Kenmore Sewing Machine 385

When it comes to sewing machines, history teaches us a lot; knowing who makes them can influence your purchasing decision. Studies show that sears used different manufacturers of sewing machines to produce Kenmore models. We found out Janome used to make the Kenmore sewing machines, although they stopped doing so a few years ago. Janome made the 385 model number after 1965.

Studies further reveal that sears stopped dealing with the Kenmore brand a few years ago. They are now focusing on their previous competitor’s machines like a brother, singers, and Janome.  Considering the troubles that the stores faced in recent years, it’s understandable why sears gave up on their sewing machines. Don’t worry; if you had any Kenmore models, it’s possible to get machine parts and accessories. Unfortunately, the new machines are no longer in shops. We have counter-checked with Amazon, but only the Janome, singers, brother’s brands appear on their sales page. 

Even if Kenmore sewing models are scarce and hardly manufactured nowadays, there is no doubt; they are still darling to various experienced sewing experts and old-timers. Well, they were good while it lasted? But hey! who knows, you can get a second hand, inherit, or be gifted by your family. For old-time sack! Let’s check out all you need to know regarding the Kenmore sewing machine 385 models. 

Kenmore Sewing Machine Model 385 Review 2021

The 385 model is very suitable for home décor, thanks to its creative stitching style. You have numerous options while selecting the stitches, including primary, stretch, and decorative sew, perfect for home décor, quilting, crafting, and fashion. The robust features of this sewing model by Kenmore have earned it a place on the top list of most fabulous machines. 

The 167 unique and different stitches seen on the model flip top stitch chart will mesmerize your thoughts. They are making it perfect for any projects needing extra stitch width and length. The length and width adjustable option of this model makes it exceptional. Kenmore 385 model offers a stitching speed of 820 stitches per minute. The machine also offers five different types of buttonholes that can be sewn in a single step.

You can save immeasurable time, thanks to the automatic needle thread that the model has. The machine is very effective and durable, and if you think that is enough, the company offers 25 years of warranty. To ensure your sewing machine stays neat and clean, get a hardcover from the company to protect it from any damages. 

Significant Features Of Kenmore 385 Model 

The outstanding features of this model make it among the best sewing machines in the global textile industry. It’s so unfortunate that you can hardly get your hands on a new model. Nonetheless, here are the key features of the Kenmore 385 model: 

Adjustable Stitch Length And Width Option

The model offers sewers the option of adjusting the length and width, depending on their various projects. The sewing machine length model is adjustable up to 5mm, whereas the width is adjustable to 7mm. Note that every fabric needs a different stitch length and width when you have to work with varying thickness fabrics. Meaning you have an opportunity to deal with various projects and different materials using this sewing model.

A Massive Number Of Stitches

The computerized 385 sewing machine model has a total number of 167 unique built-in stitches, which includes 67 monograms. All these give you a chance to create different designs and sewing patterns of your choice. Interestingly, the sewer can look at all modes on the flip top stitch chart. You can thus enjoy creativity with the multiple stitching options this model offers.

Suitable Model For Both Quilting And Embroidery

Kenmore 385 sewing machine is suitable for both quilting and embroidery since it comes with numerous accessories for such projects. The monogramming alphabet plus decorative stitches facilitate embroidery projects. There is also a drop feed that enables free-motion embroidery by the darning foot. 

This great computerized model can be used as well for simple stitching, quilting, and embroidering. Thus, it means there is no need for you to buy different machines since this one can perform several tasks. For versatility, go for this model; you will not be disappointed.

High Stitching Speed

Wow! This great model can achieve a maximum speed of 820 stitches per minute, which is quite reasonable to finish your project earlier. Typically, the high-speed feature is the selling point of various mini sewing machines nowadays. With most of its automated attributes, it’s among the great sewing machines for beginners in the industry.

