Knitting Needles For Blankets

The ideal knitting needles for blankets are circular needles. You can use the long vertical needles as well, but there is a catch. When you use a vertical needle, try to get the longer one. A long needle can easily accommodate the whole blanket width with a little bunching, but the diameter of the needle depends on the type of yarn.

How To Knit A Garter Stitch Blanket?

Knitting a garter stitch blanket is excellent for beginners to start stitching. Still, knowing the steps of a garter stitching is a must. So, if you are one of the learners, read on.

Step 1: Calculation

In the beginning, you need to calculate the stitch knitting gauge in every inch. If you do not have an idea of the size or the size is not a vital role, you may check the yarn label and manipulate the gauge based on that suggestion.

Step 2: Width

Since blankets can be of different width and length, you must decide on the blanket’s width you want or need to knit. 

Step 3: Begin Stitch

Now that you know the width of your blanket, multiple the width with the gauge. After that, begin stitching on the result.

Step 4: Knit And Knit

Finally, go on knitting every row of the blanket unless you get the length of your preference.

How Long Do We Need To Knit Different Types Of Blankets?

For knitting blankets, you need to get an idea of the dimensions. Here is a sample guide for you to understand the length and width of different types of blankets, starting from a baby blanket to a larger one.

Blanket TypesLength Width
Twin sized blanket 86-inches70-inches
Large lap-sized blanket62-inches50-inches
Medium lap-sized blanket50-inches32-inches
Small blanket48-inches26-inches
Baby blanket42-inches32-inches

How Many Types Of Knitting Patterns Are There For Blankets?

Though there are numerous types of knitting, we have come up with some simple patterns that would go well to create a blanket.

1. Moss Stitch

2. Dewdrop Knit

3. Basketweave Stitch

4. Fool’s Welt

5. Seeded Chevron Stitch

6. Irish Moss Stitch

What Are The Types Of Knitting Needles Available?

Well, there is not just one or two but different types of knitting needles available. Let us know what the types of knitting needles are.

1. Bamboo Knitting Needles

Bamboo knitting needles are very gentle to hold and easy to use. Because of the easy-grip surface, it helps to resist sliding down the needle from the hand. It is also ideal for those who want to work at a slow pace. Bamboo knitting needles are also great for learners who wish to acquire knowledge in knitting patterns.

Since they are environment-friendly and sources from nature, it is strong yet inexpensive.

2. Metal Knitting Needles

Traditional metal knitting needles are of aluminum or fine steel. Apart from that, nickel and brass metal knitting needles are also available. This type of needle is slightly on the expensive side in comparison to the bamboo knitting needles. 

However, a metal needle will last long. So, if you are planning to buy knitting needles, you can choose metal ones.

3. Plastic Knitting Needles

Plastic knitting needles are incredibly affordable. If you choose plastic knitting needles, you can save money to buy more yarns. 

Now comes the shape of the plastic knitting needles. Like any other type of knitting needles, you can also choose circular knitting needles for easy knitting. It has a great grip and even less sticky that ensures an easy gliding of the yarns.

Besides, plastic knitting needles are lightweight, which makes it a child-friendly product. Yes, a child can easily handle plastic knitting needles. With this, they come useful when you need a large knitting needle to knit with the jumbo yarn.

4. Acrylic Knitting Needle

When it comes to knitting scarce or baby blankets, acrylic knitting needles are the most popular option. This is also an affordable needle that is even suitable for child use.

5. Wooden Knitting Needles

The wooden knitting needles ensure a smooth and easy knitting experience. Similar to the bamboo knitting needles, it is light and easy to hold in the hands only if they are small in size.

The larger wooden knitting needles are heavy and can tire your hands. However, they are more robust and durable types of needles.

Unlike the other types of knitting needles, wooden knitting needles are higher in price, and it depends on the wood type, how much higher the price will go.

6. Carbon Fiber Knitting Needles (DPNS)

One of the new types of knitting needles, the carbon fiber needles are smoother, sharper, and less sticky than the others. Additionally, they are extremely lightweight and durable. In the pricing part, it is slightly more expensive than metal knitting needles.

What Are The Different Types Of Stitching Can We Use For Making A Blanket?

There are several types of stitching that you can do in your blanket. It totally depends on personal choice. Here are a few of them you can incorporate into your stitching.

1. Crochet Stitch

The crochet stitch in blankets is very basic but gives a beautiful finish.  It is great for making baby blankets. 

2. Spike Stitch Crochet

The Spike Stitch is also a very easy method to make wonderfully textured blankets. This type of stitch gives a unique touch to the blanket design. 

3. Sand Stitch Crochet Stitch

The sand stitch is great if you want bold and vibrant colors in your blankets.

4. Sole Crochet Chevron Stitch

The sole or single crochet chevron stitch is ideal for beginners to learn to stitch since it is easy to learn and finish within no time.

Final Thought

Knitting a blanket can be a challenging task if you have no idea. So, at first, all you need to know is the needle types, sizes of the blanket, and knitting patterns to understand in what way, with what, and how long you need to knit to create a blanket.

After gaining knowledge on these issues, you can master the art of knitting quickly.

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