Is It Cheap To Make Your Own Clothes

The good thing about making your clothes is that it gives you a chance to make something you like and saves you labor costs. But sometimes, it’s not usually the case because clothing costs are much lower than the money you spend on fabrics. However, different factors play a role such as the kind of clothes you are buying, making and the necessary skills.  We will look at the benefits/reasons for making your clothes and factors to consider for informed decision-making.  

Of course, it’s a different case if you are a stylish professional in the textile industry, that one we can say yes. But when you are starting from scratch, i.e., learning basic skills to sew!  It will cost you a lot in terms of money and time. But, it might benefit you in the long run. 

In the world of fast fashion, many people have become accustomed to getting clothing cheaply than sewing their own. Imagine taking more time and money to make something simple like a t-shirt? You are probably much better to buy premade one at the nearest store.  However, if you make expensive occasional dresses like prom dresses, you will save money by sewing them, considering you have the necessary skills.

Is It Cheap To Make Your Own Clothes?

The cost of clothes depends on the type and the fabric of your preference. If you want high-end clothing from designer stores, it is cheaper and better to make your own with quality fabric instead of buying.  

Factors To Consider While Making Your Clothes 

Making your clothes can be cheaper or expensive since they are other factors worth considering. Well, some of these factors include;

Sewing Skills

Before you even come up with the idea of making your clothes! Do you have the necessary skills to do so? Let’s start from there? Sewing is a professional skill that takes time to gain by learning and practicing. Experts who have been in the industry for a long time understand many things like what’s needed and where to get it. If you are a new person getting all these might be a challenge. Learning takes time and money. Are you willing to wait? So you have to consider your sewing abilities, but if you are a professional tailor, we encourage you to make your clothes as it would be cheaper.

Types Of Clothes You Are Making And Buying

It does undoubtedly make a huge difference when it comes to cost.  For a frugal person who purchases things from big box stores, clothes cost much lower than fabric. Factoring in notions and time, you will probably spend more money making your clothes.

But, if you like buying clothes from high-end clothes from designer stores, then making your clothes with higher-end fabric will be a better option considering you have the skills. It will save you a lot of money for similar outfits.

Clothes Patterns

On top of your nations and fabric, you will also need to buy patterns. They are usually more costly, especially if you buy them at a total price. Indeed, you can use it more than once, but it can cost more than $10. 

Expert sewers have plenty of patterns to use without spending more money, though you need to buy them for every sewing project until you have a good stash. Over time, you can make your patterns, but you will need quite a bit of practice before perfecting them.

Cost Of Fabrics And Notions

Fabrics cost differs from one another; there are costly materials like silk and wools, while others like cotton or cotton-poly blends are affordable. So the total cost will depend on the fabric you like to use. Buying a single fabric might be more expensive than bulk buying as the materials are sold at wholesale and discount prices.

Notions needed to finish up your projects might add up to your cost. Since you will need to buy things like zippers, bucks of buttons, threads beads, elastic, lace, interfacing, or any other notion required at the end of the day.

Benefits Of Making Your Clothes

Making your clothes is a productive way of spending your leisure time and a hobby though there more added benefits of doing so like;

Personalized Clothing  

The type of fabric choices and the pattern will make your outfit different from the rest. The buttons, zips, stitching, and seams will be specially yours. You will surely make an outstanding and eye-catching outfit when you have an eye for great fabrics and accessories.


There is always a personal satisfaction for your achievement that people usually feel when they accomplish specific tasks. A home-made pair of trousers, dress or skirts feels more precious and priceless than anything you can buy.

Find New Friends  

You will make new friends to swap skills and learn from one another along the journey as you discover many people who share your hobby. Now you start going for craft fairs, sewing events, weekly meet-ups more often, and making new friends in the process.

Ethically Sound  

Indeed, premade clothes might be affordable, although cheaper clothing has its price too; when clothing decrease in price, the environment, and the human costs have soared. Sewers sewing cheap clothes are subjected to horrible work conditions and poverty wages. Simultaneously, there is an environmental impact caused by cheap clothes since it uses more toxic chemicals and resources.

Custom Fits 

Some people are not standard size and getting the ready wear clothes might be a problem. But if you are making your clothes, they will perfectly fit since they are custom-made. When you understand your body, you will be able to alter patterns or draft for your designs.

Designer Quality For Less 

Sometimes, making your clothes are not always cheap since you will spend money buying fabric of your choice and notions that might be costly. However, you can make your designer clothes with your label at significant savings than the runway clothes. Well, it’s fulfilling to have custom clothing labels in your closets from your unique designs.

No Shopping Malls  

Some of us don’t like going to malls sometimes due to crowds, especially on weekends, time-consuming, and difficulties finding parking. So you can avoid that hassle by just relaxing and making your clothes and even saves more money.

Mental Health Benefits

Studies support crafting as beneficial to your brain. Because it helps you relax while unwinding, get engaged, and avoid stress.

You Get The Opportunity To Improve Your Skills

The more you practice, the more your gift will improve and becomes better. You will also learn more designs that you will try to perfect while making your clothes. You might even want to become a professional toiler and venture into that as a full-time job in the long run.

Fun Factor

You will end up loving sewing since it will give you time to unleash your creativity, passion, and purpose. If you are reluctant to try it, please consider you don’t know what you are missing. It’s something you will be looking forward to every day as you can’t wait to get to the sewing machine to make unique clothing for yourself.

Is It Cheaper To Make Baby Clothes?

Yes, it is cheaper to make baby clothes because kids’ clothing prices are usually inflated and sometimes cost as much as adults’ pieces. If you have the necessary sewing skills, making clothes for your baby will be cheaper since you need less fabric and time. Plus, they grow out of the clothing so quickly than you thought; you might avoid the cost by using cheaper materials.

In some cases, you might be a stylish professional in the textile industry, and it will be more fulfilling to dress up your kids in your way.  Doing so will be beneficial as you can showcase your creativity, and interested clients might ask for the same. Designer baby clothes cost a lot, so it will be cheaper if you design a similar outfit on your own using the high-end quality of your choice.

Is It More Ethical To Make Your Own Clothes?

Yes, it is! By making your clothes, you are not contributing to the exploitation of sewer labor in low-wage countries subjected to horrible work conditions and poor wages. Making your clothes will make you appreciate what you have because you will know its value, i.e., the cost, time, and labor needed.

There will also be less environmental impact caused by toxic chemicals used by industries making clothes and fewer resources needed because you will be sewing your clothes when you need them, which is less wasteful. Simultaneously, understanding and respecting other people’s professions by experiencing what they go through every day ensures you always look good.  

What Is The Easiest Clothing To Sew?

As a beginner, the most accessible cloth you can sew without difficulties is a skirt. But don’t start with ones that need slim fits, zipper, and facings; go for the simple one, i.e., elastic-waist skirt. Although gathered skirts are great for little girls and easy to make, they aren’t flattering for most women. So, you will need to learn to sew an A-line wrap skirt as a beginner for women. When you use ties, it will also be easy to sew, and if you feel adventurous, add a few buttons instead.

A pillowcase dress is another most straightforward sewing project you can make. Others include; infinity scarf, a simple knotted headband, simple bags, and a one-hour dress. 


When it comes to own cloth sewing, the cost isn’t the only factor people consider sometimes; it’s their hobby they like doing during their leisure time or satisfaction. Other people do so because they can’t find ready-made clothes which fit their body size and shape. Although we can’t refute the claim of affordability, it’s also ethical to make your clothes.

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