Can you imagine your kitchen without attractive items or décor? It would be quite stressful for you even to prepare your meals. The kitchen is one place that we cannot afford to neglect since we visit it every other minute, and we thus need to maintain it at the highest level of hygiene possible. Our kitchen should also be attractive with fabulous items to complement the décor as much as possible. One of the things that help us in the maintenance of hygiene, as well as making work more comfortable, is a dishcloth. 

Are you a knitter or a crochet enthusiast, and you want to gift friends and relatives with fabulous dishcloths that will make them appreciate your skills? Or are you in crocheting business and want to make those things that will promote your sales?  You could also be creating the items for your kitchen! Then with the best crochet dishcloth patterns, nothing can stop you. There are various designs for dishcloths, which would take you a while to select and which may also require you to invest a lot of resources in them. Do you have all the time for trial and error? I bet you don’t. Worry no more! We have used our time and resources to research and compile a list of these basic patterns for you.  We are committed to helping you achieve the highest standards in your kitchen and make it the best among the rest. READ this guide and click on the links provided to get what you want. 

Comparison Table Of Best Crochet Dishcloth Patterns

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Factors to consider when choosing the crochet dishcloth patterns

A dishcloth makes working in the kitchen more relaxed and fun, and it is one of the items that we cannot avoid. We all need dishcloths to clean utensils and tabletops as well as for decorating our kitchen. Whether you are crocheting for your kitchen, for friends, or commercial purposes, the pattern that you pick plays a significant role. The following factors are crucial in choosing these patterns:

The material

The material making a dishcloth needs to be soft and gentle on the skin. When cleaning the dishes, the safety of the user is crucial. A substance that destroys or irritates the skin should not be used. It is, therefore, vital for one to read the label of the yarn before purchasing. The material should also be easy to clean and dry to avoid stains or foul smell. The hygiene of the kitchen is of paramount importance, and the content should also be accessible to bleach and machine-washable and dryable as this helps in the killing of germs. A biodegradable subastance is also the right one to avoid polluting the environment. Ensure to read the label before purchasing the item to know how durable it is. 

The size of the item to make

The design of the dishcloth chosen also depends on the size of the item you are making. Some patterns are suitable for large cloths, while others are perfect for small pieces. It is advisable to read the step-by-step instructions of making the pattern before applying it to your project. The size of the item also helps in making the 

The crochet hooks you are using

The dimensions of crochet hooks you are using also play an essential role when choosing the pattern of the dishcloth. Large hooks will make large stitches and vice versa, and it is, therefore, necessary to look for those styles that suit the crochet hooks you are using. Tightly stitched tools are long-lasting, but they may not be suitable for dishwashing cloth since it may not be easy to clean the grease that sticks on their surface. A loosely stitched item may be ideal for washing the dishes since they are quick to cleans and dry and will, therefore, not give out bad odors. 

The purpose of the dishcloth

If the dishcloth is for cleaning surfaces, you should pick a pattern that is sturdy and durable. A design that will run out fast should not be used for cleaning rough surfaces since you may need replacing it frequently. If you are making the garment for decorative purposes, then a colorful pattern is ideal for you. A dishwasher needs a style that does not retain dirt and which is easy to clean and one that does not lose shape.

The budget

An intricate pattern for a dishcloth may require a lot of yarn, which in essence affects your budget. You must find out the amount of thread that each design needs and the cost for each. If you are making the pieces for commercial purposes, ensure that the input will not affect out much the output, and hence, it gives you the desired profit.

1. No odor dishcloth for all-purpose dishwashing(3PK) by the crown choice

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The no odor dishcloth by Crown choice is suitable for all purposes in the kitchen. The item has triple stitches to reinforce strength and durability hence to serve you for a more extended period. The cloth is made of polyester, which ensures durability and prevents unstitching. You will be able to use this item without any fear of foul smell as it dries quickly and attracts no bacteria. The piece is also easy to sanitize in a washing machine or a dishwasher. You can use the cloth for many months without stinking. The crown choice all-purpose is easy to disinfect and clean hence making it easy to maintain and safe for use. It is also 100% non-scratch and suitable for use on all surfaces regardless of the material. You will quickly rinse the food out of the dishcloth because of the large holes in the pattern. It does not also absorb water and is. Therefore, air dries fast. 


  • Strong and durable
  • Non-absorbent
  • Odor-free
  • Dries quickly and prevents foul smell
  • Easy to maintain
  • 100% non-scratch


  • Color: 3PK
  • Material: Sponge
  • Dimension: 10 x 10 x 0.1 inches
  • Weight: 1.28 ounces

Perfect for all surfaces and purposes!

2. Toockies Hand Knit Organic-Cotton Scrub in Vintage Dishcloth Pattern – 6 Pack

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Organic cotton scrub, by Toockies is a hand-knit dishcloth made from 100% organic cotton. It is denser and stronger than all ordinary cloths. The item can be washed in any color or temperature without any fear of folding, stretching, or shrinking. The material is non-absorbent and therefore dries out quickly without leaving behind any foul smell. You can scrub your surface deeply without scratching them regardless of whether it is leather, stainless steel, exfoliate skin, or textured walls. 

