Best Knitting Project Bags

As a passionate knitter, how do you ensure your projects are organized? Do you stash them in your bedroom closet? Or do you leave them lying around the house anyhow? If you use either of these two for your knitting projects, it’s a high time you get a nice knitting bag that can keep your work tools and accessories better organized.

Of course, you’re not the only one who still rely on the cupboard and plastic bags to hold the yarn. But with a good knitting bag, you can have all your stuff in one place and make them more accessible whenever needed. 

 If it’s the yarn, some of these bags have integrated slit or grommets that allow you to pass a yarn tip through them. So, you can comfortably carry on your project without needing to take the yarn or even yarns (when using different colors) out. 

Still, many of these bags have integrated straps to enhance portability. So, if you did manage to choose the right design, not only does it become easier to work on your knitted patterns. You could comfortably take your craft with you anytime, anywhere.

In any case, we’ve picked ten of the best knitting project bags that we believe might interest you and brought them in one place. We’ve ranked each of the products as per the special feature so that you’ll find it easier to choose.

How We Choose The Best Knitting Project Bags

While we’ve not tested all the knitting bags out there, the selections below comprise the most purchased and recommended products in the market. After many hours of research and reading testimonials from Amazon, they are the only ones that showed the quality and features we were looking. Hopefully, you’ll find it helpful and with the right kind of knitting bag you need.

Which Is The Best Knitting Project Bag?

All the products here are the best you will find, with some having 3,000+ positive reviews on Amazon (only). However, our gold badge goes with the No products found. as it has the finest balance of pricing, reliability, convenience, and customer recommendation. The knitting bag has a spacious inner room that allows you to arrange six medium-size yarns and still leave enough space for your multi-colored unfinished blanket. 

Anyways, here is a summary of the rest of the knitting project bags in case you don’t have time to go through the detailed reviews:

Best Overall: No products found.

Has a durable design, effortless to carry, double zippers, 6 skein dividers, and reinforced grommets to pass yarn through 

Best Tote: No products found.

A tough flowery fabric, eight side pockets, multiple skein dividers, wide top opening, and a free mini yarn drum pouch 

Best Design: No products found.

Has an elegant tough fabric, very easy to carry, multiple outer pockets, removable shoulder strap, and a free accessories case

Best For Amigurumi: No products found.

Holds 5-7 skein of yarns, a clear panel to watch inside, removable yarn dividers, multiple elastic bands for needles, and a padded handle 

Best For Travel: No products found.

Has tough durable nylon material, 4 yarn dividers, multiple O-ring holes to feed the yarn through, and also elastic bands for crochet hooks

Best For Casuals: No products found.

Features a sleek decent style, uses quality Fabric material, a zippered external pocket, large grommets, and could work as a shopping bag

Best For Budget: No products found.

Features a cute durable design, multiple yarn grommets, effortless to carry, zippered outer pocket, and very affordable

Best For Gift: No products found.

Has a lovely cylindrical design, hold ten skein of yarns, four yarn slits, seven extra pockets, sewn handle and shoulder strap  

Alternative 1: No products found.

There are multiple skein compartments, 5 grommets at the top, zippered front pocket, adjustable shoulder strap, and a sturdy durable fabric material 

Alternative 2: No products found.

So affordable, reinforced yarn grommets, lightweight, wide carrying strap, zippered outer pocket, sturdy and cute canvas 

The Best Knitting Project Bags Size and Yarns Capacity Chart

The following table summarizes the dimensions of each bag we selected. It also includes the average number of yarns (large) it can hold while working (lowest count) and when during general storage (highest count).

Knitting Project Bag Unique QualityDimensions(in Inches)Average Skein of Yarns

No products found.
Best Overall15.7 x 11.0 x 11.86-12

No products found.
Best of Tote11.7 x 11.7 x 16.54-12

No products found.
Best of Design11.0 x 11.0 x 13.54-8
No products found.Best for Amigurumi Crafters14.5 x 9.5 x 10.05-7
No products found.Best for Travelling12.5 x 11.7 x 6.56-8
No products found.Best For Casuals16.5 x 2.2 x 10.04-6
No products found.Best For Budget11.5 x 6.0 x 6.04-6
No products found.Best For Gift10.3 x 10.3 x 11.88-10
No products found.Alternative for Design16.5 x 8.5 x 12.58-12

No products found.
Alternative for Budget12.2 x 1.75 x 7.52-3

The 10 Best Circular Knitting Machine Comprehensive Reviews

Here is a detailed review of the features, pros, and cons of our selection of knitting project bags.

