round knitting loom

Knitting can be both fun and fulfilling if done the right and with the right tool. It gets more enjoyable when you break from the norm and use other tools. Did you know that it is possible to knit without using needles and still come up with fabulous items? Well, with the round knitting loom, you will take your skills a notch higher and keep looking forward to the next knitting sessions. 

As a beginner, however, you need to have the basic knowledge of using this magnificent tool to produce vintage items. The following are the steps to follow in using this device:

1. Choosing The Right Yarn

The suitable wool to use with the round loom is a non-textured or plain yarn that is also bulky weight. The thread enables you to see everything that is happening to the stitches. You will also need a tapestry needle and scissors.

2. Making A Knot

A slip knot is necessary as it will help you to place the yarn on to the loom. While leaving a 5-inch beginning tail, you should form a circle with the working yarn. Fold the loop over the thread coming from the skein and grab it. You should then pull the working yarn into the ring while pulling gently on the short end to make it tight.

3. Casting On

Casting on is the process of threading the knitting loom for the first time. You can either do an E-wrap cast on or chain cast method. 

For the E-wrap, place the slip knot on any peg and tighten it. Wrap the yarn around the next empty pin and continue around the loom till you get to the last hook.

4. Knitting

After establishing the foundation row, you can choose the pattern you want i.e., knit, twisted or the purl stitch. You need to take the working yarn inside the knitting loom and encircle the peg with the thread.  For a twisted stitch, you should continue e-wrapping all the pins till all of them have two loops.

Lift the bottom-most loop off the peg using a knitting tool and allow it to fall towards the inside of the loom.

5. Knit Stitch

To make a knit stitch, place the working thread on the front peg and above the loop on the bolt. You should then insert your knitting tool from the bottom up and catch the working wool with a mechanism to form a circle. 

Hold the newly formed loop and take off the one that was on the peg. Place the circle you are holding on the pin and pull the thread to make the stitch tight. 

6. Binding Off

Binding off refers to the process of removing the finished project from the knitting loom. There are two methods of removing the piece i.e., gather and necessary removal. 

The gather removal pulls the end of the item close, and it is used for hats or issues that need one end closed. You should cut the working yarn while leaving a trail of about 24-inches and thread the yarn through the tapestry needle. Pull the wool through and insert the needle through the stitch on the next peg. 

Repeat the process until all loops are on the yarn and then pop off all pegs with the knitting tool. Pull the wool gently, and cinch the top close gently. 


You can use the round knitting loom to create different projects, but it is necessary to have the basic knowledge of using it. You will also need to have the required tools such as knitting tool, tapestry needle, and the right yarn.

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