Gifts For Knitters And Crocheters

Do you love knitted items? Is your friend one of the knitters in your life? Are you looking for a perfect present to appreciate her passion? Well, there’s no grift greater to a knitter than something that compliments her craft. 

We no doubt can agree many knitters do what they do as a means to cater for their everyday bills. However, knitting is a beauty they only can understand but celebrating it with them will raise their spirits even higher. Of course, just loving their designs will leave a grin on their faces, but why not surprise them with an extra unique idea? 

In this post, we’re going to look at some of the best gifts for knitters and crocheters in our life. We have picked them for the various categories of knitting and crocheting crafters we have, including beginners, advanced, pro, and even kids. So, you can’t go wrong even if you have never done knit-shopping before.

Anyways, some of these gift ideas for beginners and proficient knitters or crocheters are:

1. Yarnis 14-Piece Knitting Crochet Needles Set

 If your knitter in life likes to play with different weights of yarn, this crochet set could make a perfect gift. It consists of 14 different crochet hooks from size 2.0mm to 10.0mm, with each featuring a unique color for easier identification. The hooks have a sturdy metal tip and an easy-to-grip handle for maximum comfort. 

Even better, the knitting crochet hook set has bonus sewing needles, a pair of thread snippers, stitch markers, and a convenient storage case.

2. HIND HANDICRAFTS Blue Floral Knitting Yarn Bowl

Many crocheters and knitters work with the yarn on the ground, which leads to it collecting dirt. But with this bowl at hand, an enthusiastic knitter can focus on her project without having to worry about where the skein or hanks are rolling. It helps keep the yarn in one place, clean, and with great tension. More to love, the yarn bowl has a beautiful design, with a sweet blue shade and some cute floral patterns. So, you shouldn’t be surprised to find your friend also uses the piece as a TV Stand or wall unit decor. 

3. Prym Yarnit 57100 Patented Knitting Crocheting Yarn Globe  

If your knitting pal is a teen or a young adult of style, the Yarnit Globe might be a better alternative to the yarn bowl. It has a closable lid that she’ll definitely heart to keep her yarn free of dirt and away from mischievous pets. The yarn globe even does have a shoulder strap in case the knitter decides to stretch her legs while still knitting. And since there are two channels to feed the yarn through, she won’t have any problems doing that at all. 

4. Authentic Knitting Board White Rotating Double Knit Loom

Even the pros need to improvise sometimes, and that’s why this knitting loom will make a perfect gift for your needle or crochet crafter. It’s super-easy to use and can do both single and double-knit hats, scarves, or any other project at hand. The best part, the knitting loom can make a complete hat in less than an hour, a task the traditional knitting will take a day or three to finish. So, your knitter will rarely be late to deliver her projects in time. 

5. Pink Power HG2043 Electric Sewing Fabric Cutting Scissors  

Did you know there’s a handheld electric scissor? Chances are your knitter pal also doesn’t know either, which makes the Pink Power HG2043 a perfect surprise gift. It has a compact and lightweight design that allows one to work for long hours without tiring the hand. The tool has a rechargeable lithium battery that allows the user to work for up to two hours before the next recharge. 

6. 4M 3625 Kids Knitting Crocheting Craft Yarn Kit

Art and Crafts isn’t a pointless exercise as some will say. It can help improve creativity and solving some life scenarios. With this crochet art kit, the kid can learn how to create simple items like a coater, placemat, or handbag. Since the set comes with an instruction book, she can assimilate how to handle her problems, or else compete with her friends and learn how to work with others. 

7. HOMEST XL [Patent Design) Yarn Storage Tote Bag

No knitter or crocheter is happy to see her lovely project yarns dirtied or scattered all over the house by cats. So, this tote bag can make a great storage system and actually not just for yarns but the needles as well. It has a cylindrical design, with a spacious interior and multiple side pockets. 

The inner space has six individual pockets that are adjacent to oversized grommets. So, your knitter can also use it as a work-in-progress bag without having to worry about t the yarn ends tangling. 

