Crochet or knit a blanket

Both crafts use yarn to make things, but crocheting is the ideal craft for making blankets since it is done with one crochet hook to create a delicate and stiffer fabric. On the other hand, knitting is carried out using two knitting needles with looped stitches to make mostly garments and sometimes table runners and sweatshirts. So, we recommend that you crochet a blanket instead of knitting it. 

Knitting and crocheting have a lot in common. Both require you to use your hands to create something. The main difference between them is that knitting requires you to use your hands while crocheting involves using machines or other means to achieve the same result.

During the development of Knit or Crochet patterns, there are few inconsistencies between them. We have made a list of 7 Difference between Knitting and Crochet which will make it easier for you to choose the right one for yourself:

1) You need to know how to knit in order to make a sweater or hat, but you can’t make a hat without knowing how to crochet.

2) You need to know how to crochet in order to make an afghan or blanket. However, not every person who wants one needs knowledge of both knitting and crocheting.

3) Knitting is slow and labor-intensive, but it’s a good exercise for the body. Crochet can be fast, but it requires much more skill than knitting does, which makes it less suitable for beginners. The two crafts are fairly similar in that they both involve plucking threads or yarn to make things like sweaters or scarves, but there are some differences between them as they progress from beginner to advanced levels of craftsmanship.

4) Knit is more delicate than crochet. With respect to knitting, this means it requires more skills and experience. On the other hand, with respect to crocheting, most of us can easily do this without much of an effort in terms of skill or experience. In fact, you can probably even do this with your grandpa’s old knitting machine if you happen to know how to use it perfectly and have patience enough!

5) The main difference between knitting and crocheting is in the number of stitches and in their weights. Crochet uses one stitch for each loop, while knitting uses two stitches for each stitch. This makes crochet more efficient at creating longer yarns. Crochet usually uses wool as the material for its construction and knitting on other materials such as cotton or acrylic yarns can be used in order to create different textures within the same garment.

6) While crocheting is a traditional skill for women, knitting is still quite popular among men.

7) Knitting is quite simple. It is built on the principles of knit and purl, which means that all you have to do is create your own stitches. Crochet does not follow this simple rule as it uses a different stitch pattern for each row.

If you’ve been wondering how to get crafty and make blankets with your own hands, then you might want to consider crocheting or knitting. But the real question is, which one should I do to make a blanket? 

In this blog post, we are going to discuss everything about crocheting and knitting with their pros and cons and how to get started on both crafts by making a simple blanket using the crocheting method. 

I’ll advise you to read all the way to the end of this article, so you won’t miss anything. Let’s get started!

Which Is The Hardest Between Crocheting Or Knitting A Blanket? (With A Table)

Well, to be honest, both crocheting and knitting are somewhat easy to learn. To master it, you’ll start with simple stitches and then build from there. The good thing is once you gain little knowledge and master the control of skills required, then the rewards are pretty good. 

Knitting is relatively easy to learn as it requires only two stitches; the purl and knit stitch. It is a logical craft done by moving stitches from one needle to another and then back again. The knitted stitches are usually smooth and soft with a significantly uniform look.  

This type of craft is perfect for making baby garments, shawls, hats, sweaters, mittens, socks, and throws.  To make an organized project, the loops remain on the needles. Stitches made normally look like little V’s or straight lines.

If you can master the two basic stitches in knitting(purl and knit), you will be able to make a wide variety of projects.

Crocheting, on the other hand, is made with a yarn and crochet hook. Crochet is also created in rows with only one live stitch instead of maintaining many live stitches on the needle.  

We loved that crochet is easier to correct in cases of mistake because you only deal with one live stitch. Also, crocheting is much faster to make than knitting.

In crocheting, there are five basic stitches; triple crochet, single crochet, double crochet, half crochet, and slip crochet. The other stitches are a variation or assortment of these five stitches. With these basic stitches, you will be able to knit small, easy crafts, sweaters, pillows, and afghans. 

There are more alternatives to great fascinating projects such as yarn bombing, amigurumi, or even granny squares since you have to work on just one stitch.

However, knowing where to put the next stitch is one of the delicate things to understand about crocheting. But once you learn this process and know where to place your hook, you’ll become a master in no time. Note that stitches are usually more textured and bumper in crocheting. 

However, both knitting and crocheting have a fundamental difference in how each is developed, even if they both use yarn to create fabric. Let’s take some time to revieweach of these crafts and what makes them special. 

Knitting1. Fabrics that are knitted are normally stretchy, light, and soft. 
2. Knitting stitches are lesser than crochet stitches 
3. Everyone knows what is it you’re doing 
4. The yarn world is set up for you since it is very popular 
1. Homewares are difficult to make with knitting 
2. You’d have a lot of live stitches to look after 
3. Knitted toys are also difficult to make 
4. Knitted needles can’t be used for two projects at once
5. Losing a needle to airport security is common in knitting 
Crocheting 1. Fabric crocheted is usually more intricate, strong, and thick. 
2. There’s only one live stitch to look after
3. Crocheted needles can be used for two or more projects.
4. Mistakes are easily corrected in crocheting than knitting.
5. Crocheting is faster than knitting.
Crocheting is more versatile and multifunctional than knitting.
6. It uses up less yarn than knitting.
1. Intarsia and tapestry colorwork isn’t that good
2. Most crocheted clothing is less flattering 
3. Crochet stuff is a bit scarce out there

To help you make the right decision on which your craft, please read through the following. 

