins of yarn that you could knit a multicolor scarf and other clothing at your desired variation.

All the skeins are 100% acrylic, with an excellent soft and smooth texture that you can knit for kids or adults. However, it has a DK or Double knitting weight (equivalent to the #3-Light standard weight) that’s perfect for lightweight garments. In other words, the yarn is primarily not for warmth scarfs, rather an accessory to complete your attire of the day.

More on that, all the skeins make up a total of about 1312 yardages, which gives each about 109 yarns. So, you’ll need like three skeins for an adult scarf and two if you’re knitting for your little angel.


1. It creates soft and comfy knits

2. Can work on a variety of projects

3. Has a reasonable bargain

4. Easy to see the stitches (bright colors)

5. It’s light and doesn’t get too heavy with larger projects


1. It frizzes very easily, especially when undoing stitches

2. Needs a lot of continuations in large projects

Best For Fashion: Red Heart Royal With Love Metallic Scarves Yarn

No products found.

Key Features:

1. 200 yarns long

2. #4 medium worsted weight

3. Premium Acrylic metallic fiber

4. Hand or machine knitting

5. Machine washable and dryable

If you wish to give your scarf a glamorous and sparkling touch, this Royal skein can make a magnificent choice. It consists of quality acrylic metallic fibers that bring out the decorative effect while remaining soft to the skin. There’s even a small ratio of polyester films in the blend to give the yarn a considerable stretch for a better knitting tension.

The yarn has a worsted gauge that’s not just perfect for scarves but also other knitted items that need a moderate thickness. It works best with a 5-mm knitting needle, but you can also use a 6.5-mm hook if you’re a crochet crafter.

Furthermore, the yarn has a total yardage of about two-hundred, which is quite enough if you want a standard adult scarf. But if you want it wider and longer, you may need to add an extra skein or two.


1. It makes silky and comfortable crafts

2. Features gorgeous colors

3. Has a friendly pricing

4. Fits most knitting projects

5. Pulls easily from the center

6. It’s strong and long-lasting


1. Some skeins have several knots

2. The plys tend to separate very easily

Best For Bulky Scarf: Bernat 16111010808 Super Bulky Blanket Scarves Yarn

No products found.

Key Features:

1. 100% polyester fiber

2. #6 Super Bulky

3. 220 yards length

4. Machine wash and dry

5. Solid and variegated shades

At a super bulky gauge, this yarn can make you some of the warmest scarves for the freezing winters. The extra thickness is also pretty much faster to work with as you won’t need as many stitches as when using worsted or DK weight. And also you can use it for hand knitting, crocheting, or loom.

The yarn is entirely polyester material, with a super-soft texture that can work for adult and babies’ clothing as well. It has a variegated shades style but there are variants with a solid color if you’d prefer them. 

Moreover, the yarn is pretty long, 220 yards, that you can make a standard scarf and remain with some few yards. But if you wanted a thick and large shawl, you may need to add one skein for bulk up. 

Still, the Bernat yarn is machine washable at a gentle cycle and can be tumble-dried at the low. So, you won’t need to worry about cleanliness even with your busy routine or during the harshest winters. 


1. It’s super-warm and comfy

2. Effortless to care for

3. Has a friendly budget

4. Perfect for personalized knits

5. Easy and quick to work with

6. It makes strong and durable items


1. Several balls have multiple joints

2. The thickness can be inconsistent across

3. Some dark shades bleed out in the wash.

Best Of Cotton Cone: Lily Medium Worsted Sugar’n Cream Cotton cone Yarn

No products found.

Key Features:

1. 100 percent cotton

2. 19x color options

3. 706 yards long

4. #4 medium worsted weight

5. Machine washable and dryable

If you’re making scarves for a profit, a cone of yarn can be an excellent idea as you won’t need to join skein ends. So, you can work on your project continuously without irregular beautification with knots.

As for the Sugar’n Cream, the whole ball is about 706 yards that you can make as many as 3-4 standard adult scarves. The yarn has a medium worsted weight that delivers a moderate thickness while using a 4.5mm knitting needle. You can also use it with a crochet hook (5mm) or even a loom hoop if that’s what available.

Furthermore, the yarn is pure cotton, which is a natural and soft fiber for a cozy feel on the skin. It’s also available in solid and multicolor alternatives, plus you can wash in the machine when you don’t have the time for traditional hand cleaning.


1. It’s economical

2. Washes and dries well

3. Doesn’t bleed the dyes

4. Easy to crochet and knit

5. Creates beautiful projects

6. It’s durable and wears nicely


1. The plys separate pretty easy

2. Has multiple tied off knots

3. It feels a bit rough on the fingers (softens after washing)

Buying Guide: The 4 Key Factors To Consider When Choosing Yarn For Scarves

When you go to the store to buy some yarns, the idea is to make a nice and comfortable scarf. Well then, here are four quick tips to help you make the proper decision that you won’t have to regret later.

Project: What Do You Want To Make?

Yes, whose scarf do you want to make? Yours? A friend’s gift? Your baby’s? or a couple for donations or to sell? When you answer this question right, you’ll be able to know the best fiber to consider, yarn weight, and size. 

Type Of Fiber: What’s The Best Material For Yarn For Scarves?

When you start counting even the wool or acrylic blends, you’ll come to have so many different types of yarn. Each of these materials has unique characteristics that make it best for a particular type of scarves or other knitted fabric. But as we said earlier, a scarf will be on the skin of your neck most of the time. So, a soft yarn that doesn’t scratch or irritate the skin is a must. 

Some of the most common and skin-friendly yarns for scarves are acrylic, acrylic/ wool blend, and cotton. Wool is the warmest when dry and even wet, but many people are “allergic”. A wool blend is even much better as it still has the warmth and softness, plus the easy care of, let’s say acrylic.

