Best Knitting Loom For Beginners In Fabric Arts

Must you be an avid knitter to make nice knitwear? Crocheting then? What about needle knitting? Well, a simple answer to all of these is a big NO. In fact, you don’t even need to have knitter instincts to start making your desired fabric arts.

Unlike most other arts, knitting is simple to learn and do. It’s not like sculpting that mostly needs to be within you for perfection. As long you have a working hand and the eye can see a thread, you can learn at any age. And thanks to devices like looms, you can still enjoy making your beanies or Afghans even with hand disorders like arthritis.

Of course, not everyone tends to agree and some even go ahead to term loom knitting as cheating. But, seriously, why is that one called “needle knitting” and not “needling”. Yes, crocheting is there with crochets and chiseling is in the dictionaries with chisels as well.

In any case, these are some of the points we’re going to cover in this article as we look at the best knitting loom for beginners. As an artist, crafting is always fun and a great way to test your creativity. So, our goal is to make sure you enjoy every bit of second you sank on the couch with your new knitting project.

Which Is Better, Loom Knitting Or Needle Knitting?

When making a milkshake at home, you can either use a blender or an old spaghetti jar. In either way, you will still get your delicious beverage but one of the tools is more efficient.

Similarly, loom and needle are tools that you can use to complete your scarf, socks, or whatever knitted item you want. So, both are great since you’ll get the results that you expected. However, each has unique qualities that make it the best solution in particular situations.

For instance, knitting needles happen to be cheaper in all sizes and gauges. They are also relatively small and don’t need much space in case you wanted to take them with you.

On the other hand, knitting looms are easier on the hands, which is why many people with arthritis prefer them. The gadgets are also straightforward to learn using and pretty much faster in the delivery.

If you ever worked with both needles and loom, you probably know the latter is more convenient when you want to walk away from a project. It has minimal chances of unraveling and dropping stitches.

Is It True Loom Knitting Is Limited To Hats And Scarfs?

As mentioned, a loom is a tool to knit, just like the needles, crochets, or even machines. Therefore, you can achieve almost any knitted item from the other three tools while using a loom as well. You just have to master the method and technique.

Then, What Is The Best Knitting Loom For Beginners?

To begin with, there are various types, designs, styling, sizes, and brands of knitting loom to choose. So, the perfect one for you depends on your preferences, the budget at hand, and what you want to make. 

From the ten selections in our list, the No products found. is our favorite of all and the first recommendation. Why?

In all the products that we review, we usually look for three things: customer reviews, pricing, and features. The KB Small Gauge loom has the best score in all of them, including a small gauge to knit tight adult hats, scarves, and blankets. 

But again, the others are also the best that you’ll come across after searching. So, this post is not only to guide you to the best knitting loom for beginners but also to help save time. 

In any case, here’s a summary of the other alternatives in case you don’t have the time to read the full review.

Editor’s Choice: No products found.

Superior and durable design, finer knitwear, easier to work with, and budget-friendly

Best For Value: No products found.

Well-built, numerous accessories, lightweight, easy to track the rows, and doesn’t tear yarns

Best For Blankets: No products found.

Multicolor, long, easy to stitch, make single or double knitting, and easy to transport

Best For Design: No products found.

Easy to assemble, comfortable to use, uses a variety of yarn weights, and has a rotating base

Best For Kids: No products found.

Make hats with pompom, Light, effortless to use, budget-friendly, sturdy, and durable

Best For Pompom Balls: No products found.

Knit for kids or adults, doesn’t catch on the threat, easy to move, affordable, and durable

Best for Afghans: No products found.

Delivers neat knits, produce up to 60-inch widths, fun to use, Compact, and can make single or double knitting

Best For Budget: No products found.

 Ragged plastic, achieves fine and beautiful knits, adjustable parts, makes any pattern and very affordable

The Best Knitting Loom Sizes Comparison Chart

When looking for a knitting loom you can buy, the recommended weight of the yarn and the maximum width you can make are very crucial. The following table compares these two aspects against the various products.

