Sewing Machine For Kids

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Teaching your kids how to sew is a way to boost their creativity and self-esteem. Just as the adults enjoy sewing, kids also find the activity thrilling. However, it can turn boring and challenging if you do not buy for them the right sewing machine. You cannot let your child use your standard sewing equipment. It is not designed for them; thus,it can be challenging and is not safe.

For sewing to be exciting to your child, you need to look wisely for the best sewing machine for kids. Luckily, many brands have come up with a compact, safe and simple machines for the kids. All you have to do is research and pick one depending on the age of your child. You should consider your child skills as well since some are starting and others who are experts at sewing.

Making a decision on which one to pick among the many is a daunting task. However, we are here to make your work easier. We did thorough research and presented the top sewing machine for the kids that make their learning curve smooth while ensuring their safety. Read through, and for sure, you will find an affordable sewing machine that is easy to use for your little one.

Top 10 Sewing Machine For Kids In 2020

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sewing machine for kids

Benefits of Teaching Your Kids How To Sew

Surprisingly, kids can start learning how to sew as early as three years. It is never too early to buy them their first sewing machine that is safe to use. After all, kids learn through play and therefore instead of buying toys you can invest in what will give them valuable skills. Here is how your child stands to benefit from sewing:

Development of fine motor skills

Doing precise hand work can be challenging to the kids especially when they are still young. However, it can turn into a serious problem where they cannot coordinate their hands to do basic things if proper action is not taken. Playing, writing and holding other tools can turn into a nightmare.

However, the issues can be avoided by teaching them how to sew at an early age.  They will develop fine motor skills since sewing involve gentle and precise movement of their hands. If your kid practices sewing then moving their hand with precision will not be an issue. They will also learn how use their fingers well and hold and use tiny items with ease.  You start teaching them the basics without needle and thread and progressively you incorporate other features. You will be surprised how quickly kids learn with the right sewing machine.

Boosting self-esteem and confidence in their skills

When your kid learns new skill such as sewing and masters it gradually it tends to boost their self-esteem. Believing in one-self builds a strong foundation for the future of your child. They will explore without fear just the way they will maneuver around to create different designs through sewing. When children trust in their capabilities through sewing they can develop other skills as their confidence level is boosted.

Learning to be patient

Most of the kids aren’t patient and when they need something they need it without hesitation. Getting them to understand the need to wait can prove futile if virtue of patience is not instilled in them effectively. One way of doing so is through sewing.

They will learn to thread the needle with patience, get to know that they can’t stitch fabrics together before marking and cutting it, and that there is no shortcut when doing stitches. You might not realize that learning is taking place but with time you will see it through positive behavioral change.

Improves communication and listening skills with ability to follow instructions

Kids need to be guided in order to sew well and produce elegant garments. They might ignore you at first but son the child will realize they can’t do without your guidance. Unsurprisingly, they will start to listen to instructions keenly as they seek to perfect their work. This skill will reflect in other areas of their life as they strive to avoid mistakes.

If they do not get the concepts, they will learn to express this too. Through explaining their difficulties their communication skills also improves. Thus, they can as well be able to express themselves well and precisely now and in future.

Utilizing their imagination and creativity

It is a well-known fact that imagination go hand in hand with creativity. Kid’s imagination is very powerful and they can translate into creative work through sewing. You will be amazed to see your child coming up with fascinating and unique ideas that are far better than yours!

Their imagination and creativity will not be redundant when they sew as such skills are utilized. Even if their suggestions seem weird let them try it might turn out to be something amazing. Besides, they learn in the process.

Detailed Review of the Best Swing Machines for the Kids

Undoubtedly, it makes sense to invest in a sewing machine for your kid. The benefits are worth every coin spent. But, do not make it difficult for them to learn. You should ensure you buy the best sewing equipment tailored for children. Here are the detailed reviews of the top 6 sewing machines that enable children to learn easily with guaranteed safety:

1. Cool Maker – Sew N’ Style Sewing Machine

If your kid is 6 years of age and above then consider investing in Sew N’ style sewing machine from Cool Maker. The pom-pom maker attachments allow you kid to customize their designs while attaching strings and ribbons with ease. You get stylish sparky patterns, accessories, fabrics and accessories that your kid can use to create five different projects including glitter pouch and plush unicorn.

The kids will not mess around with the accessories as the machine come with in-built drawer. Safety is also guaranteed as the protective needle guard is used to cover the top of the equipment, so your kid can sew without being hurt. Furthermore, there is string guide for winding thread and seam guide. All the features of Sew N’ style is made easier for kids to navigate for independent and creative work through sewing.