8. Knit Picks [4336924436] Interchangeable Knitting Needle Set

This is a thoughtful and delightful gift that any needle knitter will love to have, in particular, she’s the versatile type. It consists of a cable to connect the needle tips so that knitter can create a unique needle size that suits the project at hand. Knit Picks provide the tool with four different cables and nine interchangeable needle tips, enabling one to handle small to larger projects. It also does have end caps that will come in handy when the knitter wants to change to more comfortable needle tips but doesn’t want to risk the stitches unraveling. 

9. WooCrafts LE343 Colorful Steel Knitting Crochet Hook Set

If you’re looking for a crochet set for your nana, this piece can make a great selection. It has nine different crochet hook sizes, each featuring an ergonomic soft rubber handle in a unique bright color. So, not only will it be easier to tell the different sizes apart but also she can work comfortably without hurting her hands. The crochet hooks come with a brilliant floral case that also includes sewing needles and stitch markers. 

10. Lion Brand [525-225-3] Sprite Yarn Pack

Does your knitter like to make colorful fabric patterns? If yes, then, this pack of yarns is something she’ll cherish. It consists of three skeins of variegated yarns, which will produce an amazing rainbow sweater or shawl. Each of the yarn skeins is Acrylic fiber and 590 yards long. So, your pal can create several personalized knitwear or decorative accessories for the house.

11. RED Heart Neon Stripes Super Saver Acrylic Yarn Pack

Similarly, the yarns pack consists of three-piece but with a burst of stripes color. So, the knitter will make a gorgeous and even multi-color pattern without having to work with multiple yarns of varying colors. The yarns are 100% acrylic fiber and each about 236 yards, which is pretty enough for a single hat. And since Red Heart makes its yarns here in the USA, the knitter will surely pride her knitted piece.

12. Teamoy High Capacity Work-In-Progress Knitting Crochet Bag

Many passionate knitters rarely leave their craft behind. So, this bag could make a great gift, considering it can serve the purpose of storage for yarn or a work-in-progress bag. It has a well-built design, with an adjustable shoulder strap and hand handles for easier carrying. The interior is also spacious and even has multiple yarn and project compartments. So, the knitter can work with different yarn colors with ease and without having tangling issues. Best of all, the top of the bag is a clear PVC color for easier tracking of the remaining yarn, or else what’s inside the bag.

13. Readaeer [6282646] Round Knitting Loom Pompom Set

Is the knitter we speak of your workmate? Does she love making hats and scarves? Then, she really will love to customize her items with pompom balls of her choice. This tool set has four pompom makers, each with a different size, ranging from small to large. So, she can make a pompom for hats, scarves, and even leg warmers. If she even would prefer, the pompom devices also come with four pairs of knitting looms that will give more consistent stitches and fast. 

14. Creativity for Kids Original Quick Knit Loom Kit

That’s right. The knitting loom kit can be a great way to enhance the natural creativity of your daughter or niece through crafting her mind ideas. It comes will everything she will need to get started, including knitting loom, chunky rainbow yarn, and two pompoms. The loom is pretty easy to learn, fun to use, and faster to work with. Furthermore, the 9-inch diameter will enable her to work on larger round and flat projects. So, she might surprise you in return with a warm and cozy hat or scarf.

15. CLOVER 336 Red Kacha-Kacha Knitting Row Counter

Well, all artists want their ideas to come out as accurate as they imagine them, so are knitters and crocheters. Therefore, this counter can be a great gift idea for the knitter in your life and who you want to remain on point all the time. It has a well-made Japanese quality, with a sturdy plastic housing to survive the accidental drops while working. It also comes in red for easier visibility and counts up to 99 rows.

16. What On Earth [8541854673] Ceramic Knitting Yarn Bowl

The yarn bowl is yet another stunning gift idea that your knitter friend will adore, in particular, if she love s working from the couch. Of course, the sleepy sheep carving on the side looks kind of funny, but it can be a great reminder of staying focused on the current project. The bowl has a ceramic design, with beautiful etching to compliment the knitter’s curio cabinet or crafting room when not working. It also has a deep interior and slightly heavy weight so as not to slide when pulling the yarn.