Knitting Loom BrandUnique QualityBest Size Of Yarn Maximum Knitted Size
No products found.Best Of All#4(Medium)9.5 inches(large Adult)
No products found.Best Of Value #3 or #4(Light or medium)10 inches(Large adult)
No products found.Best Of Blankets#4 or #5(Medium or Bulky)22 inches(flat width)
No products found.Best Of Design #4 or #5(medium or bulky)9 inches(Average adult)
No products found.Best Of Kids#5Bulky7.5-8 inches(teens/ small adults)
No products found.Best Of Pompom#5 or #6(Bulky or Super Bulky)10 inches(Large Adult)
No products found.Best For Afghan#4 (Medium)60 inches(Flat width)
No products found.Best Of Budget#4(medium)N/A(Kids to adult)


For the last one, the flexible design allows you to make any size you want by increasing or decreasing the pegs and joints. Hence, the reason we didn’t give a definite figure for the maximum size of the knitted item.

The 8 Best Knitting Loom For Beginners

Here are the detailed reviews on the selection of knitting looms that we picked. You’ll learn how the various products differ from each other, the pros, as well as the concerns that you may need to expect. 

Editor’s Choice: KB Premium Premiere Round Small Gauge Loom Set

No products found.

Main Features:

1. Premium plastic construction

2. 3 round knitting looms

3. Small/ tight gauge

4. Lightweight

5. Smooth pegs

As mentioned, this is our overall best selection that you can consider in your bucket list. It has everything you need to complete your projects, starting with multiple loom loops that you can use for different sizes.

If you want to knit a hat for your curry head, the big loom has a 10” diameter, with 80 pegs all around the frame. This is to say you could make a 9.5” beanie while using a tight stitch. But if that is too large, the 72-peg and 64-peg looms can make 8.5” and 7.5” hats respectively.

All the knitting looms have a 3/8” gauge, which means they all give a fine, tight knitted wearable or accessories. They also use high-grade plastic that’s lightweight, yet stiff to ensure better performance without bending.

Still, the tool is not limited to making circulars. You can produce flat-panel items like baby blankets, table runners, or decorative pillows of up to 18 inches. 


1. It has a sturdy, durable design

2. Delivers fine and neater knit

3. Doesn’t catch or tear yarns

4. Light and easier to work with

5. It’s budget-friendly.


1. Doesn’t have a start mark. Thus, easy to lose row count 

2. The tops have round tops. Thus pretty easy to slip stitches

Best Of Value: ALIMELT Round Long Knitting DIY Loom Kit

No products found.

Main Features:

1. 5 circular knitting looms

2. A long/ rake knitting loom

3. Ductile plastic material

4. Bonus replacement pegs

5. 7 extra knitting accessories

If you’re more of a random person, this knitting loom could be an excellent company. It Features various sizes of a round loom, a single long loom, and seven sets of other knitting accessories. 

If you want a large hat, you could go with the biggest circular loom that has 82 pegs. That one can make up to 10-inch (diameter) hats while using thin or regular threads. And if you want to surprise your kiddies with a knitted gift, the 62-peg, and 44-peg design can be great.

All the knitting looms have removable pegs, which means you can adjust as per your needs without a hassle. The manufacturer even includes the package with an extra bag of pegs that you can use as a spare in case of any breakages.

More on that, the pins have smooth edges and rectangular tops. Thus, allowing you to work without catching the yarn and also with less risk of the stitches slipping when not needed. 


1. It features a well-built, durable design

2. Delivers fine knitwear

3. Can handle a lot of projects

4. Lightweight and portable

5. Pretty easy to track the rows


1. It doesn’t come with instructions

2. The yarn can be too tight for some clumsy hands.

3. The pegs can be bothersome if not well-pressed to the holes

Best of Blankets: Darice (30022869) Long Colorful Knitting Loom Set

No products found.

Main Features:

1. 4 multicolor long knitting looms

2. Smooth pegs with indents

3. Anchor pins on either side

4. Lightweight

5. Plastic material

This is also an excellent piece that you can add to your round knitting looms or if you wanted to only focus on making flat items. It consists of four rake looms, each with a different length and pins count. The largest, 22 inches long, has a total of thirty pins on each side and the smallest, 10 inches long, has twelve per side. 

