Stitching Pony For Leather Projects

How would you feel about making your own leather wallets and durable covers for your journals? What about personalized leather belts you can sell? Yes? Then, you’ll need a nice stitching clamp if you’re to put a classic and elegant hand-stitched seam on your leather item.

If it’s not your first time or you had some leatherwork arts in your high school, you do know the craft requires using both hands simultaneously. This includes both the stitching to make the seams and also running the decorative edge lacing. So, having a third hand to keep the project in place can be very helpful instead of trapping between your knees. 

In this post, we’re going to look at the best stitching pony that can provide you with this third arm for your leatherwork. Of course,  some people prefer to make their own but a commercial design is more economical and time-saving.

Is It A Must I Use A Stitching Pony On Leatherwork?

In simple words, a stitching pony/ horse is a clamp to hold your leather project for better sewing. It mostly consists of a sitting base, gripping jaw, and a tightening mechanism at the center.

When stitching the seams to the leather, you’ll be using two needles simultaneously, which means it’s a challenge to work on one hand. So, a stitching pony is a must-have if you need to produce smooth and strong stitching lines. 

But if you’re making the leather edge lacing for decoration and extra reinforcement, you just need to use one needle. So, you necessary don’t need to use a stitching clamp.

Can I Stitch Leather Seams With A Regular Sewing Machine?

Well, this is a Yes and NO answer type of question. If you’re working on a softer leather that isn’t beyond your machine, chances are that you can make it work. However, this type of leather is not as strong as the original hard texture that companies use to make durable and high-quality items. 

True leather material is usually hard and thick (sometimes thin as well) and difficult for a normal sewing machine to pierce. So, if this is the kind of material you’re using for watch bands and purses to sell, you’ll need an industrial sewing machine for leather. 

But if you’re doing the leatherwork for fun or to make an heirloom for your grandchildren, hand stitching is the best. And with a proper stitching clamp beside you, you’ll find it easy to handle both needles since the hands are completely free. 

What’s The Best Stitching Pony For Leather Accessories?

As we mentioned, some people prefer to make their stitching clamps for leather. But since not all of us have the skills of crafting with wood, a commercial design will always come in handy. Besides, you can now get a nice stitching pony at less than $30, which will save you the hassle and time of woodworking.

Moreover, most of these products come with an open return window, whereby you can reach out to the provider if you’re not satisfied.

Anyways, back to our topic, the No products found. is our overall best choice of the eight stitching ponies we tested. The following is a quick summary of the device and that of the other alternatives you can contrast.

Best Overall: No products found.

Has leather-wrapped jaws, uses durable beech wood, effortless to adjust, quick to set up, includes bonus thread and sewing needles

Best Design: No products found.

Has a well-made design, can adjust the working height, use from different angles, wide clamping area, secures thin and thick leathers well

Best Value: No products found.

Includes various tools, easy to assemble, feels durable, effortless to transport, Easy transport, and leaves no marks on the leather

Best Under $25: No products found.

Affordable pricing, secure workpiece without damaging, quick to put together, sits flat well, pen and closes easily 

Best For Beginners: No products found.

Has numerous stitching accessories, generous pricing, straightforward to set up, comfortable to use, and a durable design

Best For Book Covers: No products found.

Secures wide workpiece well, so affordable, sits flat well, effortless to work with, and easy to carry around 

Best Portable: No products found.

Can secure to a workbench, use for wallets and purses, easy to use and make adjustments, and quick to clamp or unclamp

Alternative Budget: No products found.

Large base to sit on, quick to put together, work from different angles, easy to move around, and very affordable

Best Accessory: No products found.

Make uniform spacing throughout, easy to handle, sharp tooth for easier piercing, comfortable to grasp, and strong and durable steel

The Best Stitching Pony Height And Base Footprint Length Comparison Chart

How will you be using your leather pony while stitching? Do you want a longer base so that you can work while sitting on it? Or are you planning to clamp it on your workbench to use while standing or sitting comfortably?

The following table shows the height and base length of the stitching ponies we tested. It can help you determine if you should use your tool while sitting on it, clamped to the workbench, or both.