Best Overall: ProCase PC-08361688 Yarn Organizer Knitting Bag

No products found.

Main Features:

1. Plenty of storage

2. Multiple side pockets

3. 6 skein dividers 

4. Reinforced grommets

5. Detachable shoulder strap

As was mentioned, this is our overall best knitting project bag for its high convenience and reliability. It has a well-made cuboid design, with a rugged fabric exterior to support a significant weight and many years of use. 

The bag has spacious storage that you can use to keep everything you need to work on your projects. Its main compartment is divided into two parts, whereby one side is to hold the project and the other for the skein. The skein section has six smaller compartments that you can insert the yarns you’re working with. 

More on that, the bag has a clear inner cover, with multiple O-ring grommets and adhesive tapes to feed yarns through. So, you won’t need to worry about the tips entangling, plus you can easily tell when you’re running low on threads.

Still, the knitting bag has a side pocket to hold the pattern book or tablet and another at the front to keep crocket hooks and accessories. 


1. It has a lovely, durable design

2. Light and easy to carry around

3. Uses double zippers for a perfect lock

4. It features smooth interior linen to protect


1. The zippers stick a bit during the first use.

2. It doesn’t hold its shape well. Its sides aren’t stiff enough

Best Tote: HOMEST XL Floral Yarn Storage Knitting Bag

No products found.

Main Features:

1. Tough Fabric and flowery patterns

2. Bonus mini yarn drum 

3. 8 side pockets 

4. 6 large grommets 

5. 6 skein dividers and central project compartment

If you’re looking for a nice tote for your knitting projects, this piece can be a great choice. It looks lovely in its colorful and flowery patterns, plus features a tough fabric material to enhance durability. 

The bag has spacious internal storage that you can use to hold several yarns and a large knitting project. It has 6 skein dividers that you can use to keep your yarn separated and untangled. There are also 6 large grommets (holes) to feed the yarn so that you can carry on the project without needing to remove them. 

Furthermore, the knitting bag has eight side pockets that you can use to hold the crochet hooks and the rest of the accessories. And in case you wanted to go for a walk, the piece comes with a mini yarn drum to take your small knitting project with you.

Still, the knitting bag relies on a drawstring closure, which is easy to do but provide a secure closure. It also has strong handles that you could use to carry with your hands or as a shoulder strap.


1. It has a sleek and durable design

2. Light for easy transporting

3. Available in different color finishes

4. Has a wide mouth for quick packing/ unpacking

5. It’s budget-friendly


1. It doesn’t stand up well when not filled

Best Design: CRAFTISS Crochet Knitting Bag

No products found.

Main Features:

1. Trendy color and tough fabric

2. Lightweight and portable

3. Multiple external pockets

4. Bonus accessories case

5. Removable/ adjustable shoulder strap

If you are hoping to be knitting on the go, this bag may serve your needs. It has a big capacity that you could store up to eight skeins of yarn, as well as accessories and unfinished. However, this is not the reason we gave it a “special design” badge. 

We gave it this badge as the interior space is customizable, whereby you can arrange the divider as per your needs. That’s you could divide it into four quarters, two halves, pie shape, or even remove do away with the dividers.

The knitting bag has a solid cylindrical build, with the skein dividers ensuring it retains the round shape. Also, there are three external pockets that you can use to keep your knitting patterns, crochet hooks, needles, and other accessories.

More to love, the top lid has double heavy-duty zippers to keep the content safe from dust and playful kittens. It also includes a hand carrying handle and straps for easy transporting.


1. It has plenty of room for yarn and projects

2. Has slit on top to feed the yarn through

3. Includes a baby case for extra accessories

4. Consists of a sturdy fabric and strong stitching

5. The straps can be adjusted to your perfect fit


1. It tends to flop if not filled 

2. You can’t use the handles when the lid is open

Best For Amigurumi: HOMEST Knitting Accessories Storage Bag

No products found.