Each of these pins holds onto the frame firmly, plus has a small groove in the middle and at the base. Thus, making it possible to catch the yarn with the hook without a hassle. There’s more. 

All the knitting looms have an anchor pin on each end so that you can knit double stitches. There’s also a starting marker beneath each anchor pin, thereby allowing you to work with either right or left hand.

Still, the pegs of the looms have nice, round tops that hold the yarn in place while at the same time allowing easy slip over to make the stitch.


1. It has a sturdy frame

2. So simple to learn and use

3. Lightweight and easy to transport

4. Can make single or double knit 

5. Quick and straightforward to complete a stitch 


1. The pegs are pretty flimsy

2. The long loom tend to collapse inward at the center

Best Of Design: Authentic Knitting Board Rotating Double Knit Loom

No products found.

Main Features:

1. 2x round knitting looms

2. Patented rotating base

3. Double or single knit

4. Convertible design

5. High-grade plastic

If you fancy trendy tech, you definitely will love to have and use this loom. It features a convertible design, with two separate looms that you can use for a single knit or connect with the base to make a double knitting unit.

To connect with the base, there are six legs that you use with each ring loom. The two looms have different sizes but the total pegs are similar. This is so the peg spacing of the small (inner) loom is narrower than the larger (outer) loom by about 1/16”. So, it can come in handy when you need a tighter single knit.

More to love, the base of the knitting device has a built-in axle that allows it to rotate and keep your work at one point. So, it’s more like a circular knitting machine but without the winder and row counter.


1. It’s fun and comfortable to use

2. Quick and easy to assemble/ disassemble

3. Effortless to make the stitches 

4. Can work with a variety of yarn weights

5. Delivers fine knitted crafts, with no holes


1. Might take longer to master using

2. The pegs head are relatively shallow

3. The height can be a bit taxing, especially when using on the standard table

Best Of Kids: Creativity for Kids (1793000) Quick Knit Loom 

No products found.

Main Features:

1. 9-inch round knitting loom

2. 36 smooth pegs

3. 2 pompom balls and yarn

4. High-quality plastic

5. Step-by-step instructions and video tutorials

If you’re looking for a nice knitting loom to gift your kids, this piece might be a perfect choice. It’s designed here in the United States as per the needed safety standards to encourage children’s natural creativity without affecting their health. 

The knitting loom comprises only a single round loom and its knitting hooks. However, it also does include colorful chunky rainbow yarn and pompom balls to get your kid started straight from the box.

The knitting loom has a 9-inch diameter and a gauge large enough for bulky yarns. As such, the device can only deliver tube size for a child, or else teens with a small head. But if you could use stretchy yarn, you can make a hat for an average teen or adult woman without much hair.


1. It includes everything to make a hat

2. Light and effortless to move

3. Has easy to follow instructions

4. Sturdy and durable

5. It’s budget-friendly 


1. Not ideal for adult knit

2. Yarn tend to slide off the pegs easily because of the small caps

Best Of Pompoms: Readaeer 6282646 Round Pompom Knitting Looms

No products found.

Main Features:

1. 4x knitting loom loops

2. 4x pompom makers

3. High impact ABS plastic

4. Kids and adult knitwear

5. Grooves on and beneath pegs

This is one of the best alternatives that you can get if you want to make your knitted items and their decorations. The decorative aspect of it includes making your own pompom and with the yarn color that matches your needs. 

Each of the four pompom makers has a different size, which makes it even more perfect for the scarves, hats, or i-cords you’re to knit. 

Speaking of scarves, the knitting set comes with four round looms that you can use to complete tubular and flat fabric arts. The looms have different diameters and pegs, with the largest featuring enough size for an adult.

Furthermore, each of the pegs has an indent at the middle and base for easier pulling of the yarn. They are also smooth and the cap is the perfect size to prevent dropping stitches but also make it easy to slip the yarn over.