What are the advantages of Knitting?

1. If you have tolerance- knitting stitches are smaller and require more time.

2. If you want to save some bucks, but only to purchase costly yarn-less yarn are used for knitting projects.

3. If you love logical projects.

4. If you want to get a kick out of an extensive library of patterns-knitting patterns are more readily available and popular.

What are the advantages of Crocheting?

1. You are creative-most crochet patterns can be trickier to locate and might require you to manipulate your own pattern 

2. You’re not scared of mistakes- it’s easier to fix a mixed stitch when crocheting. 

3. Fast projects interest you with bigger stitched; your project will be faster.

4. Your mind can work extensively-going around, up, and down or over.

How To Tell If An Accessory Or Garment Was Crocheted Or Knitted?

Honestly, the two yarn crafts are very identical; however, there are some notable variations in them. One common way to differentiate between the two crafts is to examine the differences between the stitches. If you notice a craft was done in stockinette stitch, then it’s knitted. But if the craft was done in a double crochet stitch, it is crocheted. 

Another popular method to tell if an accessory was knitted or crocheted is to recognize the motifs type. 

Motifs Knitting

A repeated design forming patterns on a garment is known as Motifs. Most motifs are very easy to create with knitting, giving you a substantial hint that the garment was knitted. These motifs variety includes; cables, ribbed knotting, and fair isle.  Let’s check these varieties out.

Cables; a typical example of a knitted accessory is a chunky cable sweater. These cables can be created by changing the arrangement of the stitches. 

Ribbed Knitting; the stitching that is normally located on the necks or wrists of knitted garments is called ribbing.  It’s an easy way to know if the garment was knitted since it’s a naturally stretchy stitch. 

Fair Isle; a fair Isle and any colorwork in a single row are very difficult to crochet(if not impossible). It is common on the tops of sweatshirts or sweaters.

Motifs Crocheting 

Repeated motifs are also found in crochet. So you can expect; granny squares, open or lacework, and circular items. 

Crocheting Or Knitting Of A Blanket – Which Method Should I Choose? 

Honestly, you don’t really have to choose between the two. As a matter of fact, if you learn to do both crocheting and knitting, there won’t be any limit to the things you can create. Since both crafts require practice and patience, it’s not really about which is best. Some knitted garments like afghans or sweaters make use of a crochet edge for most finishing. Try to find out which projects and styles fit and appeal to your needs. Probably begin with the craft you like more.

However, if you find it difficult to decide on which to start with, we recommend that you start with knitting because it’s easier in the beginning. After some weeks of frequent practice, when you’re confident with your purl and knit stitches, you should get a hook and learn how to crochet. 

Next, we’ll show you the basics of how to crochet a blanket. We’ll also list all the materials needed and the basic stitches. 

Things You’ll Need To Crochet A Blanket.

1. Acrylic yarn 

2. Scissors

3. Warning needle 

4. Tape measure 

5. Stitch marker

6. Row counter 

7. Stitch patterns

8. Crochet hooks, size I-9 or H-8

9. Hook organizer 

Basic Crochet stitches include;

1. Crochet chain stitch

2. Crochet slip stitch 

3. Single crochet stitch 

4. Half-double crochet stitch

5. Double crochet stitch 

6. Treble crochet stitch 

Simple 5 Steps To Crochet A Blanket

1. Hold Your Crochet Hook

Start by holding the crochet hook like you would hold your pencil. This process can be done by squeezing the hook at the finger hold with your index finger and thumb. For easy control and comfort, slide your third finger up towards the top of the hook. Make sure the hook is not facing upward or backward, it should turn towards you. 

2. Make A Slip Knot For Crochet.  

Twist and loop the acrylic yarn onto your hook, then try to wrap the yarn located under the hook and heave it through the loop to fasten it. Please don’t be discouraged at your first result. Keep practicing until it gets easier. 

3. Crochet A Chain Stitch 

Every beginner of crocheting should learn the chain stitch. It is one of the most important fundamental stitches you’ll have to learn because it creates the foundation of most crochet works. Chain stitch is normally abbreviated as “ch” or sometimes “chs” for its plural form. 

4. Next! Single Crochet Stitch  

After learning how to make a chain stitch, the next to learn is the essential single crochet stitch. It is normally abbreviated as “sc.”

5. Free Single Crochet Stitch Patterns 

Now that you’ve learned how to slip know and basic stitches, you’re good to go for a beginner project. You can start on a baby blanket built for new crocheters. For simplification, some beginner patterns may not have abbreviations. When you begin the black project, take it slow, and have enough patience as you might need to start over from the beginning if some mistakes occur. 

Final Words-Wrapping It Up!

We’ve come to the end of this article; we hope it was helpful in your quest to know which to choose between knitting or crocheting a blanket. If you read through the information on each craft, you’d find the best one.

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