Main Features:

1. Clear visual panel on top

2. Roomy interior and sides

3. Detachable dividers

4. Multiple elastic bands

5. Hand handle and shoulder strap

If you usually work amigurumi stuffed toys, you certainly have various colors of yarns, different tools, and accessories. Luckily, this knitting bag can give you boundless friendship as it can hold everything you need it to. The front outer pocket alone has nine small compartments, eight elastic loops for crochet hooks, and slots for 20+ knitting needles. 

Still, the breadth sides of the bag also have multiple pockets each that you could use for other accessories, patterns, and your phones. Then, the inner (main) compartment has a room enough to hold eight full-sized skeins when using without the dividers.

But if you feel you need your working skeins of yarn organized, you can easily attach the 3 provided dividers. It will create three compartments for the yarns and one large section that you can use to hold the unfinished project.

The knitting project has been designed with true craftsmanship that HOMEST has been building its reputation on. So, you need not worry about quality control or durability. It even has a flat bottom that allows sitting or stacking on other luggage without toppling.


1. It has so much space

2. Features a clear top to see what’s inside

3. Has oversized eyelet holes to pass yarn through

4. Uses magnetic buttons and double zipper locks

5. It has lovely hand handles and a removable shoulder strap


1. The skein dividers are pretty shorter than the bag

2. The top part with magnetic buttons doesn’t close completely. 

Best For Travel: LUXJA CALX04603 Gray Knitting Tote Bag

No products found.

Main Features:

1. Heavy-duty nylon material

2. 4 yarn dividers

3. 4 grommets and adhesive straps

4. Sewn carrying handles/ straps

5. 13 elastic crochet hooks bands 

That’s right. The knitting bag has a decent-but-cool profile that you can take with you to any place, on any occasion. It has a well-made nylon construction, with a padded lining to keep your content in perfect condition.

The tote bag is not very large but can hold 8 skeins of yarn when not working. However, it has dividers that can accommodate about four 7-oz skeins of yarns and a medium-sized project that you’re working on. The dividers even have Velcro straps to help keep the yarn in place.

Still, the knitting project bag has gone multiple pockets on the sides (external) that you can use for the tools and accessories. The cover of the front pocket even has small elastic bands to help hold the crochet hooks for better organization. Then for the extra small items, this front pocket has an extra zipped compartment.

In addition to that, the tote bag has four O-ring holes and adhesive straps on the top to feed the yarn through. So, you won’t need to worry about your knitting threads entangling.


1. It has a solid body, starch-resistant design 

2. Lightweight and easy to carry around

3.M Has various pockets to keep things organized

4. Easy to clean by hands

I5. t has a reasonable pricing


1. The top doesn’t fully close when zipped

2. It has a definite strong smell on the first opening

Best For Casuals: Teamoy TY04903 On The Go Knitting Tote Bag

No products found.

Main Features:

1. Stylish, casual design

2. Quality Fabric/ canvas material

3. Zippered external pocket

4. 4 large eyelet holes

5. Wide and comfortable strap 

If you need a simple tote bag that you use for knitting projects and other home tasks, this model may work. It has a simple yet beautiful handcrafted style, with enough space for small projects or when you want to go shopping.

The body is a tough canvas material, added with some unique patterns to improve the elegance. It has a front zippered pocket that you can use for the knitting needles (up to 14 inches), as well as other tools or accessories.

Also, the tote bag has internal yarn pockets and multiple grommets that you can use while knitting on the go. The design is light to make it possible to move around without straining your arm even after carrying for a long time.

Speaking of the arm, by the warm, this bag doesn’t come or use shoulder straps. The handle is a wide strap, part of the bag’s canvas body that you use over your forearm when you want to continue knitting on the go. 


1. It has a high-quality, durable design

2. Allows you knit without the yarns tangling

3. Effortless and comfortable to move around

4. Handle allows you to knit while standing.

5. It’s inexpensive


1. The top (main compartment) has no closing means

2. The handle prevents quick retrieval

Best For Budget: LUXJA Large Sheep Yarn Needles Knitting bag

No products found.