Leather Stitching Pony BrandBest FeatureClamping Arms HeightBase Footprint Length
No products found.Best Overall13.8 inches16.0 inches(Sitting or workbench)
No products found.Best Design17.8 inches16. 3 inches(Sitting or workbench)
No products found.Best Value14.0 inches15.8 inches(Sitting or workbench)
No products found.Best under $2514.3 inches16.1 inches(Sitting or workbench)
No products found.Best for Beginners14.6 inches16.1 inches(Sitting or workbench)
No products found.Best for Book Covers4.3 inches 3.9 inches(Only workbench)
No products found.Best Portable13.7 inches16.0 inches(Sitting or workbench)
No products found.Alternative of Budget14.4 inches16.3 inches(Sitting or workbench)
No products found.Best Accessory6.9/ 6.1 inches(tools total length)

The 8 Best Stitching Pony For Leather Reviews

Below are the detailed reviews of the eight stitching pony clamps that we selected. You’ll learn the key features that distinguish each from the other, as well as the pros and cons you should expect.

Best Overall: SIMPZIA SM-PGMU-K Leather Stitching Pony Horse Clamp

No products found.

Key Features:

1. Leather-wrapped jaws

2. High-density beech wood

3. 31.2-ounce total weight

4. Gift thread and sewing needles

5. 16 inches base, 13.8 inches high

6. Is the SIMPZIA surely worth the best choice title? Well, let’s see…

First, the stitching pony is the model most crafters prefer as it’s evident on the online reviews and recommendations. Not only does it have reasonable pricing but also a well-made design, with rich craftsmanship and materials.

If it’s the main body, the stitching pony consists of high-density beech hardwood that has a strong surface resistant to chipping. Also, the clamp assembly and the handle are rugged metal so that you can work on your project with the highest stability and precision for a long time. The manufacturer even includes an extra wing nut and bolt as a backup for holding the bottom and top pieces.

The sewing pony has a narrow jaw but wide enough for a better clasping surface. Both jaws have a smooth leather wrap that makes it possible to hold your leather workpiece without scratching or leaving marks. 

Furthermore, the throat of the device is pretty long, roughly 10.3 inches, so that you can use for small to medium-sized projects like purses. The base is also a long one to ensure there’s enough space if you prefer sitting on the pony while working.


1. It’s strong durable

2. and easy to set up

3. Straightforward to work with

4. Does not damage the project surface

5. It comes with a gift of thread and two sewing needles.


1. It doesn’t sit flat on the surface

Best Design: FASTTOBUY LYXM Adjustable Leather Stitching Pony Clamp

No products found.

Key Features:

1. 360° rotating body

2. 4” x 2” clamping jaws

3. 4 sand strips and sandpapers

4. Beechwood with wax oil treatment

5. 180° adjustable forward and backward

If you’re the kind of person who loves to work in style, this piece has a unique design for that type of experience. It has a flexible setup that allows you to adjust the clamping arms up to 180° forward and backward. So, you can work at different heights while the device is still stable.

The clamping body of the stitching pony can also rotate up to 360°, thereby allowing you to work on your project from different angles. It has a wide jaw that provides a larger clamping area that you need for your leatherwork. Then, the used beech wood has a top coating of wax oil that leaves the surface smooth while at the same time enhancing durability.

Moreover, the wooden pony has a long groove for the vice section so that you can secure the leatherwork firmly as per the thickness. Also, the clamping arms have a metallic hinge to prevent damage from daily opening and closing.


1. It has a well-made and long-lasting design

2. Quick and effortless to setup

3. Light and easy to move around

4. Perfect for right and left-handed person

5. It provides a secure hold for both thin and thick leather


1. The 360-degree body swivel is not lockable

2. Doesn’t have lather on the jaws (if interested)

Best Value: LUNARM Table Desktop Hand Stitching Pony Horse Clamp Kit

No products found.

