Chunky Knit Blankets

Yes, how warm are chunky blankets? Do they deliver amid the storm of hype? Or are they just another knits to waste your money on? Well, before we even begin, chunky knit blankets are of great value to have, regardless you get the retail or homemade ones. 

Usually, many retailers boost up these blankets when winter months get closer as they’re believed to be warm. It’s the best time you can wrap in like your classic poncho without worrying what the onlookers will think since everyone is seeking to keep warm. 

But then, are all chunky knit blankets even warm? Some of the retail ones appear to have very large big holes that the toes can even pass through.

Is A Retail Chunky Knit Blanket Worth It?

When shopping around for a ready-made chunky blanket, you’ll come to find some selling as low as ninety bucks and others nearly three hundred. Of course, the size of the product could affect the overpricing, but $300 is still quite high.

Worst of all, you’ll find some of these pricey blankets still have issues even though you paid hoping to get a five-star product. One of the most common issues is the size, whereby you get smaller designs than you’d expect from the price.

Another complaint you’ll find on these ready-made chunky blankets is the stitches falling apart within a short time. Many manufacturers today are more focused on making profits instead of the quality of what they offer. If it’s something like No products found., no offense, more than 35% of buyers have complained about shedding and unraveling issues. So, negligence, wrong choice of yarn, and poor craftsmanship ruined what would have been a good name to the knitted items enthusiast.

Regardless, a chunky knit blanket still is adorable, in particular if you found a perfect brand. Some of the things you could do with one include:

1. Stay Comfortably Warm Through The Year: 

How many mornings have you been late because of your Egyptian cotton beddings? The same cozy experience stays with you when snuggling inside a warm chunky knit blanket. It even gets more dreamy when you add a glass of wine into the mix or maybe a thrilling Vampire series that gives you the chills.

2. Style Your Rooms Up

For those of us who have tried it, chunky blankets usually complement the rooms you place them so well. The lush braids and soft shades give a classy touch of styling, especially on the bed where you want the minimalistic décor. However, any piece of wooden furniture looks adorable with these blankets.

3. Can Make Real Good Cushions:

That’s right. Chunky knit blankets have a thick and soft texture that can make an amazing cushion to sit or rest your back on the not-so-comfortable chairs. If not that, you can use them as an area rug, which can be a big bonus for underfoot for the extra-soft texture.

4. Save Some Christmas Bills

Although not a deal-breaker, having a couple of warm blankets in the house can let you leave the thermostat on low

5. Share The Cuddle

A chunky knit blanket can make a really nice Christmas, happy birthday, or anniversary gift for a friend who’s always cold. It’s cozy, elegant, and you can even knit yours so that the one receiving can have a part of you every time she/ he cuddles in it.

How Warm Is A Chunky Knit Blanket?

Put simply, a chunky knit blanket has most of its characteristics from the kind of yarn used. Just as the name, the blanket design uses super-chunky yarns, preferably from wool-like alpaca and merino. So, the knit blanket will not be just thick but also luxuriously soft and warm even in the frostiest air. 

However, the amount of heat the blankets will generate also depends on the style of stitching used. If the design has a looser braided pattern, it will have holes to breathe and allow cool air to pass. Hence, ensuring a comfortable warmth level without being too hot or cold. 

On the other hand, a chunky knit blanket with “tight” stitches will appear to have little/ no gaps for airflow. As such, it will have a warmer or too hot feel that might be uncomfortable to sleep under. But if the blanket is only for wrapping yourself in during winters, “tight” stitching will be better at trapping the heat inside.

That being the cause, though, a retail chunky blanket is tricky to tell how loose or tight are the stitches if shopping online. So, knitting yours is the best sure way you can get exactly the design you dream. You can work with the gauge that suits your desires and even get creative with a unique pattern or colors.

What You Need To Make A Chunky Knit Blanket At Home

The sweetest part of a DIY knitting project is that you can customize however you like. You can use a single or more color, knit tight or loosely, make it plain or with decorative stitches, and use natural or synthetic yarns.

Even better, you don’t have to be an experienced knitter or crocheter to make the knit blankets. Yes, prior skills will enable you to work with a perfect stitch and much faster. However, we have so many tutorials out there for those who would want a lovely cuddle-worthy product at a bargain. 

Some skeins of chunky blanket yarn can cost under $40 and you can knit with either the arm technique or super-sized needles. A pair of scissors you can borrow from your kitchen drawer and replace with the next buy. You also won’t have to spend much time on a project as the super-chunky yarn will only need a couple of rows and stitches. So, two or three hours of your Saturday will be enough to peruse various YouTube tutorials, master the tricks, cast on the stitch, and complete your project.

How Much Yarn Do I Need To Make A Queen-Sized Chunky Knit Blanket?

In general, how much yarn you need to crochet or knit usually depends on two things: the size of the project and the yarn weight you prefer.

But then, a chunky knit blanket will need the super-bulky or Jumbo yarn. So, the size of your product should be your primary focus to know the total amount of yarn you need to have on the table.

For instance, three to four skeins of #7 Jumbo yarns @ 8-oz weight and 28 yards long can give you an adult throw measuring 30 by 50 inches. If you love playing with numbers, this means you’ll need about 340-foot yarn for the project.

So, a queen-sized bed blanket that measures 60-inch wide by 80-inch long will need…

(60 x 80) multiply by 340, then divide by (30 x 50)= 1088 foot ≈ 13 skeins of our 8-oz Jumbo yarn.

If you prefer a #6 super-bulky yarn, you might need one extra skein since the blanket will have more stitches and rows.

Can I Wash A Chunky Knit Blanket In The Machine?

Various types of yarns behave differently when it comes to washing. Some fibers will be easy than others, and you can even use a machine to wash or dry. Also, some yarns bleed when they come into contact with water. So, the answer to your question on whether you should wash your chunky blanket in the machine is a YES or NO.


Without a doubt, nothing can beat the coziness of a chunky knit blanket. It’s comfortably soft on the skin and with a hearty warmth that other blankets and throws don’t offer. The blanket is also pretty versatile in that you can use for a variety of purposes other than cuddling during winter weather. If it’s the bedroom, you can toss it to soften up the room with the intricate braided patterns and amazingly soft shades.

Most of the yarns used to make them are also easy to clean. So, it’ll be much better to wash by hand to preserve its beauty longer. 

Speaking of longevity, by the way, do pay attention to the yarns used to make those retail chunky blankets. It’ll be very sad to pay a heavy bill for a product that leaves you like you’ve been playing with cat or dog fur all day. And if you have an hour or two to spare, do consider knitting your own instead. It’s fun, cheaper, and you can customize however you like, with whatever colors or patterns you desire.

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