Main Features:

1. Premium quality canvas body

2.Zippered side pocket

3. 4 grommets 

4. Hand/ wrist handle

5. Compact and light

This here is our best choice for an affordable knitting project bag. Just as the name, it has some lovely sheep patterns all over the canvas body to bring out that stylish finish you seek. Its body is also compact, both size and weight, to ensure easy transporting without tiring your hand. 

The knitting machine has a reasonable space that you can keep up to five medium-sized yarn balls. Still, it has an additional inner pocket that you can use to hope scissors, measuring tapes, and other small objects. Knitting needles, ruler, and other larger tools can occupy the front pocket on the outside. 

The side pocket does have a working zip, the same as the main compartment. So, you don’t have to worry about your content scattering all over in case dropped. Neither would you need to worry about your yarns entangling while knitting as there are four grommets on top.

However, the knitting bag doesn’t come with a shoulder strap, rather a small handle that you can use to carry by hand. Or else hanging on your wrist as you crochet. 


1. It has a pretty sheep design

2. Has a thick body, firm stitching 

3. You can work while still closed

4. Light and effortless to move around

5. more than enough space for small projects

6. It’s very affordable


1. Not ideal for large knitting projects

2. It comes with a strong chemical order (inside)

3. The position of yarn holes is(somehow) inconvenient 

Best For Gift: BeCraftee Yarn Storage Knitting bag

No products found.

Main Features:

1. Lovely drum-like design

2. Hand handle and shoulder strap

3. 4 yarn slits 

4. 7 extra tool pockets

5. Zippered top

If you’re looking for a knitting kit to gift your mom or an avid knitter, the BeCrafteee fits the portfolio. It has everything any knitter would want and nothing not required.

Firstly, the storage is quite spacious for at least ten skeins of yarns, which is an ideal choice for large knitting projects it even has multiple small outer pockets that can come in handy for holding g crochet hooks, scissors, and other small accessories. 

Second, the knitting bag has a zippered top to help keep dust and pets out of your yarns. The top even has four slits that you can use to feed the thread through and carry on with your knitting without needing to open it up.

More on that, the lid has an attached handle for carrying by handles, plus a removable shoulder strap. So, you can carry it however you feel easier without discomfort.

Furthermore, the knitting bag has a superior quality linen build, double-stitched and lined with cotton to keep its cylindrical shape without slumping. However, the bag doesn’t sit fully upright when empty as it would when filled.


1. It can hold so much yarn for multiple projects

2. Keeps yarns well organized without tangling

3. Has a well-made and long-lasting design

4. Lightweight for easier transporting

5. It’s affordable


1. It doesn’t have skein dividers

2. Doesn’t stand on its own when empty.

Alternative 1: Teamoy Dandelion Front Clear Knitting Storage Bag

No products found.

Main Features:

1. Multiple skein compartments

2. 5 grommets at the top

3. Durable nylon fabric material

4. Extra zippered front pocket

5. Padded handle and adjustable shoulder strap

If you still haven’t found the right knitting bag design, perhaps this one could make it for you. It has a sturdy nylon fabric construction, with some lovely floral touches to enhance the exterior look. 

The knitting bag is very spacious, starting with the exterior pockets whereby it has different compartments for tools and accessories. Above the front pocket, the bag has a clear panel that you can peak what’s you have on the inside.

More on that, the storage kit has multiple grommets that you can use to feed the yarn through and continue working also without opening it. There are sets of adhesive tapes next to the grommets that make sure your yarns don’t tangle.

Still, the knitting bag has a divided inner compartment to keep your yarns separated. It also has a bonus pocket on the top back that you can use to keep your unfinished project if you don’t want to use the inner space.

Furthermore, the bag has a padded handle to carry by hand and a removable shoulder strap that you use on the arm. So, you carry your craft even for long without any discomfort.


1. It has plenty of room for your essentials

2. Sturdy and durable quality

3. Keeps your yarns clean and protected

4. Lightweight and effortless to carry around

5. It’s easy to track the remaining yarns without opening.


1. The front pocket lacks the elastic bands to organize knitting needles/ hooks

Alternative 2: Teamoy TY05002 Wrist Canvas Knitting Tote Bag

No products found.