Key Features

  • Come accessorized with pom-pom maker for creative designs
  • Glitter fabric included to create sparkly garments
  • Protective needle guard covering the top to ensure the machine is easy and safe for the kids to use
  • Uses 4 batteries that should be bough separately
  • Include necessary accessories plus one play book


  • Brand: Cool Maker
  • Model: 6037850
  • Weight: 2.41 pounds
  • Recommended age: 6-8 years

2. Theo Klein 7901 – Fassion Passion Kids Sewing Machine

Get your kid to learn sewing skills using Fashion passion kids’ sewing machine. It has transparent safety protection which ensures the needle is well covered to avoid injuring your child. The two-speed setting options ensure you adjust the machine well to suit your child’s sewing rate. Operation can be done through manual or food pedal which allow the kids to explore one which they find easy.

Learning to use this machine is simple as the thread tension can be adjusted through dial. Additionally the thread spool holder features drop-down design with upper thread tensioner. The replacement needle with fassion kit that has yarn, thimble and other important accessories are also included.

Key Features

  • Transparent safety protection guarding the needle
  • Two speed setting options
  • Can be operated manually or through foot pedal
  • Drop-down thread spool holder
  • Fassion kit that has yarns, thimble and other accessories included
  • Packaged with replacement needle


  • Brand: Theo Klein
  • Model: 7901
  • Weight: 1.65 pounds
  • Recommended age: 8+ years

3.  NKOK A2213 Singer EZ Stitch Chainstitch Sewing Machine

Singer is known for their quality and durable sewing machine. They got the kids covered through NKOK A2213 sewing machine that is easy to operate without a bobbin. It is powered by battery and is equipped with spool compartments, working lights and foot pedal. The little fingers of your young one is well protected using protective needle cover. 

You will get a measuring tape, 3 spools of thread, needle threader and plastic needle packaged with the equipment. Never doubt the quality as the machine is fully licensed by Singer. Get one for your kid and let them advance their imagination and creativity through sewing with guaranteed safety.

Key Features

  • Has protective needle cover to ensure safety of your little one
  • Powered by battery
  • Equipped with foot pedal, spool compartment and working lights
  • Include necessary accessories such as needle threader, plastic needle and 3 spools of thread


  • Brand: NKOK
  • Model: A2213
  • Weight: 1.23 pounds
  • Recommended age: 8+ years

4. Joypea Mini Portable Sewing Machine for Household Kids Beginners

The elaborative and small size of Joypea sewing machine makes it easy to be operated and controlled by kid’s beginners. Thread cutting can be done conveniently with better slight without limiting your kid’s creativity. The sewing machine can be used to work on a wide range of products with extension table allowing even kids to learn quilting.

The speed can be adjusted using either push button switch or foot pedal switch thus ensuring smooth learning curve for the young ones. The working area is further lit using in-built LED light with dual power action to ensure smooth running of the machine. You can connect to power adapter or use battery thus your little one can learn even on travel. For superb outcome you only have to select one power source at a time to avoid challenge’s that others experience due to lack of proper use.

Key Features

  • Mini-size and compact to make it easy to control and operate
  • Extension table included to make it easy for kids to learn quilting
  • Sewing speed can be adjusted accordingly using push button or foot pedal switch
  • LED light to keep the working area lit
  • Dual power options making it good for use at home and when on the go


  • Brand: Joypea
  • Weight: 2.23 pounds

5. Mini Handheld Portable Electric Sewing Machines for Kids Beginners

Kids and other beginners will find it easy to learn how to sew using Neala mini handheld sewing machine. The equipment is portable due to its compact and lightweight built. It comes with complete features for unlimited creativity for the kids. It has thread cutter, LED light and foot pedal. Furthermore, it comes with special cuff for stitching trouser legs and sleeves. Your kids will also be occupied while you enjoy time outdoor as the machine can be powered by battery.

Indeed it is a practical gift for your child on Christmas and birthday. Not only will they be able to make their own doll but sew exceptional garments as they learn sewing skills safely. With exceptional customer support you are guaranteed of quality and backing as your young ones learn this essential skill.

Key Features

  • Easy to thread
  • Two power supply options
  • Automatic bobbin winder
  • Complete accessories which include 4 spare needles, 1 threader and 4 bobbins
  • Double speed options
  • Sewing with double thread and classic straight line
  • Made of eco-friendly material for guaranteed safety of your kid


  • Brand: Neala
  • Weight: 2.55 pounds

6.  Anxin Beginner Sewing Machine to Use for Kids

Let your kid widen their imagination with Anxin beginner sewing machine that comes with 12 in-built stitches. The speed can be adjusted low or high to ensure that your little one sew slowly for safety. Customization of stitches can be done easily by adjusting the length with zigzag width. Further, most of the features are easy to use which include automatic bobbin winder, in-built free arm, thread tension control and stitch selector dial.

Your kids will not strain as the working area is well illuminated with bright LED lighting. Reverse sewing also make lock stitches easy to do with ability to design basically whatever your kids want or imagine. Get your kid occupied even while on the go as the machine has two power supplies that include battery power. The compact and lightweight design further makes it easy to carry the equipment around. Gift your loved one and let them nurture sewing skills with guaranteed safety.

