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Our grannies are not the only people knitting when their kids get married; knitting is considered the best pastime to exercise your brain and fingers. This past time has been followed for ages. This is passed on to the next generations, and it goes on. It is magical to see a ball of yarn one minute knitted into a cozy knitted sweater the other minute. It can make beautiful sweaters for you to gift or serve the purpose of completing a project. 

Best 10 Knitting Magazines 

1 A needle pulling threadIt helps the readers to learn the basics of knitting, and then it teaches different styles.
2. Let’s get crafting: needle and crochetIt has a step-by-step process of all the other techniques
3. Only knittingIt has DIY methods for the decorative in the house to sweaters.
4. KnittingTwenty-five new styles to knit for men, women, children, and babies.
5. The knitterHelps you learn new and unusual techniques.
6. Petite purlsThis website contains the striking pattern for kids garments
7. KnittyIt has incredible designs of knitting from great knitters
8. Tangled magazinesThey create a bridge between the knitter and the crocheters
9. Twist collectiveApart from updating the website’s trends, it comes with a surprise every two months
10. Knitting circusThey produce podcasts and videos at times.

1. A needle pulling thread
A Needle Pulling Thread

As the name depicts, no matter whatever style of knitting you wish to learn, a needle pulling thread is the basic. This means that this magazine starts from knitting basics and helps you be an expert in crochet, embroidery, sew, or quilt. 

This digital magazine helps you start knitting and learn all the possible ways a needle can make designs like crochet, rugs, quilt, fiber art, beading, knitting, creative sewing, and gorgeous embroidery. This magazine is produced quarterly. It also has a new and easy-to-follow project for every issue you face. Moreover, the most important thing is, it never runs out of inspiration. It helps you learn how to knit from the experts to be comfortable for the upcoming challenges.

2. Let’s Get Crafting: Knitting And Crochet
Let's Get Crafting: Knitting And Crochet

What’s in the world of knitting and crochet? If this question makes you excited enough, then you should always go for this magazine. If you want to make your pair of socks or make a chubby soft teddy to cuddle with, then you are looking at the right place. This magazine is produced ten times a year.

 It has different levels and step by step procedure for different types of knitting. Not only that, but it also has the best inspiration and motivation challenges and projects. With this magazine in your house, you will never run out of ideas, challenges, or techniques. This digital magazine helps you to discover another level of being creative.

3. Simply Knitting
Simply Knitting

This magazine isn’t all about knitting. If you want to decorate your house without spending much money or add a little class to your regular attire, this magazine has it all. This magazine has DIY techniques for many beautiful items that you never thought your cloud make on your own. 

This magazine not only serves the purpose of teaching you knitting but also exposes you to other beautiful patterns to try. If you own this magazine, you can have cosy little self-made blankets as well as lovely unique decors that nobody else could have. You sure are going to have fun doing it.

4. Knitting

How curious are you about having clothes and accessories that are in style these days? Do you always like to stay updated when it comes to the fashion pages? Or are you planning on adding class to your attire for a date night? If yes, this is just the magazine you should be looking at. 

People usually have the notion that hand knitting and fashion cannot coexist. This magazine proves those people who are wrong in so many ways. It’s unbelievable how a ball of yarn and two-needle can announce the trend for tomorrow. Every issue of this magazine has 25 new designs for men, women, children, and babies. So this winter, make something trendy for everyone in your family.

5. The Knitter
The Knitter

A knitter usually wants a peaceful and soothing environment to knit and needs to have peace of mind. Sometimes the designs and patterns we follow can be tricky, but a dedicated knitter never backs down. They might need some relaxing, calming, or soothing air and feeling, and then they go back to work. Knitting is a lovely pattern of threads, but it can be transformed into fabulous contours. 

The knitter is a magazine for the people who want something more than just a couple of knitting styles put together. It provides you with essential tips and tricks to make it possible. If you weren’t already a knitter, this magazine would make you one in no time. So here is the opportunity to learn some unusual tricks and techniques and show off.

6. Petite Purls
Petite Purls

It is a quarterly magazine, that was founded in 2009. This happened when three ladies started a website about knitting for children. Those women were Brandy Fortune, Wermuth, and Joan Beebe. This website they developed is now petite purls. It has unique patterns about the swollen garments for children.

The designs in the websites are aa striking pattern for kid’s woollen wear. Apart from the great practice, they are also well photographed. Unlike other sites, this site is clean, simple, and very easily navigated. Even if this website is added supportive, still they are never intrusive if you have little ones or are going to, this the best place to be.

7. Knitty

This magazine was founded in 2002 by Amy Singer to highlight the fabulous art she had seen worldwide. Ever since it has become aa trendy magazine launching many careers in knitting., they have introduced many talents in today’s world. The designs they have are unique themselves.

Being one of the best websites, it is not that preferred. It has a few drawbacks. Usually, the pictures featured on the websites are taken by the designer themselves, so they are not that clear and professional. Even the good designers can’t get their works published because of some issue with the link. Even if it has a lot to improve, it still stays the favourite of many people.

8. Tangled Magazine


Tangled Magazine

It is the youngest publication on the list today. It was founded in 2010 by Tracy St. John and Brittney Tyler. This played an important role in making peace between the western disagreement of knitters and crocheters. They are the magazines produces in bulk and reach maximum designers. The designers can sell r make their designs available for free. It’s their choice. It also provides video knitting classes by Liat Gat. This digital magazine is published 4fourtimes a year.

9. Twist Collective
Twist Collective

This magazine was started in 2008 by a woman named Kate Gilbert. She founded it to give people access to all kinds of high-quality knit patterns with excellent photography. Moreover, this site supports independent designs. The layout of this website is not that great. This website is easy to navigate and highlights all the patterns. This magazine is produced three times a year. This is free for browsing, but for other practices has to be purchased.

10. Knit Circus
Knit Circus

The magazine started publishing in 2008, but it became a hundred per cent online in 2010. The viewers can read the magazine and see the patterns for free. They have an option to buy a print of their choice. That collection of designs is of 17-26 marks. Those Can be purchased very reasonable price.

It is a quarterly magazine. Browsing is free, and the pattern collection is $8 an issue or annually $23.50. Having high competition in the market, these people produce a podcast or a video of embroidery in between. They also Make patterns for a whole family. In addition to all these, they keep adding designs.


1. Are All The Magazines Purchased? 

Ans. No, not all magazines are purchased only knit circus, tangled magazine, and twist collective are purchased. 

2. The Quarterly Magazine Is Issued How Many Times A Year? 

Ans. Quarterly magazines are issued four times a week

3. Which Magazine Was Founded The Latest? 

Ans.  Tangled magazine was developed the latest. It was in 2010. Tracy St. John and Brittney Tyler founded it. 

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