Key Features:

1. 27x stitching needles

2. Quick-release clamp closure 

3. Protection finger cots and thimble

4. Narrow jaws with leather wrapping

5. 13.9 inches tall, 15.7 inches long base

If you’re willing to part with fifty bucks, this piece can be an excellent addition to your DIY leatherwork. It can also make a great gift idea for a family member or friend, with all the accessories included. That’s multiple curved needles, straight needles, nail files, scissors, finger cots, thimble, and the pony.

The leather pony has a basic design but still does what expected of it. There’s a soft leather wrapping on both clasping jaws, so you won’t have to worry about leaving ugly marks on your phone case or wallet surface.

Like most, the stitching horse comes in pieces but you can easily set it up in under ten minutes and without any tool. The base section is long enough for you to sit on to keep it steady while using. But if you’d prefer to work while standing, it (base part) is also wide enough to secure on the workbench with a clamp tool.


1. It’s easy to assemble

2. Easy to use and adjust

3. Feels sturdy and durable

4. Easy to move around or transport

5. Secures your items without damaging

6. It includes everything you may need for leather stitching


1. It makes a pretty small space when the jaws are open 

Best Under $25: Tosnail T-LeatherPony Wood Leather Hand Stitching Horse Clamp

No products found.

Key Features:

1. Great price

2. 360° body rotation

3. Quick-release clamp closure

4. 14.2 inches height, 16.1 base length

5. Narrow jaws with pre-wrapped leather

That’s right. If you need a nice leather pony with a good bargain, this piece can be a great option. Of course, we can’t expect much from its price, but everything you may need to make clean stitching is present. 

For instance, the stitching horse has some smooth jaws that not only secure your project firmly but also without damage. Both the right and left jaws have a nicely-cut and flat edge, plus soft leather-wrapping on them. The throat is also slightly deep, about 11 inches, which means you can easily work on small and bigger projects.

Furthermore, the bottom part that connects to the base has a flexible style that enables the upper body to rotate through 360 degrees. This means you can easily use the device from any angle, be it you’re sitting on its base or you have clamped to a workbench. 


1. It’s very affordable

2. Open and closes easily

3. Quick and effortless to set up

4. Straightforward to use and adjust

5. Clasp your project without damaging

6. It sits well on a flat surface 


1. It’s very light to use on heavy leather projects.

2. The bottom screw (for rotation) requires frequent tightening

Best For Beginners: BAGERLA DIY Hand Lacing Stitching Pony Clamp Kit

No products found.

Key Features:

1. 39 pieces leather stitching set

2. Wooden grinding tools

3. 44mm stitching Chisel

4. Quick-release clamping handle

5. 14.5-inch height, a6.1 inch base length

This is another leather stitching set but unlike that of LUNARM, it has more different selections of accessories and a lower budget. So, it can make a great starter kit if you’re a novice and don’t want to risk investing in a high-budget product.

In the kit, you’ll find hand stitching needles, sewing thimble and finger cots for protection, scissors, needle threaders, and a wooden burnisher to smoothen the leather edges. In total, the set has 39 pieces of leatherwork tools, including our stitching pony.

The pony has a solid wood construction, with a narrow clamping area design. We don’t like the idea the manufacturer didn’t add leather wrapping on the jaws, but they still secure the leather firmly in position. 

The device also has a quick-release clamp closure that makes it easier to set or adjust your project piece. And if its project is a purse, the throat is a bit deep, about 11 inches, so that you can work without limitations.


1. It’s a reasonable budget

2. Quick and easy to put together

3. Comfortable to use and adjust

4. Includes numerous stitching extras

5. It has a heavy-duty design that can last


1. It has no pads to protect the leather project

2. The finger cots are a bit small for an adult 

Best For Book Covers: PH PandaHall Wide Wooden Sewing Pony Clamp

No products found.

Key Features:

1. 1x leather stitching pony

2. Natural wood material

3. 2x quick-release clamps

4. Compact and lightweight

5. 4.4-inch height, 9.8 base length

To stitch a wide piece like book cover, a large clamping area can provide much better stability and position. Hence, the main reason we opted to include this PH PandaHall design, despite being new to the market.