Main Features:

1. Sturdy canvas and cute patterns

2. 4 reinforced yarn grommets

3. Wide, comfy strap

4. Compact and lightweight

5. Zippered outer pocket

If you need an affordable knitting bag that you comfortably use while moving, this Teamoy design may be a good choice. It has a wide handle that you can easily fit over your forearm and carry on your project while still there.

The storage tote has a handcrafted design, with a heavy-duty canvas material to offer knitting convenience and for a long time. It has a moderate inner storage, with pockets that you can use to keep few yarns balls and your (small) unfinished project.

Furthermore, the bag has a zippered exterior pocket that you can use for the knitting needles, measuring tape and few other tools. It also has grommets on the sides, thus allowing you to knit your way to the pack while the yarns are still inside.

Despite the many good qualities, however, this knitting tote doesn’t have a locking feature for the main compartment. As such, you can’t fill content and expect it to fall without spitting out some of them.


1. It’s very affordable

2. Allows knitting as you stand

3. Comfortable and easy to move around with

4. Helps organize the threads without tangling

5. It has a multifaceted style. You can use it as a shopping bag


1. It’s not ideal for large knitting projects

2. No Zipper or magnetic buttons to close the main compartment.

Buying Guide: The 5 Factors To Consider When Choosing The Best Knitting Project Bags

If you want your prospective knitting bag to deliver everything as hoped, there are several things you have to keep an eye on. They include:

1. Size

The worst thing that can happen is ordering a knitting bag or tote online but you come to notice it’s smaller than you expected. So, you have to pay close attention to the dimensions so that you can know if your to-be storage will serve your needs. Luckily, our table did include the dimensions and the number of yarns it can hold.

2. Quality/ Toughness

That’s right. The knitting yarns, needles, and your unfinished project shouldn’t be light. As such, the bag you pick should have a strong build, including sturdy materials and firm stitches. You can even check on the reviews on what other user says about durability.

3. Ease Of carrying

One of the reasons you’re buying a knitting project bag is to keep your essentials and also so that you can knit on the go. So, make sure the bag you choose is light as per your weight so that you can move around without a hassle. If you’re picking for large projects, ENSURE the bag comes with straps long enough to carry over your arms.

4. Grommets Size

If you’re an avid knitter, you probably will be working with a variety of yarn weights, maybe light to the super bulky. Therefore, you have to make sure the eyelet holes to feed through the yarns are large enough to fit even the thickest #6 super bulk yarns. This will help make sure you work on your project easily and quickly since the yarn is passing through smoothly. 

5. Extra Pockets

Of course, this is not a must, but it can very helpful in carrying your knitting tools and accessories. That includes knitting needles, crochet hooks, scissors, measuring tape, ruler, row counter, and even a project pattern book. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are The Best Knitting Project Bags?

Truthfully, there are thousands of knitting project bags, all featuring different designs and features. After hours of search and deep, deep research, the ten best options that we picked include:

  1. Best Overall: No products found.
  2. Best Tote: No products found.
  3. Best Design: No products found.
  4. Best For Amigurumi: No products found.
  5. Best For Travel: No products found.
  6. Best For Casuals: No products found.
  7. Best For Budget: No products found.
  8. Best For Gift: No products found.
  9. Alternative 1: No products found.
  10. Alternative 2: No products found.

Do Homest Knitting Bag Comes With Accessories

HOMEST is a young company that provides storage bags to keep projects organized and safe from damage. While it has an unwavering focus on helping consumers, the brand only offers empty bags with no knitting tools or accessories. However, the larger knitting bags do come with a carrying handle and shoulder straps.

Final Thoughts

Whether you’re e a new or pro knitter, having the best knitting project bags is very crucial. Not just to keep your work organized and neat but also to protect against elements like water or playful pets. So, we can conclude e and say it’s a great investment when you’re able to pick exactly what you needed.

In any case, our two best knitting project bags from the ten choices are the No products found. and No products found.. They both have every key feature you need on your knitting, including side pockets for accessories and grommets to feed the yarn through.

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