Gauge Of Yarn: Is It Thick Enough?

Put simply, yarn gauge or weight is the thickness of a yarn. It’s available in about six different categories, but scarves most rely on two and sometimes three. That’s the #6 super bulky for the warmest and thickest scarf, #4 medium worsted for a moderate thickness and warmth, and the #3-Light double knitting. Just like with garments, a DK yarn will create a lightweight scarf merely to complete a worn attire. 

More on that, each of the three yarn weights requires a different knit gauge, with the Super bulky having the least stitches (7-11). Hence, the reason it’s the fastest to work with.

Meanwhile, do not forget there’s also #5 bulky yarn between the medium worsted and the super bulky. So, it can be an excellent choice if you need your clothing to be a bit thick but not too much.

Size: How Long Is The Yarn?

Knowing the yardage of the yarn makes it easier to determine if a single skein will be enough for your scarf pattern or not. Of course, most patterns do provide a rough estimate that you’ll need, but sometimes you’ll want to make your own patterns.

If that is the case, here are the rough ranges of the amount of yarn you’ll need to make a scarf.

Yarn Weight/ ThicknessAverage Yardage Required
0- Lace: 350 to 850 yards
1- Superfine: 300 to 800 yards
2- Fine: 250 to 750 yards
3- Light: 200 to 600 yards
4- Medium: 150 to 550 yards
5- Bulky: 100 to 500 yards
6- Super Bulky: 50 to 450 yards

Frequently Asked Questions:

What Is The Best Type Of Yarn For Scarves?

As was mentioned, the yarn you use to make a scarf should be gentle on the skin, without scratching or irritating. With wool a bit expensive and sensitive to many, cotton is the best natural fiber you can consider. You can also go with acrylic or acrylic blend material, especially if you’re learning as it’s easier to work with without splitting.

How Much Yarn Do I Need To Make A Good Scarf?

This is a straightforward one as we’ve just said each scarf pattern requires a different amount of yarn to complete. So, there’s no definite figure of how much yarn you need, rather an estimate depending on the yarn weight. For instance, a super bulky yarn will require a lesser amount (50 to 450 yards) than medium worsted yarn (150 to 550 yards). 

What wool is best to knit a scarf?

The adage “the more wool, the better” is often used when we want to convey a certain message. In the context of knitting, it refers to the yarn quality and can be used as a general rule.

The wool used for knitting can have different qualities: natural, synthetic or organic. To understand this better, let’s look at some of these differences:

Natural wool is produced from an animal’s fleece – which is generally longer than that of synthetics. The length of the fibers also varies depending on breed and origin.

Synthetic wool comes from different sources including man-made fibers such as nylon. This type of fiber has been engineered in order to make it softer and less abrasive, so that it can be used in several applications

Is cotton yarn good for manufacturing scarves?

Cotton yarn is an ideal material for making a scarf, but there were some problems with it. First, cotton yarns are very expensive to produce and second, the fiber has a tendency to tear easily.

To solve these problems, researchers came up with the idea of using silk for producing scarves. Therefore, they tested the performance of various forms of silk scarf fibers as well as various types of cotton yarns in terms of durability and tear resistance. They also studied how cross-linking works on silk and cotton fibers to create stronger strands.

What weight is 4 ply yarn in knitting?

” 4ply yarn weight ” is the number of ply in a skein of yarn.

The term “4ply yarn weight” is also known as “Skein Weight”. 4ply means four plies; that’s four strands in a single skein. Here’s how it’s expressed:

A skein of yarn consists of two or more separate strands wound into a ball, and then twisted into shape. The term ‘skein’ comes from the Middle English word for a bundle or bundle-like shape, and as such the word was used to describe any kind of object, whether small or large, that was made by twisting two or more separate strands into one main mass (the word ‘skein’ is derived from Old Dutch sikon).

How do I know what weight my yarn is?

We all need to know how much we can safely earn to buy a new sweater. Yarn weight is one of the most important factors for our decision making. Yarn weight is determined by the yarn’s tension, which refers to how tightly or loosely the yarn is wound onto the skein (or skein).

Tension refers to four key factors:

1. Overall size, length and thickness of the skein (or skein)

2. Composition of its fibers (wool vs synthetics)

3. Types and amounts of those fibers (single vs multi-fiber)

4. Amount of those fibers in each skein (kg/m)

What’s The Best Yarn For Scarves 

There are many types, various weights, different strands, and numerous brands of yarns. So, we’ll be lying if we say it’ll be an easy search if you’re new to knitting or crocheting.

In any case, the nine most sought-after yarns for scarves right now are:

Best Overall: No products found.

Best Of Cotton Skein: No products found.

Best For Baby: No products found.

Best For Beginners: No products found.

Best For Budget: No products found.

Best Of Value: No products found.

Best For Fashion: No products found.

Best For Bulky Scarf: No products found.

Best Of Cotton Cone: No products found.

Final Verdict

A scarf is one of the easiest projects that you can learn knitting or crocheting quickly. It even becomes faster if you’re making with a loom or a circular knitting machine as you can use either the tubular or flat style.

Regardless, you need to have the best yarn for scarves from either of the methods to appear neat and consistent. In the article, we’ve discussed various selections that we believe can be a perfect fit for your project.

However, the No products found. has the longest yardage, which means you can make several items from it. The yarn consists of all acrylic material, which is a great alternative if you don’t have enough budget for wool, or else you’re allergic to wool. 

Even better, the yarn has up to 36 color options that you can choose. So, it’s pretty easy to personalize your fashion with the brand.

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