The stitching clamp has a well-made wooden design, with multiple metallic clamping levers. This helps provide a firmer grip to your leather piece, considering the long length. But since the jaws lack the pre-wrapped soft pad, you’ll have to improvise with your own to avoid damaging your leather workpiece.

Another thing, this stitching pony can only be used when clamped to the workbench. It doesn’t have that extra length you might want to sit on while using. Furthermore, it has a smaller height than the other alternatives we’ve discussed.


1. It’s affordable

2. Sits well on the table surface

3. Easy to use with the quick release clamps 

4. Effortless to move around and travel with

5. It provides a perfect hold to wide leathers


1. It has Limited applications

2. Includes no protective padding for the workpiece

Best Portable: YESUPRISE 088112-follow-us Leather Craft Stitching Pony Cramp

No products found.

Key Features:

1. Convertible wooden design 

2. 360° body rotation

3. Narrow clamping jaws

4. Push up/ down mechanical clamp 

5. 13.9-inch height, 16-inch base length

At less than two pounds, this stitching pony is easy to move around and take to the group. It even has a convertible design that you can easily assemble or disassemble without using any kind of tool.

The body of the leather horse has a flexible bottom that enables it to rotate up to 360 degrees. So, you can not only use it from any angle but also work comfortably, whether you’re right or left-handed.

The stitching pony has a streamlined design, with narrow jaws that you can use to secure small to medium items, like wallets and purses. It has a quick-release clamp lever that you can adjust the tightness by just pushing up or down. 

Furthermore, the device has a pretty long base length that you can either sit on or clamp to the workbench while using. Also, the base board has two holes, in which case you can attach the clamping body in the middle or at the end.


1. It’s lightweight and easy to transport

2. Quick and effortless to set up

3. Sits well on a flat surface

4. Easy to use and make adjustments

5. It has a friendly budget


1. It’s relatively light to use for heavy projects.

2. It doesn’t have a leather pad to prevent marking your workpiece

Alternative Of Budget: Stormshopping Leather Stitching Pony Horse Clamp

No products found.

Key Features:

1. Narrow-design clamping jaws

2. Wooden convertible style

3. Quick-release clamp lever

4. 360 degrees body rotation

5. Compact and lightweight

6. 14.4-inch height, 16.3-inch base length

This is a great alternative if you have a little budget at hand and can’t make your stitching pony. It consists of decent wood and a metallic mechanical clamping mechanism that you can adjust by pushing up or down.

Similar to the YESUPRISE model, this leather horse has a streamlined design, with narrow-style jaws. However, the jaws can open up to about two inches, which is quite enough to clasp thick leathers. Also, the throat is not very deep but you can use it for an average purse length without any issue.

More on that, the base has a long base footprint that you can sit on or clamp to the workbench while using. Furthermore, the part that connects the clamping body to the base has a flexible axis that enables it to do a complete rotation. So, you can work from any angle, whether a leftie or a right-handed person. 


1. It’s very affordable

2. Easy to clamp or unclamp

3. Has a solid and well-made design

4. Can work with the various leather thickness

5. It’s easy and comfortable to work with


1. Not ideal for heavy projects

2. It doesn’t hold thin leathers too well

3. Doesn’t have a pre-wrapped pad to protect the workpiece

Best Accessory: LUNARM 3 pieces Leather Tracing Stitching Wheel Tool

No products found.

Key Features:

1. 3 pieces tracing wheelset

2. Easy-to-grip wooden handle

3. Heavy-duty steel gears

4. Smooth, serrate tooth

5. Small size and lightweight

Last but not least is a leather tracing wheel set that you can use to mark the seam line of your workpiece for better precision. You can also use it as a guide to help you make consistent holes for your stitching line or when transferring decorative patterns.

The tracing wheel set consists of three pieces, each with a strong steel arm and a gear with sharp teeth for easier piercing. All the gears have a flexible axis that enables smooth movement without having to force them. Furthermore, the stitching set has an ergonomic, cylindrical handle that’s easy and comfortable to clasp. So, you can work for a long time with high accuracy and without discomfort.