These dishcloths are durable and cost-effective since you can reuse them for several years without wearing out. The material is biodegradable and hence, does not pollute the environment or cause suffocation. It does not also have chemical dyes or fibers and is thus more hygienic than sponges or plastic. 


  • Biodegradable
  • Non-absorbent
  • Strong and long-lasting
  • Does not scratch the surfaces
  • Hand-knit


  • Material 100% organic cotton
  • Size 6 pack
  • Weight 11.2 ounces
  • Dimensions 7.5 x 7.5 x 0 inches

3. Skoy Scrub ( 2-Pack)

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The skoy scrub is a scouring pad that is reusable and made from cotton and non-poisonous hardeners. It is more durable than other ordinary scrubbers and thus prevents wastage and helps save money. It is fun to use the scrubs in the kitchen since they come in various designs and colors. They also work on several surfaces without causing any damages. It is easy to clean these items hence preventing the production of any foul smells. The dishcloth has the texture of scrub brush or sponge and is therefore easy to use a scraper to remove residues on baking pans or sheets. It reaches the corners better than brushes, and you can also use it inside the bottles and glasses. 


  • Durable and reusable
  • Quick and easy to clean
  • Do not have odors
  • Safe on all surfaces
  • Different designs and bright colors to choose


  • Material: cotton
  • Dimensions: 5 x 6 inches
  • Quantity: 2 pack
  • Weight: 2.08 ounce

Perfect for all dishes and surfaces!

4. Fecido Classic Dark Kitchen Dish Towels with Hanging Loop – Heavy Duty Absorbent Dish Clothes 

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Fecido classic dish towel is made from 100% cotton. It is a heavy-duty item that has superior quality and commercial grade that outmatches most dish clothes. The material becomes softer with every wash, and it is, therefore, does not irritate the skins. The cloth is made of superior absorbent material that dries all utensils such as glassware and cooks ware with ease. You will be able to use the dishcloth for an extended period, thus helping you to save on money since you do not need to keep replacing, and it does not leave lint on the utensils.


  • Durable
  • Superior absorbent material
  • Luxuriously soft
  • Heavy-duty superior quality
  • Large in size


  • Material: 100% cotton
  • Dimension: 19 x 27 inches
  • Quantity: 4-pack
  • Color: white

5.Utopia Kitchen Flour Sack Dish Towels, 12 Pack Cotton Kitchen Towels 

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Utop[ia kitchen towels are made from 100% cotton, and they are suitable for all household needs. They are highly absorbent and are therefore perfect for use as dust and dishcloths. They can also be used for wiping stains, drying hands, dish rags, cloth diapers, cheese filters, and so on. You can also comfortably use the cloths as salad spinners, for sweating vegetables and also for needle work or embroidery

The items are lightweight and flint-free and are carefully graded for superior quality control and durability and thus making it last for long. It is easy to care for these towels because they are machine-washable and do not, therefore, lose shape even after several washes. They do not also shrink, stretch or produce lint and can consequently be reused severally. 


  • Multiple uses
  • Environmental friendly
  • Durable and strong
  • Lightweight and lint-free
  • Machine-washable


  • Material: 100% cotton
  • Quantity: 12 pack
  • Dimensions: 28 x28 inches

Cost-effective items!

6. Zeppoli Classic White Kitchen Towels, 15-Pack 

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Zeppoli kitchen towels are made of 100% natural cotton, making them long-lasting. They have strong, durable fibers that do not scratch your fine silverware, pots, pans, or plates. The items are lightweight, super absorbent, and they dry quickly hence do not have the risk of mildew and bacteria build-up. They are also lint-free, unlike other dishcloths, as well as absorb fluids fast and efficiently, making them perfect for any task. 

The clothes come in a value pack containing 15 pieces to ensure that you have enough towels for cooking and cleaning purposes in the kitchen, dining tables, and so on. The items are easy to handle by anyone who is a cleaning enthusiast. You will easily care for these fabrics since they are machine-washable and dryable. They can resist shrinkage and stretching and can, therefore, be reused for long.


  • 100% cotton
  • Strong and durable
  • Do not scratch your kitchenware
  • Super absorbent
  • Lint-free
  • Dries quickly


  • Material: 100% cotton
  • Quantity: 15-pack
  • Dimensions: 14 x 25 inches
Best Crochet Dishcloth Patterns

How To Crochet a Washcloth

Frequently asked questions on the best dishcloth patterns

Many questions arise when you are looking for a dishcloth pattern that matches your needs. You may want to get an item that lasts long and gives you excellent service but doesn’t know where to start. You may also be wondering who to consult to avoid making mistakes. We have compiled a list of the FAQs about the best dishcloths, which will make everything easy for you. Look at them here:

Q. Which is the best material for a dishcloth pattern?

The material you choose may depend on your personal preference, but it is necessary to look at the features. A dishcloth requires frequent cleaning, and you should, therefore, look for a material that does not loose shape with regular washing. A substance that dries quickly is also ideal for preventing foul smell as well as bacteria build-up.

