No! Many people approach knitting like a sport, but it is more a craft or a hobby than a sport. Knitting is an old fashioned and truly unique hobby that is effortless to comprehend and yet it can take you years of study and practice to master all the skills and techniques.

In this article, we are going to discuss knitting as a craft or a hobby, what you need to start knitting, the stitches, countries where knitting is a hobby, types of beginner knitting projects, advanced knitting, and the benefits of having knitting as a hobby.

Knitting is a hobby or a craft that enables you to create just about anything you want, out of plenty of yarn, and a few knitting needles to accomplish the job. There’s something I love about getting started with knitting is that you won’t have to break the bank at all and it’s something that everybody can easily learn, both young and old.

 Knitting evolved as a technique of creating stretchable fabrics that are then used to make garments. Knitted fabrics inherently have the ability to stretch to certain levels, which makes them great for making things like hosiery, sweaters, and socks.

Countries Where Knitting Is A Practice Like A HobbyBenefits Of Having Knitting As A HobbyWhat You Need To Make Knitting A Hobby  
GermanyGets rid of anxiety and stressA plenty of yarn
The UKHelps you cope with discomfortA sets of needles
The United States of AmericaHelps to relief Arthritis 
CanadaMakes you stay sharp 
IcelandHelps you to be in a fun community 

Countries Where Knitting Is Practiced As A Hobby

There are numerous countries in the world that practice knitting as a hobby or a craft. Countries like Germany, Canada, the United States of America, the United Kingdom, Iceland, and much more practice knitting as a craft or a hobby.

What You Need To Make Knitting A Hobby

In order to start knitting, you will need two things, plenty of yarn and a set OD knitting needles. This is quite affordable, it will only cost you less $20 depending on the quantity of the yarn you wish to buy. The needles and yarn you wish to buy will also depend on your new knitting project. It is highly recommended that you buy a beginner knitting book, although some skeins of yarns deliver a comprehensive knitting pattern with the packaging. This beginner knitting book will help you visualize ad learn the different techniques and steps that will help you knit like a pro within a short period of time.

As a beginner, it is advisable to buy a strong yarn that is not thin or fuzzy, although you can use any type as soon as you’ve learned some certain skills. The perfect yarn should be easy to use, user-friendly, resilient, and therefore not searchable under tension.

 Most fuzzy yarns usually have very tiny strands with lots of soft and fluffy strings affixed. These fuzzy yarns can be very stretchy and mostly hard to see when knitted, which makes them hard to make tight stitches. However, it is possible to use these soft strings, since they make great knitting projects but as a beginner, it is better to start with a strong yarn that is easy to work with and enables you to see your stitches well.

The Stitches

As a beginner in knitting, the most common and easiest project to start off with is a small blanket or a scarf. These small projects use repetitive and simple stitches that are user-friendly, and easy to learn. One thing I like about these small projects is that you do not need to be trouble about adding or changing new types of strings, since they can be knitted with only one color. You have to master some things about stitches and knitting processes before you learn the different stitches.

Different Types Of Beginner Knitting Projects

The common knitting project for a keen beginning knitter is scarves. The main reason why this project is common among begging knitters is that scarves are short, meaning they are easy to begin and finish, and they do not need long knitting needles. Also, they come in handy in the winter months, enabling you to make something more personal and that you can easily show to the world. Isn’t that great?

What more? Knitted scarves can be as light or warm, just as you wanted them to be. It all depends on the type of yarn that you utilize and how tight the stitches are done. If you do the stitches very tight and make use of a bulky, taunt wool yarn, the outcome of the knitting would be a bulky warm scarf. But if you prefer to make use of a stretchy tiny yarn like the furry and fuzzy types, with loose stitches, the project resultant would be a unique and lightweight looking scarf.

Another typical example of a good beginner knitting project is the baby blankets. This is because a baby blanket can be made by a beginning knitter just by making rows of knitted stitches and attaching them concurrently. You don’t need to worry about picking up or dropping colors since knitting a blanket involves the use of multiple colors. However, another way to make a striped blanket is to learn and master how to pick up and drop colors.

 Once you master the basic skills and techniques, then you can begin to learn other intricate stitches and proceed to make purses, clothes, and even things like a cozy, warm hat. Knitting is considered a craft that helps you learn crocheting better, although many people find it much easier to find crocheting patterns than to fin knitting patterns. Learning to crochet requires a much larger learning curve and requires more stitches.

Advanced Knitting

As a beginner, once you’ve graduated from learning knitting basics, then you can move to truly extraordinary techniques of knitting such as lace knitting and cable knitting.  These type of knitting techniques helps to make elegant and unique projects that you can easily show off to the world.

Cable knitting gives your knitting pattern a raised “cable” design. Cable knitting techniques are usually used to make Celtic knots and other unique designs in blankets and sweaters. However, cable knitting is a very intricate technique to learn or master but it deserves all your efforts because your knotting project will look more professional and impressive.

Lace knitting helps you to create a design that looks like a lace of a shoe. This technique makes elegant patterns that have the design and looks of lace. It is a knitting technique that is normally created when you use a thin yarn. I loved that lace knitting can be used to make elegant and beautiful table covers and doilies.

 Knitting is a craft or a hobby that can be used to as a fun way to relax your mind or even to relieve stress and anxiety. It is also craft that is easy to start and very affordable, and people who are keen knitters can even sell their creations to make some money.

Knitting can be a great way to relieve stress and a fun way to relax. It is also a hobby that can be cheap and easy to start and if you become truly interested in knitting you may even be able to sell your creations

Five Stunning Advantages Of Having Knitting As A Hobby

Knitting is a craft that has helped a lot of knitters to find their inner peace. Expert says that being busy keeps you away from boredom, trouble, tress, and even illness. Well, that’s not fallacy when it comes to knitting.  

We have here the five amazing advantages of knotting you can enjoy by getting plenty of yarn and a pair of needles.

1.Get Rid Of Anxiety And Stress

After a long, stressful day, there is nothing more comfortable and relaxing than knitting for some time. Knitting involves repetitive motion which helps to lower stress and prevent anxiety. Also, this offers you a good night’s rest.

2. Helps You Cope With Discomfort

Some illness symptoms manifest in different forms and are worse and some are critical than others. People who suffer from anxiety and depression will find relief when they get involved in any knitting project. Also, negative thoughts and boredom can be staved off when you involve yourself in a rewarding and fun hobby like knitting.

3. Helps To Relieve Arthritis

As people age, they are prone to a condition that affects the joints of the hand called Arthritis. When you keep your hand mobile and nimble, it will help in preventing, and also relieve the stiffness and pains that are caused by arthritis.

We all know that knitting involves moving your hands daily and keep your fingers nimble. Knitting also helps to build up your cartilage and make it stronger.

For arthritis patients, don’t be discouraged from knitting, just ensure to soak your hands deeply in warm water before being a project. Larger knitting needles like bamboo needles can also be helpful. They are lighter and easier to hold than metal needles.

4. Makes You Stay Sharp

The old people are also affected by cognitive impairment. Knitting involves some cognitive tasks such as counting, use of patterns, interpreting instructions that help to make you stay sharp

You need to start or keep on knitting so as to reduce and even prevent cognitive related illness.

5. Helps You To Be In A Fun Community

There are a lot of knitters all around the world today, and there are chances you have some close to you. When you learn new tricks, exchange patterns with other people with the same knitting passion, it’ll give you an opportunity to get involved with a fun community.

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