Key features

  • Reverse sewing
  • In-built LED sewing light
  • Adjustable stitch length
  • Two power supplies
  • Automatic thread rewind
  • Drawer for keeping accessories included
  • 12 in-built stitches
  • Easy to use speed selector


  • Brand: Anxin
  • Stitch options: 12

What to Consider When Purchasing Sewing Machines for the Kids – Buyer’s Guide

You need to get the best sewing machine that is not only functional but catches your kid’s attention. Do not be mean; rather involve your child as you look for this special gift for them. Here are the things that will guide you:

Ease of use

Regardless of the age of your child the sewing machine should be easy to use. Look at those whose features are automated to make sewing easier without intimidating your little one. Note that children can easily lose interest if something seems too difficult to them.

However, you should not compromise on the functionality as the kids should be able to explore more and widen their imagination through wide choice of projects. At all-time ensure it will be able to serve the purpose while being easy to operate and control

Size and weight

For your kid you need to buy a compact sewing machine that is portable. It should not be heavy so that you can move it around with much ease. Remember, your child might not be comfortable sewing from one place all the time. They need to move with their equipment and thus a lightweight sewing machine will be the ideal option.

Sewing speed

Look for sewing machine that can be adjusted to low speed to help you child learn smoothly. The speed of the equipment should also be consistent for safety. It also ensures that your little one is able to make elegant products that boost their confidence and allow them to advance with ease to standard sewing machines.


Safety of your child is paramount. It should not be compromised even as your kids widen their imagination through sewing. The main reason why brands design sewing machines for kids is to ensure they are safe. Some have the needle well protected so that your child doesn’t get hurt while sewing. Those with stopping and starting push buttons are ideal as the child is able to do so without the need of using pedal in case of emergency.

Creative pattern

Before learning starts, you have to help your child fall in love with the machine. Or else they might not be interested at all. Choose a machine that has their favorite color and even cartoon of their choice imprinted. They will sew with fun and the child will always be drawn to it; thus making learning effortless. The ones with playbook is also a good consideration.


Of course you cannot stretch beyond your limit. That is why the sewing machine chosen should be within your means. You should budget first before going out to buy, to avoid being blinded by the features. The good thing is the kids sewing machines are quite affordable compared to the ones for adults.


Q: How should I help my child get started?

Before purchasing the sewing machine you should ensure that your child is interested in learning how to sew. Otherwise, you might have it rough to get them started. Here are a few tips to get them have smooth start:

  • Work with them right from start when you are buying the equipment
  • Buy a machine that will bear their curiosity
  • Plan the projects together so that they can have a feeling of fulfillment on completed tasks
  • Help them make the items of their interest i.e. do not force them on what they should sew
  • Make use of their completed garment so that they feel proud
  • Buy attractive fabric that will make them want to sew more and more
  • Keep teaching them new stitching technique to sustain their interest

How To Operate The Mini Sewing Machine

Summary of the Best Sewing Machines for Kids

Sewing machines for the kidsFeatures
Cool Maker – Sew N’ Style  Come accessorized with pom-pom maker Glitter fabric included
Protective needle guard covering the top Uses 4 batteries Include necessary accessories plus one playbook
Safe and simple to use
Theo Klein 7901 – Fassion Passion  Transparent safety needle protection
Two-speed setting options
Operated manually or through a foot pedal The drop-down thread spool holder
Fashion kit included
Packaged with replacement needle
NKOK A2213 Singer EZ Stitch Chainstitch  Protective needle cover
Powered by battery
Equipped with foot pedal Spool compartment
Working lights
Needle threader, plastic needle and 3 spools of thread included
Joypea Mini Portable  LED light
Compact design
Dual power options
Extension table
Double switch
Adjustable sewing speed Satisfaction guarantee
Neala Mini Handheld Portable Electric  Easy to thread
Two power supply options
Automatic bobbin winder
Complete accessories: 4 spare needles, 1 threader, and 4 bobbins
Double speed options
Sewing with double thread and classic straight line Made of eco-friendly material
Anxin Beginner  Reverse sewing In-built
LED sewing light
Adjustable stitch length
Two power supplies
Automatic thread rewind
Drawer included 12 in-built stitches
Easy to use speed selector

Final Words

Buying your child the best sewing machine for kids is a valuable gift for Christmas and birthday. Unlike other toys, sewing skills is beneficial to your child’s growth and development.

However, it is best to choose from the options highlighted above to avoid making a mistake. Most of the kids become disinterested merely because of the wrong sewing machine. The buyer’s guide provided above will help you to choose the ideal equipment for your little one.

Gift them with a sewing machine from the above options and watch as they widen their imagination and creativity!

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