Make Your Own Clothes

The answer to this query is quite a diplomatic one. Yes, sewing your clothes can be a cheaper option in some cases, provided you have the knowledge, proper equipment, and fabric. But considering the labor and hard work that goes into sewing, your clothes can be costlier and not worth it. However, many people opt for sewing their clothes because of fit issues. Sewing your clothes is more of customizing your clothes. 

In the beginning, you might find it as a cheaper alternative to buying readymade clothes. But it all depends on the fabric that you’re aiming to sew on your own. For example, jeans and pants are difficult to sew from scratch, or instead, it is more convenient to buy one from the store. Similarly, skirts and dresses are easy to sew.

Is Sewing Your Clothes A More Challenging Option?

Nothing is harder in this world if you know how to achieve it. The same goes for sewing. It all depends on what type of clothes you want to wear. Sewing is all about assembling garments by hands and using a proper sewing machine. If you look at the larger picture, even the mass-produced clothes from a factory are human-made. Sewing can become a great hobby option once you learn how to trace and cut the patterns correctly. It might look more challenging in the first place, but gradually, the entire process becomes easy and exciting.

What Are The More Specific Sewing Projects For Beginners?

For a beginner, it is essential to keep brushing up their sewing skill by making something fun. If you’re confused and want to try your hands on the new sewing machine, we have some exciting news for you. Start with smaller projects such as start with your skirt or a shirt. You can also learn how to knit your winter sweater. You can try your hands on a pillowcase.  

Things That You Require To Start Sewing Your Clothes

Making/sewing your clothes can turn out to be the most rewarding DIY that you’ll ever come across. Sewing is an organized, structured, and meditative process. To start sewing your clothes, you need the below items.

1. Sewing Essential Kit: A sewing kit comes with six basic but necessary tools. All of them are an obvious inclusion in your kit. 

1. Firstly, a pair of classic Fiskars scissors is a must-have. A new, sharp pair of scissors in the kit will help you cut your fabric smoothly. 

2. A 60-inch measuring tape is equally essential. It will help you take your measurements.

3. A sewing gauge helps you measure the distance from one edge to another. It serves as an excellent option for creating an even hem all around the bottom of your skirt. 

4. A small ergonomic thread snip is a useful tool that allows you to trim long threads and tails.

5. A ruler always comes handy. It helps to measure both sides of the pattern. Perfect measurements will keep your fabric straight and friendly.

6. And lastly, a seam ripper is that little tool that comes hand in opening buttonholes and open sews.

2. Sewing Machine: Being a first-timer, it is not necessary to buy a fancy sewing machine. You can borrow a sewing machine from your friend or a family member. A good sewing machine is easy to thread works well with basic straight and a zig-zag stitch. 

3. Fabric And Threads: It is highly recommendable to use yarn that is made of 100% polyester. Polyester threads tend to be the most durable and are available in every color. A piece of excellent soft fabric with a nice drape will serve as a good option for your garment. For each garment you sew, one 100-meter spool of thread will be enough to get your job done.

4. Chalk: A chalk or a water-soluble marker can be the most accessible tool to mark notches and other smaller details.

Besides, you would also need some sewin needles, extra bobbins, pins, and magnet pincushion.

Tips For Sewing Your Clothes Without A Sewing Machine 

Yes, it is possible to sew your clothes without a sewing machine. For example, you don’t have a sewing machine for making a shirt for everyday wear. Just follow the simple tricks to get your work done.

1. Make the pattern first. Keep your fabric on a flat level surface. Now place the design on top of the material and tack it down with dotted lines.

2. Use scissors to cut around the edge of the pattern. 

3. If it is a shirt, tack the body together by taking two front and inner seams together.

4. Cut out the remaining pieces depending on the style of your garment.

5. Then, at last, sew them all together. Voila! Your handmade garment is ready.

Is Making Your Clothes Better Than The Readymade Ones?

 Let’s find out why making your clothes are always feasible and a cheaper way. 

Own Stitched ClothesReadymade Clothes
It gives you the perfect fit because you stitch them according to your size and measurements.Readymade clothes don’t fit perfectly to each individual.
You get the full freedom to select your fabric of desired color and texture.Readymade clothes do not offer this freedom of selecting fabric or even the construction method.
You get your customized dress which compliments you well and makes you look best.The dresses are not strongly made and are too expensive.

Benefits Of Making Your Clothes

Once you start making/sewing your clothes, there’s no going back. It brings you a feeling of satisfaction and achievement once you complete creating your garment. You get your personalized outfit, something which is different from others. It can become your new favorite hobby. Besides being cheaper, own-stitched clothes are ethically sound. You get to choose your fabric and make something unique. It does not include any cheap fashion clothing.

Final Verdict

Sewing your clothes from scratch can turn out to be a daunting task. But it is always a cheaper option than buying readymade clothes provided we cut off the hard work and skills that go in. Once you master the art of sewing your clothing component, you’ll find it easier to frame the learning process. Besides, apart from machine-sewing your clothes, you can hand sew your clothes too. Running stitch, blind stitch, and hemstitch are some of the hand sewing techniques. All you need to do is a little practice. Try to make samples first to get the real thing more efficiently. Hence, you’ll find that making your clothes can be a cheaper option.

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