17. Nagina International Rosewood Yarn Ball Storage Bowl

You certainly know your cousin is much into natural wood grains products, so this bowl is a gift she’ll be more than happy to have. Yes, it works similarly to most, including keeping the yarn clean and enhancing knitting tension. But then, the material has a lovely polished finish and some cute patterns to add glamor. Hence, making it possible to use as an ornamental bowl as well.

18. Galt 1003460 First Knitting Crafts Set for Kids

Instead of the “princess dress up” all the time, this kit can as well help your kid learn knitting. It features everything she needs to make her first knitted purse or a cute fun pompom scarf. The provided yarn is a variegated style that will give a colorful knitted piece without having to work with multiple yarn colors. Even better, the tool set has a step-by-step guide to walk her through the entire project.

19. EXQUISS Natural Circular Knitting Needles Kit

Unlike the traditional needles, circular knitting needles are more comfortable and easier to work on hats and other round projects. So, this knitting kit is something your adorable crocheter or knitter will be glad to have, considering it includes both types of needles. Whether she’s a beginner or a proficient crafter, the tools set also includes the other tools and accessories any active knitting table should have. 

20. Teamoy Large Tree Travel Knitting Tote Bag

By now she has gained the confidence and can work on her projects from anywhere. But since it will make no sense to carry multiple Yarnit Globes, you can get the knitter in your life this tote bag instead. It’s simple to carry and move around with, plus has a storage enough for four yarn skeins, extra needles, and other small accessories. In providing the best experience, Teamoy even added grommets to feed yarns through and keep them separated without tanging.

21. Addi Express Improved 890-2 Kingsize Circular Knitting Machine

If you’re looking for a gift to keep your elderly mom busy with her hands, this Addi creation can make a perfect choice. It’s straightforward to learn and use, plus a perfect knitting design for arthritic hands. The circular knitting machine can make up to 46 stitches and produce a preteen hat without seams. It also has a built-in mechanical row counter and a conversion key for round or flat knitting. So, the knitter can literary make anything.

22. Lauren Espy Whimsical Stitches Spiral-Bound Amigurumi Crochet Patterns Book

This can be a perfect present for advanced and people new to crocheting who are open to trying new ideas and skills. It contains a wide range of fun and creative Amigurumi patterns that your crocheter will definitely love. It has easy-to-follow instructions, with every stitching detail and the tools to work with. The pattern book also includes some amazing colored pictures to show how the finished project will and should look. 

23. Vekkia Rechargeable Knitting Crocheting Neck Lights

Since you already know your knitter has weak sight, let her not squint and strain while working on those small stitches. This light has a fascinating design that the user can wear on the neck to just focus on the project in hands. It has a light 3.6-ounce weight, plus a premium soft rubber that even the elderly can use without feeling any discomfort. More to love, the device uses a rechargeable battery that can be charged via a USB port.

24. WooCrafts Aluminum Crochet Knitting Needles Key Chain

Although it might seem too cheap, the key chain can be a remarkable novelty gift for a knitter or crocheter. It features a metallic yarn pendant to remind of the real yarns waiting to be worked on back at home. The ring also has three small crochet hooks that can really save the moment when the knitter doesn’t have the real tools nearby. So, it will be something she’ll want to take on trips, considering the finish’s smooth to not damage the yarn.

25. Boxer Gifts MU3049 Novelty Knitting Gift Mug

A mug is one of the most powerful friendship gifts as it’s something we use more than once a day. The 12-ounce Boxer Gifts Novelty is a piece every passionate knitter will love, starting with its style of a skein of yarn. It also has some lovely text that will remind her of the project she has abandoned and why she needs to get back before the stitches “unravel”. 

26. Knit Picks 82009-CA Grey Purple Yarn Ball Winder

Knitting with small skeins of yarns can be boring and time-consuming. So, the Knit Picks ball winder is a tool any knitter will treasure to have by her side. It allows one to transform skeins and hanks into usable cakes with even a center-pull end. The device is straightforward to use with any weight of yarn. So, any knitter can work with, regardless of the skill level or knitting category.

