Different Types Of Knit Fabric

If your local fabric stores don’t have adequate knit material units, you can opt to buy your knits online. The only shortcoming with buying online is that you can’t feel the knit fabric before you purchase. Therefore, it is hard to tell what you will receive. You might be disappointed when you order fabric for a project, but when you receive you realize it doesn’t suit your project. 

To help make sure you get what you ordered, we will discuss the main types of knit fabric in detail.  Furthermore, we will discuss what clothing items suit this different type of knit fabric for informed decision-making. 

What Are The Different Types Of Knit Fabric?

Jersey, ribbed, cotton lycra and cotton spandex, cotton interlock, French terry, Hacci sweater, sweatshirt fleece, jersey rayon spandex, and lycra spandex are among the top knit fabric in the market. 

Cotton Jersey Knit 

Cotton Jersey fabric is the most common and favored kind of knit. There is no doubt that with its soft texture, it works well on various clothes, even though many people use it for t-shirts. The most crucial thing to be keen on about jersey knit fabric is the weight. However, you should not worry because most of the online stores will list the weight. The weight can differ from lightweight (5oz) to heavyweight (12oz). However, many jerseys are generally lighter, so it is upon you to know which one suits your sewing project. 

Cotton Ribbed Knit 

If you are looking for a knit that is easily identifiable, then cotton ribbed knit is the one. It is characterized by lines going up and down the fabric. Mostly, the cotton ribbed is used to make cuffs, hems, t-shirt neckbands, and bands on turtlenecks since it is super stretchy. You can as well use it to make drapey flattering clothes due to its crosswise stretch and soft texture. 

Rib-knit is available in online stores in different sizes as 1×1 rib, 2×2 rib knit, and 3×3 rib-knit. Depending on the size you choose, you can use it to make different kinds of stuff. For example, 1×1 rib is often used for making t-shirt collars and 2×2 for neckbands and cuffs.  

Cotton Lycra And Cotton Spandex Knit 

These types of fabrics are very smooth and gratifying for women’s attire.  Several layering t-shirts or tanks you see in different stores are made from this kind of fabric. The blend of spandex or lycra makes these fabrics stretchy. Many spandexes or lycra knit blends are a bit heavier when compared to the jersey.  Unlike other fabrics, these do curl along the cut edges, meaning you may leave the edge raw instead of stitching. Most of the sewers used these fabrics for t-shirts and maxi skirts. 

Cotton Interlock Knit

Like the cotton jersey, the cotton interlock is one of the common knit types. There is no doubt you will find it at your local fabric store. Interlock is an excellent novice’s knit to sew on. It is a bit thicker and more stable when compared to other knits. The fact that it’s thicker means it sews up more like a woven. 

Many sewers like to use this knit for skirts or dresses because of its heavy weight. Also, you can use it for a blanket because it is very soft with a high-quality texture. Many individuals confuse this knit with rib type because the fabric is made using two needles. However, it is different from rib-knit because interlock looks the same on both sides.

French Terry Knit 

French terry knit is incredibly soft and drapey and has casual, comfy touch. It is also called jersey or stretch terry. This type of knit features a patterned side and tiny loops on the underside. The only disadvantage with this French terry knit is that it shrunk more in the wash than other types. Nonetheless, many sewers use this knit for shorts and lounge pants. 

Hacci Sweater Knit 

Hacci sweater has a soft texture like the sweater material, but it’s a bit lighter in weight when compared to most of the sweaters you will find at the store.  With its soft and stretch features, there is no doubt it sews like other types of knits. However, it is best suited to sweaters that are a bit oversized or slouchy. When you are ordering a Hacci sweater knit, be sure to check the weight. Remember, if the weight is 10 or 12oz, it will be lightweight for a sweater. 

Sweatshirt Fleece 

Sweatshirt fleece knit is very smooth on the outside and super soft on the inside. It is lighter; hence it will drape well. There is much stretch to this type of knit fabric, hence making it easy to sew. Many sewers use it for lounge pants, lightweight sweatshirts, or shorts. 