Free Arm

While stitching circular parts such as sleeves and cuffs, one requires a free arm allowing the stitching of cylindrical portions of the materials. The free arm makes the stitching procedure less irritating and comfortable. In contrast, they are allowing sewers to have reasonable control over their project fabrics. When you handle your material very well, then the stitches will be even and smooth, making them presentable.


The model comes with an LCD that has a crucial stitch selection pad. It’s more accessible and allows users to see all their sewing settings while doing changes in one frame. Having an LCD screen on your sewing machine is excellent as it enables you to see while editing the setting as per your wishes in one frame. It offers you a chance to recheck your settings when you forget. 

Automatic Needle Threader

One of the common attributes that sewers ask for when buying the best sewing machine is the auto needle threader. Gladly, Kenmore 385 model saves you time from uncalled for irritation, frustration, or any troubles. It is effortless and straightforward to thread an entire computerized sewing machine, starting from the spool up to the needle eye within few seconds. The in-built auto needle threader threads the needle eye with ease, thus eliminating eye strain and further frustrations.

Top Loading Jam-Proof Bobbin System That Has A Transparent Cover

The model bobbin case floats typically above the hook, therefore precluding thread jams. You have a chance of inserting the bobbin easily into your sewing machine. Also, Kenmore 14 sewing machine model comes with a jam-proof bobbin set with a transparent case. The case enables you to monitor how much length remaining in the bobbin. This helps you determine whether you require to wind the bobbin with the thread or wait a little more.

Kenmore Model 385 Specifications

Model number 385
Product dimension16.4 × 11.6 ×7.4 inches
weight18.7 lbs.
warranty25 years limited warranty

Kenmore 385 Sewing Machines Pro And Cons

Best Kenmore models have automatic presser, i.e., foot pressure, meaning this sewing machine applies the pressure depending on your fabric’s thickness. Adjustable thread tension in Kenmore 385 enables you to set the preferred tension for numerous stitches. According to customer’s reviews on the Kenmore platform, their models have an in-built handle and are highly compact, enhancing their portability. Let’s check Kenmore 385 pros and cons;


1. Affordable as compared to what it offers.

2. Very portable.

3. Simple to change presser foot and the needle.

4. Easy to wind bobbin and thread machine.

5. The model produces good and quality stitches on different fabrics.

6. They have computerized sewing machines with LCD screen displays.

7. One hundred sixty-seven stitches are available.


1. Few stitch widths and length choices are available.

2. Loud bobbin winder

Kenmore 385 Sewing Machines FAQs

How Can You Set Up A Kenmore 385 Sewing Machine Model?

To set up your machine perfectly, ensure the power outlet is controlled to 110v to 120v when plugin. Then, fix your machine foot control to help regulate sewing speed. Also, insert the spool rod to help hold the threads in the right place.  Adjust the presser foot lever model according to your needs. Afterward, insert the needle clamp while making sure it’s on the flat side away from you. After that, insert the bobbin case inside the shuttle, and lastly, spool your thread.

How Can I Oil My 385 Kenmore Sewing Machine?

First, you need to unscrew your sewing machine’s body parts and pour 2 to 3 drops of oil into various components that require greasing. Finally, wipe out the excess oil and wait a little longer for oil to penetrate before fixing it back.

How Can I Use My Kenmore 385 Sewing Machine?

Follow these simple steps to start using your Kenmore 385 model;

1. First thread in the bobbin of your sewing machine.

2. Adjust the fabric you want to stitch accordingly

3. Pull down your needle frame fixing the fabric tightly

4. Start the sewing process and enjoy the experience.


People don’t know the worth of what they have until it’s lost! A while back ago, Kenmore 385 sewing machines were readily available, but sewers weren’t interested. However, now many people are searching for it, but they are scarce, though you can land on a second-hand machine. If you still have, take care of it, and let’s hope Kenmore brands will have come back sooner. But, all the same, you can still get the few remaining at a reasonable price; continue with the search; it will be fruitful in the long run.

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