Q. which is the best dishcloth pattern to buy

A dishcloth has various uses such as cleaning the utensils, tabletops, decorating the kitchen, or even scrubbing pots and pans. The design you pick depends on the purpose for which you intend to use the item. A loosely crocheted pattern may not be suitable for scrubbing the pans since it will unravel quickly. On the other hand, a cloth that is tightly made may not be right for dishwashing since it may not be easy to clean and remove grease. 

Q. which is the best yarn for dishcloth?

The yarn used for a dishcloth should be easy to clean, does not lose shape; it dries out quickly to prevent smell as well as one that does not shrink or stretch out. Cotton or a blend of cotton and some other yarn may be ideal since it meets most of the qualities suitable for a dishcloth. The thread you choose will also depend on the crochet hook you are using because not all of them are compatible. The yarn should also be lint-free for the safety of cleaning dishes as it does not have to leave behind fur. 

Q. Is it advisable to crochet dishcloth patterns with colorful yarns?

Colorful yarns may leach the dyes on the utensils hence may transfer the same on to the food. A white or off-white thread may be ideal for the dishcloth. It will be advisable to know whether the dye on the yarns runs out or it does not before picking it. Acrylic yarn may also not be suitable if you are making scrubbers. 

Q. which is the perfect size for a dishcloth?

The size of the dishcloth will also depend on the use. However, the average size for this item is usually 7 square inches. You can, however, easily change the size by changing the gauge. You can use a different weight of the yarn or size of the crochet hook, which will, as a result, change the size of the tool. Your preference for the size should help you to decide on what is suitable for you, the person you want to gift.

Q. Can acrylic yarn be used for making dishcloths?

You can use acrylic yarn for dishcloths, but cotton is preferable since it is more absorbent hence cleans and dries dishes more efficiently. It does not also have the risk of melting at high temperatures, unlike acrylic yarn. Cotton is also softer and thicker hence safe to use and does not irritate your skin. Cotton even does not flake, which is the case with most yarns. Flaking may cause suffocation, especially if it leaves fur on the dishes. 

Q. Are the crochet dishcloths hygienic to use?

Crochet dishcloth is hygienic if you clean them after use and disinfect them regularly just like other clothes and flannels, they will breed germs if not taken care of and if you leave them dirty. The items should also not be left dump, and you, therefore, should hang them to dry properly after washing. You should soak the tools in warm water as you do with other flannels occasionally to get rid of tough stains or any foul smell that may build up. If you take proper care of these items as you do with others, then you should not have any fear of poor hygiene with your dishes or utensils. 

Summary of the six best crochet dishcloth patterns

Classic dishcloth designs add glamour to the kitchen and make the user enjoy working from there. For you to pick the best models for a dishcloth, you require a lot of research and trying. It may take you a lot of time to select the most suitable, which may sometimes be impossible. Relax and continue reading to get the best



No odor dishcloth for all-purpose dishwashing ( 3PK )
No mildew smell
Longer lasting
Fully non-scratch
Easy to clean

Toockies hand-knit organic cotton scrub cloths in vintage dishcloth pattern – 6 pack

100% cotton
Stronger and denser than ordinary cotton Non- absorbent

Skoy Scrub ( 2-Pack)

Re-usable and long-lasting
Easy to clean 
Safe on many surfaces
Beautiful colors and design

Fecido classic dark kitchen dish towels with hanging loop
Absorbent material
100% cotton 
Large in size
Commercial grade
Heavy-duty superior quality
Luxuriously soft durable

Utopia kitchen flour-sack dish towels, 12 pack cotton kitchen towels

Multiple uses
Highly absorbent and soft
Durable 100% pure cotton
Dries quickly

Zeppoli Classic White Kitchen Towels, 15-pack 100% natural cotton dish towels

Long-lasting 100% cotton
Ultra absorbent
Easy to care

Final words

Fabulous crochet dishcloth patterns will always add glitter to your kitchen, making working there fun and enjoyable. The kitchen is one place that we frequent either to prepare our meals, to clean the dishes and surfaces, or even to pick the food. We should therefore ensure that the items we use are attractive and easy to use. The cloths we use for cleaning the dishes and surfaces are not exceptional when it comes to design and style. It is always wise to choose that pattern that will perfectly complement the décor in the kitchen, making it very habitable.

Hygiene is also vital since handling of meals is so delicate. It is necessary to ensure that the pattern you pick is easy to clean, dry, and disinfect. Since not all crochet patterns are easy to wash, select the one that is machine-washable and dryable. Check also that it does not lose shape, shrink or stretch to make it long-lasting and hence to give you value for your money. An absorbent material is perfect for dishwashing items as it will dry the utensils without leaving any lint or color dyes. 

When picking the material for the pieces, consider cotton since it is better than acrylic or any other fibers since it is absorbent, does not flake, and it is easy to clean. So make your kitchen comfortable and a beautiful place to be in with crochet patterns for dishcloths!


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