Jersey Rayon Spandex 

Jersey rayon spandex is a mixture of a jersey and cotton spandex knit. These types of knits are a bit lighter than most of the cotton-spandex blends. Many sewers use it for nightgowns and kid’s tees. They might work well for a gathered skirt or dress too. However, its fabric appears soft enough to fold well without puffing out too much. The edges of this knit do curl, and its lightweight means it will be a bit challenging to sew. 

Cotton Thermal Knit 

Cotton thermal knit is a bit clingy; hence great for long sleeve shirts. The material thermals and long underwear are created from this type of knit fabric. So, it’s a good type of knit fabric that anyone can try on suitable projects.  

Ponte De Roma 

Ponte de roma is a bit thicker, stable knit that generally features a slight side-to-side texture. It differs a bit in how they stretch, and the cheap ones can be compared to old-school polyester.  The Ponte is sturdier, hence great at hiding body imperfections. Many sewers prefer to use it for dresses and skirts. It does not breathe nicely as a jersey, so bear in mind that if you want to create a maxi skirt with it, it can feel hot in a warm climate. 

Lycra Spandex Knit 

Lycra spandex knit is commonly known as swimwear knit or dancewear. It is super stretchy and has good weight; hence perfect for leggings, leotards, or swimwear—this type of knit features smooth and shiny texture like the ones you usually see on the swimsuit. 

Table Of Content: Comparison Of The Three Basic Types Of Knit Fabrics

Type Of Knit Features 
Jersey LightweightNot so stretchy, not unless the fabric has enough amount of spandex on it Its edges do easily curl when dragged Feature distinct right and wrong side of the material
Rib-knit A bit heavier than a jersey knit fabricVery stretchy Feature nearly identical eight and wrong side of the material Aren’t smooth as the jersey knit Unlike jersey, its edges do not curl up once pulled
Interlock knit A bit heavier when compared to jerseyReversible kind of fabric; hence no right and wrong side of the fabricMore stable one when compared to the other two basic knit fabrics

What Is A Double Knit Fabric Used For? 

Double knit is a kind of knit fabric that is created with a double-knit weave. They offer a more structured, steady appearance to your wear and are excellent for novices desiring to sew with knits. Many sewers use it for pants, dresses, cardigans, skirts, sturdy, and leggings.

Categories Of Double-Knit Fabric 

Ponte knit– This one is heavier and sturdier compared to jersey knit.  With its stability, there is no doubt it is easier to sew with it than other knits. In most instances, polyester blend Ponte knits are a bit soft and drape compared to rayon blend. They are perfect for tops, skirts, pants, and dresses. 

Scuba knit– This is a medium-weight double knit and features a smooth and spongy texture. It suits strong and structured garments. 

Liverpool knits– These are medium-weight double knit and features spongey and a jacquard texture. They are perfect for tops, skirts, cardigans, and dresses. 

What Are Two Types Of Knitted Fabric?

Two common types of knit fabric are weft-knit and warp-knit fabric. Warp -knitted fabrics are the ones that are resistant to runs and are mostly used in lingerie. The best example for these fabrics is Milanese and tricot.  

On the other hand, Weft -knit is the most common as they are effortless to create. Once you cut this type of knitted fabric, they will run (unravel), not unless they are being repaired. In terms of sewing, warp-knit fabrics are easy to sew.  

How Many Styles Of Knitting Are There?

In knitting, there are two common styles of technique, the English method, and the German.


English knitting is also called American knitting. It is the most known method across Europe and other parts of the world. This method of knitting includes holding the yarn in your right hand and flinging it over the needle to create a stitch.  

German Knitting 

German knitting is also known as picking or continental knitting. It is most popular in Northern and Eastern Europe as well as other parts of the globe. In this method, holding the yarn is in the left hand, and the subtler drive of the left index finger is used to assist the needle in picking the yarn and creating a new stitch. 


Understanding different types of knit fabrics is an important thing for sewers. The various types discussed here should help you pick one that suits your projects. You can order online with confidence once you know the details or purchase from local stores if available. All in all, the right knit fabric equals the outstanding result. 

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