27. Authentic Knitting Board KB8000 60-Inch Knitting Loom

Does the knitter or crocheter in your life love to try new challenges? Yes? Then, this KB knitting loom is something that will make her smile. It has an S-shaped design that holds a total of 198 pegs that can produce a knitted piece up to 60 inches wide. Even better, the knitter can handle both double and single knitting, which means she can do a wide range of projects, including making hats without seams. 

28. Mira Handcrafts Acrylic Knitting Yarn Starter Kit 

This is a great knitting kit that you can present to your mom to keep her busy at home or with her crocheting friends. It has 12 skeins of yarns, each with different color for an amazing rainbow pattern. Each skein is about 109 yards long, in which case the total gives yardage enough for three hats, three scarves and a pair of socks or leg warms. And if she’s still a young digital mom, Mira Handcrafts packs the kit with multiple knitting patterns eBooks to offer project ideas. 

29. KOKNIT 333 Aluminum Crochet Hook Knitting Needles Kit

If your crocheting auntie has arthritic hands, this knitting set could help her enjoy the craft she loves. It has hooks with an ergonomic handle that’s not just simple to grip but also soft enough to prevent finger pain. But if she would prefer the old ways, there are additional smooth crochet hooks without a handle. Furthermore, the tool kit comes with a cute flowery storage case to keep everything (including extra accessories) organized. 

30. Old World Christmas Glass Knitting Yarn Tree Decoration

While it’s supposedly for the Christmas tree, this ornament can make a great decoration in the knitter’s craft room. It has an ancient hand-crafted style in a knitting yarn and needles model that doesn’t just remind the beauty of fabric arts. But also help in celebrating how fun it is to crochet and knit with the traditional two needles. Another thing, the knitting ornament has a stunning molten glass build that will share the friendship for a long time.

31. Madam Sew XXS232-1A Sewing Machine Presser Foot Set

With thirty-two different sewing machine presser feet, your knitting friend will have no reason to not smile. Not only will she be able to work easier but also expand her sewing or quilting possibilities. Also, the various sewing machine feet come in a convenient plastic case that even has numbered slots. Hence, keeping everything all neatly organized without falling out, safe from harsh conditions, and easier to carry for outside projects.

32. POPCHOSE SN2268 Rechargeable Knitted Fabric Shaver  

If sure you won’t keep it to yourself, this fabric shaver has everything the knitter in your life will love having at hand. Sharp 6-leaf stainless blades, large shaving head, and varying net holes ensure all the pill, small to large, on the knitted item are removed. It also has an integrated electrostatic stick brush and a cleaning brush to sweep smooth the debris that doesn’t get into the collector bin.

33. BAGERLA Stitching Leather Working Tool Kit

If you’re looking for a gift for your mister knitter, this tool kit could be the next thing he has been planning to get. It consists of up to 273 tools and accessories to help him start on leatherworking. Amongst the tools are a tracing wheels set, an adjustable groover, wooden burnisher, awl, needles, a silent plier, and a stamp set. So, it’s something your dad or gramps would also love to have for making his personalized wallets and belts.

34. Brother CS6000i Digital Sewing Quilting Machine

Some people deserve the very best appreciation we can afford. So, if you feel that friend or relative deserves a more premium gift, a domestic sewing machine like the CS6000i fits the bill. It has a decent design with up to 60 unique built-in stitches for both sewing and quilting projects. It comes with multiple presser feet for various projects, a wide table to handle larger projects, and a self-threading needle to help those with poor eyesight.

35. BAGERLA 50-Piece Leather Craft Working Tools

If the budget is a little short, this toolset can still make a great gift for your dear hand-stitching lover, dad, or gramps. It’s a small version of the BAGERLA 273 but includes all the essentials to start and complete basic leathercraft projects. That’s an awl, groover, tracing wheel tools, wooden burnisher, stitching chisel, and also some waxed threads. The company sends everything together in a plastic storage case that the user can continue using as a storage or carrying case.