1. It’s sturdy and durable

2. Can knit for kids and adults

3. Pegs don’t catch on the thread

4. Lightweight and easy to move

5. It’s affordable


1. The pegs are not removable

2. Included hooks are flimsy and quite small

3. Lacks clear instructions on using a pompom maker

Best Of Afghans: Authentic Knitting Board KB8000 Afghan Knitting Loom

No products found.

Main Features:

1. Premium, durable plastic

2. A total of 198 pegs

3. Small gauge knitting

4. Single or double knitting

5. Bonus afghan project patterns

Do you need to make a lovely and wide afghan without needing to sew together small strips? Well, then the KB8000 may have everything you need for that. It features an S-shaped design that allows you to knit a flat panel of up to 60 inches.

The knitting loom has the same rich quality KB company has built its reputation on for the past 10+ years. If it’s the construction, the piece uses high-grade plastic to bring you the best performance that lasts. 

The device has a total of 198 pegs that are nicely spaced to allow use with even the regular worsted yarn. Also, all these pegs have a small groove in the middle that makes it easier to pull the yarn so that you can complete the stitches.

That said, however, the caps of the pegs are relatively small. So, you have to be very careful as it can slip and unravel the yarn very easily. 


1. It can produce large afghans or blankets fast

2. Delivers uniform and neat knits

3. So easy and fun work with

4. Compact and comfortable on the lap

5. Great for both lefties and righties

6. You can make single or double knitting


1. Not ideal for travel

2. It can drop the yarn very easily

3. Pretty trick and time-consuming to work around the bends

Best Of Budget: Authentic Knitting Board Flexee Small Gauge Loom

No products found.

At 4.6 out of 5 ratings, this knitting loom set is truly outstanding. Two main aspects of this are the generous pricing and the work convenience.

Unlike many that come as a round or long loom, the Flexee model allows you to make the style you want to use. It has links that join with an easy-snap connection to create any kind of loom with up to 96 pegs. 

This means you can create any size of project- socks, hats, scarves, or leg warmers without needing different systems. It’s also an excellent idea for making decorative accessories or knitted shapes to add to your throw blankets and afghans. 

Furthermore, the adjustable design means you can create two or even four small knitting looms. Hence, allowing you to work with your friend or nieces from one set. It could even be an excellent idea for teaching (maybe). 


1. It has a rugged, durable design

2. Makes fine and beautiful knits

3. So easy to move or transport

4. Can knit for kids and adults

5. You can make any pattern 

6. It’s very affordable


1. It has no directions to consult

2. Tend to wiggle and squirm while working.

3. Some pegs don’t have grooves. Thus, hard to scoop the yarn

Best Of Accessory: WONVOC 106AD Loom Knit Hook Needles Set

No products found.

Main Features:

1. 8x loom knitting hooks

2. 12x plastic knitting needles

3. Soft, comfy handles

4. Large needle eyes

5. Light and sturdy

This one here is a set of hook and needles that you get to replace your broken ones and complete your round or long loom set. The two are the most crucial accessories when using the knitting device. Hence, the reason all manufacturers include them as part of a loom package.

As for the hooks, the lot included has a soft handle that’s comfortable to use for a long time without hurting. It’s also easy to grasp and doesn’t take a spin on your fingers. Then, the tips are all metal to provide maximum durability.

Meanwhile, the included knitting needles are plastic, but stiff enough for better and longer sewing. They also have a big eye so that you can use them with any yarn weight that you’re using, including super bulky. Still, the needles come in two different sizes but with rounded tips to keep the knit grids in place without any damage.


1. It has a tough and durable design

2. Doesn’t tear the yarn

3. Very affordable. 

4. Easy and comfortable to work with for long hours


1. Some hooks lack a perfect bend. Thus, you might need to use a pliers

Key Takeaway:

Similar to machine or needle knitting, knitting with looms (round or rake) supports both single and double style.

In case you’re wondering, single-knitting is when you make your item with the stitches on pegs next to none another. Hence, creating a fabric that has a right and wrong side.