Still, the tracing wheel set has a light and compact design that you can easily take with you to class or group sessions. You just have to be watchful of the gear edges as they can easily cause lacerations.


1. It’s affordable

2. Has a well-made design to last

3. Light and effortless to handle

4. Delivers finer and consistent spacing

5. It can handle a variety of tasks- tracing, quilting, sewing, transferring patterns, etc

Key Takeaway: The Approach

While there are others, these are the best stitching pony kits you’ll come across with a generous bargain. As always, we selected the only that qualified our knockout round, whereby we compare the convenience, reliability, pricing, and highest recommendations by other customers. 

Buying Guide: Factors To Consider When Looking For A Good Stitching Pony

When buying a stitching pony, there are some things you have to watch closely if you’re to make the most with your craft. Otherwise, you’ll pick something you thought is fit for your situation but end up with disappointment.

In any case, the seven crucial factors you should focus on when choosing a good stitching pony clamp include:

1. Throat Depth: If you’re planning to work on small to large leather projects, look for a stitching pony with a deep throat. The shallow throat will only accommodate small items like wallets and phone cases.

2. High-Quality Material: the last thing you want is to buy a tool that breaks on the third use. So, consider a well-made pony, with a metal clamp and sturdy wood like beech or any other hardwood. 

3. Structure Of The Jaws: usually, a stitching pony can come with a wide, narrow, or flat jaw style. If you’ll be working with wallets and other small items, the narrow jaw can do the job. But if you’ll be working with broader leather most times, you can go with a wide jaw design as it has a larger clamping area.

4. Protective Padding: Some stitching horses like the  No products found. and No products found. have pre-wrapped soft leather over the jaws. This helps provide a secure hold without leaving marks on the leather workpiece. 

5. Portability: if you need a pony that you can take to a sewing class or group, weight and convertibility are very crucial. The tool will need to be light and also quick to assemble or disassemble

6. Clamping Handle: most stitching pony clamps in the market now have a quick-release clamp leaver that lets you open and close by just pushing. However, some models still use a turning knob, while others have a wing nut and bolt. While they all do the job, a quick-release lever is much easier and quicker to tighten/ loosen.

7. Base length: this one’s not crucial but it can come in handy such that if the base is long, you can work comfortably while sitting on it or clamping to the workbench.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Stitch Leather With A Cotton Thread?

Most of the leather materials in the store are soft and easy for even the regular sewing machines. However, the original leather that manufacturing companies use to make high-quality boots and welding gloves is very hard. So, you have to use the right thread, such as polyester and nylon that can make strong stitches. Even for a simple home project, never should you use cotton thread as it can erode fast from the tannin in leather.

What’s The Best Stitching Pony For Purses

Truthfully, the term “best” varies as we all have different goals we want to achieve with a particular product. Even so, the 8 best stitching pony clamps we recommend are:

Best Overall: No products found.

Best Design: No products found.

Best Value: No products found.

Best Under $25: No products found.

Best For Beginners: No products found.

Best For Book Covers: No products found.

Best Portable: No products found.

Alternative Of Budget: No products found.

What Can I Use To Sew Leather?

As mentioned, true leather can be very hard and difficult for the regular needle, even for a home sewing machine, to pierce through. If you don’t have an industrial leather sewing machine, you can do hand stitching. You just need to first create holes into the leather with a stitching awl so that you can pass the stitching needles through easily. You also use a tracing wheel set for finer and consistent hole spacing.


T leather is the best material for crafting clothing and accessories. It does not only give you that classic elegance you need for your fashion but also can last for a long time without a tear. For this reason, the material can make a great ingredient for an heirloom coat, wallet, or purse. And like any other family heirloom, stitching by hands is the best so that the item can have a part of you.

In any case, our article has covered various stitching pony claps that you can use to secure your workpiece while working. From the eight selections, however, the No products found. wins our best choice award. But if you’re looking for a perfect starter kit for your new leatherwork hobby, the No products found.has more of the accessories you’ll need. 

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