Best Hosiery Brands

Several brands are selling hosiery, but if you want the best, choose from Hipstik, Donna Karan, Berkshire, Nubian Skin, and Wolford. Apart from these, if you like ultra-sheer hosiery, Calzedonia is an ideal brand. For flattering sheer hosiery, Spanx, Nordstrom, Hue, and Torrid are the best brands of hosiery. Get the best quality colorful hosiery from the brand Sofsy.

Best hosiery brands

1. The Sock Factory

The Sock Factory

It is a household-owned US brand engaged in the hosiery industry for more than 40 years. It designs especially compression socks and outdoor socks. The company has employed over 50 workers who deal with almost 60 sewing machines.

2. Nester Hosiery

Nester Hosiery

It is another reputed company set up in 1993. This reliable US brand has manufactured and introduced socks of different styles. Nester Hosiery is known for designing lightweight, heavyweight, thermal, and multi-sport socks. Moreover, it has recently released a series of new product lines that include Tactical Equestrian, and Hike socks.

3. Fab Fantasies

Fab Fantasies

Fab Fantasies is one of the highly popular brands manufacturing female undergarments. It has introduced high quality lingerie and uniquely designed socks. You can find innovative designs in their socks, lingerie, and other garments.

4. Memoi


It is a highly trusted company selling socks, hosiery, leggings, and shapewear of trendy designs. Lots of women have chosen the American shopping platform as one of the best destinations. There are also novelty socks and tights for kids. You can find superior craftsmanship in every product of this brand.

Is There Any Difference Between Hold-ups And Stockings?

Hold-ups are practically similar to tights but have no pants. Its inside bands are of silicon that helps to retain the hold-up position in the appropriate place. 

However, stockings need a garter belt to wear. It comes in different sizes, long or short or medium; stockings can be of several lengths. Also, it settles on the two thighs.

How Many Types Of Hosiery Styles Are Available?

There are usually four types of hosiery styles. They are as follows –

1. Hold-ups

2. Suspender

3. Tights

4 Stockings


Tights are pants like that cover your lower body part starting from the waist and go down to the toes tips. The sheerness and thickness of tights can be of various types. Also, you can get it in basic solid color or in prints as well.


Stockings are a pair of legs-covering clothes like tights, but without any pants to cover your buttock. It is available in different lengths and usually worn with a garter belt. The garter belt helps the stockings from sagging down. Stockings offer a sensual look to the overall outfit.


Hold-ups have various names like thigh-high stockings, stay-ups, thigh highs. Generally, hold-ups are identical to stockings, but you do not need a garter belt to wear them. You can wear them under any fitted outfit and go out. Since it offers a seamless effect, it will boost your confidence without causing a fashion faux pas.


A suspender is a type of hose that one wears over the knickers. Then you fasten its garter with the stockings. It usually comes with adjustable straps and clips so that one can quickly fix it with the stockings.

How To Wear A Pair of Hold-ups Hosiery?

If you want to give a glamorous twist to your outfit, then wear a pair of hold-ups. It is ideal and more appealing to wear a skirt or dress covering the apex of the stockings. Choose to sit crossing the legs to conceal the length of the pair.

When To Wear A Pair Of Hold-Ups?

There is no rule set about when you can or when you cannot wear a pair of hold-ups. If you wish, you can wear hold-ups daily. People often associate hosiery with boldness, and that is not without reason. A hold-up or any other hosiery gives a glamorous and bold look to an outfit, and so, they save up to team them up on special occasions. 

Hence, it would be an ideal piece to adorn when you go out on a romantic date in the evening. You can also wear them for a friend’s night out, birthday parties or any special occasion to turn heads.

Why Do Hold-Ups Slightly Roll Down?

Yes, hold-ups or thigh-highs sometimes does not stay up in their place on the legs. Here are some common reasons why it is sagging down.

1. Wrongly Worn

Remember the last time you put a pair of hold-ups all the way up or you just left it over the knees. The design of this is such that it will only sit nicely on the top of the thighs.

2. Wearing An Incorrect Size

Check whether the size you have is of your size or not. If the band size is larger than your legs, chances are extremely high that it will slip down.