Double knitting, on the other hand, involves knitting across two rails so that you can have the two layers of the fabric and with the same texture. 

Buying Guide: The 6 Key Things To Look For In A Good knitting Loom 

If you want to enjoy and make the best with your knitting loom, the number one rule is to choose the right one. And in choosing that perfect one, there are several things you need to pay attention to. Otherwise, you’ll end up having just “another” tool rather than the Tool you need.

Anyways, the six factors you have to consider when looking for the best knitting loom include:

1. What You Need To Make

Do you need to make Christmas hats to gift the orphan children or are you planning to knit for all the members of your familiar? Whichever the case might, you have to determine it so that you know the loom features to focus on. Besides, it’ll make no sense to buy a long knitting room, whereas you want to make hats and socks. The same goes if you bought a circular loom whereas you needed a long loom or afghan loom for knitting blanket patterns.

2. Sizes

Size is a very crucial factor when it comes to a knitting device. Whether you’re using a machine, needles, or our looms, a slight stray could mess up your projects big time. Hence, the reason we usually include a chart size comparison in our reviews so that you can easily identify the perfect choice for your situation.

It’s worth noting that the number of pegs can’t guide you to the right size of a knitting loom. As with the No products found., both the big and small rings have the same pegs count but totally different diameters.

3. Loom Gauge

This is also an important factor, very crucial in fact if you want to avoid disappointments in the end. In simple words, the gauge is the distance the yarn covers from one peg to another to complete one stitch. 

While not all manufacturers list it on the tool, the loom gauge can be very helpful in determining the best yarn weight to use. Then, when you know the kind of yarn you’re likely to use, it’s easier to tell how fine your finished knitted item will be.

4. Material Quality

Unlike a circular knitting machine that you sit on a flat surface, a loom requires you to use while holding by one hand. Or else while lying it on laps as the case with Afghan “S” knitting looms. 

Therefore, a light gadget should be easier and fast to work with. Hence, the reasons many manufacturers are switching from wooden frames to plastic. Even so, you have to make sure the plastic you choose is sturdy enough to serve the purpose and enhance durability. Otherwise, it will be a total waste to buy something that breaks even before completing your first beanie.

5. Ease Of Use

As we’ve just said, weight is the #1 factor if you want to work with your loom comfortably. The next thing is the frame thickness, in which case it should fit in your hand perfectly.

Then, the pegs on the round or long loom should be smooth enough not to catch the yarn. Furthermore, a groove should help to scoop the yarn without any stress, plus the cap should be the perfect size to keep the yarn in place while still easier to slip it over to make a stitch.

6. Portability

Not every time you’ll want to knit in the house. You might want to visit the park or a friend and still be able to carry on with your project. If this fits your description then, a compact knitting loom might come in handy to have. You can even consider a flexible (Authentic Knitting Board has several) that you can assemble and dismantle.


Is Loom Knitting Legit?

As we mentioned in the beginning, loom knitting isn’t cheating but just a common myth some needle knitters tend to believe. For every type of stitch you can make with the needles, a loom can do as well. Any size of beanie, scarf, or blanket the needles deliver, a knitting loom makes it nicely and fast as well.

What Yarn Is The Best To Knit With A Loom?

Well, there are various designs and sizes of a knitting loom. Each model has a unique gauge (space between pegs) and that’s what determines the kind of yarn to use. If it’s a fine gauge like ¼”, you can use #3 or light weight, a regular gauge (½”) will go with #4 or medium, and the Extra large gauge like 7/8” is for #6 04 #7 super bulky.

Final Verdict:

At this point, which knitting technique do you believe is faster to complete a project?

Well, the knitting loom is pretty easy to learn and quick to use, thanks to the many Knitting “stitches”. The tool is more like a circular knitting machine like that of Addi or Sentro, only that your fingers are the cranking handle.

With the selections that we’ve discussed, they all are the best in the market and the most talked about in the market. However, the No products found. is our top pick, courtesy of its perfect balance of pricing, quality, and customer approval. We also do like the No products found. for the fact that you can knit the widest afghan or blanket without sewing strips together.

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