36. Vellostar VSSK-001 Sewing Needle Kit for Adults

Knitted or crocheted garments and even Amigurumi toys do tear at some point in life. So, there’s nothing to be ashamed of in giving your knitting pal this sewing kit as a gift. It includes various accessories, not limited to multiple color threads, measuring tape, safety pins, and assorted tapestry needles for doing the repairs. Even better, the storage case houses a seam ripper and a small pair of scissors any supermom would love for home tailoring.

37. JOYPEA Leather Craft Stitching Tool Set

This is yet another brilliant and thoughtful gift for someone who adores leather crafting. Whether a beginner or a proficient crafter, it features various tools one must have to make a good wallet, handbag, or any other desired leather accessory. The tool kit also do include multiple stamping tools the user can use to decorate his work with unique patterns. And since everything comes in a storage case, it’s pretty hard to misplace any item.

38. MOSPRO SN2268 Rechargeable Knitted Sweater Fabric Shaver

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This is a great alternative fabric shaver for removing pills on knitted sweaters, blankets, or scarves. The tool is a lifesaver to not just the knitters and crochets but also friends and relatives at home. It has a tiny but powerful motor, plus a sharp 6-leaf blade system that ensures fast and neater trimming. Hence, giving the previously odd-looking garment a new and fresh splendor. What’s more, the fabric shaver relies on a rechargeable battery for power, in which case there are no cables to restrict the user’s movement.

39. HOMEST Patent Design Sewing Machine carrying Storage Case

If you already know your birthday pal has a Singer, Brother, or Janome sewing machine, this bag would make a perfect gift. It has a generous storage space that fits either of these sewing machines to protect it from dust. There are also multiple side and top pockets to hold other quilting or sewing accessories. Then, she can use the hand handles or the removable shoulder strap to carry or transport the machine with ease.

40. Brother XR9550 Wide Computerized Quilting Machine

At a total of 165 unique built-in stitches, the Brother XR9550 is equipment every passionate quilter or sewer would love owning. Most of the stitches are for the basic tasks while the rest are for decoration and doing special stitches like buttonholes. If the receiver has worked or learned sewing before, the machine will be a breeze to operate. However, it also does come with an installation guide and user manual for those new to the kind of technology. 

41. ProCase PC-08361688 Yarn Organizer Knitting Bag

They say “as playful as a kitten”, but only knitter and crocheters know how messy the little guys can be. So, surprising your knitting enthusiast with a yarn organizer like this one will not just melt her heart. The interior compartments for the yarns and unfinished project will ensure she can still work without Tom the cat accessing them. The best part, the bag has grommets that the knitter or crocheter can feed yarns through and prevent them from tangling when not in use. 

42. Lion Brand 400-5-9002 Knitting Needles for Kids

For many kids, it can be quite hard to learn knitting with the traditional knitting needles that adults use. They usually have a very smooth surface that can drop stitches very easily if the user isn’t careful. With these two Lion Brand needles, however, a child at even 6 years can manipulate the yarn comfortably. They are not only short enough for small hands but also have a fairly slippery surface to prevent the yarn from slipping off. Also, the knitting needles come in fun but different colors so that she can keep track of her stitching and help her remember which to use in the next row.

43. Addi Express 990-2 Circular Knitting Machine

The knitting machine is a great tool for making hats, scarves, socks, blanket blocks, amongst other items. It’s yet another amazing item that you can gift your mom for faster and neat knitting. The tool has a simple but well-made construction that she can set up alone easily. It’s also straightforward to work with for even beginners since Addi does include an instruction manual to guide whenever stranded. Also, the knitting loom machine has a built-in counter that counts the rows with a clicking sound.

Final Verdict

While there are dozens of others, these are the best gifts for knitters and crocheters that we could find. All are part of the bestselling knitting supplies in the market, with some representing a novelty any knitter will love dearly. 

In any case, we hope the article was helpful and you’ve found the right present for your knitting, crocheting, or even hand-stitching enthusiast.

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