3. Type Of Bands

You need to watch out for the hold-ups to know whether it consists of rubber bands or silicone bands? If there is nothing, you need garter belts to keep them on your legs as it will not stay up on their own.

4. Use Of Dryer

Are you using a dryer to dry your hold-ups? If yes, then please avoid doing this blunder. A dryer can eradicate the beauty of the cloth and reject the hosiery from staying up.

5. Use Of Body Lotion

Though body lotion is excellent to maintain the softness of the skin removing dryness, yet it is not a fantastic idea to apply body lotion when you are planning to wear any type of hosiery, including hold-ups. 

Body lotion tends to help the hosiery slipping down. So, it is better to skip them for that time.

How To Keep Hold-Ups In Their Place?

Slipping off of the hold-ups can be a turn off for many people, and so many refrain from wearing this amazing show-stopping pair. However, if you put them in the correct way, then this issue will not arise. So, these are a few tips that you can apply to keep the hold-ups up in place.

1. While wearing, roll the hold-ups. Avoid pulling them to pass your legs into them. If you do so, it can stretch its fabric and, consequently, go sagging and slip. So, roll them upwards and put your toes inside them and then slowly unroll them all the way up to the thighs. 

2. Pat dry your legs to keep them in place. You can also pour in some talc or spray deodorant on the part in which the silicon bands rest. 

It is better to avoid massaging oils or moisturizer on the legs on the day of adorning the hold-ups. Instead, you can apply special gels to keep them stay up.

1. Maintain cleanliness. Yes, just like your underwear, you must keep your hosiery in proper order. Do not throw them into the washing machine after wearing them. Lend a neat straight away to the bands to eliminate all the sweats, skin flakes, oils from it. Residue can have adverse effects on the silicone, and then it may not hold up.

Is It Nice To Wear Hosiery In Winter?

Yes, all those fashioniesta can wear a pair of hosiery in the winter season or on a chilly weather day or night. However, you must know that there is a drawback. 

During winter or simply colder weather, you may expose your skin to the coldness and fall sick. This is because hosiery has sheer-like fabrics, which is not enough to keep you warm.

What To Keep Hold-Ups Clean?

Remember that the most delicate area in hosiery is the silicone bands that help to hold them up on your thighs. Any cosmetic, moisturizer, oils, or ointments can neutralize their ability to hold up on the thighs. 

So, we recommend to wash them with your hands in lukewarm water. Also, the water must not be of higher temperature than 40°C to properly clean them. Use soap or mild detergent as well. 

Using any wrong products and high-temperature removes the elasticity from the bands. Plus, make sure to wash them thoroughly without pulling, twisting, or squeezing them too much to maintain their original shape.

How To Dry Hosiery?

First of all, avoid using a dryer to maintain its shine, then keep them away from any type of direct heat, including sun rays, heaters, tumble dryers, or any other drying appliances.

Besides, avoid even thinking of ironing them. These were the things you should not do, but you may still have a question about what to do then?

You can gently wring them from the top and go down towards the toe and simply leave it to air dry naturally.

What Is The Difference Between Tights And Stockings?

To build a hosiery wardrobe, you need to have both tights and stockings. They offer you different styles to suit various occasions. Though they are of similar pattern, yet there are some differences that you may find helpful to know.

Stockings come as high as above the knees or up to the mid-thigh. It comes with garter belts or silicone bands.Unlike stockings, a pair of tights can cover the entire legs starting from the toes and go up to the waist without having any breaks.
It is generally of sheer material. However, nowadays, patterns and prints are also available.You can get a diverse choice of materials to choose from this category. Additionally, feetless or seamless tights are also available.
It is best suitable to wear on a date night or parties to turn on your bold side.Tights are ideal for creating every day look tights as they are comfortable to wear.
It gives a glamorous, feminine look.It gives a simple go-to look.
They can flatter every body shape. Accordingly, boost confidence and make you feel comfortable.It gives you comfort and allows free movement. Also, you may feel cooler to adorn them in hot weather.

Final Thoughts

They give you a smooth looking figure hiding the bulges if you have any and boosting your confidence. Pair them up with a dress, skirt, and even shorts as well. Hosiery is a versatile piece of leg clothing that gives you all glam up a look. Plus, you can wear them on different occasions in different styles suiting the event.

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